Saturday, March 16, 2019

I Still Collect Cards... And Other Stuff

So with sporadic posts the last few months, you may have noticed I spend a lot of time talking about movies, or other random stuff I find at thrift stores.  I'll be honest, that takes up more of my time these days, but it doesn't mean I've abandoned card collecting.  In fact I have some to show today.  I have more to show from thrifting and gifts, but I figured I needed to show some cards off or else I might be kicked out of this social club of card bloggers.  So let's dive in.

One of the great things about the Trading Card Database is the fact that members are so nice and friendly.  These cards represent what is an ever going forum posting entitled Pay It Forward.  I've been fortunate enough to get a couple PWE's from very generous members and I never even asked for them.  The idea is members will see cards on your wantlist and will just send a card or two to you for free.  As always on this site or on the database, I never solicit cards and state my wantlists are mainly for my own use so I can see what I don't have.  However if people are kind enough to want to send me cards, I'm not opposed to it.  Having said all that, I feel bad because though it was back around November or so, I don't think I've added them to my collection on there or even sorted them into my own collection yet.  Maybe I will soon.  My focus last time I did anything with cards was sorting my cards I either don't intend to keep or will if I have enough of the set.  That's been a couple months too, so progress is quite slow right now.  I need to get motivated.

All these cards are great additions though, the Memphis Chicks on the top are ones I likely would have never thought about seeking out, while the Steve Busby might have been a while to go after.  The Maclin the same way especially since I haven't been working on my Mizzou collection in quite some time.

To show you where I'm at, I'm not sure when I got these cards, but I guess I bought a pack of Heritage at some point last year.  I might have even shown them on here, but since I didn't delete it off my computer here they are (for the first time or the 47th, I'm not sure).  Anyways, not a bad bunch of cards.  While I never actively seeked out Ichiro cards, its nice to get some in the past year.  I've also I guess become a Kendall Graveman collector since I've been collecting some of his cards.  A few more and maybe I'll become an unknown supercollector of his.  Overall I guess I did good on this pack.

This one I remember a bit more clearly, but not much.  When I go to Walmart I look for the clearance packs of cards hoping to find some 2016 Topps.  At this point I should just search ebay for lots just to finish the set, but if I find cheap packs I'll get them.  I've slowed down on building some sort of master set of the 2016 cards, but until I start buying current cards from Topps, the search continues.  I will say the 2019 Topps cards look somewhat nice, but I still doubt I buy any.  These are more cards I'm not sure I've cataloged yet.  I guess I really should check into that.

My favorite card in this lot is the Ozzie Smith.  It's been a while since I've gotten any of his cards, so it was a nice addition.  It was also nice to pull an Ichiro Chasing 3K card I didn't have yet (pretty sure I didn't at least).

This Karros cards I think I've shown like 4 times now, but this is the first time I've shown them since I opened the Starting Lineup package they came in.  I wanted to get good scans of them to add to the database, but still haven't done it yet.  Oh well.  The Griffey was a surprise find after going through stuff from storage.  It was the lone card which has seen better days, but its still a great oddball card to find, and my Griffey Reds cards are quite minuscule at the point, so a great addition.

Even better is its from Ritz and Oreo, which I have no memory of ever finding cards in either, but if I had to guess it came from a box of Ritz crackers because despite liking sweets, I hardly ever buy Oreo's unless I get a sudden urge.  The Karros cards look pretty nice on the back, though a bit... white!  I like the middle one better since it has stats on it, but do wish it had the Starting Lineup logo on the back like the other one.  It's not like they didn't have room.

So with that, let's see some other stuff I found recently.  Some I've featured before, but hey baseball season is almost here.

The top one came in a pack I got a couple years ago, forgetting all about it, but remember I got it after starting the blog since I remember talking about it once.  I still haven't displayed it, but maybe I will.

