Websites Galore!

Here is a list of sites I prefer going to, or other sites I have.

Trading Card Database- This is my profile page for TCDB.  I have started to rebuild my collection on there and soon hope to have cards on my want list and for sale/trade list.  It will likely be the most accurate way to see what I have and don't have, but I also plan to keep the spreadsheets on Google Docs/Sheets (whatever they call it this week) current too.  I visit the site a few times a day, so I can be reached on there fairly easily.

COMC-  This is a link to my sellers page on the site COMC.  I won't have cards for sale most of the time, but in the future I may include some.

Facebook-  This is my facebook page.  I am only posting this because sometimes I might post things for public viewing, but for the most part, I save this for friends and family that I personally know and have met.

Twitter- This is my twitter page.  I talk about everything on there ranging from sports (specifically Mizzou, Royals, and Chiefs), wrestling, politics, and whatever else pops in my head.  If you follow me, I usually follow back.

Missouri Sports History- This is another blog I run, but I haven't updated in a  while.  I plan to post a bit more on here soon, once I have updated everything else.  It is a blog dedicated to (as the title implies) a history of sports in the state of Missouri.  It will include teams, players, coaches, anyone involved in sports ranging from high school and amateur to professional.  Though new posts aren't as often as on this page, the ones I do write on it are well researched and planned out.  Though I may not post as much, I take great pride in what I write on it.

Talkin' Truman- This is a Facebook page created by my best friend.  It is dedicated to Missouri Tigers Football and has amazing photos from the game he takes personally.  He also posts various items from his collection such as old programs, buttons, and whatever else he has.  It is well worth checking out if you are a fan or not.

1 Mizzou!-  This is a site that I had high hopes for but just dropped the ball on.  I would still like to use it, but don't have a lot of plans right now for it.  I do recommend checking out the site at least once though.  Maybe sometime in 2016 I will work on it some.

Listia- This is a site I use to get a lot of random cards.  I've included a link for you to sign up and it will give us both extra credits (I get them if you sell something, you get them just for signing up).  With close to 200 transactions, I've only had two deals that didn't work out (one was my first one and was confused, but I learned the ropes quick).  The link is also included below in the banner.

I have other sites I use and enjoy a lot and I will post them in the future.

Click below to join Listia and get free points.  It will also give me some points which will allow me to get more stuff to post about.

Auctions for free stuff at Listia.com