Monday, November 28, 2016

Keep The Change

I noticed recently the interface on Blogger changed.  Its taking a while to adjust to it, and as of right now, I'm not a fan.  Its part of the reason I haven't posted lately.  I also have been a little busy so my mind wasn't on it.  I'm not a big fan of change but I usually adjust to it.  I think I'll be better in a few days and get the hang of it, but for now I'll have to get used to it.

As changes to blogger come, I've been thinking a bit about some changes on here.  I know I still need to finish my changes to my site since last August, and just never got around to it.  However, the last few weeks blogging consistently hasn't become a chore, but it has become a bit more challenging.  I don't have a lot of ideas, and the posts have been more about quantity than quality and I've never liked doing that.  I think next year I will cut back some.  I still plan on being active on here, but maybe I'll cut back to one or two posts a week at most.  Sometimes I'll have more, but if there is a spell I have nothing to write, I just won't.  As for now, I still want to surpass last years blog count so I will still be quite active this next month, but after that, the posts will cut back.

As I mentioned, I've been busy this weekend and part of it was partaking in some Black Friday sales.  I ended up getting 40 cards on which most I didn't plan on but I was a few short of the 40 mark which should get me a second scratch off card if I read it right, so its possible I could get some money added back to my account.  Most of the cards were ones I had in my account already, and the last few were ones that were cheap.  I'll show them off when I get them, which according to their email should be about a week before Christmas.

I also bought some items from, but they weren't related to card collecting.  I finally decided to get a Roku, and figured I'd test it out a bit.  It was one of the cheaper models, and I saved 15 bucks, which made it 25 bucks.  Once I ordered it, I got a lot of free trial offers, which I think should be about worth 80 bucks worth, so I think I did good.  I get to test out Sling, Showtime, Hulu, and a couple others too I think, so that should keep me busy for a while.  I also ordered a wireless keyboard/mouse combo.  I have a wireless mouse right now that I switch off between the laptop and the desktop and wanted another one so I wouldn't need to switch off all the time.  This combo was a few bucks more and it allows me to have less wires.  The best part is that it only uses one usb port, so that also saves me a usb port.

I've been eying a few things on Amazon, but most of them weren't Black Friday deals, so I figured I would hold off on them for now.  Nothing was too important, and a couple items I put in my cart a few times but took them out.  They've had sales on the ESPN 30 for 30 Series and have thought about them.  They are great deals, but I really need to thin out my dvd collection as it is and don't need to add more.  However, there are a lot of good documentaries I could watch often, since I do already when they are one TV.  I just wish there were a few more of the shorts were put on the DVD.  I still haven't seen the Sung Woo one, and I would love to have that and the Delaney short stories on DVD.  Maybe if they make a 10 year anniversary one, I might get it.  I hope they also include the SC Featured story on the Texas high school football game (It's called GOOD GOSH O'MIGHTY!)  I watch that every time.

I also looked at DaCardWorld and their sales, but again, nothing I really needed.  I have my eye on something, but its not a Black Friday sale, and I don't really need it.  However I did notice I could get it through Amazon so I might do that.  Aside from that, I added a couple things to my cart to see if it was worth my time.  Shipping is good on there, but unless I add a few things the deals don't seem too hot.  Maybe in a couple months I might get some stuff, but for now I'll focus on other stuff.

So now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is fast approaching.  I've already started watching a few Christmas movies, and started listening to some music as well, but I think a few movies are in storage so I need to find them.  A friend asked if I was going to make a Christmas CD this year, as I have in years past, so I might do that soon.  At this point there is so few songs to choose from, its hard to make new albums.  Last year I found a DJ app and tested it out and made a 45 minute mix of Christmas songs.  It's not that good but it was fun to do, so I might try it again this year.  Maybe I'll add it to Youtube so you can listen.

Since this is a long post I guess I'll wrap it up.  I guess this was sort of a rant, but it was also because I've been busy, I don't have stuff together so I don't have scans or pics to post.  However, I will find some real quick so it won't be all words.

Top photo is a Christmas Tree at Wendy's from the time I worked there.  I always liked decorating for Christmas there.

Middle is a photo of my old bedroom.  The past couple weeks they have started to take out the windows and removed siding on the garage as they prepare to tear it down.  It does seem a bit sad.

Bottom one is a meme I just made recalling the events of the Chiefs game last night, which had a really exciting finish.

