Sunday, November 10, 2019

Savvy Loot: Hear Me Out, now with CARDS!

I've been working on a few things recently, but decided to go to my local second hand store, Savvy Seconds.  While I struck out on finding CD's this time, I do have quite a few to show in the future.  However, I did find some cards, and even some free stuff.  So its time for a Savvy Loot post.

Initially I looked at CD's and while last time I got a few of them, nothing interested me this time.  I walked around the store a time or two and still didn't see anything.  I found a couple boxes of cards that was there last time, but I didn't look.  Then right before giving up I spotted two more boxes of cards.  One was an 800 count box that I almost passed on but noticed some non-baseball so I looked.

I'm not focusing on much outside of baseball these days, but for 10 cents a card, I couldn't pass these up.  The Roenick I think is a rookie, so that was really nice.  I was always confused on the Akeem vs. Hakeem naming of Olajuwon cards and such and still am.  I always liked him and even have a Walmart knockoff style practice jersey of his I had in high school.  Its tattered and torn and my gut sticks out, but its nice to wear around the house.  I'd love to find another just like it one day.

The exciting find though was the King B card of Mecklenburg.  I wish I kept more of those beef jerky cards I had as a kid and would totally buy it again if they made them again with cards.  This one I got in hopes of it not being on the TCDB, and it wasn't.

So this is the scan for there.  I kind of cut the top off, so I might have to rescan it, and the back too.

Here's the back.

As fun as that was, it was ultimately baseball cards that made me happiest with this box.

While its not at the top of my list, I've wanted to build this set for a long time, and was actually most excited for the header cards.  I probably have the Grace and Davis cards, but I know the Gwynn is new to me.  If they had doubles of these I'd have got them too.

However, I was excited to get the first 10 cards, so now at most only need 30 more.  I know I have about 10-20 cards already, so I have a feeling I'm half done.  Maybe if I find some cheap on COMC during the Black Friday sale I might work on it. Even if I didn't build the set, I'd still have gotten the Gwynn, Mattingly, Trammell, and McGwire.  Oh, and the Boggs.

At the end of the box was more football, so here are some more from the box.

Football I've really cut out of my collection, but I still collect a few players, so these were some great ones to find.  I might have the Percy Snow already, but the rest were new.  I got the Erik McMillan on the bottom I got for my Mizzou collection.

The other box I felt a little bad picking cards from, but I figured if it was open, it means it had been picked through.  It was a 1992 Topps factory set.  My first thought was "wonder if the gold cards are still in there".  They were, but none I really wanted.  If I remembered the set better I would have looked for rookies and Hall of Famers.  I was ready to leave though so I only looked at one end of the box.  If there next time I know what to look for.

First the sticker was in the other box, but I figured I didn't have it and I was right.  As for the Royals, I think I needed the Brett and the McRae, so all is well.  I still need two more Royals from the set (one being a checklist) so I hope they are still there next time.  Also hope to get the Greg Maddux because somehow I don't have that one.  Overall I was happy paying 10 cents a piece on these.  I could have bought a box for 25 bucks, but this was much better.  Next time I might find a couple bucks more.  I am happy how many cards have been there this year.

So after getting my stuff and leaving I always look at the free basket out front.  Its a shopping cart with stuff they will probably toss, sometimes broken stuff, and sometimes stuff they just don't know what to do with.  When I get to previous finds, there is some good stuff to find.  This time it was mostly loose fabric pieces that weren't really fit to be sold (cut small pieces and such).  Anyways I saw something on the top and took a look.

JBL computer speakers.  Now to be honest, I don't really need speakers, but they were free.  At worst they don't work and I can throw them in the dumpster.  If they work I can decide if they are better than the ones I have and use them.

Turns out, they work great and just needed cleaning.  Also a power source.  I had a power source, so now I think I'll use them when I use my desktop next time.  I was pretty happy.

However, I wasn't done.  I saw a black box inside the cart, and was curious, so I dug around the fabric and found three more speakers.

KLH?  They sound like a brand I've heard of and might be nice ones.

Wow!  These could work as surround sound speakers if I knew how to set it up.  I can't find much on them, but they don't need a power source, but do need speaker wire to connect to a stereo.  I have a stereo in storage, and hope to go get it this week.  When I got them I thought again, at worst, I could take them apart and use the square box for something.  Now I'm not sure.  They have hooks on the back, they could be interesting shelves to put small things on.  Even if they don't work, it would look different.  I have a feeling they work though.  I hope to find a way to hook them up to a tv, and then I could use them as surround sound.  That would be fun.

Anyways, for 3 bucks, I think I came out ahead by a wide margin.  In fact looking up the JBL speakers on Ebay, some of the same kind have sold for $10-$20 bucks in the last month.  Maybe I can make a few bucks, but most likely I'll keep them.

