Friday, January 19, 2024

As You Can See

 If you read my last post you remember me mentioning about doing a refresh on the blog.  If you look at it currently, you'll see that it hasn't happened yet.  There has been a reason for that and it actually wasn't laziness.  A day or so after Christmas my desktop slowed down.  I will take blame for it, but as a result, it became unbearingly slow.  It was around that time that I was already planning on using the Chromebook more, because I planned to use my new Chromecast but the idea was to do a lot of other stuff on the desktop still.  I'm stuck in my own ways and don't care for change, and to be honest I like the way I prepare my blog posts on my desktop.  I have all my photos cropped and ready to upload and to me its much smoother.  Anyways, I let the desktop off for a couple days, and when I turned it back on- still slow.  A friend suggested restoring it to a previous point, which was a good idea.  It worked!!!!... for a couple hours, then it became slow again.  I must point out, the desktop is I think 14 years old, so I've been lucky its worked this long.  Its not DOA, but needless to say, I haven't used it much.  It didn't help that the power went out while using it the last time I had it on a little over a week ago, and I haven't tried it since.  I will at some point soon, and also will need to get as much stuff off of it as I can, but for now I haven't.  What that means is until I figure out the learning curve of the Chromebook, I might not be posting much.  My biggest hangup right now is preparing the pictures.  I have to admit, I like how I can pretty much instantly get my pictures off my phone, but I also like cropping the photos, and I'm still learning that stuff on here.  I don't know when I'll get it worked out, and I plan to dedicate time to it, but until then, I might do some ranting on here a bit or maybe some storytelling posts but probably not ones with lots of pictures.  That said, I did take a ton of photos recently for a possible new post at some point, but I don't know when.  In the meantime I'll continue learning the nuances of the Chromebook, so I can post more.

One positive I am happy about though is I've already finished two books this year.  One I mostly read late last year, but it was after the start of the year so it counts for 2024.  With a recent cold spell I've also watched TV more lately (and thanks to the NFL limiting a playoff game to streaming only, I also have Peacock again).  I can't be totally mad, I get a lot of value with Peacock, but when my subscription ran out in October I didn't expect to sign back up so soon.  Anyways, another year of Wrestlemania for me, as well as catching up on other shows when they come back.  Hoping to see season two of Poker Face and Twisted Metal before my subscription ends in early 2025.  I mentioned I got a Chromecast, and I haven't used it a lot, but what little I have, its worked great.  While setting it up though I had to move most of my stuff on display, and haven't put them back up yet.  So once I put them back up, I will probably show a picture.

Anyways, I wanted to give an update, and while I figure out the Chromebook (and what font Windows used so I can match it on here), posts may be few and far between.  I guess I'll show a picture before I go, I just don't know what.

Hmm, seems easy to upload from Photos instead of the computer option, but I still want to crop them better.  At least I have messed with it a bit.  Anyways, these were the last two puzzles completed in 2023, and I'm planning on counting how many are completed this year.  So far two have been done.  These two were fun, especially the cookie one.  Both were done for the first time, and I can see both being added to the annual redos.  A plan for sometime this spring is to get ALL the puzzles we have from storage, and go through them and sort them.  Sort by season/holiday so they are easier to find.  Also might even purge some since we have so many.  That is the goal at least.

Anyways, that will wrap things up for now, and maybe at some point I will work on the refresh for the site, and I'll give an update on my desktop.  Thanks everyone for the continued reading and I hope everyone has a great 2024!