Earlier this month I got excited because I was flipping through the radio dial and it stopped at 98.3.  The station has been off air since the first of October in 2001.  The Buzz was one of my all time favorite stations and I was said it went off air, but I knew the reason.  Anyways, I knew someone bought the 98.3 air and expected it to debut next year, but for now it came on and plays nothing but Christmas music.  Called K-Santa, I can't wait to see what is on air once it switches.  I hope an alternative or 90s rock station, but happy as long as it isn't country, talk, or classic rock, since we have plenty of them here.

This last picture I didn't take, but was one I always loved.  This photo is from 2005.  In the ring is Harley Race, Mick Foley, and on the apron Terry Funk.  They were at a WLW wrestling show together and I was there.  I met them and also met Trevor Murdoch right before he signed with WWE.  The proof I have that I was there is a photo with Funk I may have shown before and this photo which was on the WLW page for quite a while.  The reason this is proof, is because I am in the crowd.  That's my head next to the arm/hip of Funk.  Next t to me is one of my best friends who also went to the show.  It's hard to believe its been almost 12 years since this happened.  Maybe next year I can go to another WLW show and see a Legend or maybe a future star.

So with that, dinner is ready and I have to get comfy before Scorpion comes on.  So thanks for reading and have a great night!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Odds and Ends

Its been a few days, and I've been a bit busier than normal.  I had a family gathering on Sunday which was really fun, and I've been scouring the ads for Black Friday even though in reality I won't be getting anything aside from a couple items online if I'm fast enough.  I've also kept an eye on COMC as they've started their pre-Black Friday sale and have sales until Monday.  They couple it with free shipping on over 20 cards and its a great deal.  I've had 20 cards for a while I just want to grab a few more before shipping and I'll show them off when I get them.  But getting back into the swing of things on here, I have a few odds and ends to show and also a very nice package I got a couple days ago.

We'll start with that.

UPDATE!  In an earlier blog I mentioned a Most Wanted list.  Shortly after that broadcast a reader sent us valuable information and we were able to apprehend one of the members of that list.

If you read that in Robert Stack's voice, I don't feel as old now.  If you have no idea what that was a reference to or who Robert Stack is, I feel sad for you.  Search YouTube for Unsolved Mysteries, and then for good measure look for a show called Rescue 911! Also for future reference, you should know Robert Stack was also in Airplane!

Anyways, getting back to the card mentioned above, one of the replies I got was from Ketchupman.  He offered me one of the cards for nothing in return over on Trading Card Database.  At first I was reluctant since it wasn't my intention to seek out cards from collector's, but more as a reference for me to see what I didn't have and what I should try to find.  At any rate, I agreed and a few days later I got the card and a note.

It read, Dear Casey Kasem,... wait, nope, that was just another pop culture reference for us older members.  If you don't know Casey Kasem, go back to YouTube and look for his NSFW outtakes.  It involves Casey going crazy on not wanted to talk about dogs dying.  Its quite funny if you remember his radio show.

Okay, but here is the note.

First let's show the card that was on my most wanted list.  It was one I was very happy to add to my collection.

Nope, not just the 1994 Fleer card, it is the Sunoco card.  One day I could see myself working on that small set, but for now just the Maddux will do.  I think I can hit the 200 card mark for Maddux next year if I try.

Thanks again Ketchupman for the card.  But as stated above he threw in some extra cards just because, and I was happy he did.

I really like that Joe Randa card.  It looks so much better than I thought it would.  I'm glad I can cross it off my want list.  Same goes for the Wally Joyner.  I might focus more energy on the SE Royals cards next year since the mid 90s shouldn't be too hard to get cards of.  In fact I have a bunch of cards I might get from Just Commons soon that should fill in a good gap of cards.

The top card is a Herrera card from this years Topps set which I also didn't have and I'm glad I now do.  This gives me a reason to sort through my more recent Royals additions to my collection since its been a bit since I've done that.  Last week I did my binders so my desk is fairly clean again, and I'm happy about that.

So I want to thank Ketchupman36 for the great cards, but I do want to mention again, I'm not seeking out cards the list was more for me to see what cards I should seek out.  Having said that, if you spot any cheap online, I'm okay with you giving me a heads up.  With the Maddux Sunoco card out of the way, I don't know if I'll make it a Top 24 list or add another card.  With the holidays coming up and various sales and whatnot, I think I'll keep it at 24 until after the new year.

While this was going on, I was looking on Listia and came across a card nobody was bidding on.  Well someone did.  He bid 1 credit.  I didn't know off the top of my head if I had the card, but I figured I'd bid something like 85 credits and see what happens.  The current rate for credits on Listia is around 28,000 credits for a buck so if I won it would be less than a cent, more like a tenth of a cent.  That is if it was my max bid.  It wasn't.  I won the auction though.