So that wraps it up for today.  Before I go though I want to post a link to my Youtube page.  I'm not asking you to check it out or even subscribe, but wanted to mention it.  It's what I've been spending a lot of time on lately.  In the last few months I've spent more and more time on Roku looking at Youtube and got tired of searching for stuff on there, so I started making playlists so it would be easier to watch stuff.  I plan to make more playlists, but for now I have 3 live camera playlists. One is all animals, mostly Penguins since my mom likes them.  The other two is random places and such.  I have somewhat of a focus on colder places and beaches.  I hope they look nice when it snows, and hope the beaches look warm when it snows here.

In addition I have dedicated pages for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I hope to build on them in the next few weeks and even work on some dedicated to music.  My main focus right now are parades.  I also have a playlist dedicated to Movies.  They are for the most part Made for Television movies from the 80's and 90's, but they are still some you may not find on other streaming services.

In the future I hope to do more with music and other random stuff, and always open to suggestions.  I never look up too much related to trading cards on there, but if I do I might make a list.  I tend to change them up often, so if something isn't on there one day, you know I've been working on it.

In the future, once I get ideas I might even start uploading more stuff on there as well.  I don't plan on doing any related to blogging, but you never know.  Anyways here is the link.

By the way I know the ones I created are bad, but they are worth cringe watching at least once.  If you do want to watch or subscribe I thank you, and if you have any ideas of future playlists, let me know.  I might work on some wrestling and arcade stuff in the future as well, but might need ideas.

Anyways, thank you all for reading and I hope everyone has a great week.

Monday, October 28, 2019

They Really Like Me!

Blogging is a community, plain and simple.  The more active you are, the more people are involved with you and the more they communicate with you.  When you are less active, you have less interactions and after a while you wonder if that blogger moved away or got sick.

I haven't moved away, and I wasn't sick.  I was just, well, not in the mood.  In real life (not to say blogging isn't real), I'm a homebody and if I don't leave my house for a few days its not uncommon.  However when it comes to blogging, for a couple years it was my lifeblood.  It gave me a chance to reach out to people, gave me a platform to show stuff off and test the waters on creations I made.  At one point though I slowed down.  I think a lot can be attributed to 2017 when I made a goal of posting more posts than I did in 2016 which was regularly.  By the end of the year I reached my goal, but I was burnt out.  No matter how much I thought about writing, I just didn't care to.  For the last couple years I basically kept up appearances so my blog wouldn't go dark, and even though Google thought my ads weren't making them or me money (which I think I just reactivated so we''ll see), I still felt I should give at least monthly updates.

A few months ago I remembered a custom card set I worked on in 2016 or 2017, and I sat on because the big anniversary was in 2019.  I actually set on it for two years.  When 2019 came, and despite being in the doldrums of blogging, I had a bit of excitement, because I could finally show them off, IN TWO POSTS NO LESS! Well, the time came and I did the first post.  Then I never showed the rest.  I don't know why, I just didn't.  I will hopefully by the end of the year, but don't hold me to it.

Throughout all this though, I still have readers, and friends.  I get tagged on Twitter to read other blogs, and I'm grateful for it.  I'll mention I got great stuff for a future blog and it will be liked and retweeted, and even replied "can't wait".  I'll talk to my sister and mention something and she'll say "when you doing a new blog"?  I'll talk to my friend and mention I'm scanning stuff and he'll say "for your blog?"  Sometimes it is, sometimes its other stuff.  The point it, despite being away for the longest I've ever been on here, people still like my blogs.  They thought of writing a new one sounds fun, but at the same time, I don't want to do it just to do it.  So I was conflicted to post today.  I NEED TO, but I don't want to.  My dad sometimes had a saying "Crap or get off the pot".  I'm wasting the day on Ebay or looking up something I don't really care about, so why not do a blog?

Well, I talked myself into it.  Now, what to show off?  Hmm. I guess I could show my recent findings around the house and my local second hand store.  Let's see what I have.

Going through stuff of my dad's and came across this non winning Missouri Lottery ticket.  He collected non-winners I guess to enter contests, but he never sent them in.  Now you can just type in stuff.  I do it sometimes, but haven't in a while.  Anyways, From what I could tell this was around the mid to late 1990's when this came out, and I'm not sure why it wasn't with other non winners, but I think its fun to look at so it will stay in my sports collection.

I've had this sticker for 15 years or so and I've never peeled it.  I'm not sure why I kept it or why I scanned it, but here it is.  Maybe one day I'll peel it and stick it on something, but until then, I'll keep it in my bin where photos are.

Though its bigger than my scanner, I did the best I could.  My sister picks these magazines up from her local grocery store, and this one just happened to have the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback on the cover.  They have a decent mix of sports athletes on the cover, and its not a bad magazine with recipes and other stuff in it, so it will stay in my sports collection.