The other three are from boxes of cereal.  Someone on the Trading Card Database was talking about them a couple months ago and I went looking for them.  They are a little sunbaked since I set them in front of my window at my old house, but still look nice.  It is nice I have the Ichiro one, but I have no real attachment to them.  I miss the days of finding good stuff in cereal boxes, but at the same time these days I'm more of a Cheerios guy then a sugary cereal gut.  Though I must say if I hear of a new or unique cereal I will try it.  Last year I tried Nilla Wafers cereal and OMG they were good.  I ate them up so fast I got sick, so I never bought another box.  Last trip to Walmart I went looking for Chicken & Waffles cereal I heard about from Impulsive Buy website, but I think I missed out on them.  That site btw, Impulsive Buy, is a great site if you like to see and try new foods.  It seems Unicorn themed food is the new hip thing right now.  Think of the Pumpkin Spice craze and that's whats going on.  Also it seems Heintz is trying to make everyone sick by combining Mayo with Mustard, Ketchup, and/or BBQ sauce.  So now I'm sick, let's move on.

TNA Wrestling, now called um... I'm not sure I don't keep up anymore, I think its Impact Wrestling still, had a great wrestling product.  The problem with most of TNA's run has been marketing and advertising, among other things.  One thing I thought they did right was the action figure line which this Kevin Nash comes from.  Besides just bending at the knees like most, they also bend at the waist, arms, fingers, and even the toes!  They are a little stiff, but it was fun getting this one and a Petey Williams one many years ago.  They are some of the last figures I've actually taken out of the package.  I'm glad I did too.

Speaking of packages, I kept these two in their packages because they look nice on my wall shelf that way.  Not much more to say really because I think I've talked about them before.  Wrestlemania is coming up, so I have some of my wrestling stuff displayed, and since I don't have the WWE Network, I got out some wrestling DVD's and plan to watch some soon, including the Best of AJ Styles in TNA, which is a few years before he left, so most of his earlier stuff.  Also have some ROH with matches with Daniel Bryan, Nigel McGuinness, and maybe even Tyler Black (Seth Rollins).  Also have some documentaries from the likes of Mr. Perfect, and Dusty Rhodes.  I should have fun with that.

So down to the last item to show.  This was kind of odd to find, and the stuff I found with it I'm saving for another day, and hopefully that day is soon.  It will be a LONG post with TONS of pictures though, so I need to figure out how to format it.  Anyways, here was an outlier to the rest of the stuff.

My dad loved mowers.  I remember mowing every summer with him until he got sick.  We not just mowed our yard, but mowed at the local nursing home for a while, other people's yards, and even a church and a cemetery.  He also started garden tractor pulling as well.  He started with a Dynamark mower and a Wizard.  He named them Little Red and Wizard of Oz.  The Wizard was possibly the slowest puller I ever saw, but it was consistent and he did well with it.  As time went on he upgraded to Cub Cadet's and started doing better.  While it was fun to watch him pull at times, even at the Missouri State Fair, I never got the passion to pull like he did.  At times I wish I did, but also glad I didn't because it would be another hobby I'd spend too much money on.

What is odd about this piece though is he never used a John Deere.  Not for pulling or mowing.  When we mowed, we ran Craftsman mowers, and even when he would plow snow he had a Case to do it.  So I was a bit perplexed to find this cast iron John Deere in a box a couple months ago.  That's not to say I don't like it, but I haven't displayed it yet, and not sure if or when I will.  I do want to clean it up nice though but haven't done that yet.

So with that I guess its time to wrap things up.  I haven't mentioned it, but I'm sure you've noticed I've done a site redesign.  I like to change every couple years, and when Blogger recently did away with the Google + or whatever and mentioned possible conflicts with comments on here, it reminded me I needed to fix my comments section that I never did after the last redesign.  I I wanted an older style look to the blog and I'm quite happy with the look.  I figured since I haven't exactly done Royals posts as of late, the gold background was a nice change.  If you notice any issues arising from the change let me know and I'll see what I can do.  I'm most happy that I can reply to individual comments again and look forward to doing that.  So I guess that's it for today.  It felt nice to show off some cards again, but I'll be honest, the next few posts might be without cards, but they will have a bunch of cool stuff to show.  Thanks everyone for reading and have a great weekend!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Checking In and Cleaning Out: Mixed Media Day

Man that title was a mouthful.  I figured I'd check in to let everyone know I still blog.  I figured today would be another cleaning out scans and photos I don't think I ever posted last year, and most of it is movies and music stuff.  Maybe some cards we'll see.  Anyways, let's dig in.

