Monday, October 20, 2014

Talking the talk

I'm writing this as I watch WWE Monday Night Raw, which as luck would have it is in Kansas City.  The bad guys are talking crap about the Royals and the good guys are kissing butt.  I wouldn't expect any less.

I realized I haven't wrote a blog post tonight, but was a bit out of ideas.  I figured since all eyes are on Kansas City and all the media news outlets have come into Cowtown, I thought I would let them do all the talking.  So since I like reading random article's, I thought I would link some to get you into the World Series mood if your team isn't in it.

Wall Street Journal has a story about not striking out.  Good advice.

The International Business Times weighs in on who has the edge.  A fairly balanced article. They also give a prediction on who wins.

The Kansas City Star provides a comeback to a Friday article posted on about this being the worst World Series ever.

ESPN gives you a basic crash course on what you need to know for the World Series.  Included is "expert" predictions (none picked either team to make it this far).  It also has all the stories in one link.  I was there earlier today and noticed something odd.  August 8th-10th, San Francisco faced Kansas City.  KC swept them in KC.  Not speculating, just interesting.  But more interesting, that same weekend Baltimore Orioles faced the St. Louis Cardinals.  Very odd the final four teams faced off in the same weekend I think.

Baseball Reference gives a look at all the previous World Series games, and by looking around you can find out how KC and San Fran made it this year.

New York Daily News has a "story" that would best be lined for a rabbits cage.

ABC News has a story on Royals superfan Sung Woo Lee returning to KC for game one of the World Series.  He has become a legend in Kansas City since his initial visit in August, and I am happy to say I have been twitter friends with him for a couple years.  He is a nice guy and this is a good story.

That should be enough to hold you over until tomorrow.  My blogs may be sparse until the World Series is over, for that I apologize, but with all eyes on Kansas City, I am starting to get pumped for the first pitch.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I have my Billy Butler BBQ sauce ready to go.

  2. It's the worst World Series ever to ESPN because it is not a Yankees-Red Sox World Series. Yes, I know that can't happen, but Bristol would self-destruct and implode if that could happen.

    1. Yeah, at this point I only watch ESPN when a live game is on and sometimes when a documentary is on. The bias gets worse every year. I understand them rooting for larger markets since they have the bulk of the audience, but they could hype this as something huge, and it seems they've made it ho-hum.

  3. GO ROYALS! What a great year for your team!