As I was browsing my local thrift shop a while back I spotted an old Beckett.  I really didn't need it, but I figured I might as well.  Maybe they didn't have it logged into the TCDB yet, so I could scan it.  If not, I can look at how much prices for cards were back then.  So it's a win either way.  In a future trip I found more price guides, but I'll save that for a future day.

I might have posted this in a Father's Day post a couple years ago, but here it is again. I made this for my dad at some point in elementary school, and its always been framed since.  However the glass cracked so I'm going to reframe it.  While I find a new frame it will go into pictures since there is a picture of me on it.  A funny thing is a I've always wanted to do an updated version of this, and a couple days after finding this again, I was looking at a magazine and they had Dolly Parton inside, and multiple pictures all about the same size as the one I cut out for this.  So I might get started on a new version for next Father's Day and might use Dolly Parton again.

When I was younger I loved going to concerts, and usually if I liked a band enough I would buy merch.  Throw Rag opened a show my friend won tickets for one day and I really liked them.  Afterwards I met the band, got a signed poster (poster was newspaper stock, and not sure if I still have it), as well as one or two of their CD's and this patch.  I don't know why I got the patch, but I still like it.  I can't remember much of the conversation, but I do remember talking to one of the members about the Kansas City Chiefs.

Music has always been a big part of my life, as I write this I'm listening to music (Young The Giant is on the radio).  I got this Vinyl album of Korn at Hot Topic one day for some reason.  I think because I had my mom and dad's old stereo I wanted to use, and just needed the needle.  However before I could a leak kind of destroyed it.  Anyways, I never listened to this I guess 7" record, and since I don't have a player and no plan to get one, I'm giving it to a friend who has a nice collection.  He also has a massive CD collection and loves music as much as I do.  It's how we bonded.

Another vinyl I bought at Hot Topic when I had more money to waste, but the thing is, I can't find this album online, on vinyl or otherwise.  I'm not sure if its rare, but I do like Panic At The Disco, so I'll have to see if I have the songs on here.

Speaking of music, I hope to work on some playlists on Youtube soon and when I do I'll link on here.  One thing I've worked on lately is creating playlists on Youtube, and always wanted to do a music one or two.  For now I have a playlist of mostly made for TV movies, and some live camera videos.  One is all animals, the other is street or city cams.  I'm fascinated by them.  If you have any you think I should check out, let me know on here or twitter.  I update often.  Another playlist is all Christmas boat parades.  I hope to have more holiday ones up soon also.  So as you can see I'm actually doing stuff when not blogging, but one day I hope to combine the two.

Anyways back to more stuff.

My thrift shop finds also included some VHS.  I saw this and really wanted to get it, so 5 for 50 cents, I went ahead and got it.  I've tried finding it on Youtube but can't so hopefully I can convert it to dvd or onto my computer.  Then I'll see about uploading it myself.  It seems a lot of what I find are on Youtube, and that is probably another playlist to come.

I usually skip real movies on VHS unless I think they are hard to find.  I like more of the oddball stuff.  These are certainly out there.  Neither of these are on Youtube either, and will probably be much easier to upload.  I'm excited about the baseball one a little more.

Despite searching for oddball stuff, sometimes I just can't.  So I look for stuff I never heard of.  I never heard of Sammy the Seal, and figured older Disney might be harder to find.  Little did I know that Disney+ will have this when their streaming service begins.

On the flip side, for whatever reason I've never owned A Time To Kill, and always wanted it, so for now at least I have it on VHS.  I hope to get a blu ray version one day.

Sometimes I get lucky finding DVD's as well.  They are a buck (despite the $3 price on the cover).  I'm a sucker for baseball stuff, so I grabbed this still sealed.  Luckily you can watch this whole thing on Youtube.  I haven't watched it all yet, but did see their top 10 moments.  Can't wait to see the rest, and even happier I don't have to open this up.  It will fit on the shelf next to a Royals DVD and the 2015 World Series.

The Reggie Miller book I got because books are 10 for a quarter, and my mom usually is 1-2 books short so I usually grab something I might like or read.  Reggie Miller drew me in on this one.

I was really excited when my mom spotted this book.  I've met Dan Meers a few times and he's so nice.  a few years ago, my youngest nephew met him and got to try on the wolf costume.  The pictures are pretty cool.  My friend has read this book and liked it.  Inside are pictures from his career with the Chiefs and his time spent as Truman the Tiger at Mizzou.  I hope to read this soon, but then again me and reading are about the same as me and doing new blogs.

