Thursday, June 2, 2022

Whence These Come From

 On my last post I showed off my most recent COMC order, and I scanned a few other cards in the process.  When I get new cards to show off, I have a small blue binder that holds maybe 40 or so cards.  When it fills up its time to scan them.  It wasn't filled up this time because I haven't gotten a lot of cards as of late, but I don't have the printer/scanner hooked up most of the time, so I figured might as well knock them out.  So today you'll see some cards from who knows where I got them.  Most came from Listia and some from my sister, but a few I have no memory of them.  I might have even had a few for a while but needed to move them to the binder temporarily.  I'm in the process of rearranging stuff around the apartment, and I decided to move my desk to storage.  I don't mess with cards as much, and since I have the old kitchen table back, I can use that when I need to, which I've actually used more for card stuff the last few months than my desk.  The redesign might be shown off at a later date, but its not the focus for today.  I also have a few cards I know I've had for a while (2017) and not entirely sure if I ever showed them off.  2017 was around the time I got burnt out and its a shame.  I made a big order from a website and got a ton of cards, and I don't think I showed many off.  It's possible I still have the photos and scans, so it might be revisited at some point.  In the meantime, let's look at what I did scan for today.

However before I begin, I thought something was off on the last post, I thought I had 26 cards to show, but only scanned 25.  It wasn't until a couple days later that I found the last card.  It was an oversized card that when they sent it caused for the box to be larger than normal.  In fact the package for 26 cards was larger than the package I got for over 100 cards a few months prior.  Unfortunately I still forgot to scan it and I can't find the picture I took of the card if I ever took it, so maybe next time I will show it off.  Still I knew I had another card.  It just got temporarily lost in moving stuff around.  Good thing I'm almost done with moving stuff.  One more project I hope to tackle then I can call it done.  Anyways, the cards, let's look at cards.

We'll start with this one I've had for a few years, and sadly I can't remember how I got it.  Maybe a friend, maybe Listia, possibly another blogger (which I think is the case).  I should probably keep track of this stuff better, but I'm usually disorganized for the most part and I'd likely lose interest in keeping it up anyways.  I should have this in my Royals 5000 count box, but I didn't want it to get damaged, so while it might slip out of this binder, it stays until I can sort my cards a bit better.  I do plan on using a binder or two again for cards, so this might fit in one of those if I have a pocket to put it in.  At worst it can fit in a 1 card page, but I think it would still move around a lot.

That isn't the only large cards I have for today.

These came from the aforementioned large order in 2017.  It was from a website that didn't have the best reviews (they sold the cards by the pound at Dollar Tree), and I don't think they are in business anymore.  Anyways one of the things I bought was a random assortment of 100 packs of cards.  They were not the most impressive, but I got to open 100 packs of cards and cheap.  I think around 25-20 bucks.  The entire order was like 80 bucks or so.  Among those 100 packs were a pack or two of these cards from the 80's.  I got a double of Willie Randolph so I scanned the back too.  I'm sure I got more but not sure where they are.  I might have them stored with cards I'm willing to part with, but I'm not sure.  I like these photocards, they are big and glossy but they just look good.  They would look nicer if they had some Royals.  Though I liked Willie Randolph so it wasn't a total bust.

These I've had for a long time.  The Cardinals ones I'm sure came from my dad's collection because I sold all my cards in 2004 or so, and these would have went with them if I had them.  It's a set I wouldn't mind finishing but I don't have it very high on my list of priorities.  In fact it might not even make top 100.  That could be an interesting post- Top 100 sets I'd like to build. Then again, maybe 100 is too many, this might be set 40 and the last on the list.  I don't have a lot of sets I want to build come to think of it.

The Shannon Stewart I've had for at least a decade.  It came in a repack I bought I'm pretty sure at Walmart.  It was cool to pull the card at the time and I think I even displayed it for a while, but then it wasn't as cool.  A few years ago I tried to find it when I found a Shannon Stewart collector or two on the blogs or TCDB but then I forgot who they were and I lost interest when I found it again.

This card I can remember exactly where I got it from and when.  I got it last month from Listia.  In fact it was so new to me when I scanned it, I didn't even place it in the to be scanned binder yet.  Since I did scan it, I haven't actually put it into my collection yet on TCDB.  I bid on this card because Otto was a pitcher in college at Mizzou, and while I have plenty of his other cards, I didn't have this one.  In fact this might be my first minor league card of him.  For most Mizzou player I don't need EVERY card, but if they are cheap and I know I don't have it I will bid.  I think this was 25 points.  I think that is roughly 5 cents if converted, I'm not sure on the value of points on their site (right before I typed this I was sitting at just shy of 490 points, which then skyrocketed to 725 points after a couple surveys).  I rarely spend over 100 point on an auction, and most the time I don't go over 50.  The cards are probably worth it, but when you don't have a lot of points, and less of a desire, you are more selective on what you bid on.  Having said that I think a future post is going to look back at some of the stuff I've won on there in the past almost 10 years I've been on there.  I looked one day and it was fun to see what I got.  Getting back to this card, I really liked the hat Otto is wearing in this photo.  Totally 80s and totally cool.

