Monday, January 20, 2020

Once I Was...

Once I was 10 years old.  No this isn't a Lukas Graham song, but I was thinking about something earlier.  Last night the Kansas City Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years.  I've never seen the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, and this will make this Super Bowl the best one ever (well, unless they lose, then the 2003 Buccaneers win will be the best ever).  I thought about my nephews and how they will be 19 and 17 this year and they've experienced an amazing run of Missouri teams with success.

I forget the year, but I was around 10 or 11.

I brought up being 10 once because I use it as a jumping off point of sorts.  I remember stuff from before I was 10, but it was really around the age of 10 that I really got into sports.  Being born in 1982, I was alive for the Royals and Cardinals World Series victories, but I don't remember them.  So in the 90's I was stuck with two baseball teams that had odd decades.  The Royals were going through a phase where a new owner was needed after Ewing Kauffman passed, and they weren't willing to spend money until a new owner took over (which would be David Glass around 2000).  The only year they had decent success was 1994, where they might have had a shot at the World Series, but its not like it was a sure thing.  George Brett retired in 1993, so the team was looking for a new face of the franchise.  Aside from a standout year from Bob Hamelin, nobody got much of the spotlight nationally until the turn of the century where three outfielders started to turn heads: Carlos Beltran, Jermaine Dye, and Johnny Damon.  Knowing the team couldn't retain them, all three would be traded and eventually all win a World Series ring elsewhere.  Over on the other side of the state, the Cardinals had moderate success but weren't really contenders, just more consistently towards the top.  Much like Kansas City, their face of the team was starting to wind down his career, but Ozzie Smith still has many memorable moments.  While nowhere near flailing, the weren't a champion caliber team like they were in the 80's.  Things changed at the end of the decade when Tony LaRussa came to town and shortly after Mark McGwire.  With McGwire hitting home runs, fans got over The Wizard retiring, and seemed content with a home run record over a World Series.  Things turned better after the turn of the century with Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina joining the team, but we'll get to that in a bit.

Dad loved that Chiefs shirt.

So did I.  I still have it today and wear it often.  I'm pictured with my sister who is an avid reader.

In other sports, Missouri had no NBA teams, and St. Louis was still without an NFL team when the football Cardinals left for Phoenix in the mid 80's.  That changed when the Rams came to town.  It wasn't an overnight success, as it would take a couple years for the team to employ a former bag boy from Iowa as their starting QB, which would lead to the Greatest Show on Turf.  By the turn of the century, you wondered if the Rams were going to become a dynasty.  We'd find out later they wouldn't.

My nephews posing at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield.  Around the ages of 8 and 6.

I'm not sure their age here, as I wasn't with them on this trip.  I found it while going through photos.

In Kansas City, things actually looked bright.  After a decade of more or less horrible teams, in 1989 the Chiefs started to make moves to start a serious run.  The era of Martyball entered the NFL lead by head coach Marty Schottenheimer and on the field perfected by the duo of Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith.  In 1993 the Chiefs had Joe Montana and Marcus Allen on offense and seemed unstoppable.  With a 13-3 record they were ready for a return to the Super Bowl.  However at the time, Buffalo and Houston (Oilers, not Texans- they are yet to come) proved to be very talented as well.  As the decade progressed, the light was dimming, and before long Martyball was over, Montana and Allen retired, and Neil Smith did the unthinkable- he went to Denver to win a ring (which he did).  The time was up when driving to a playoff game to see the Rams, Derrick Thomas crashed his car and would pass away a short time later.  The team still had flashes of greatness, but nowhere near the level they had in Martyball.

My high school days, I was preparing a speech for a FHA event.  I really liked that jersey.

Elsewhere in Kansas City, talk of possibly landing an NHL team or an NBA team was so constant it put more emphasis on the state motto SHOW ME! Neither happened but hey, they have a new arena for when WWE or Elton John comes to town.  However a new league began in the mid 90's called MLS.  Major League Soccer was helped in the early years by Lamar Hunt who even let the Kansas City Wizards play home games at his NFL teams stadium- Arrowhead Stadium.  The Wizards didn't have much success, but still brought excitement to soccer fans in the state.

