What I collect

Small Update 1-17-16:  I will update this page a little more in the coming weeks as I finish updating my collection and am more specific to what I collect.

This page is intended to let my readers know specifically what and who I collect.  There are a few teams I collect, and there is a vast selection of players I collect.  Here is a short list of what I collect, stay tuned for a more comprehensive list as I get into this blog more.

Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Chiefs
Missouri Tigers (all sports)
Missouri State Bears (all sports)

Players: (ones that have no affiliation to the teams above)
Greg Maddux
Mike Alstott
Roberto Clemente
Mickey Mantle (mostly the newer cards, but eventually older ones too)
Kirk Gibson (though he played for the Royals, most of his I have are non-Royals cards)
Ozzie Smith
Albert Puljols
Stan Musial
various other St. Louis Cardinals
Otto Porter

Other sports and oddballs:
Wrestling (though I plan to downsize my collection to just various wrestlers)
Soccer (not working too hard right now on this, but plan to at some point)
various non-sports cards (might try to work on the Americana and Popcardz series)

At some point in the future I would like to work on these non-sports sets:
The Simpsons (have almost half the set)
Family Guy (I have the first two series)
Back To The Future
Transformers (I have a good start on these)

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