I got this a few months ago and believe I mentioned it maybe even posted it.  I never thought about it until I saw this picture that it is actually a 4K player.  I don't have any 4K discs or 4K TV, but its good to know when the time comes I won't need to upgrade.  I've been using it a bit lately and the blu rays I do watch look great on it.  The DVD's sometimes have millisecond audio dropouts.  Not enough to be annoying but enough to notice them.  I can deal with that.  If I can't I can still watch DVD's on my Xbox 360 so there's that.  I was a bit concerned about the Sanyo brand, but it was 40 bucks for a blu ray player and I was looking for one so it worked.  I'm actually pretty excited its a 4K.  Obviously I should have noticed it before, but since as I said no 4K discs, my eyes immediately went to the Blu-Ray part.

On the day I bought the player, I thought I'd get a movie to watch on it.  Though by this point I already had a few I could have watched.  I bought Roger Rabbit because even though I love this movie, I've never actually owned it, only seeing it on TV or streaming.  So for 5 bucks I thought it was a good deal.  Would have been better including the digital copy, but I won't complain.  Though I must say I've yet to watch it, but I probably will in the next month or two.

On Black Friday I had my eye on a few movies and while this wasn't one of them, it was odd I never owned Frosty or Rudolph before.  My nephews might have, but I haven't.  This is only DVD but I was happy to purchase it.  I was surprised to find out my mom really likes The Little Drummer Boy which is also included so it made for a better purchase.  Frosty and Rudolph were the ones I wanted and then saw on TV so I haven't watched this yet.  Maybe this year I will during the holidays and check out the rest of them too.

This was the movie I wanted on Black Friday more than anything.  I have it on DVD, but wanted to upgrade and it was 4 bucks.  I didn't fight the crowds for it, so I think it was that Saturday I made a trip and hidden behind a bunch of other stuff I found it.  I wanted this again because it was cheap, I wanted to upgrade, and it included the digital copy.  Hopefully this year I'll see a similar deal on the second one.  Anything after the second one I have no interest in, though I have watched the 3rd on and it isn't terrible.

I didn't have a plan to buy this going in, but I liked the first one and who knows the 2nd and third might be good.  Instead of paying 5 bucks for just the first one, I could get all three for a couple bucks more, so I did.  It also has digital copies, so I think I did good.  Despite watching quite a few movies the last few months, I haven't gotten around to these yet either.  That might explain why I haven't felt the need to buy a bunch of movies as of late unless the price is too good to pass up.  I figure in a couple months I will check these out.

So moving on to other media, I found this at my local second hand store with a few other VHS tapes.  I've stopped buying VHS until I start doing something with the ones I have now, but TMNT was too good to pass up.  Lately I just look at tapes that I don't think had DVD or Blu Ray releases or catches my eye.  Nothing has in a couple months.

I still look at the CD's but they moved them and its harder to go through unless you lean over awkwardly or sit on the floor, so I usually don't buy any the last few times.  I got this one before Christmas because it has my mom's favorite Christmas song on it- Mary Did You Know.  Mark Lowery is the one who wrote the song, and despite being a very funny Christian comedian, he can also sing really well, as showcased on the Gaither Homecoming tours and shows.

CD's are 50 cents.  If I find one song on a CD, then 50 cents is worth it.  I'm not the biggest Charli XCX fan, but I like her song Boom Clap, and was curious how she covered Money.  I did alright but doubt I'll listen to her cover that song again.

Veruca Salt?  YES!  It had Seether on it, good enough for me.  It's nice to find 90's rock CD's for 50 cents.

This is before Shawn Colvin made it big with her hit Sunny Came Home.  I wasn't familiar with any of the songs, and I didn't care for it much, but I was only out 50 cents so I'm not complaining.  It's better to try something and not like it then never knowing if you'd like it or not.