On the other side of the state, St. Louis DID have an NHL team.  A moderately successful one at that.  Well, I mean they made the playoffs every year, but forgot how to advance past the first round.  The Checkerdome was replaced by the arena with more name changes than Prince and it seemed like they were destined for mediocrity.  However with stars like Brett Hull, Curtis Joseph, and Brendan Shanahan, the team brought hope.  Then they all went elsewhere.  Fortunately the team found a player with some name value to draw in fans.  Wayne Gretzsky brought in the fans, but never brought home the cup.

My nephews taking in a St. Louis Cardinals game.  I believe it was 2011, when they were 10 and 8.

From the age of 10 until the age of 17, sports in Missouri was filled with mostly heartache.  Even the Missouri Tigers brought their share.  The Fifth Down (which I was 9, but I'll allow it), the Flea Kicker, and a field so bad the Rolling Stones had to play a concert so they could replace the turf.  Those were the highlights of the Tigers football team in the early to mid 90s.  Luck started to change when Larry Smith took over and had a QB named Corby Jones and a running back nicknamed "Brocky".  They lead the Tigers to their first good team in years and first bowl appearance in almost 20.  After Brock and Corby left, the magic seemed to run out.  Well, for a while, but I'll get to that later.

In basketball, the Tigers team actually had promise.  Norm Stewart was the steady man that was there forever as coach, and he recruited and created many future NBA players.  They even went undefeated in the Big 8 (which would become the Big 12 a couple years later) and a run for the NCAA Title!  Then freaking Tyus Edney happened, and with that, the bottom fell out.  Norm would retire and it would be a lot of misery and headache for many years before they made noise again.

2011 was the year my other sister Andrea was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  This was on a building across from the hospital on one of her first trips to St. Louis for chemo during the 2011 Playoffs.

Counting the Rams winning the Super Bowl in 2000, and the Wizards claiming the MLS cup in 2000, my teenage years weren't the best as a sports fan.  But things turned around.  Since this is long, I'll shorten it a bit.  The Cardinals started making it to the World Series again and actually won a few.  And the other teams played.

In 2001, my oldest nephew was born.  From his birth to age 10, Cardinals won a World Series and appeared in another, but I don't count it because like my first 10 years, I'm sure he doesn't remember it.  The other sports didn't field any contenders.  However in 2011, things started to turn.  The Cardinals made another World Series run, and won.  in 2013, they would go back, but would fall to the Red Sox.  The next year the Royals were 90 feet away from possibly winning the series but fell to the Giants.  In 2015 though, they would win it all against the Mets.  So while I was alive for the 1985 World Series, I didn't remember it.  When my nephew was 14, he got to see the Royals win it all and his uncle be so excited.

This was a 2015 game I atteneded which a rain delay lasted long enough that my friend and I left.  They ended up winning the game that started about 30 minutes after we left.

Not all was lost, as we explored the Royals Hall of Fame and got to see many great items.

In MLS the team formerly known as the Wizards were now Sporting Kansas City.  While they relocated to Kansas City, Kansas, many fans in Missouri still claimed them.  In 2013 they won the MLS Cup.  If they won when I was 12, I'd be really excited (though they didn't form until I was 14 so there's that).  While the Rams were going through the motions and the Chiefs started the 2010's with a coach who didn't know why he ran plays and a player who would kill his girlfriend then kill himself at the Stadium in front of staff.  So the only team he might have cheered for was the team his grandma rooted for- the Packers.  When he was 10, the Packers won the Super Bowl (well, he was about 2 months shy of 10 but still).  We'll fast forward to now in a bit.

As for Mizzou, they moved to the SEC and actually played in back to back SEC championships (where they didn't fare well) but he got to see the team succeed.  The basketball team had times of brilliance, but have pretty much stumbled throughout the decade.  There was promise when they hired a former assistant under Norm Stewart who had just won the D-II title.  Kim Anderson was a nice guy, but he couldn't keep up with the SEC and was replaced.  Then Cuonzo Martin came in and the Porter brothers were recruited.  Then Michael got hurt and never played a game.  Then his brother got hurt and decided to go pro and went undrafted.  Now they are no better off then when they had Kim.  On the women's side they've had pretty good success and even had a player make it to the WNBA.  Sophie Cunningham is no longer here, but the Women's team are still putting up a fight with nationally ranked teams.

in the 2010's I attended many Mizzou Football games, and then sold programs for a couple years.  I had a lot of fun.

