Missouri Tigers

Missouri Tigers collection and more will be on here hopefully soon.

This page is still a work in progress, but here is a little bit more on what I collect in terms of Missouri Tigers.

Below is a list of MLB players who at one time went to Mizzou.  I cannot confirm all of the players have baseball cards, but I am actively looking for these players cards.  At some point I will work on a want list.

Bob Laramore
Homer Summa
Hub Pruett
Joe Bennett
Dennis Burns
Glenn Wright
Bill Windle
Carl Miles
Jay Difani
Jake Crawford
Neal Hertweck
Jerry Schoonmaker
Bob Smith
Charlie James (sometimes listed as Charley James)
Jay Hankins
Dick Kenworthy
Mike Shannon
John O'Donoghue
Sonny Siebert
Art Shamsky
Darold Knowles
John Sevcik
Dennis Musgraves
Byron Browne
Jim Foor
Rick Henninger
Tim Laudner
Phil Bradley
Jeff Cornell
Ron Mathis

List of NFL Players I collect who went to Mizzou. This will be updated later with more players.  Again, I don't know if all of them have cards or not, but I am seeking them if they are.

Tim Barnes
Beau Brinkley
Justin Britt
Chase Daniel
Kony Ealy
Kip Edwards
Michael Egnew
James Franklin
Andrew Gachkar
E.J. Gaines
Zavier Gooden
Jerrell Jackson
Henry Josey
Justin Smith
Brad Smith
Jacquies Smith
L'Damian Washington
Eric Waters
Sean Weatherspoon
Andrew Wilson