Now this book I've had for a long time.  The problem is I can't remember if I got it or my friend got it for me.  I have 3 Mick Foley books, and sure I bought one myself, and he gave me the other two.  At any rate, I haven't read it yet, and one day I hope to.  I like that it still has the WWF logo on the front, showing its nearly 20 years old now.

Lastly is a book I bought I think from Barnes and Noble or another bookstore.  It's a book about the September 11th attacks, and has a DVD of CBS footage of the day of the attacks.  It's not something you like to revisit, but for historical purposes I do like to look at it every few years on 9/11 just because its the biggest historical event of my lifetime.  This past year I searched Youtube for coverage of the other channels.  The only thing I won't watch is conspiracy theories and when the planes actually hit.  I remember seeing the second plane hit live when it happened and I never want to see it again.  Sometimes I will see it as it catches me off guard, but I try to avoid it.  I'm not big on history, but I knew I should get this when I saw it.

So that wraps it up for today, and if you still read this, thank you for caring enough to read.  I won't promise I'll write soon, but I do know I have plenty of scans and stuff to show, so I'm not lacking for content.  If you are on twitter and write a new post, feel free to tag me.  I haven't been reading as many lately, but if you tag me I will for sure.  I've been loving the flea market/thrift store ones lately.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Custom Cards! Peace and Music

This weekend is a special anniversary for those who are music fans.  50 years ago was an event called Woodstock.  Some of you may have heard of it, some of you may have been alive for it.  I wasn't, but it always fascinated me.  So much so that a couple years ago I started working on custom cards for the event.  However that was also when I started getting burnt out from blogging consistently, and it was also around the time I was working on another big custom set, the 2016 Olympics, which I never fully finished.  Maybe someday eh?  Anyways, I thought about it a couple weeks ago and was mad I almost forgot about it but I finally found the folder they were in and today I will show them off.  Actually I have another set which if I finish later today I might post tomorrow also involving Woodstock.  My hope was to post some last night, and some tonight, but things change.  Anyways, if you are a fan of music or history, I think you'll enjoy these.  If you aren't, then well, there's always next time.

I decided against building a full set of EVERY artist who played at Woodstock, but instead settled on nine.  Some of this I finished a couple years ago, some a few days ago, so the quality is all over the place, but overall I'm happy with the results.  Not all of these artists I'm fans of, and to be honest, looking over who all played, I'm not sure I could have come up with nine or ten I do like.  Though if I was alive I'd love to have gone, and most of these I wouldn't mind seeing live once just to say I've seen them.  So without further adu, here in no random order are NINE CUSTOM WOODSTOCK CARDS!

We'll start off with one of my mom's favorite artists- Joe Cocker.  I can't say I'm a fan, and honestly my first thought when I hear his name is the near perfect impression John Belushi did of him on Saturday Night Live, which my mom told me Cocker loved. 

Joe Cocker was the first artist to play the Sunday lineup (which is really confusing because some artists on the Saturday lineup were playing Sunday at 8 in the morning, but more on that later).  Joe actually was the second performer to play on the final day as his backing band did a couple songs without him before he hit the stage around 2:00 PM local time.  His hour and a half set included 11 songs.  Thanks to wikipedia, which is my source for almost all of this because I waited to long to find multiple sources, here was his setlist.

1. Dear Landlord
2. Something Coming On
3. Do I Still Figure In Your Life
4. Feelin' Alright
5. Just Like A Woman
6. Let's Go Get Stoned
7. I Don't Need A Doctor
8. I Shall Be Released
9. Hitchcock Railway
10. Something To Say
11. With A Little Help From My Friends

Not bad if your a fan of his.  I'm sure I've heard of most of them, but the final song is the only one I could properly name. 

Next let's go to one of the first day performers.

Arlo Guthrie is another artist I'm not really hip to, but I must say, this might be my favorite card I did.  It might look plain, but just something about it I like.  I tried my best to get photos of the performers as close to Woodstock as possible if I couldn't find actual photos from the event.  Its been two years so I can't tell how close I got to most of these, but I'd say within a year of the event.

Mr. Guthrie played on Friday night around 11:55 PM and wrapped up around 12:25 AM on Saturday morning.  He managed to perform 7 songs, and here is his playlist.

1. Coming into Los Angeles
2. Wheel of Fortune
3. Walkin' Down The Line
4. The Story of Moses
5. Oh Mary Don't You Weep
6. Every Hand in the Land
7. Amazing Grace

Again, I couldn't pick any of these out as his, but I'm sure I could tell you which one was Amazing Grace.  I never got into him or his songs, but a couple years ago I think he played a show near my area, but I didn't go.

Next let's go to one of those complicated day and time performers.

If I had more time I would have tried to make this card better.  Anyways, Janis Joplin is another artist my mom loves.  Ms. Joplin performed Saturday night, by which I mean Sunday morning from 2:00 AM until 3:00 AM.  In total she did 10 songs, and here is what was included in her set.