The St. Louis Blues stayed consistent.  They made the playoffs and forgot to advance.  That all changed last year when they finally won a Stanley Cup title.  Something I never seen in my lifetime, but my nephew got to see before he turned 20.

Now last night the Kansas City Chiefs did something they haven't done in 50 years.  Make it to the Super Bowl.  Something I've never seen in my lifetime, but my nephew got to see before he turns 20.

I guess what I'm saying is, my nephews are either good luck charms, or I'm a bit upset my teenage years wasn't as successful in terms of sports as theirs are.  Hey if the Chiefs can win it all, I can deal with that.

Overall, since 2013 every professional sports team from Missouri has made it to the title game of their sport.  With exception to the Rams who moved a a few years ago, but actually DID make it to the Super Bowl last year.  So I can't really complain.  A part of me does like it better this way because maybe I can savor it a little more then I would have in my teenage years.  I should also mention I have two nieces who are a few years younger, so hopefully their teenage years will be filled with more success for Missouri teams.  Maybe at some point the Missouri Tigers can join in with the winning besides just winning in wrestling and track and field.

My excitement for the Chiefs making it to the Super Bowl is much more calmer then when the Royals went to the World Series, but I am pretty excited.  I started blogging at just the right time when the Royals were hot, and it made blogging much more fun.  I know I don't take much time to write these days, but maybe this will spark me to get out my Chiefs cards and do a few posts before the game.  The past decade I went to two Chiefs games, both preseason, and the first two I've ever seen live.  The first NFL game I saw live?  The Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers.  Let's hope the end result will be different than that game.

A photo I took of the 2011 game I saw between the Chiefs and the 49ers.  San Francisco won with a late comeback when all the backups came in.  I'm pretty sure the QB in this photo for San Fran is Colin Kaepernick who I also saw play in college.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.  Also, sorry for the lack of card related content, but I do have some in the works and I need to catch up on some Savvy Loot posts.  Maybe the Chiefs are the spark I need to start writing more.  We'll see.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Sister Care Package

This time of year I'm sorting stuff a lot on my computer, mainly to find Christmas stuff.  Each year I try to make a mix CD of Christmas or Holiday songs and I have a lot of music on my hard drive.  The last couple years I haven't really looked forward to doing it, and I'm not even into the Christmas season much this year like normally.  However, I worked on making a CD for my friend the other night and actually am about half done and so far none of the songs repeat (its amazing).  I try to find new versions or make sure I didn't use the same song in a previous CD, but I can't remember anymore.  Now all that's left is finding about 12 or so more songs and then adding my mix I make at the beginning of the CD.  I find an instrumental beat (usually hip hop or rock in nature that is seasonal) and put soundbytes of Christmas movies and TV shows.  I have fun working on it, but this year I'm in a rut.  I found the beat, but having trouble with finding different soundbytes.  I'll figure it out.

Anyways, when I go searching around my hard drive I usually find stuff I forgot I have.  The last two years with my lack of blogging, I at least have taken scans or photos when I get new stuff, so  I can always circle back to it.  I stumbled upon a few photos I took of stuff my sister gave me some time in the summer.  I found a lot more too, including probably 10 or more Savvy Loot posts, but I'll hold off on them since they don't have cards.  So today here is stuff my sister found for me, most from some thrift stores in the St. Louis area, and even has some cards.

Ooh, even though I don't use binders anymore, I like this.  Its perfect if I wanted to showcase a few Royals cards or something else.  There were cards inside, and I'll show those in a bit.

I like how a couple stickers are in it, makes it more personalized.  I could use this to showcase some Greg Maddux cards since Cubs and Braves stickers are already in it.

My first thought when I opened this and saw cards two per page was "someone just used a photo album to put ball cards in".  I've seen it before, and probably did it when I was younger.  They were tight and tough to get out, so I didn't care for them in this.  However when I closed it...

I'll be dog gone, it IS a baseball album.  I'm not sure how to use this going forward.  However I still might use it for pictures.  I have a few pictures I took from some Royals games, they would fit nice in here, and then I could display them as well.  Its a too nice of a binder to not use or even toss, so for now it will be stored away until I make room and figure it out.

Before I show the cards I do have some media to show.  My sister found a CD a couple months prior that she wanted to give me, and finally brought it this time.  I was excited.