Went to storage a couple months ago and found my dad's cassette collection.  He was a rocker through and through.  Nothing in this holder surprised me when opening it because I remember him listening to all these, with one exception.  I never heard my dad listen to Juice Newton.  I'm not sure where that came from.  I'm sure this one boggles your mind even more though....


This must be a joke right?   NOPE!  For whatever reason, my dad loved Milli Vanilli.  This was obviously before the whole lip-sync thing, but he played the crap out of this.  This was the same man who hated most modern music and loved saying "they should put a "C" in front of it and call it "crap music"".  Whenever one of their songs come on the radio I think of him. 

Another interesting find was this Atari game.  It's interesting because I never remember us having it.  We once had land at the Lake of the Ozarks with a trailer which we left our Atari and games there for something to do when we would go.  One day we were robbed and they took the Atari and all the games.... minus one.  They robbers didn't take the Strawberry Shortcake game.  We thought it was kind of funny they left it behind.  I don't even remember them stealing anything else to be honest.  There wasn't much to take but still.  It was in the trashy part of the lake, and yes there is such a place, just Google "Ivy Bend".  We sold our lots a year or two before dad passed and I'm glad we did.  It was fun going there at times, but I don't think I'd ever go these days.

I know I showed the before, but figured I'd show you that I opened it.  I scanned the cards as well.

I don't remember Karros' eyebrows looking like that, but oh well.

Now I can scan them for the Trading Card Database, if I ever get around to it.  Also as a bonus, my mom found a Ken Griffey Jr. card with stuff she brought back from storage.  SCORE!

The back of the cards.  Thought plain, I do like Kenner's attempt to making decent looking cards.  On the right is the Griffey card I guess I got in a box of Ritz crackers.  Maybe some Oreo's but, Ritz is more likely.  It's a nice card to add to my Griffey PC.

Lastly is something I likely posted before, but figured I would again since he has a birthday coming up.  Ric Flair turns 70 this year so I figured I'd post this.

WHOOO!!!!!  This is from 1991 or so, so its incredible its in such great shape.  Even more so since my mom and sister bought it at a garage sale many years ago.

He can even do the Flair front face drop he is usually famous for.

So that wraps it up for today, I know not much cards, but this was to clear out scans and pics and to just post something.  I haven't done a lot lately in way of cards, but spend a few days sorting some.  I hope to do more this week.  Maybe I'll post soon, but don't hold your breath.  I do like to post at least once a month though, so I should have one by the end of March.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Never Have I Ever... I think!!!

My stuff to show is ever expanding and I'm honestly over a year behind on stuff.  Yes, a year.  In 2017 around May or so I bought a big order from a website, and I just never posted it.  I'm not talking like a box, or a few packs.  It was pretty big.  I'm not sure if I ever even took pictures of everything and if I didn't I'll have to find the order slip to see what I did get.  Anyways, I figured today would be a clean up edition of stuff I've scanned or photographed in the last few months that I've never shown.  At least I think I never have.  Some I know I have, so I might not post them today, but there will be a few of these specials from time to time until I get caught up on stuff.  The problem though is I can't remember how I acquired everything, so some of it is a foggy memory, but if they were given to me, I'm pretty sure I thanked the person at the time I got them.  Anyways, let's see what's in my cleanup folder for today.  It's a wild mix of cards, sports, and whatever else I took pictures of.

Let's start with an EBay purchase I made in the last few months.  I found these pretty cheap and had some EBay bucks so I bought them.  Its a complete team set of Royals 1992 Topps Gold Winners cards.  I got them for about the price I would probably pay just for the Brett, so it was a good deal.  The only hiccup was cards with players from other teams weren't included, so some of the rookies I didn't get.  I'm okay with that, and once I update what I have I'll see what I still need and likely get it through COMC or something.  Still I'm happy to get most of them but do wish the seller would have specified that not EVERY Royal would be included.