1. Raise Your Hand
2. As Good As You've Been To This World
3. To Love Somebody
4. Summertime
5. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)
6. Kozmic Blues
7. I Can't Turn You Loose
8. Work Me, Lord
9. Piece of My Heart
10. Ball and Chain

I'm familiar with a few of these because I bought my mom a few of her CD's some years ago and remember the titles.  Outside of Piece of My Heart, I couldn't name them if you played a clip.  I've heard a few of her songs, and I'm just not a fan.  I guess its like my mom not really digging Cranberries songs when I listen to them.  Everybody has different musical tastes, so it is what it is.

For the next artist we stick with another Saturday night performer that actually played after the sun came up on Sunday.

Look how bright it is on a SATURDAY NIGHT!  Billed as the last act of the Saturday lineup, Jefferson Airplane actually didn't start until 8:00 AM on Sunday morning and didn't quit until 9:40 AM.  So the question is, are all those people still awake from the night before, or just waking up Sunday morning?

Depending on the day of the week, I like Jefferson Airplane.  I can't take all their stuff, but the stuff I do like, I really like.  Anyways, here is their playlist which included 13 tracks.

1. The Other Side of This Life
2. Somebody To Love
3. 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds
4. Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
5. Eskimo Blue Day
6. Plastic Fantastic Lover
7. Wooden Ships
8. Uncle Sam Blues
9. Volunteers
10. The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil
11. Come Back Baby
12. White Rabbit
13. The House at Pooneil Corners

Of these songs, I like Somebody To Love the most.  I never got into White Rabbit, and some of this stuff I never even heard of before.  With that said, if I was alive and there, they might have been one of the top 3 bands I'd want to see.

Next let's go back to the first day.

Ravi Shankar isn't an artist I can listen to a lot, and I can't say I'm a big sitar fan, but I would have watched his set.  It was only 3 songs and was around 35 minutes from 10:00 PM-10:35 PM so I think I could have handled it.

1. Raga Puriya-Dhanashri/Gat In Sawarital
2. Table Solo in Jhaptal
3. Raga Manj Kmahaj (Alap, Jor, Dhun in Kaharwa Tal)

I've never heard of these songs, and I might have even spelled them wrong, but I tried my best.  If you asked me to name a song of his I couldn't.  I was quite surprised when he passed away that it mentioned he had a daughter.  No big deal, but until that point I never knew his daughter was Norah Jones.  That just fascinated me way more than it should have.

If Jefferson Airplane was one of the top 3 I'd wanted to see at Woodstock, Jimi would have to be number 1.  I'm not going to listen to his music nonstop, but I will turn up the radio when almost any of his songs come on.  He was the final performer at the event, which was the Sunday lineup but he didn't start playing until 9:00 AM Monday morning.  He played until 11:10 AM, so a nice two plus hour set.  Including an encore song, he played 16 songs.  Here is what he played.

1. Message To Love
2. Hear My Train A Comin
3. Spanish Castle Magic
4. Red House
5. Mastermind
6. Lover Man
7. Foxy Lady
8. Jam Back At The House
9. Izabella
10. Gypsy Woman/Award of Love
11. Fire
12. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/Stepping Stone
13. The Star-Spangled Banner
14. Purple Haze
15. Woodstock Improvisation/Villanova Junction
1.Hey Joe

I mean who could not like that set?  While researching I found out that in 1989 they had a somewhat 20th anniversary of Woodstock and Jimi's dad Al Hendrix performed at the event.  It wasn't anything like the 1994 or 1999 events, and really not like the original, but it was still cool to read that.  In 1999 when the Red Hot Chili Peppers covered Hendrix's song Fire, many thought it was because the crowd started torching stuff toward the end of the event, but a couple of the members claim Jimi's family asked beforehand if they could play the song.

I was going to go all out when I originally thought of making these and do cards for the 1994 and 1999 events, but never got around to it.  Besides, I'm not sure too many people would want custom cards of Korn, The Offspring, or Dave Matthews Band.  Maybe another time I will work on them, but until then, let's get back to more from the original show.

To tell you I don't know much about Stillwater would be an understatement.  When I started this a couple years ago I came across the name and read a bit about them.  Since then, I've forgot all that and haven't read up on them again.  At any rate, they Friday night from 7:30 PM until 8:10 PM.  Their set was 10 songs, which included:

1. Motherless Child
2. Look Out
3. For Pete's Sake
4. Day Song *they may not have performed this*
5. What's Wrong
6. My Crystal Spider
7. Two Words
8. Why Oh Why
9. Let The Sunshine In
10. Oh Happy Day

Some dispute if Day Song was played at the event.  I'm not sure of any of these songs, so I can't say if I'd enjoy it or not, but I didn't just want cards of all big acts.