Another recent Listia auction I bid on and won was this lot of Kirby Puckett cards.  It was an odd auction that I won for cheap.  I think it might have been 2 points.  I've had a couple of strange interactions on Listia in the last year, and I can't remember if this was the one or not, but I messaged the seller and he replied "glad you enjoy them, but I made a mistake, won't sell cards this cheap again".  I think he meant to start the bidding at 200 points but put 2 instead.  Oh well.  If this was the one, what made it even more odd was they he sent more more cards than he advertised, but they weren't the ones in the photos.  I bid on them originally because of a couple of 90's cards I didn't have.  In the end I think I had 90% of the cards he sent me, but there were at least a couple I didn't so whatever.  Unlike Ebay, I have only ever put like $5 or less into my Listia account (maybe it was 10) and so at most I've spent about a dollar a year, so a pretty good investment, especially considering some of the large lots I've got in the past.  Those two point I bid on these came from a survey I did a few months ago which gave me like 50 points.  When you level up (mostly for checking in) you get bonus points, I think I got like 3 bonus points for the survey, so that covered this auction.  So I wasn't out anything and even if I was it was free points, I have bigger things to worry about.

Here is the rest of the Puckett cards, and the Future Heroes on the bottom left and the 1986 All-Star on the top right I know were both new to me, so at worst I spent a point a piece for them.  I'm happy.  I'll never not enjoy the Topps card with the jumbo bat, so that was also fun.  I might not have had the Upper Deck card next to it either.  Puckett is a PC but I don't regularly seek out his cards.  I just saw this auction and decided to bid.  I hope in a few months I'll update my PC's and at that time also work on my Mizzou and Missouri related collections.  Thankfully I have kept my Royals collection mostly current so I don't have to do much with that.

Now we get to a few more cards I can't remember where I got them.  Except the two Beltran cards on the bottom.  I got them a couple months ago on Listia.  Another cheap auction and I think one I might have had already.  Oh well- free points, no big loss.  The rest are all Royals that I needed for my collection.  I can't say which one I like the most, but its between the All-Star Saberhagen and the Topps Willie Wilson.  I never plan to build a complete Topps set, especially ones from before I started to collect, but if I did that would probably be one of the sets.  Most of the Topps stuff after that I have or seen enough.  Anything before this I don't have much of.  As far as Royals sets go, I think 85-86 is where it really picks up steam, so anything from 1984 and before is where I should look if I ever really wanted to make a dent in my collection.  At least having Brett's rookie out of the way, there aren't too many I would go crazy trying to find.  I one day want to find a Quisenberry rookie, pretty sure I don't have one yet.

Outside of the Clemente card my sister bought me a few months ago, I can't remember where I got the rest of these.  In fact many on the bottom row aren't even PC's so I think it might have been a repack which might have came from my sister.  The Murrary is a nice card though, so I will definitely keep that one.  It's always nice to add more Ozzie Smith cards to my collection, especially ones like these two which either somehow slipped though the cracks of collecting or Topps reprints which haven't always been a high priority.  The Carl Hubbell is also a nice addition.  I really need to see how many cards I have of him now and how many total he had.  I know I don't have most of his cards, but I know I have at least 4-5 now so its a nice start.  Its one reason I want to get my entire collection sorted and added to the TCDB so I can have that information right in front of me.

This is an odd mix, but also the last scan for the day.  The Ewing cards I got on Listia.  They were like 1 or 2 points.  I don't try to get too many basketball cards but I am drawn to the 90's players that I liked watching play.  These aren't the best cards, but still random and ones I know I didn't have.  Ewing might be a borderline PC, but like I said, I don't want to build a massive PC of NBA players.  I would put quite a few others before him on my basketball PC, but still under 5 points I'll possibly bid.  The John Morrison card my sister got me.  She knows I like "Johnny Drip Drip" aka "America's Moist Wanted" so it was cool to get.  Especially since I'm not sure if I have many of his cards.  Recently he has shown up a few times on AEW Wrestling with his new name- Johnny Elite.  Wherever he goes he usually has the last name of the company.  In Impact Wrestling he was Johnny Impact.  He went by John Morrison in WWE just because that was one of many names he went by when he worked there before.

On the bottom row, the WNBA card my mom found while cleaning one day.  For a short while she had a few WNBA cards, so this was one she still had.  I wouldn't mind building some of those first 3-4 years of WNBA sets, but again not a high priority.  One day I will do a deep dive into some of their players and sets and see who I want to add to my collection.  I'm not sure if I have all the Mizzou players and I know I'm missing a lot of Jackie Stiles cards (in fact I'm not sure if I have a proper WNBA card of her).  It's nice to see WNBA get more TV time, it seems like I can watch a game 2-3 times a week now, problem is I'm not into sports right now.

Lastly is another Topps card the maybe come from the repack or somewhere else.  I would be amazed if I didn't already have the card though since I'm sure 88-90 Topps cards I have most of.  Still not a bad card.

So that wraps it up today.  I'm hoping the weather is nice and I can make it to storage today to work on a project.  Its not card related but I hope it works out.  I want to build a bookcase for either my movies or CD's.  I have a few 2x4's and hopefully enough boards to build one.  I just don't know all the details yet.  I don't know how I'll support it or how to even build it yet, but I have ideas.  First I need to find all the boards.  Good thing I have a few.  If I do finish it, I will probably show it on the blog.  I'm still pondering another blog to show media stuff (it's set up but nothing worth seeing yet) and if I do decided to continue with it I'll put it on there.  I'll probably mention it on here too.  If I do the other blog this will stay strictly card related.  I think if I decide to do more rants I might use one of my other abandoned blogs for that.  I should also work on my Missouri related blog too, but I mean first I have to get back into wanting to write first.  It seems like I'm starting to get my groove back.  Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!