On the surface, it looks like a normal CD case, but nothing written on it.  I knew what it was already, and I honestly love how this looks.  I'm afraid to take the Goodwill price tag off because I don't want to rip the cover any.  It's a cardboard case.

If you aren't familiar, Missouri turned a large section of the MKT railroad into a trail, called the Katy Trail.  It spans from almost St. Louis to Kansas City, and there are plans for more.  In addition to adding more trail to the Kansas City area, they are also wanting to convert the Rock Island railroad which I hear is moving along nicely though funding is hampering it some.  When finished, the Rock Island Trail will intersect with the Katy Trail in two areas, and will be nice.  In the future I've seen where they want to possibly expand the trail from Kansas City to Omaha, and from St. Louis to possibly Chicago.  That would be awesome.  The Katy Trail runs through my small town, but to be honest we don't contribute much to it.  I hear its some of the roughest parts of the trail near us, making it a challenge for the riders.  I've walked about 6-8 miles of the trail and I like it, but I usually have to rest a couple days after.

The point of all that was in the next town over, they host a yearly event in conjunction with other locations such as Columbia and Rocheport, and the event is called Pedalers Jamboree.  They bike from Columbia to Boonville, and I think some even start in St. Charles at the trailhead.  At the end of the event, and usually along the way bands are set up to perform.  If you register and bike the event, you can get one of these CD's.  They might also sell them as well.  None of these bands are household names, but there are some good ones on here.  I should make a playlist of these bands on Youtube, but I probably won't.  I have a lot of playlists up right now and have a few more planned after the holidays, so I don't want to clog it with more.

So let's move into the cards.  What was in those albums?

80s and 90s cards! YES!  Honestly, I'd rather run across these then 2010's.  At least these bring back childhood memories and usually easier to complete sets if I ever decide to do so.  Some of these obviously stand out, and while I didn't photo every card or scan any, a lot of them are staying in my collection.  Even the Howard Johnson 1991 Donruss.

Out of all the cards in the binders, I might have been most excited about this worthless piece of cardboard.  I don't know Anthony Collins, though I did see indoor football a few times with a player by that name, he was nicknamed "The Cowboy".  I don't know THIS Anthony Collins, but I had this same exact card with my name on it when I was a kid.  Same card and same year.  Most surprisingly, they spelled my name right.  I have it somewhere, but its in rough shape.  I was happy to see this one in better condition.  I even used my card for a school campaign once.  I was running for office of some sort in middle school and it was on my campaign poster.  I ended up splitting the vote with a classmate and we both lost to a girl in the grade below us.  Oh well.  MEMORIES!

I GOT A MADDUX!  Well, a Mike Maddux, but at this point I'm happy to pull his cards too.  Maybe I should start making a collection of his cards.  It will be like when other bloggers get Bipped.  Actually I did get a Greg Maddux card too, its on the top row next to the hologram sticker.  It's one I already have, but its an oddball because he's batting and prepared to lay down a bunt.  It's still a keeper.

There's the Maddux, Also got a Barry Bonds I may or may not had.  This photo though is for the hologram of the Royals sticker.  I had that one, but a corner peeled so I had to cut part of it off to save the rest of it.  I'm glad I got another one.  I got a stack of other teams also, some doubles, but still nice to have.  Maybe I'll work on getting the rest.  I like them better than those Action stickers Fleer put out.

I like these minor league cards.  I got real excited at first seeing this Todd Haney card, but didn't realize until I did more sorting of cards the other day that I realized I confused him with Chris Haney.  Oh well, minor league cards are still cool to have, so adding a handful more is nice.

Post cards!  I really want to build these sets and will get to it one day.  Even if I don't Trammell will slide into my PC for him, and I can find a place for Jefferies too.  Sabo won't be left out, I still keep all Post and other cereal and oddball cards.  Its amazing as many cards as I have that so many of these I don't have.

Speaking of oddball- TAYSTEE! Now, speaking of not having many of these, what would the odds be that I already had the Pat Tabler?  I had three cards already, but getting the Bo was a huge get and I was excited.  I seriously doubt I'll ever finish that set, but man finding one every few years would be nice.  Even if I get doubles or triples, I'm sure a few Royals collectors would be interested in some.

Another PC is Ken Griffey Jr.  These are both new additions for me, and I'm quite happy.  I spent the earlier part of the week sorting cards and working on adding cards like these to my lists, and I'm happy to be getting somewhat caught up.  Maybe I'll do more this weekend or next while I watch some Christmas movies.