Speaking of big acts, we are down to the last 2 card for this set, and both I would have love to have seen.

I made this card last minute, and feel bad for putting words on tops of 75% of the band, but I'm not sure how else to do it.  Creedence Clearwater Revival is a band I could name probably more songs of than any band at Woodstock. 

The played right before Janis Joplin during the Saturday lineup which was from 12:30 AM Sunday until 1:20 AM.  Here is their set:

1. Born on the Bayou
2. Green River
3. Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)
4. Bootleg
5. Commotion
6. Bad Moon Rising
7. Proud Mary
8. I Put a Spell on You
9. Night Time Is the Right Time
10. Keep on Chooglin'
11. Susie Q

That's pretty much one of their greatest hits albums.  I didn't read up on when what song was released, but I might have finished with Bad Moon Rising to be honest.  But Susie Q is a good one.  I can't say which one is my favorite song, but Born On The Bayou would be up there too.

So we come down to the final card of the set, and these guys played 22 songs and was even interrupted briefly by Abbie Hoffman during their set.

Man I wish I would have made this card better, but oh well.  I can't say I'm a big fan of the band in general, but I'd be crazy if I said I didn't like their music.  I mean their music still resonates today, and even were made into theme songs for 3 or 4 C.S.I. shows.  Anyways, The Who graced the stage Saturday night, well Sunday morning from 5:00 AM until 6:05 AM.  I'm not sure how they got 22 songs in, but according to wikipedia they did.  Here is the setlist they had:

1. Heaven and Hell
2. I Can't Explain
3. It's A Boy
4. 1921
5. Amazing Journey
6. Sparks
7. Eyesight To The Blind
8. Christmas
9. The Acid Queen
10. Pinball Wizard
* The Abbie Hoffman incident
11. Do You Think It's Alright
12. Fiddle About
13. There's A Doctor I've Found
14. Go To The Mirror!
15. Smash The Mirror
16. I'm Free
17. Tommy's Holiday Camp
18. We're Not Gonna Take It
19. Summertime Blues
20. Shakin' All Over
21. My Generation (shortened version)
22. Naked Eye (instrumental finale only)

What surprises me the most about this set is that they shortened My Generation.  I'm also surprised that didn't close out their set.  I would have been going crazy when they started playing Pinball Wizard.  It's not my favorite of theirs, but I do like the song a lot.  Just think of all the songs of theirs not on that set list.

So overall, here are 9 cards of performers that played Woodstock in 1969.  If I didn't wait so long, maybe I could have made cards for all 32 acts, but that would have been a much longer post.  In the end over half a million people were estimated to have attended.  If I get around to it, my next post will be some people that DIDN'T attend.  More custom cards, if I get around to actually finishing them up.  It may not have as many words or information as this one, but maybe it will motivate me to be more active on here.

Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great day!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Racing with Walmart

My last post was only a few days ago and it was about some wrestling cards I got from the Walmart website.  Since this has kind of been a sad week for me personally, I thought I'd write about some cards to make me feel better.  Today I figured I'd finish up writing about the racing cards I got from Walmart.

I was a little surprised when I saw many older packs.  I figured I'd be stuck with a bunch of 09 stuff and while I hoped to get some of the newer Donruss stuff, I knew it would be the stuff before they started putting stuff out.  Going in, I really got it just to open packs and maybe find a few Carl Edwards and Jamie MacMurray cards.  Neither are my favorite driver, but they are from Missouri so I do kind of collect them.  After seeing some of the older packs, I started thinking I could get some Rusty Wallace and other Missouri racers.

So, like the wrestling ones, I kept a sheet detailing what packs I got.  Keep in mind I was supposed to get 30 packs.

    Racing 30 Packs
1- 2008 Press Pass VIP (4 cards per pack)
1- 2004 Wheels High Gear (4 cards per pack)
1- 2006 Press Pass Stealth (4 cards per pack)
1- 2010 Press Pass Stealth (5 cards per pack) *Got a hit
1- 2007 Wheels American Thunder (4 cards per pack)
1- 2003 Press Pass (8 cards per pack)
1- 2008 Press Pass Premium (4 cards per pack)
1- 2007 Press Pass Premium (4 cards per pack)
1- 2003 Wheels High Gear (4 cards per pack)
1- 2003 Press Pass Eclipse (4 cards per pack)
1- 2003 Press Pass Premium (4 cards per pack)
1- 2006 Press Pass Optima (4 cards per pack)
1- 2006 Press Pass (6 cards per pack)
1- 2004 Press Pass Stealth (4 cards per pack)
1- 2008 Press Pass Eclipse (4 cards per pack)
3- 2006 Press Pass Premium (4 cards per pack)
3- 2006 Press Pass Traks (4 cards per pack)
4- 2007 Press Pass Traks (5 cards per pack)
2- 2010 Wheels Main Event (5 cards per pack)
2- 2005 Press Pass Stealth (4 or 5 cards per pack) *1 had 5, the other 4
2- 2007 Press Pass Stealth (4 cards per pack)
3- 2007 Press Pass VIP (4 cards per pack)

