Coming Soon, if I ever figure out what I wanted it to include.  If not than I'll delete the page.  It's really late as I'm working on this, and if you are reading this, I guess this is an Easter Egg of sorts.  Since I'm tired and slightly out of it I'll write something really random and you can say you read it before I deleted it, and then people will think your crazy too.

Once upon a time, I formed a band in high school.  It was in math class in fact.  It was also likely the reason I barely passed Math class.  The odd thing about it is that I couldn't play an instrument.  When I was in elementary school, I was in band for like a month and never hooked on to any instrument despite attempting the clarinet, the baritone, the drums, and possible something else.  I do remember spending a day playing the triangle and that's when I knew I wasn't going to cut it in band.  So without an instrument, my only hope was being the lead singer of this band.  Well, the same band teacher was my high school music teacher.  I loved her to death, but she once told me I couldn't sing.  The next year I signed up for a Chorus class because if I was bad at singing I was worse at drawing so in order to get a credit, I had to do one or the other.  My first day I sang and she told me I sang good.  She was either lying or she saw that I had potential.  I ended up taking Chorus for two years because I needed something to do.  One year she kind of went off the deep end after some students in the class wasn't taking the class seriously.  So the remainder of the year we watched Disney movies.

Anyways, back to my band I created in Math class.  I started writing lyrics and song titles, and from the onset I knew none would be hits, with the exception of one which I swear Mark Chestnutt somehow found out about and made a hit (as its late, I forgot the name of it, but it was the same title of a song I wrote), none were that good.  My early works included titles such as "The Electricians are Screwing More Than Lightbulbs", "I Don't Look Like Tiger Woods", "Whatever Happened To Hootie", and the local hit to about 4 people and my mom "The Spam Song". 

Not all my songs were comedy though, other songs included deeper thoughts such as "Vacant Heart" and probably a handful that included the words "baby" or "love" in them.  Needless to say I never made it big in the music world.

Years later I was really bored (almost like tonight) and I was thinking of band name.  A couple I really liked were Frankenstein's Ghost, and Alliance For The Fish.  By this time I was more religious than I was in my high school days and was listening to more Christian music.  It inspired me to write more Christian related songs or at least ones that had more meaning.  I wrote a few good ones in my opinion and had concepts for others (one dealt with a mother dying just as her child was born, which I have no idea why or how I came up with that concept, but wish I finished it).  At any rate I got serious writer's block and haven't wrote any lyrics in close to a decade.  Part of my hopes of starting a blog was to get me into the mood to start writing lyrics again, but no dice so far.

A little later down the road I started mixing really crappy versions of songs and made about 4-5 of them, with one being a far worse version of Rebecca Black's Friday then you care to ever hear.  I also did a remix of Sister Golden Hair for no reason.  I named this project the Chaotic Spring Jumpers.  I even started a Last FM page for my "band" and wrote a biography.  For about 5 years it sit dormant until the end of last year when I started thinking of new ways to infect people's earhole's but it again has gone by the wayside.

The point in all of this is that I'm still tired and as it nears 5 AM and I haven't been to sleep, I thought maybe it would make me tired but it obviously didn't so now I have to go to Youtube or something and find something that will put me to sleep.  Anyways, if you found this page by mistake or was really bored... I feel sorry for you, but I hope you enjoyed this Easter Egg of sorts.  Who knows, maybe I'll take it down tomorrow and nobody will read it, but if you read all this, leave a comment on a post or send me a tweet and tell me you read my Easter Egg.  Don't say too much as I don't want everyone to seek it out.  Maybe one day this page will be devoted to just random stories, but for now, we'll see if I can get more work done.