In addition to baseball, I even got a few football cards too.  I was happy to find them even though I've thinned out my collection quite a bit in the last year or two.

Rod Woodson is a nice one to get.  Despite not seeking football cards, 1990 Score would be a set I'd like to revisit, and in the last year or two I've actually worked on quite a bit of the set.  Maybe when I clear some more card space and have a few extra bucks I might work on it more.

It seems this kid had the same tastes in collecting as I did as a kid.  My sister noted a lack of Cardinals cards in his collection, and really no team was represented more than another.  It was an interesting point, but I countered that maybe the kid didn't always live in St. Louis. He might have moved while growing up, or as an adult picked up stuff from his parents house elsewhere, and just donated the cards.  I didn't see any hockey, basketball, or non sports so that part is interesting to me.  When I was growing up, I collected anything.  Then again my collection was more than just a couple binders.  This might not have been his "good stuff".

So I want to thank my sister for buying these and bringing me all these cards and the CD.  I was glad to finally feature it on here and even do a post without being about what finds I found that weren't card related.  I found more cards I haven't shown as well while going through my hard drive, so maybe I'll show some of that at a later date.  In the meantime, thanks everyone for reading and have a great weekend.

By the way if you are in the holiday mood and have nothing to check out I have some Christmas themed playlist on my Youtube account.  I have lists of old commercials, parades, Christmas specials, and even sporting events that were from Christmas past.  Even if you aren't in the mood, you might find something you might like.  I have other playlists too, including live cameras.  To find them just search "jupiterhill".  Last month I didn't even realize that I've been on there 13 years.  I have a video about to turn 12 years old.  Its a terrible video but I still keep it on there.  It's had over 11,000 views.

If you like you can subscribe.  I plan to make more playlists, and next year might even post more videos.  I doubt I mix cards and videos, but you never know.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Savvy Loot: Hear Me Out, now with CARDS!

I've been working on a few things recently, but decided to go to my local second hand store, Savvy Seconds.  While I struck out on finding CD's this time, I do have quite a few to show in the future.  However, I did find some cards, and even some free stuff.  So its time for a Savvy Loot post.

Initially I looked at CD's and while last time I got a few of them, nothing interested me this time.  I walked around the store a time or two and still didn't see anything.  I found a couple boxes of cards that was there last time, but I didn't look.  Then right before giving up I spotted two more boxes of cards.  One was an 800 count box that I almost passed on but noticed some non-baseball so I looked.

I'm not focusing on much outside of baseball these days, but for 10 cents a card, I couldn't pass these up.  The Roenick I think is a rookie, so that was really nice.  I was always confused on the Akeem vs. Hakeem naming of Olajuwon cards and such and still am.  I always liked him and even have a Walmart knockoff style practice jersey of his I had in high school.  Its tattered and torn and my gut sticks out, but its nice to wear around the house.  I'd love to find another just like it one day.

The exciting find though was the King B card of Mecklenburg.  I wish I kept more of those beef jerky cards I had as a kid and would totally buy it again if they made them again with cards.  This one I got in hopes of it not being on the TCDB, and it wasn't.

So this is the scan for there.  I kind of cut the top off, so I might have to rescan it, and the back too.

Here's the back.

As fun as that was, it was ultimately baseball cards that made me happiest with this box.

While its not at the top of my list, I've wanted to build this set for a long time, and was actually most excited for the header cards.  I probably have the Grace and Davis cards, but I know the Gwynn is new to me.  If they had doubles of these I'd have got them too.

However, I was excited to get the first 10 cards, so now at most only need 30 more.  I know I have about 10-20 cards already, so I have a feeling I'm half done.  Maybe if I find some cheap on COMC during the Black Friday sale I might work on it. Even if I didn't build the set, I'd still have gotten the Gwynn, Mattingly, Trammell, and McGwire.  Oh, and the Boggs.

At the end of the box was more football, so here are some more from the box.

Football I've really cut out of my collection, but I still collect a few players, so these were some great ones to find.  I might have the Percy Snow already, but the rest were new.  I got the Erik McMillan on the bottom I got for my Mizzou collection.