Also got 1 2010 Press Pass Stealth card not in a pack but loose among the packages.  It was a "Tribute to Dale" card of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I'm not sure if the Tribute to Dale card was a bonus pack card that never made it into its pack or what, so whatever.  Also notice I got 34 packs in addition to the stray Jr. card.  I also believe those American Chopper packs I got were included in this because I'd never see a connection with it and wrestling.  So 36 or so packs instead of 30 is already a positive, throw in 2003 and 2004 packs, and I'm pretty happy.  Let's open some packs!

I have no rhyme or reason opening these, so I'm not holding any back to the end, its just how they showed up in the que, since I basically did the same thing when I opened them.

I liked some of the Wheels sets I've seen in the past and this set looks nice.  My sister was a big Tony Stewart fan, so being one of the first cards shown here is pretty cool.  I think Tony will be a common theme throughout these packs.  That card is my favorite from this pack.

2 packs and 2 Denny Hamlin cards... well, there can't always be positives.  For some reason I've never been a fan of his or Greg Biffle.  Let's hope not too many show up in these packs.  I also hope not to see too much airbrushing since there will be alcohol sponsors.  I'm not sure what my favorite card is in this pack, but Kyle Busch is my favorite driver among this pack, but I do like Sadler a bit too.

First sightings of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.  Never cared for JJ much, but I do admit I liked Gordon when he first came up in Winston Cup.  That being said, I like the Jimmie card most since its nice to see them off the track sometimes.

I have a lot of scans, so that's why I may not say much today.  At first you might think I got two Ron Hornaday cards.  Which I did, but the first one is actually the gold version, so that's a plus.  Dale Jarrett was one of my dad's favorite drivers, so I'm not mad getting two of his cards.  My favorite design in this pack is the replay card of Reed Sorenson, but my favorite card is the Johnny Sauter just because I like his firesuit.

I like the simple look of these cards.  I also like the Greg Biffle card.  I forgot about Robby Gordon, another driver I never cared for.  I don't think I remember Burney Lamar, but that might be my favorite card of this pack.

I did skip over a scan, which I'll show later because I remember it being one of the last packs I opened.  This pack though is pretty nice as well.  I finally got a Rusty Wallace card.  So far, shut out on Edwards though. Since I'm unfamiliar with many of these sets, I'm not sure what the odds are for insert cards and subset cards and which is which, but I am somewhat surprised that most packs have had some sort of card that might not have been base cards.  I like the Gordon card the most.

Not a fan of those Winston Cup Scene cards, but the Stewart and Jarrett cards make up for it.  The Jarrett card is my favorite.

Not bad, but I'm not the biggest fan of these cards.  I like the design, but not big on foil.  That said, I like the Johnson card best just because it shows him and his car on the front.

OOOOHHHHH!  I love this pack.  Actually it was one of the last ones I opened knowing I'd like it.  I believe this is the first Tim Richmond card I have and I'm so happy.  Also glad to get the Ken Schrader card.  I always liked him.  I need to see how cheap these are on ebay and maybe build this set one day.  Not too likely, but you never know.

Traks made some good looking cards.  Again, just because of the firesuit, I like the Jon Wood card best.  Though the Kenseth card has everything you'd want on the front of a NASCAR card.

More goodness.  The Newman card reminds me of Bubba Wallace.  During rain delays, he has been tossing a football into the grandstand and the fans throw it back to him.  Some of the other drivers have joined in too.  It's something fun to do until its time to race again.

Another good pack, with Ken Schrader and Dale Jarrett.  At this point I'm a bit curious why I haven't pulled any Carl Edwards cards and wonder if I will.  I can say that I'm sure that is the first Rick Crawford card I have. 

I promised more Tony Stewart, and here is a double dose.  I can't remember Kyle Busch driving for CarQuest, but I did take time away from watching for a while, and also spent a long time not being able to watch any series lower than Sprint/Nextel/whatever its called after it changed from Winston Cup.

I remember the Main Event cards, but not this design.  The Reutimann card I have some similar but they are smaller.  The Lap Leader card is from a game I have no idea about or care since it's long expired, so there's that.

More Tony Stewart, and Mark Martin.  Underrated by many as well as underrepresented in these packs so far.

