Hall Of Fame

Update 1-17-16: I realized I stopped making Card Hall of Fame posts over a year ago, but in 2016 I plan to bring it back, though maybe a little different.  Once I start posting them again, I will give a bit more clarification.

At some point when I put more effort and detail in this blog, I will create a card Hall of Fame.  I will give more details as the idea progresses.

The idea for the Hall of Fame isn't like a normal Hall of  Fame.  The cards I select are for a many number or reasons.  Some may be because it holds sentimental value, some for monetary value.  Some could be of players I don't really like, the majority will likely be ones of guys I do like.  For most of the cards though, it will be because of the card itself.

When a card is selected, I will talk about why I chose the card, and as many details as I can remember of how or why I acquired it.  I'm not sure how often I will choose a card to be included, but at the minimum I would like to include one card a month.  Sometimes if I am short of a worthy post, I may have more than one a month.

 Hall of Fame Card #1

Hall of Fame Card #2

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