Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Who's Your Team?

As I am moving stuff and finding more stuff I don't need and just stuff I need to get rid of, I find more cards.  I am going to keep this fairly short today because I'm busy multi-tasking like crazy and getting ready for the World Series.

The question is simple- who do you collect?  I know I can figure it out just by going to your page, but I am sorting a large bulk of my collection and I want to make a spreadsheet to figure it out.  Something I wanted to do from day one.  At any rate, if you could leave a comment on your team and other players you collect that would give me some help.  I have a couple things planned the next couple weeks, but when I have time I hope to sort more cards by team and start putting packages together, again something I should have done from day one.  Though with not a lot of room at my current location and my need to clean our old house up I am falling behind.

So if you could do that for me, and if you know others who collect certain teams you could mention them too.  I'm sure once I get less busy I can figure it out, but this would be a big help.  I know a lot of teams a lot of you collect, but are there any Tampa Bay Rays collectors or Marlins?  Diamondbacks or Nationals?  I also seem to be under the weather a lot lately so my mind isn't functioning fully, but are there Mets collectors out there?  I seem to have a lot of cards.

Once I sort a good amount I hope to start sending a few packages out.  I will start with the ones who have sent me cards first.  I hope you don't mind, but in order to clear space I will likely send a lot of cards you already have, but I just need the room.  I won't get ahead of myself just yet, but I do want to get a few sent out before postage rates rise yet again in January.

Thanks for helping me out, and have a great day.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Here is some packs I got from Dollar Tree quite a while back now.  Finally getting around to showing them off.

My mom threw these in the cart.  I would have passed if I felt the Bowman cards in it.  At any rate, its not a bad start with Alomar.  It's amazing how many of his cards wind up in these repacks.  I mean he's a Hall of Famer.  I'll keep the Felix Jose since he's a ONCE ROYAL.

A plethora of 93 Score makes up for the Bowman, and a Cecil to boot.  Throw in a Sweet Lou and another ONCE ROYAL Don Slaught, and this was a good pack.

She also grabbed this pack too.  More Royals related cards starts this one of really nice.

WOW!  A Barry Bonds.  I collect him and don't have this one so this is good.  A couple Bazooka cards, one of Sandy Alomar, and this was also a good pack.  My mom's skill of picking good blind packs are really good.

So how did I do?  Judge for yourself.

PUH-POW!  Starting off with a bang.  Alan Trammell, Pudge, and Pat Listach who I liked as a kid, this is dynamite.  Bottom row is just as good with the Beltran Royals card I didn't have.  I never cared for the Ionex cards, but glad I have it now.  The last card looks familiar because I showed it off before in a previous pack.  I got 4 of them in that pack.  This time I pulled 3 more.  So 7 out of 2500 and I'm on my way of getting them all.  I don't plan on doing that as a couple of them have been claimed already.

I bought all-sports packs, so these were good to pull.  I like the Toni Kukoc card because I remember watching a lot of Bulls games on WGN in the 90's.  As much as I watched them, I never really rooted for them.

Another pack of all sports isn't a bad start.  None of these fit into PC's so some decent names, but none I really needed.  I do like the Santiago card though, I don't think I've ever had any from that set.

Lambeer and Ewing is a nice way to introduce some more basketball cards to my collection though I'm not actively seeking any out.  I'd prefer to get rid of the ones I got first.  Though I can't complain with the starpower in this pack.

I also got some football in this pack too.

That is a nice Ray Lewis card, but I don't collect him.  I like the Kevin Carter card too so that's nice.  The last card is a serial numbered card which I thought was pretty cool to pull from a repack.

Despite pulling the Beltran card, I think my mom picked better packs than I did.  I'm not complaining though because all the packs were good.

That does it for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I hope you have a great night.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Found On Ebay- Back To The Future Edition

I made a post earlier about it being Back To The Future Day, the date Marty, Doc, and Jennifer went into the future, and now I thought I would show off stuff you can find on Ebay if you are in the mood to celebrate.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not endorsing any of the products or seller's selling them.  If you choose to bid or purchase these items, it is at your own discretion and I have no part of it.  I am simply showing off products that exist and some you may enjoy.

I won't discuss all of these items, but there are quite a few so lets get started.

Here, take my money!

This would be cool to own I must say.

VINTAGE! OMG!  Actually I think that's a decent price for it, but no way I would buy it.

UGH!  I always hated that hat.

I thought this was interesting, but Fox's face doesn't seem quite right to me.  Still I think it's a decent price.