This is an out there design, and I'm not sure if I like it.  That said, I do like that I got a John Andretti card, maybe my first but doubtful.  I've watched some older NASCAR races on Youtube this year and forgot how for a stretch he was a contender a few races.  These days its more fun just to watch the old races you forgot who won then try to find the channels for this weeks race.  Plus unless its on Network TV I can't watch, so might as well go back to my favorite years of racing around 88-02.  Sometimes earlier, sometimes newer, but that was the glory years for me.

Eh, I'm indifferent to them, but am glad they make cards for the drivers not in the main cup series.  I'd think every driver in the main 3 series should have cards each year, its not like there needs to be a ton of cards, maybe 200 or so, that includes room for other drivers to get multiple cards or maybe show some of the pit crews.  I'm not sure if Donruss does this, but I am thankful that Michael Annett gets cards each year now though he's in the "minor leagues".

I never look to see when a driver's "rookie card" is, but its nice to see this is apparently Paul Menard's.  Not a bad pack.  I remember some of the Maximum Access cards, so getting a Gordon is nice.

Still no Edwards.  Not even sure I've gotten a Jamie Mac yet.

This was the Salute To Dale card that was just thrown in.  I like the card, but was never the biggest Jr. fan.  That said, I've loved him in the commentary booth, he's done a great job.

CARL EDWARDS!  YES!  This was also my favorite car of his, loved him having Office Depot as the sponsor. 

I was surprised to find the Richard Childress and Joe Gibbs cards but was happy to pull them.  They are my two favorite cards of this pack.

Well another Gibbs card.  Since the packs were so random, that might be one of the only doubles I got, which is really nice.

Another Edwards!  I like the design of these, reminds me of the grid walk Michael Waltrip does.  However I liked it better before he got too goofy doing it.

I really like the Asphalt Jungle card of Gordon here.  Ir really stands out.  Might look to see what others were in that set.

Another nice pack.  I always like the color scheme of Waste Management, but not sure I'd want to be sponsored by them.

Another pack of Traks this with another Edwards card and a nice Bobby Allison card.  Makes me wish I could somehow pull an Davey Allison or Alan Kulwicki card.

I'm a bit surprised at how little Dale Earnhardt Jr. cards I've actually gotten in these packs.  I think I like the Michael Waltrip card the best in this pack.

Probably the first Fireball Roberts card I have.  Not a bad pack, also glad I got the Brian Vickers card as I am somewhat a fan of his.

The Bobby Labonte card is pretty cool.  At this point you wonder if you'll get a really cool autograph card or something.  I really don't expect to, but even if I don't I think there have been a ton of inserts so I can't complain one bit.

This might be the worst pack of the bunch, but even still, I like it.  The Flag Chaser card does nothing for me, but its still a nice looking design for an entry card.

I liked Sadler the best when he was sponsored by Best Buy.  I always like the car design.

I think the Sterling Marlin card is the first airbrushed card I've pulled.  At least on a major scale. I'm positive he didn't have his name painted across his firesuit like that, this was when he was driving for Coors.  That said, its not really a bad card.  Also noticed I got a "Double Dose of DeWalt".  Not that I'm mad.

The Kasey Kahne card on the bottom left is airbrushed.  He was sponsored by Budweiser.  Not a fan of it, but at least they didn't leave it blank.

You can't really tell, but the Truex card on the bottom is interesting.  It has a piece cut out that looks like maybe his home state, and the photo looks like it has pinhole spots in it so its really unique.  It was one of the best cards I pulled.  Probably the second best card.

So what did I save for the last scan and is the best card I pulled?

ELLIOTT SADLER!  Wait, nope... KASEY KAHNE (airbrushed again)... nope....

WHAT!! Is that a piece of sheetmetal on the Tony Stewart card?   DING DING DING!  I never expected to get an autograph or memorabilia card in any of these packs, but I was beyond excited to pull this card.  Its actually my first memorabilia card I've ever pulled from NASCAR.  While a white piece is a bit generic, I still am excited.  I didn't save the pack for the end because it weighed different or anything, it was like the 4th last pack I opened.  I just opened other packs I figured wouldn't be as good.  In fact maybe only the Traks packs were opened after and killed any excitedness I had for them at the time.

Overall, I think I did really good with these packs.  I wonder what packs were bonus since I got extras and curious if that last pack maybe would have been excluded.  At any rate, I got 30 packs (30+) for 20 bucks, and I actually used a gift card so I wasn't out any money.  The question is, would I buy this again?  I probably shouldn't and wouldn't expect to get another card like the sheetmetal card, but I think with all the other inserts, the age of the packs, and the fun I had, I probably would.  It would depend on how dedicated I am to building my NASCAR collection.  I really have no plans to, but I can't deny that opening these packs were worth every penny.  Much more value and fun than I got from opening the wrestling ones.

So that wraps it up for today, thanks everyone for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it, and hope everyone has a great day!