I got these from TCDB.  At the moment I can't remember who it was that sent them to me as a few people sent me cards this year, but I always thanked them in the Pay It Forward thread on the site.  I'm thinking C2Cigars sent these around Thanksgiving when he noticed they were on my want list.  It's nice somebody thought of me and that I could knock a couple older cards off my want list.  I didn't spend a lot of time on Royals cards last year, focusing more on organizing than collecting, but I hope this year I can focus more on it.  We'll see what happens.  First I need to finish sorting all the stuff I hope to part with.

At some point in the year I had an itch to open a box of cards, and got one of those repack boxes at Walmart.  Included was an Ohtani card and this was it.  It's a nice card, and while I don't collect him, I did kind of get it just so I could have a couple of his cards.  However I was quite surprised as my box had a bonus card that 1:10 or 1:100 or something had.

This was numbered /25 and its a low number too, which was pretty cool.  I had no intention of pulling it, and wasn't even really aware of it until I opened the box and found it.  I had to look back at the box to see the odds.  I thought about putting it on Ebay, but it was about the time he got hurt and figured I'd hold on to it until prices might go back up.  If they don't I still think I did good on the box.  The box itself promised 10 packs of cards and even now indicated you get 5 bonus packs of Triple Play cards.  So they tell you up front so you won't be too mad.  Hey 15 packs for 20 bucks is still a good deal.

My sister got me a book called Idiot and I was the happiest brother ever.  How often does that happen?  I was happy because she remembered I was a big Johnny Damon fan and when she found this she knew I'd like it.  I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but I do hope I start reading some books this year.  Between this and the Clemente book she got me the year before, not to mention the countless books I've bought or received as gifts (like the autographed Booker T. book my friend got me), I have some reading to do.  Maybe this will be the year.  At the least maybe I'll build a bookshelf to display all of them.

Another book my sister got me was this odd one.  You can make paper dolls of baseball players.  She thought I might like it and I do.  She didn't pay a lot of attention to who was in it, but I noticed that it was an old book.  It has to be mid 70's or so if I had to venture a guess.  No George Brett or Nolan Ryan, but some big names were in it.

Sisler and Jackie Robinson stood out to me, and so I took pictures of them.  Sure there are some of Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb, but I picked these instead.  My sister didn't really look through it well she admitted, but I still liked it.  Then I looked at the last page and liked it even more.

Roberto Clemente!  My sister was pretty excited when she saw that since she didn't even notice it.  I have no desire to cut these out or do anything other than just keep them in the book.

My sister also got me this Ren & Stimpy decal which I don't know where to put it but I like it.  I liked Ren & Stimpy a lot in the 90's and would like to see them again.

Next is some movies I bought recently, well, maybe October.

I recently tried to watch my DVD copy and it was scratched and I wanted to upgrade it, so I found this Blu Ray was released in 2018 and included the digital copy.  I've been wanting to upgrade anyways, so this was an easy choice to buy.  The only difference is I don't think there are that many extras on it as my DVD had, but lately I haven't watched extras all that much, so I'm okay with that.

These two movies I've wanted to get on DVD for quite a while but either never found them or decided against it.  I found these on blu ray pretty cheap so I went ahead and got them.  This year I hope to watch more movies and keep track of them, and I think I will probably watch them soon.

When I was growing up I was a big fan of Baywatch.  People laugh, but oddly I enjoyed the first two seasons much more than the Pamela Anderson years.  I thought the scripts were better and more dramatic.  Shawn Weatherly's character in the first season was amazing and if you never watched it, you should look it up on Youtube.  These were imports and I've yet to watch them much but the video quality seems sub par so I'm on the fence if I should have gotten them, but you live and learn.  I think I'll stay away from imports for now, but I am glad I get to see them again.

Next is an item I found on the 10 cent table at Savvy Seconds a few months ago, and was quite surprised I found them, but I was much more surprised when I got home.

All I saw was this and two I guess you call them finger skateboards.  A few years ago I jokingly told my youngest nephew if I ever became rich I'd buy a bunch and have some fun.  When I got home I noticed the bottom of this opened, and it is used for storage for other boards and materials.