What a nerd, but I would love to have one of these.

I find all kinds of CD's at thrift shops and garage sales, but I don't think I've ever seen the soundtrack for BTTF.  One of the oldest soundtracks I have is The Lost Boys.

I would never pay that much for a binder, but this is still cool.  You could put your BTTF 2 Trading Cards in it.  Don't have any BTTF 2 trading cards?

You're welcome!  I'd also never spend that much on a box of these, but I would like to get the set one day...again.

Kind of cheap for a special edition.  I would maybe buy it if I found it cheap enough locally, though the one issue of Starlog I have I wasn't impressed with, but it's not my type of magazine.

I like this idea for a jersey, and its a decent price to me, but I'm not buying it.

Well, Miami never had a shot at a World Series this year, but nice way to try and tie it into the movie Marlins.  Seems a bit pricey to me, but still cool, though I'd rather they have the older style logo.

I also want to say I don't know why Froot Loops was attacking my internet so much this morning.

I never got into these, but if I ever got one, this would be it.

Now this is awesome, and I would love to have them.  I also saw someone selling the first movie on Betamax on Ebay.  Amazing!

If you buy the hat, you might as well buy this too.  I think I'll pass.

Still too much, but at least they went though all the boxes for you and you are guaranteed a complete set plus the stickers.  I wonder if they thought trading cards would still be around in 2015.

The Ebay card ad is really tempting me to get this.  I love Yahtzee and combine it with BTTF, and this is really hard to pass up.  More than I want to pay though, so I'll pass, but I do like the design.

The final two are items I want to talk about just a bit.

I actually own this item.  It came from a kids meal toy from Wendy's.  One of the few times we got semi-decent toys to give to kids, and even then, I'll admit this isn't much.  Mine is like this one still in the package, but the box it came in is crushed somewhat.  The car itself isn't much to look at either, its just a grey shape, bigger than a hot wheel so kids really can't use it with their other cars.  The promotion only had one BTTF toy, the other toys were other movies, I think one might have been E.T. but I can't remember.  Here is a video review of it, since I didn't open mine.

It seems cooler than I thought it was, but I'm still not opening mine up.  I just did some searching and it looks like the other movies were: Babe, Casper, An American Tail, and Beethoven.  I might have wanted An American Tail, but the other ones I'm fine with not getting.  At the end of the day, we always got crappy toys to give out with the Kid's Meals so anything movie related was good.

The final item isn't a rerun, it's brand new!  This is a mega set that just came out today that I have thought about getting at some point down the road, hopefully it goes on sale during Black Friday.  If you are like me and don't own a proper DVD/blu-ray set of the movies (I only have them recorded off HBO) then this could be the one to get.  Cool packaging, a 64 page book, new documentaries, all three movies, plus the complete animated series.  If you are interested in getting this, I would suggest Amazon or Best Buy or something.  Nothing against this seller, but I'm always leery of seller's with a feedback of 10 or under.  I know you have to start somewhere, but plopping down $100 is a bit risky to me.  Plus I'm sure other retailers have better deals.  They have another version of this out too that is cheaper without the book and the cool packaging if you want to go that route.

There are tons more out there but I think I've shown enough.  Do any of you have any Back To The Future related items?  Leave a comment, I like hearing about stuff.  Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day.  If BTTF has any chance of nailing the 2015 World Series, the Cubs need a win tonight, or its over.  I'll be watching my Royals in a bit, and I'm hoping they can cinch it up today.

Great Scott!

Some people have their Star Wars, some have their... I don't know Matrix, some have X-Files.  As Nikka Costa once sang-

EVERYBODY GOT THEIR SOMETHING.  (FYI, personally I liked Like A Feather much better, but still liked Nikka Costa overall).

My something among other things is Back To The Future.  Today if you have been deluged into it enough is Back To The Future Day, the day Marty, Jennifer, and Doc go into the future.  So among the millions of other posts you'll see today I have two planned.  This is the first of the two, and this one is more sports and card specific.

Today I thought I would show famous Scott's.  One of the more famous lines in BTTF is Doc saying "Great Scott" so here are some Great (or pretty good) Scott's.

 How about other sports too?  There are Great Scott's in other sports too.

 I alway's liked Scott Fujita, and also was a fan of Scott Skiles too.

There is some racing Scott's too.  There are a lot, but I settled on three.

 Then there are some wrestler's included in Great Scott's.