The other box I felt a little bad picking cards from, but I figured if it was open, it means it had been picked through.  It was a 1992 Topps factory set.  My first thought was "wonder if the gold cards are still in there".  They were, but none I really wanted.  If I remembered the set better I would have looked for rookies and Hall of Famers.  I was ready to leave though so I only looked at one end of the box.  If there next time I know what to look for.

First the sticker was in the other box, but I figured I didn't have it and I was right.  As for the Royals, I think I needed the Brett and the McRae, so all is well.  I still need two more Royals from the set (one being a checklist) so I hope they are still there next time.  Also hope to get the Greg Maddux because somehow I don't have that one.  Overall I was happy paying 10 cents a piece on these.  I could have bought a box for 25 bucks, but this was much better.  Next time I might find a couple bucks more.  I am happy how many cards have been there this year.

So after getting my stuff and leaving I always look at the free basket out front.  Its a shopping cart with stuff they will probably toss, sometimes broken stuff, and sometimes stuff they just don't know what to do with.  When I get to previous finds, there is some good stuff to find.  This time it was mostly loose fabric pieces that weren't really fit to be sold (cut small pieces and such).  Anyways I saw something on the top and took a look.

JBL computer speakers.  Now to be honest, I don't really need speakers, but they were free.  At worst they don't work and I can throw them in the dumpster.  If they work I can decide if they are better than the ones I have and use them.

Turns out, they work great and just needed cleaning.  Also a power source.  I had a power source, so now I think I'll use them when I use my desktop next time.  I was pretty happy.

However, I wasn't done.  I saw a black box inside the cart, and was curious, so I dug around the fabric and found three more speakers.

KLH?  They sound like a brand I've heard of and might be nice ones.

Wow!  These could work as surround sound speakers if I knew how to set it up.  I can't find much on them, but they don't need a power source, but do need speaker wire to connect to a stereo.  I have a stereo in storage, and hope to go get it this week.  When I got them I thought again, at worst, I could take them apart and use the square box for something.  Now I'm not sure.  They have hooks on the back, they could be interesting shelves to put small things on.  Even if they don't work, it would look different.  I have a feeling they work though.  I hope to find a way to hook them up to a tv, and then I could use them as surround sound.  That would be fun.

Anyways, for 3 bucks, I think I came out ahead by a wide margin.  In fact looking up the JBL speakers on Ebay, some of the same kind have sold for $10-$20 bucks in the last month.  Maybe I can make a few bucks, but most likely I'll keep them.

So that wraps it up for today.  Before I go though I want to post a link to my Youtube page.  I'm not asking you to check it out or even subscribe, but wanted to mention it.  It's what I've been spending a lot of time on lately.  In the last few months I've spent more and more time on Roku looking at Youtube and got tired of searching for stuff on there, so I started making playlists so it would be easier to watch stuff.  I plan to make more playlists, but for now I have 3 live camera playlists. One is all animals, mostly Penguins since my mom likes them.  The other two is random places and such.  I have somewhat of a focus on colder places and beaches.  I hope they look nice when it snows, and hope the beaches look warm when it snows here.

In addition I have dedicated pages for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I hope to build on them in the next few weeks and even work on some dedicated to music.  My main focus right now are parades.  I also have a playlist dedicated to Movies.  They are for the most part Made for Television movies from the 80's and 90's, but they are still some you may not find on other streaming services.

In the future I hope to do more with music and other random stuff, and always open to suggestions.  I never look up too much related to trading cards on there, but if I do I might make a list.  I tend to change them up often, so if something isn't on there one day, you know I've been working on it.

In the future, once I get ideas I might even start uploading more stuff on there as well.  I don't plan on doing any related to blogging, but you never know.  Anyways here is the link.

By the way I know the ones I created are bad, but they are worth cringe watching at least once.  If you do want to watch or subscribe I thank you, and if you have any ideas of future playlists, let me know.  I might work on some wrestling and arcade stuff in the future as well, but might need ideas.

Anyways, thank you all for reading and I hope everyone has a great week.

Monday, October 28, 2019

They Really Like Me!

Blogging is a community, plain and simple.  The more active you are, the more people are involved with you and the more they communicate with you.  When you are less active, you have less interactions and after a while you wonder if that blogger moved away or got sick.