HOLY CRAP!  Look at all those decks!  Wheels too!  It even had the tools to change them out.  Even more surprisingly were the fact that most of it looked pretty new and not very used.  These came out after I was an adult so I didn't ever play with them, but I always thought they'd be cool to play with if I was a kid.  I haven't seen my nephew much lately but at Christmas I saw him, and I forgot to show him.  I'll have to remember the next time I see him.  At worst if I don't know what to do with these, I might put those tiny metalfigs on them and make them look a bit cooler.

So the last item to show today is a new purchase I made a few months back.  My local Walmart was clearancing out some wrestling action figures and I found one for 5 bucks.

If I was smart, I would have bought all 4 from the set so I could built the Howard Finkel figure.  But I didn't because one of them was sold out, and I didn't really plan to open these, so I just wanted the Rick Rude.  Hopefully this year I will find a nice place to display all of these figures.  I might take my tins down for a while to display these, but once I get rid of some cards, I should have another shelf to display stuff.

So that about wraps it up for today.  I'm not sure how much I've cleaned up, but at least I can get rid of these pictures and see what else I have that I never posted.  I hope you all enjoyed and I tried to show off a variety.  I also hope everyone had a great New Year.  I didn't plan on setting any card goals this year, but I still hope to accomplish a lot this year.  Thanks everyone for reading and have a great day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Glad Hatter

While I'm a bit backed up on posts and vow to catch up soon, I thought I'd do a smaller post today.  My family celebrates Christmas in January since we don't all get together all the time and we sandwich a get together between Christmas and my mom's birthday at the end of the month.  This year we plan to have it the first weekend of January.  Part of that decision was based on the assumption the Kansas City Chiefs would have a bye during Wild Card weekend, so if they could not screw that up, that would be great!

Since we plan it later than normal sometimes the Christmas decorations don't go up very early, but I finally put the trees up this year and have a decent display.

Hey I like this little trees, that I got from Dollar Tree.  THEY ARE LITERALLY DOLLAR TREES!  The lights on them also came from there.  The red decorations on the trees came from a second hand store where I got like 10 for a nickel.  The round things were connected to the beads when I got them.

The cards were ones my mom and I got in the mail this year, with the snowman one coming from my sister who always sends a funny card.  The Christmas Vacation popcorn tin took a while to find but I finally got it at Walmart.  When they first put out the tins this year they only had one, but it was dented really bad.  So last time I went they had more and I grabbed it.

Keen eyes might also notice Star Wars wrapping paper on the right of the photo as well as a Perry The Platypus ornament on the left.  He is sitting in front of Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy from the 1988 McDonald's Christmas toys.  I really should order the Kermit to finish the set.

Since I'm talking about Dollar Tree, before I show a couple gifts I've already got, I think I'll share some deals I got recently.  One of the things I've wasted my time on this year is watching movies and becoming a member to a forum discussing movies and having a 50 Movie Challenge.  The basis is you watch 50 movies a month.  I reached 40 last month, and might hit 30 this month.  The reason I found the site though was to find out about movies sold at Dollar Tree.  Since July, I visit the site daily to find movie deals, and get info when sales are about to begin.  A few days ago I got a tip that Dollar Tree might have a new stock of movies for sale, so we took a trip.  And honestly, we'll probably go again tomorrow or Friday.

If you thought card collecting was addicting, so are movie collecting.  At this point I don't need more movies, but honestly, how can you pass up $1 movies?  What members on the site call "blind buys" spending a buck is still cheaper then renting a movie, and if its good you can keep it.  If it sucks, at worst you could donate it somewhere.  As I walked in, other people were checking out the movies, but I found a spot and dug in.  My nephew is a huge Scooby-Doo fan so when I saw these, I knew I had some gifts to give him.  The one I did keep was the one with Kiss, since, you know, its Kiss.  I'm not their biggest fan, but I do want to see it.

Then I found Friday Night Lights.  I've never watched the show, but oddly enough I once owned the first half of season one.  I think I gave it to a friend.  However, FOR ONE DOLLAR, I could get the entire first season.  15 hours of entertainment is worth that.