 Hey, yo!  I really wanted a card of Razor Ramon, but couldn't find one on Trading Card Database, so I took one from one of my favorite sets, the WCW Topps Embossed set.  Same for Scott Norton.  The Scott Steiner card I actually have so I used that one.  Scott Stanford does sports at one of the New York City TV stations, I forget which one, maybe WPIX.  I watched him a couple times on Live Stream once interviewing Jim Bruerer and his love of the New York Mets.

I have no other direction to take this so I might as well stop it here, but I plan to have another post later today with more stuff related to Back To The Future.  Thanks for reading and have a great (SCOTT) day.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Old News- 1972 and also a random sports junk box

Not as many scans for the 1972 Street & Smith Baseball magazine so I'm adding something else to this post.  More on that later.  This issue didn't have a cover so I don't know who it was on this cover, but here is what was inside.

Not much to say about this, but it was in essence the cover since the actual cover was missing.  It is nice to see a nice thick book just for baseball, but back then it was still the #1 sport, so it made sense.

I'm not real sure why I scanned this, but I thought it was cool so I did.  I'm not an outdoorsmen, but at times I wish I was more of an outdoors person.

A little bit of everything for sale here including bobbleheads and pennants.  I have a couple bobbleheads, but have a few more pennants.  I actually prefer pennants more and would like to get more even if I have no room.  I need to get a Royals one.  I found a bunch of cheap ones a while back but they were Braves, Cornhuskers, and another team I don't care for but I still got them.  I don't have them in front of me or else I'd take pictures.

More records.  These scans are a little underwhelming I must admit.  I didn't scan any of the articles or the roster for 1972, but probably will on future ones.  I just wasn't impressed with this issue.

Since it was a weak issue, I decided to show off a scan of stuff I found recently in a box at my house.  I've been cleaning some and came across random stuff and here is what I found.

Jumbo sized baseball cards.  The first two are of St. Louis Cardinals by way of Smokey The Bear.  I'm not sure if my dad had these or not, but at some point they came into my hands.  I'm not sure what to store these as they are too big.  I might try to put them in a sleeve for photos but not sure I have any extras.

The Quisenberry one I will store in the Royals box I have or make a small box for other Royals cards.  I'll figure it out later.  I'm glad I found this.  Looking at those old magazines, Quiz doesn't get the respect he deserves as a closer.  He was the man for many years, not just in Kansas City but the leader of the American League, he deserves more credit.

The bottom row has a couple beer coasters which I bought a few years back at Cargo Largo.  It was like 100 or 250 for like a buck or something and while I don't drink, I kinda liked them so I got them.  I still have a ton of them, but not sure what to do with them.

Also found a Royals iron-on patch that looks cool but I'll never use.  It will go in that Royals box whenever I make it I guess.  As a project in FACS class (Home Ec for older readers) I was going to sew a vest together and put patches and such on it, but I never finished it.  It's amazing how many projects I never finished in that class yet passed it.  Sewing wasn't my strong suit though, but I liked doing some of the other stuff.  My favorite was The Hottest Soup EVER which my friend and I just dumped the hottest stuff we could find in it.  We got an A but I think my friend and I was the only one who actually tried it.  Too bad I didn't actually have a list of ingredients.  Though my best thing I baked was a Twinkie Cake which still gets rave reviews.

Lastly is a WWE Chipz um... chip or magnet or something of I think Tyler Reks.  I liked Tyler Reks, but he never panned out.  I think this might be one of my nephews, I'm not sure.  I might have another one or two.  I never got into them.  I did like the old baseball coins Topps made though and have a few recent WWE ones too.

So I guess thats it for now, thanks for reading and I have a couple more issues scanned already so I hope to crank them out quickly but I won't guarantee it.  Enjoy the upcoming week.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Old News- 1973

A while back I bought a few magazines from Savvy Seconds.  They were a quarter a piece and I only bought them to cut some stuff out and to toss the rest.  After doing that to a few before I tossed them I decided to keep them in case I needed to wrap stuff.  The books set me back $2 which isn't bad, but none were it real great shape.  They were old however, so some held up better than others.

Did I mention they were old Street & Smith's?  Today I will show a few scans from the 1973 book.  To be honest I wasn't super impressed with it, but with all the information I can find on the internet, this isn't like it was all new information to me.  So here is the scans.

Hey, at least it had a cover, unlike half the other ones.  The Cycle sticker thing was indeed on the cover when I got it.

This looks pretty cool, I have seen one or two of these online, but never in person.  I have seen a couple Marching Mizzou records before though.  The day I scanned this I happened to have The Facts of Life on and Blair mentioned one of the roommates in the sorority was listening to the 1975 Daytona 500 album non-stop.  Jo replied "the second side is pretty good".  I liked Jo I think the best.  Anyways, if I had the room and found some of these I would likely get some of these.