This card sold for less than a penny.  In fact... well, I might have screwed this up since math isn't a strong suit, but if I did the calculations right (on google) it is 0.0071428571 of a cent, so if I did it right, I think that is 7 tenths of a cent?  My brain hurts.

Point is, I won the auction for TWO CREDITS!  2.  HE GOT TWO!  (Jingle All The Way reference).  So no matter if I needed it or not, I got it for a steal.  I don't get why sellers sell it so cheap with free shipping, but I'll take it.

So at the beginning I mentioned I had a family dinner this past weekend.  While I was there my sister gave me something she found recently.  She thought I'd like it.

Now before I continue let me say that the town I was in was actually called Prairie Home, which is an odd coincidence.  But this is A Prairie Home Companion double cassette from 1989.  I was very happy and I'll have to check it out the first chance I get.  I love listening to APHC, and Garrison Keillor.  I was sad when he decided to step aside earlier this year, but I understood.

I also got something else that day, but I don't have a picture uploaded yet, so I'll show it another day.

I did find something else though while trying to find pictures for that dinner though.  I thought it was cool so I scanned it.

I can't pinpoint a year on this postcard, but it had to be the 90's and I'm thinking early 90s at that.  It wasn't 1993 because its not flooded, and any later I think there would be some sort of construction on the left for the TWA (Edward Jones, now empty) Dome.  I like that it shows the Arch, and old Busch.  If you were to take this same shot today, almost nothing would be the same.  New Busch is where those buses are parked, and Old Busch is now Ballpark Village and whatever else.  The roads near is had to be redone as well.  There is also major renovations on and near the Arch which should wrap up next year I think.  I think you should also see park of the aforementioned empty Dome as well from this shot.  The Adam's Mark Hotel is now another Hotel (but I have stories about that place).  I believe another bridge would be visible as well as more roads on the Illinois side as well.  It's fun to see stuff like this.

St. Louis I read is working on trying to get an MLS team and have talked about a new Stadium for the team.  The location is nice, but the roads would need to be redone again, but luckily its near Union Station and close to Busch and the Savvis Center and would be fairly accessible.  I would like it if they got a team to be honest, as it would hopefully bring more money to the state.  I doubt I would go to any games though.

So with that I will wrap it up for today.  Overall it was a fun post to do and I went all over the place, but what would you expect from a post called Odds and Ends?  Thanks for reading and if I'm not back during this holiday weekend, I hope everyone enjoys it.  Eat some turkey for me, or if your vegan... well, eat something tasty for me.  Now I'm off to find Planes, Trains, and Automobiles in my movie collection as its one of the last few Thanksgiving movies to watch after I've seen Freebirds, Tower Heist, and the WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey episode.  Thanks for reading and goodnight.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Olympic Cards- REAL and Custom

Recently I won some cards on Listia.  They were some 1992 Olympic cards that were from the same set as one I showed a few months back.  It was cheap, so I bid and won.  I thought I would show them off today.  Also since there aren't that many scans I thought I'd show a couple more customs.  I haven't worked on them in a while, but might in a week or two just to finish them up.

So let's dig in.

I might have been happiest about getting the checklist and the Merchandise cards since they could be a little tougher to track down.  It's not a huge desire to track this set down, but I've made some progress on tracking down cards, so its not too far fetched.  My only complaint was they cards are bowed a bit and the seller was nice about packing it in a bubble mailer and had tracking but he also had them unwrapped and used a rubber band.  Since they were cheap and not a high priority I can look past it though.

About a third of these were ones I actually had already, but it still had a nice list of names.  I think I didn't have the Gwen Torrence so that was the big get for me.  I'm also a bit confused on the photo for Kristen Babb-Sprague, as it looks upside down.

Here are the rest.  Not too much but still good I added a few more to the collection.  The seller also included a Score card of the American Flag, which it doesn't matter how many I have, I still like having more.  I have the set flanked with them now even though they weren't for the set.  Impel made these Olympic cards, which I'm familiar with because they also made the WCW trading cards from 1991.  I thought these were basic but still good.  Maybe if the 2016 Topps cards get cheaper soon I might buy some.  I think Dave and Adam Cards has some on sale but still out of my price range.

So with that, I guess I'll show some more customs since I have time.  This first one is a header card which I only made because I was bored and frustrated one day.  If this was a real set it would likely have the checklist on the back, so there's that.

