Want List

 EDIT: 4/17/2015- I have completed sorting the wantlist some.  I am still going through cards, and it will still be updated, this just makes it easier to go through.

Eventually this will become a page listing cards I would like to get.  It's not a solicitation asking for cards, but more a personal list of cards I am looking for.  More details and listings will be posted at some point.

EDIT:  Here is a link to my want list.  I still have stuff to add, which I hope to finish soon.  These are sets I have at least one card from, if a set isn't listed here or on the completed sets page, I need the card.

Want List 1969-1979
Want List 1980-1985
Want List 1986-1993
Want List 1994-1999
Want List 2001-2009
Want List 2010-2015