Look at this list of names.  Also some pretty amazing number too.  Last night during the ALCS the announcers mentioned Jose Bautista was a Home Run hitting machine.  He does hit a lot of home runs, and I like him, but it showed his batting average was .250.  That isn't something I would brag about.  It seems lately though a .300 hitter is fairly rare, which is a bit sad, but at least it usually means better pitching, which I am a fan of.

In the words of Rube Baker in Major League 2 - "Check it out man, I'm on the rooster!"

Its refreshing to know that I know a lot of these names, and the ones I don't I hope to know once I get their cards.  My focus isn't really on cards from before I was born just yet, but eventually I do want to get them.  At any rate I do need to get more John Mayberry cards, he was a nice guy when I met him.

I never had a locker like this, but it would have been cool to have as a kid.  Today I don't think I could fit many cards in it.  Now that I think about it though, I have a full size plastic locker somewhere that I could use to store cards.  I might have to look for that and use it.  I can put a lot of cards in there.

I don't think its the fastest growing hobby anymore, but it would be nice to see new collectors and the hobby get a resurgence.  Instead of people ripping packs just for relics and autographs.  As for The Trader Speaks, I never heard of it, but I might look into it and see if I would have liked it.

Okay, so I have one final scan for today.  I still have quite a few left to show, but only a couple scanned, so you might see more popping up soon.

This really caught my eye when I first saw it.  Is this stuff really true?  I've always heard he wasn't the nicest, but I don't know if I ever heard actual stories.  This sounds really interesting now.

So I guess that wraps it up for today.  I haven't been talking about the Royals in the ALCS or the playoffs in general for a couple reasons.  Mainly due to the fact that most of the games is one Fox Sports 1 and I don't get the channel.  In fact last night's game on Fox is the first game I think I've seen them play this postseason.  I've seen the NL games a few times, but none of the Royals.  Even the radio has missed a couple games so some I was completely left in the dark in.  The other reason I haven't wrote much about them is despite not seeing much of them this postseason, I am just trying to enjoy it as a fan and not trying to come up with posts to write for each game.  I enjoy making the posts I did last year, but this year I get to enjoy other fans tweets pre game and Facebook fights with Cardinals fans a bit more since I'm not scrambling for content.  Game 2 is about to begin, so I'm going to go, but I hope to write some more soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.  I hope your team or teams do well in whatever sport they play as long as its not the Blue Jays (no offense, but I want my Royals to win!) and as for the NL team, I have no real favorite, as I just didn't want the Giants, Dodgers, or Cardinals to make it.  Even if Toronto wins I'm happy because I can be happy for whichever team wins it all now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It started as a normal day...

A few weeks ago my mom and I had some errands to run, and once we finished up, we stopped by the Dollar Tree.  This was a few weeks after I bought those packs shown yesterday, I don't go there every day, I promise.

As a shopper I get annoyed very easy.  I used to love looking around stores but as I get older, I want to get in and get out, interacting with as few people as possible.  That didn't happen this day.  Kids old enough to know better playing tag or something like it as soon as we went in, I knew I just wanted to get home.  This isn't a big store, so anyone running around is enough to annoy you, but kids are worse, especially ones with no manners or even worse, parents with no manners either.  Anyways, they finally settled down and it got better.  I got the few things I went in for and even found something I'm too afraid to try yet.

I like trying new food, but I also know my limitations.  I'm saving this for a really good day.  So to move the story on, we get to the checkout and the line is long.  I never like standing in the checkout line, so I browsed the aisles again while mom waited in line.  All this time I'm wanting to hurry up and get home to catch the Mizzou game on the radio which starts in 25 minutes or so.

As I walk the aisles, a man notices the Mizzou jersey I'm wearing (a replica James Franklin that doesn't have his name on it).  Then the small talk begins like this....

"Cool jersey, you going to the game?"

My inner voice tells me to be nice so I respond- "No, not today, but planning on going to one later this year" instead of  "THE GAME IS IN HALF AN HOUR,  WHY WOULD I BE AT A DOLLAR TREE 30 MILES AWAY?"

The guy was pretty nice actually as it turns out and we talked about Mizzou quarterbacks (even where it all went wrong for Blaine Gabbert), then I mention the Chiefs game a couple days earlier (the Thursday Night game), and we talked a bit longer.  He knew I was getting antsy, so he let me go, and mom just finished checking out as I got to the front of the store.