I'm still a perfectionist and even though I haven't looked at this card in a couple weeks, I already see things I should have spent more time on.  Oh well, screw it.

I like Tennis and I've rooted for Andy Murray off and on for a long time but I made a card for him only because I like this photo.  I thought I showed a lot about the games- the gold, the passion, and while it can't be depicted on the card, the determination the athletes have to be the best.

So these next cards are from another insert set I created.  The other one was called Upset Alert, which featured Upsets, obviously, and this one is also self-explanatory.

I really love the border.  It is possibly my favorite I've done.  This set will show teams or groups.  I have about half the set done, and hope to get the rest done soon.

Obviously I have some font issues to work out, but otherwise I'm very happy with how these turned out. I don't have much more to add so I'll leave it at that.

That should wrap it up for tonight.  I might not be on for a few days as I have a few things I have to do and to be honest with Thanksgiving coming up, I do look for online sales so most of my time will be spent on that.  I have nothing I really need, but there are a couple items I'm watching and a few gift cards I can use to get things, so its always fun.  So I might not be back for the next week so don't be alarmed.  There is also a chance I will post before then too if I'm really bored.  At any rate have a Happy Thanksgiving if I'm not back before then, and have a great weekend too.  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Winning Time!

Recently there was a contest on Collector's Crack.  I didn't win.  Well, I didn't win the grand prize, but if you are use to his contests, you know he has a runner up prize.  I did win that one however.  Before I show the winning's I'll show the note that came with the cards.

I love getting notes when I get cards.  It makes it so much more meaningful.

As for the cards, well one was promised for the winner no matter what, so let's show that first.

This is a very nice Chris Archer card.  I don't recall having many of his cards (I might not have had any before) but this is a nice centerpiece for a display shelf I'm working on right now.  I hope to finish it off soon and then I can show it.  This will likely be the centerpiece or at least included in the display.

I also got some other cards as well.  I was really happy with what I got.

Some shiny goodness.  The top Bowman cards were all firsts for my collection, and I didn't have the Hosmer or Davis Topps cards either.  I also think the Calixte was new to me as well and I need to check, I might have that team set close to complete.


I'm not much of a Gypsy Queen or Allen & Ginter guy so its safe to say these were new to me... well I think I had the Ventura, but I do admit its nice and it would be a nice card to try to get signed.  I was happy to get the Brandon Finnegan rookie card and while I stand by the decision to trade him, I miss him.  I hope he has a great career.

The bottom row were all new to me.  I never came close to getting the Bunt cards, which I don't think I've even seen on shelves, so these were all new, and I like them all.  The design isn't too bad to be honest, If I found a few packs I would maybe get some.  I'm not into digital cards, but these physical Bunt cards are pretty nice.

So there are some great cards, but those were just icing on the cake.  On top of that, I got an extra helping of dessert.  These next two are beyond amazing.

An autograph card of Orlando Calixte made me really excited.  Sure he may not be a household name, but I really was happy to see this card. 

The Melky Cabrera card is equally great.  I never got the concept of the mini encased inside a regular sized card, but with the black border it works pretty well.  Melky wasn't in KC too long, so it is cool to get a relic like this.

So thank you Collector's Crack for the amazing cards, and if you aren't checking out his blog, you are really missing out.

Since this isn't a super long post I'll show a card I also recently got from Listia.  I haven't been too active on there lately since my credits are depleted, but if I find good deals I bid.  I did on this one and nobody else bid, so I won.

I wasn't as caught up in the Stadium Club craze like many collectors were, but I do admit they are nice cards.  I have a small collection of Kolten Wong cards, so when I saw this I thought I'd bid.  At worst I'd lose, and at best I'd have a new card in my collection.  I won, and I can soon add it to the binder of players I collect.  My desk is getting piled up with cards I need to put in their correct places, but I don't like adding one or two cards to 15 different binders, so I let them pile up a bit.

So that wraps it up for tonight.  Thank you so much for reading, and I hope everyone has a great night.  I was happy with myself as I spent the afternoon cleaning my storage unit somewhat and now I have some room to move some more stuff in there.  I'm glad I did since with the holidays coming I'll probably need more room at the apartment.  So hopefully I can get a bit more done before it gets too cold.  Now that I'm done with that for the night, I can catch up on some Black Friday ads, most the big ones are out, but I'm hoping to catch the Menards ad soon.  I don't have much of a want list but I still like looking at the ads.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dollar Tree Daze

I had to make a quick pit stop at Dollar Tree for a couple items and since it had been a while, I decided to get 3 repacks.  They were all mixed packs this time, but mostly were baseball cards.  I also made a couple other stops recently and got a couple packs of Series Two Topps, so I figured today I'd show them off.