I haven't moved away, and I wasn't sick.  I was just, well, not in the mood.  In real life (not to say blogging isn't real), I'm a homebody and if I don't leave my house for a few days its not uncommon.  However when it comes to blogging, for a couple years it was my lifeblood.  It gave me a chance to reach out to people, gave me a platform to show stuff off and test the waters on creations I made.  At one point though I slowed down.  I think a lot can be attributed to 2017 when I made a goal of posting more posts than I did in 2016 which was regularly.  By the end of the year I reached my goal, but I was burnt out.  No matter how much I thought about writing, I just didn't care to.  For the last couple years I basically kept up appearances so my blog wouldn't go dark, and even though Google thought my ads weren't making them or me money (which I think I just reactivated so we''ll see), I still felt I should give at least monthly updates.

A few months ago I remembered a custom card set I worked on in 2016 or 2017, and I sat on because the big anniversary was in 2019.  I actually set on it for two years.  When 2019 came, and despite being in the doldrums of blogging, I had a bit of excitement, because I could finally show them off, IN TWO POSTS NO LESS! Well, the time came and I did the first post.  Then I never showed the rest.  I don't know why, I just didn't.  I will hopefully by the end of the year, but don't hold me to it.

Throughout all this though, I still have readers, and friends.  I get tagged on Twitter to read other blogs, and I'm grateful for it.  I'll mention I got great stuff for a future blog and it will be liked and retweeted, and even replied "can't wait".  I'll talk to my sister and mention something and she'll say "when you doing a new blog"?  I'll talk to my friend and mention I'm scanning stuff and he'll say "for your blog?"  Sometimes it is, sometimes its other stuff.  The point it, despite being away for the longest I've ever been on here, people still like my blogs.  They thought of writing a new one sounds fun, but at the same time, I don't want to do it just to do it.  So I was conflicted to post today.  I NEED TO, but I don't want to.  My dad sometimes had a saying "Crap or get off the pot".  I'm wasting the day on Ebay or looking up something I don't really care about, so why not do a blog?

Well, I talked myself into it.  Now, what to show off?  Hmm. I guess I could show my recent findings around the house and my local second hand store.  Let's see what I have.

Going through stuff of my dad's and came across this non winning Missouri Lottery ticket.  He collected non-winners I guess to enter contests, but he never sent them in.  Now you can just type in stuff.  I do it sometimes, but haven't in a while.  Anyways, From what I could tell this was around the mid to late 1990's when this came out, and I'm not sure why it wasn't with other non winners, but I think its fun to look at so it will stay in my sports collection.

I've had this sticker for 15 years or so and I've never peeled it.  I'm not sure why I kept it or why I scanned it, but here it is.  Maybe one day I'll peel it and stick it on something, but until then, I'll keep it in my bin where photos are.

Though its bigger than my scanner, I did the best I could.  My sister picks these magazines up from her local grocery store, and this one just happened to have the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback on the cover.  They have a decent mix of sports athletes on the cover, and its not a bad magazine with recipes and other stuff in it, so it will stay in my sports collection.

As I was browsing my local thrift shop a while back I spotted an old Beckett.  I really didn't need it, but I figured I might as well.  Maybe they didn't have it logged into the TCDB yet, so I could scan it.  If not, I can look at how much prices for cards were back then.  So it's a win either way.  In a future trip I found more price guides, but I'll save that for a future day.

I might have posted this in a Father's Day post a couple years ago, but here it is again. I made this for my dad at some point in elementary school, and its always been framed since.  However the glass cracked so I'm going to reframe it.  While I find a new frame it will go into pictures since there is a picture of me on it.  A funny thing is a I've always wanted to do an updated version of this, and a couple days after finding this again, I was looking at a magazine and they had Dolly Parton inside, and multiple pictures all about the same size as the one I cut out for this.  So I might get started on a new version for next Father's Day and might use Dolly Parton again.

When I was younger I loved going to concerts, and usually if I liked a band enough I would buy merch.  Throw Rag opened a show my friend won tickets for one day and I really liked them.  Afterwards I met the band, got a signed poster (poster was newspaper stock, and not sure if I still have it), as well as one or two of their CD's and this patch.  I don't know why I got the patch, but I still like it.  I can't remember much of the conversation, but I do remember talking to one of the members about the Kansas City Chiefs.