We head home but before we get there, I stop at convenience store to grab a drink and some beef jerkey.  It also had a deli so mom got a salad.  As we was waiting I looked to see what else they had, and noticed a watermelon energy drink.  It sounded interesting, but I had to check the ingredients and it contained guarana.  I'm not sure the exact reason, but most energy drinks have it, but I get really bad headaches from it so I never drink energy drinks much.  As we checkout, the woman working the counter noticed my jersey and asked if we were going to the game.  Inner voice saves me again, and I reply, "no, not today, but we'll be cheering for them".  We get to the car and I told my mom if one more person asks me that, I'll stab them.  Luckily I have self-control and despite saying that often, I have never acted on it.   The game begins as soon as we get in the car.

We make it to town and by then Mizzou scored two points on a safety, thanks to Clarence Green and they will get the ball.  One more stop at a convenience store (this time for some ice) and I reiterated to my mom I'll stab someone if they asked me if I was going to the game....

So now I sit here in jail....

Just kidding, I get the ice, and I believe a pack of cards and check out.  The checkout woman who is pretty nice and always asks about Mizzou must knew I wasn't playing.

"Has Mizzou started playing yet?"

Inner voice gives a sigh of relief as I won't go to jail, and I reply "Yeah they are up 2-0".  I get to the car and the first words I hear is from Mike Kelly (the Mizzou announcer). "and the pass is intercepted"...

UGH MATY!  Plays like that will bench you... or as or current time, suspended indefinitely for some unknown reason.

We get home and unload and mom gives me some cards.  I got these in the checkout line.

"Cool, thanks, but I already bought some, but thats cool".  So in the end I got 4 packs at the Dollar Tree, and one pack at Casey's.  Then Mizzou won.

I know it was a long setup to show cards, but looking back I can laugh at it now but then I was getting angered and doubt I'll wear a Mizzou jersey in public again unless I'm actually going to the game.

Anyways, today I will show the packs my mom got me, next time the ones I got.

OVERSIZED BOWMAN!  BOO!  She said the pack felt kinda funny that's why she got it.  I explained about these Bowman cards and said I wasn't a fan, but still thankful she got these packs.  Otherwise, I did get a couple names in the pack like Alomar (again) and Sheffield.  A couple Cardinals cards too, so not a bad pack.  The Felix Jose card I like because he's a former Royal.  This Pinnacle set I don't remember much as a kid, but it has grown on me as an adult.

The rest of the pack had a nice amount of 1993 Score, which any amount to me is a nice amount, as I liked the set a lot as a kid and still today.  I was happy to get the Cecil Fielder card.  Also got another former Royal in Don Slaught as well as a Tim Wallach card from 1993.

Another card I was happy to get is the Lou Whitaker.  It is very odd being a Royals fan but most of my mini collections are of players from the Tigers.  I'm not serious yet in collecting Lou or Cecil, but my Kirk Gibson and Alan Trammell collections are coming along nicely.  All in all, despite the Bowmans, this was a nice, solid pack.  My mom usually finds good packs.

Pack two also had a Cardinals card in John Morris.  A double dose of current Royals pitching coach Dave Eiland, and former Royal Jose Lind and this pack starts off great!  A Sportflics card with three players, one is Tim Wallach, I forgot the other two, maybe one was Mike Schmidt.  Harold Reynolds and Ozzie Guillen are solid players to pull too, so a decent start to the pack.

YIPES!  This is a Barry Bonds I don't have! YES!  I have been trying to add to my Bonds collection as cheap as possible so this is good.  A couple Bazooka cards of more solid players, one of which is Indians first base coach Sandy Alomar, finishing up with another Tim Wallach, and this is definitely a great pack.  I can't say enough about the packs mom gets.  Her method is much simpler than mine. She grabs a couple and puts them in the cart.  Since these packs have clear covers, I admit, I search the packs.  I don't weight them or anything, just seeing the top and bottom cards are, maybe seeing the color of the cards on the inside.  There aren't a lot to choose from so its not like I spend hours doing it.

So it started as a normal day, then after much frustration, it turned out pretty good.  Next time I'll show the packs I got, and see if my packs were better.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.  Good luck to the Wild Card teams as the games takes place the next couple days, and now it gets fun.  I also want to hope for the best for CC Sabathia. Though I may not root for the Yankees, it takes a strong man to admit he has problems and want to enter alcohol rehab during his teams most important game of the year.  I pray things turn out great for him.