We'll start with the Topps packs.

I was really gung ho on series one, but haven't gotten much of series two.  I haven't gotten any of the Update but if my local Casey's gets Update I'll get a pack.  The only one I really like in this batch is the Johnny Cuerto, which I can add to my one time Royals collection.

The rest of the cards in the pack.  I always find the Angels team cards odd since they put no city.  The Glavine card isn't bad but the foil on his name is messed up.  I also don't get having non Mets on the Cubs set.

The other pack had a Greg Holland which I didn't have, and I'm also glad I got the Javier Baez and Jurickson Profar cards.  This pack was much better.

I got a First Pitch card, which I actually already have.  When the second series came out I found the entire set on ebay and got them.  I expected the cards to be hot sellers and making it tougher to get, but they really weren't.  I'm still looking for a couple for series one, including the Jordan Spieth, which I plan to get Black Friday.

One more item to show before the repacks are the most recent SI For Kids cards, a few good ones this time.

Being a somewhat fan of Louisville Cardinals, I was happy to see the Lamar Jackson card.  I can put it next to the Teddy Bridgewater SI for Kids card I have from a few years back.  I was also happy to see the Sue Bird since my WNBA collection isn't much.  Same goes for Tennis, which I wish I could watch more of.  I haven't watched as much since I lost the Tennis Channel and not caring as much.  I don't even know of Karolina Pliskova, but maybe I'll start watching again next year.  I think the Aussie Open is in January so I can pick it up then.

Here are the back of the cards.  I know it hasn't been too long but I wouldn't mind a redesign on the cards.

Okay, let's get to the repacks.

First pack wasn't a complete dud, but it wasn't the best.  I like that I got a pre-Royal Wade Davis card and a post Royal Jamie Quirk card.  The Ventura card is nice, as is the Kim card.  The Jim Lonborg was a nice one to pull too.  What I really liked though was this pack had more than a couple of the Team USA cards included.  No Nomar but I don't remember having many of these so it was cool to pull.

Pack tow had more variety.  I got it because of the Triple Play card that was shown on top.  I got a Royals sticker card, one I might not have at that, plus some other great cards.  More Team USA cards, a A&G card I kind of like, a Kmart card that I like, and another former Royal in Gaetti.

This pack had more cards to show too.

Another Triple Play card, and older card of Bob Clark, a flashback card of Lou Brock, and a Chrome card of Rickie Weeks, not to be confused with Wikileaks.  However, the best card in the pack by far is the Carlos Beltran card.  Sure its from his Mets days and not as a Royal, but I am slowly building a Beltran collection that one day could surpass the Johnny Damon collection I have.  On top of that I got a coupon for Beckett Grading... provided I use it by December 31st.... OF 2008!  I might have ran out of time on that one, but oh well, it was kind of cool to see and didn't count against the 30 cards in the pack so its all good.

Final pack has another Kmart card, this was on top and the reason I got the pack.  It was nice to see the amount of Bowman in these packs to be honest since I don't really have a lot.  It also wouldn't be a Dollar Tree repack without an Alomar card, this time its Sandy.  Also got a couple older Fleer cards, I like the Kison because of the Angels logo, which honestly could still be used since they have no city listed.  The Tudor card is nice as well.  I think its from 1982 so their first couple years and not bad.  Too bad it wasn't an Ozzie Smith but oh well, its not like I don't have any cards of him from his Padres days.

Here's the rest.... WAIT A MINUTE!  I ALSO GOT AN OZZIE SMITH FROM HIS PADRES DAYS!  I have a few of his Padres cards including a Rookie or second year card so it isn't uncommon, but it was really nice to pull one from a pack.  I was really excited and I know its not worth 3 bucks, but that card made it worth all three packs to me.

Besides the Ozzie, I also got a George Brett, which I think I have, but still love the powder blue uniforms.  I also got a Phil Niekro which I don't think I had, so it was nice to get.  On the top is a Vince Harris card which smells of minor league, and that's why I love it.  I also got a couple football ones, which there is a good chance I already have the Keith Millard card, it looks familiar.  However I had no idea the founder of Wendy's played football.  It was cool to pull the Dave Thomas even though I never heard of him.