Then I found Miami Vice season one!  HOLY CRAP!  I watched most the series recently on one of the streaming apps, but now I can watch it anytime without it possibly buffering or sitting through commercials.  By the way I believe the NBC app on Roku has the whole series, but again, while its free, it does have commercials, though I could live with that.  On a side note if you have CBS All Access or want to do a trial of it, most of the Nash Bridges series is on there and it was fun to revisit recently.  My trial just ran out, but I thought it was worth the 5-10 bucks a month to watch older shows and even live TV if I need to.

Here's the thing though, as I may have discussed before, I'm trying to stop buying DVD's especially since I have a Blu Ray player now so I'm looking to possibly upgrade movies and hoping to find digital copies as well.  So I was quite pleased I made this trip.

I found a nice amount of Blu Rays this time, though from this picture of the ones I bought, the only one I've seen is The Marine 3.  I liked the movie and have been wanting to get it on Blu Ray since I have parts 2 and 4 as well.  I have the first one on DVD and would like to upgrade soon as well.  The rest of the movies were called "blind buys" but again, I think I'll watch all at some point and all came with digital codes.  However The Warriors Way and Take Me Home Tonight were from a out of business company so I had to do a workaround and the digital codes only worked on Itunes, but oh well, I still have physical copies.  I've stayed away from the remake of Robocop but I thought I'd give it a shot and also wanted to build up my collection.  My goal next year is to watch at least one movie a week, and most the time them being ones I've never seen before.  With these additions as well as free streaming apps like VUDU Free, Tubi, and Roku Channel, I think I'll have plenty of options.

Hopefully I can find more next time I go, but if I don't I think I'm good for a while.

So anyways, lets get into the heart of this post.  My friend stopped by on Christmas Eve bearing gifts as he always does.  I had some stuff for him as well as gifts for his kids.  First gift I opened which I didn't take a photo of was a giant magnet of the Kansas City Royals logo.  The KC looks really well on the side of my fridge which is next to my desk.  That however is one I bought last week when I first saw them.  Though I told him this would still get used because I wanted to put another one up on my filing cabinet, so that's where it will go soon.  Unlike the one I got, this one I might not tear apart from the rest of it, just displaying it as a whole.

Then he had a box for me.  He always finds great things to give me, and I feel bad my gifts are nowhere near as good.

Is that a... Wilmington Blue Rocks cap?  SWEET!  They are the minor league single A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.  Earlier in the year my sister got me an Omaha Storm Chasers cap which is the Triple-A affiliate of the Royals.  Getting this hat makes me realize I could potentially build to having caps for all the affiliates of the Royals.  My next goal is to find a Northwest Arkansas Naturals cap.  After he left I examined the hat more and was even more happy.

IT'S A SNAPBACK!  I'm not sure if he planned that or it was luck, but we've discussed how much I love snapbacks or even Velcro backs to fitted ones.  I guess I just like having the hole in the back.  That made this so much better.

However, he wasn't done, he had another gift inside the box!

ANOTHER Wilmington Blue Rocks cap?  WOW!  This one features their mascot Rocky Bluewinkle and if I ever bought one this would be the one I'd get.  Since this is the single A team and they are based in Delaware, I don't follow them as much, but I do try to follow them throughout the year.

This one had the Velcro back and again, I love it.  I hope they never stop making them like these.  I also love the color of this hat.  It will be tough to decide which hat to wear out in public now when I got out.  While I have a ton of hats, I've narrowed it down to the Royals and Storm Chasers before I got these.  Now I might have to get a hat rack or something to not only display these but so I can have them ready.  I might get my Reese's cap back out and wear on occasion next year as well.  Also when my nephew came over he asked me about a gift and alluded to he might get me a hat as well, so my head will be covered up nicely for a long time to come.

So that wraps up this post.  I can't think my friend Jason enough.  He finds great deals, and one day I will find something he will really enjoy.  Thanks everyone for ready and I hope you all had a great holiday season and Christmas.  I've read a few blogs lately and it looks like some of you hit the jackpot.  I'm hoping to do some more scanning soon and might churn out another post before the new year, if I don't I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!