Music has always been a big part of my life, as I write this I'm listening to music (Young The Giant is on the radio).  I got this Vinyl album of Korn at Hot Topic one day for some reason.  I think because I had my mom and dad's old stereo I wanted to use, and just needed the needle.  However before I could a leak kind of destroyed it.  Anyways, I never listened to this I guess 7" record, and since I don't have a player and no plan to get one, I'm giving it to a friend who has a nice collection.  He also has a massive CD collection and loves music as much as I do.  It's how we bonded.

Another vinyl I bought at Hot Topic when I had more money to waste, but the thing is, I can't find this album online, on vinyl or otherwise.  I'm not sure if its rare, but I do like Panic At The Disco, so I'll have to see if I have the songs on here.

Speaking of music, I hope to work on some playlists on Youtube soon and when I do I'll link on here.  One thing I've worked on lately is creating playlists on Youtube, and always wanted to do a music one or two.  For now I have a playlist of mostly made for TV movies, and some live camera videos.  One is all animals, the other is street or city cams.  I'm fascinated by them.  If you have any you think I should check out, let me know on here or twitter.  I update often.  Another playlist is all Christmas boat parades.  I hope to have more holiday ones up soon also.  So as you can see I'm actually doing stuff when not blogging, but one day I hope to combine the two.

Anyways back to more stuff.

My thrift shop finds also included some VHS.  I saw this and really wanted to get it, so 5 for 50 cents, I went ahead and got it.  I've tried finding it on Youtube but can't so hopefully I can convert it to dvd or onto my computer.  Then I'll see about uploading it myself.  It seems a lot of what I find are on Youtube, and that is probably another playlist to come.

I usually skip real movies on VHS unless I think they are hard to find.  I like more of the oddball stuff.  These are certainly out there.  Neither of these are on Youtube either, and will probably be much easier to upload.  I'm excited about the baseball one a little more.

Despite searching for oddball stuff, sometimes I just can't.  So I look for stuff I never heard of.  I never heard of Sammy the Seal, and figured older Disney might be harder to find.  Little did I know that Disney+ will have this when their streaming service begins.

On the flip side, for whatever reason I've never owned A Time To Kill, and always wanted it, so for now at least I have it on VHS.  I hope to get a blu ray version one day.

Sometimes I get lucky finding DVD's as well.  They are a buck (despite the $3 price on the cover).  I'm a sucker for baseball stuff, so I grabbed this still sealed.  Luckily you can watch this whole thing on Youtube.  I haven't watched it all yet, but did see their top 10 moments.  Can't wait to see the rest, and even happier I don't have to open this up.  It will fit on the shelf next to a Royals DVD and the 2015 World Series.

The Reggie Miller book I got because books are 10 for a quarter, and my mom usually is 1-2 books short so I usually grab something I might like or read.  Reggie Miller drew me in on this one.

I was really excited when my mom spotted this book.  I've met Dan Meers a few times and he's so nice.  a few years ago, my youngest nephew met him and got to try on the wolf costume.  The pictures are pretty cool.  My friend has read this book and liked it.  Inside are pictures from his career with the Chiefs and his time spent as Truman the Tiger at Mizzou.  I hope to read this soon, but then again me and reading are about the same as me and doing new blogs.

Now this book I've had for a long time.  The problem is I can't remember if I got it or my friend got it for me.  I have 3 Mick Foley books, and sure I bought one myself, and he gave me the other two.  At any rate, I haven't read it yet, and one day I hope to.  I like that it still has the WWF logo on the front, showing its nearly 20 years old now.

Lastly is a book I bought I think from Barnes and Noble or another bookstore.  It's a book about the September 11th attacks, and has a DVD of CBS footage of the day of the attacks.  It's not something you like to revisit, but for historical purposes I do like to look at it every few years on 9/11 just because its the biggest historical event of my lifetime.  This past year I searched Youtube for coverage of the other channels.  The only thing I won't watch is conspiracy theories and when the planes actually hit.  I remember seeing the second plane hit live when it happened and I never want to see it again.  Sometimes I will see it as it catches me off guard, but I try to avoid it.  I'm not big on history, but I knew I should get this when I saw it.

So that wraps it up for today, and if you still read this, thank you for caring enough to read.  I won't promise I'll write soon, but I do know I have plenty of scans and stuff to show, so I'm not lacking for content.  If you are on twitter and write a new post, feel free to tag me.  I haven't been reading as many lately, but if you tag me I will for sure.  I've been loving the flea market/thrift store ones lately.

Hope everyone has a great week.