All in all the Ozzie Smith and Carlos Beltran cards made the packs worth it alone, and none of the packs had doubles so that was good.  A nice mixed variety, so I can't complain.  I might get another pack or two next time I go, but I don't plan on going for a while.

So that wraps it up for tonight.  I hope to have at least 3 blogs up this week, including one from a recent contest win, and possibly some Listia wins as well.  I might even have a couple others planned, it depends on how I feel.  I hope you enjoyed reading, and hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Equal Time (Not A Political Post)

Before I dig in, let me say this post won't be about politics.  I've spent the last two days cracking jokes about the subject on Twitter and Facebook trying to make people laugh so they won't cry or gloat if the results went the way they wanted.  I had fun doing it, but its time to get back to talking about cards.

A month or two ago I posted about a cube of cards I got that was targeted to boys, and for the most part were Magic and other gaming cards.  I said if I went back and saw them, I would get the girls cube and show what was inside.  Today is that day.  It was much better than what was included in the boys cube, and I've already bought a second one which I'll show in a week or two.

Judging from the packs I saw I knew there would be a few that interested me.  I'm not big on Twilight or Hunger Games, but if its actually movie cards then I can accept that and its something different.

I could do without the Webkinz stuff, but otherwise I was happy with it.  Only the Popcardz I had before so all the rest was new to me.  The Toy Story was shown, so worst case I knew I'd get one pack I liked. 

This was some sort of bonus card they threw in, it didn't have much value to me, but still cool I guess.

Let's look at some packs.  Let's get the Webkinz out of the way first.

I got two packs, one of Series One, and another for Series Two.  I can't tell a difference, and don't really care.  The Curio Shop card seemed interesting so that was cool.

I never got into American Idol much, but I remember watching it off and on especially the early seasons.  However I don't remember any of these people.  This was a set from Fleer.  I kind of like them, and if I saw them on clearance I would probably buy more.

The next year Upper Deck had the rights, and I got some good ones in this pack including Carrie Underwood and AHHHH! KELLY CLARKSON!  This was a really good pack and I was happy with it.

I'm more of a cat guy, but these were pretty cool.  This is from Series One but they also released a Series Two.

I never watched Hunger Games, but I thought these cards were really good.  I'm not saying I'm working on the set, but I wouldn't be opposed getting more of these cards.

For some reason I don't have a scan of the New Moon cards, but here are the Eclipse cards.  Much like Hunger Games, Twilight didn't interest me, but I do like these cards.  Again, I wouldn't be opposed to getting more of them.

Oops, here's the New Moon ones.  I like the Eclipse ones slightly better, but I do like these too.

If it seems like I'm rushing at this point its because I am.  I can't get motivated tonight and have spent 3 hours off and on working on this and want to finish it.  I keep getting distracted and don't want to finish it.  Sorry about that.

I never got the appeal of SpongeBob Squarepants and luckily it debuted in my later high school years, so I wasn't drawn into it.  Much like the show, these cards don't do much for me, but I would still take these over Magic cards any day.

I have a few of these cards already and would like to finish the set, but I was surprised when I saw the Raven-Symone card.  No not because of her view on politics, but it is an insert card.

I can't seem to find it anymore, but this is the second one of these I've pulled, the other was a long time ago, I got a Mandy Moore piece.  I think the rest of the cards in this pack though were doubles though, so that kinda sucked.  I can't complain about it though since I pulled this one.

So one pack left and it was one I saw on the outside.  Toy Story!

I really like the top middle card.  If my niece see's this she might fight me for it as she is a big fan of Jessie.  In fact she knows more about the movies than I do and even gave me the scoop on a Toy Story 4 coming down the pike.  Though I do have to disagree with her that the original movie was the worst.  But she's still young, so she is forgiven.

Each pack has 3 cards, 2 stickers and some sort of insert.  The base set is like 45 cards so I guess that's not too bad.  I'm not a huge fan with these cards, but I would like to build the set one day.

So for a total of 5 bucks I think I did a great job.  The Raven-Symone card made the whole cube worth it, and they were mostly movie packs, which I liked.  It doesn't matter if I didn't watch those movies, they were still fun to open.  I really liked the American Idol packs especially the Upper Deck pack, and the Nintendogs cards were kinda cool.  I could have done without the Webkinz cards but again this was targeted for young kids, so I understand.  Like I said, I already bought another cube and should post them soon.  I just hope I'm less distracted next time.

So that wraps it up for tonight, I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope this blog has distracted you from all the election news as while I know the need for it, I could use a break from it.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.