Wednesday, November 2, 2016


My Happy Place- Musical Edition

My plan was to come into November with a big BANG and post a lot out the gate.  However a few days ago while working on my desktop I went to work on a project I was about to show off on here and had a little trouble.  My desktop disappeared.  Well, my desktop of my desktop just vanished of all the things on it.  All I had left was my trash can.  That made me panicked because the last few days I've dealt with slow internet and computers on both the desktop and the laptop.  A lot of that goes to the Flash update going around last week urging everyone to update.  However, I corrected all that and things seemed to go back to normal.  Anyways, while I was on the desktop, I was listening to music and went to do something and when I came back I started to work on this project.  So I went to the desktop to open the file and it wasn't there.  Nothing was.  I panicked as I said because I was afraid someone may have hacked my computer and grabbed the files.  Before I go on, almost all the files I had on there were backed up elsewhere, but a couple files were really important and really would have been horrible if I lost them.  Well two days later I can safely say it was some sort of glitch and while I lost some files, almost all were recovered somehow, and I wasn't hacked.  Unfortunately the project I was working on wasn't recovered and I had to start from scratch.  It sucks but it only set me back a few hours and honestly wasn't a big deal.  I also may have lost some scans I did last month too but I might have them elsewhere too, I haven't checked.

The last month or so has been unkind to me with sickness, then one of my accounts WAS hacked and a couple gift cards I was saving for Christmas was maxed out.  Luckily I had no other credit card info on the site and after I changed passwords, I'm over it, but a little seething still.  I'm lucky though in the sense that I am fine and while all this stuff sucks, I'm still breathing so its time to move on.

I thought now would be a good time for a trip to MY HAPPY PLACE.  I was amazed I haven't visited it yet this year, and this one is a little different.  As I said I was listening to music, and music is usually my escape, so I thought I would share some music I've recently listened to and enjoyed.  I've toyed with starting a music blog but seriously, I hardly do this one justice and I never update my others so I doubt I would the music one either.  So if you aren't a music person, you can sit this one out.  Otherwise enjoy!

This past weekend I was listening to the syndicated radio show Acoustic Cafe, which for reference was episode 1137 according to their website, and heard this song, "A Little Longer" from the band Lord & Lady.  When I hear something I really like, I Google it, and I was glad I did, as I want to add this to my everending music collection.

On the same radio show they had a commercial for the new album from Norah Jones.  When I was younger she never really did much for me, but I've mellowed a bit more as of late.  Again, I checked Youtube and found this song called "Carry On", which is not only a good song, but a good video.  If I decided to do a list of favorite songs of 2016 this has a good chance of being included as I put extra weight on a song if I like the video too.  I used to make those lists on Facebook but didn't last year and maybe the year before, but might do it this year for a blog if I feel like it and actually take time to make a list.  The songs don't have to be new, but new to me, or sometimes just ones I played the hell out of in a year.  I remember Neil Young making my list a few years ago on a song probably 40 years old.

For some unknown reason I heard this on the radio last year and its been stuck in my head since.  It is Randall Zwarte Band, and the song is called "Water Party".  I think I'm more hooked on the beat than anything, but sometimes I'll want to just listen to it, and it usually makes me feel better.

When I had my free Netflix trial earlier this year, as the days wrapped up, I had this movie called Dope in my que.  I decided to watch it, and I really liked it.  One of the songs in the movie was this one called "Can't Bring Me Down" by Awreeoh which was the band the three characters in the movie formed.  I don't think they are a real band, but I like the song.  The movie itself wasn't too bad and worth watching if you have nothing to watch.  It isn't a family movie though so be forewarned.

I will get hate for this one, but I don't care.  This is pre- Katy Perry... Katy Perry.  Well, its a little complicated.  Before she was Katy Perry, she was Katy Hudson, a teenage Christian singer.  You read that right.  Anyways she didn't get far, but in the process she hooked up with Matt Thiessen, the lead singer of the band Relient K, a good band, who was also a Christian band.  I don't know when she transformed from Hudson to Perry, but one day she wrote this song which Matty T also has a credit with writing.  It's called "Long Shot" and Katy never officially released it, but it was passed over to Kelly Clarkson who did sing it, and to a lot of people, did it much better.  In my opinion though I like Katy's version better because it sounds more raw and gritty and less produced.  It also looks less serious.  I like both Katy and Kelly, but when I stumbled on this a few months ago, I've listened to it at least once a week.

As of late, most of my new music I find through Noise Trade or the radio.  This one came from Noise Trade.  The band is Forest Fire Gospel Choir, and the song is called "Strange Air".  I loved it the minute I heard it, and I think its because it reminds me of Tyler Hilton or Gavin DeGraw.  I know if the show One Tree Hill was still on, it would have fit in perfectly on there.  Which reminds me I should get season four of OTH since I don't have it.  I really don't care about any seasons after that, but I do have the first three seasons.

Speaking of One Tree Hill, "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional was one of if not the first song heard on the series.  One of the reasons I loved that show was because of the music.  Hands Down is probably my second favorite DC song behind only Screaming Infidelities.

This last one is a little shameless self promotion.  This is from a Sheryl Crow concert at the Missouri State Fair.  Yours truly filmed this video and posted it.  It isn't really a music video, but I just wanted to show it off.  If you have a Youtube account I guess you could follow me on there too.

If you are ever really bored you can see what I listen to on my hard drive through my Last FM account, which I have on my desktop and soon on my laptop, which keeps track of recent tracks and what I've listened to all time.  I might reset it soon and start fresh but the top bands right now is Relient K, Switchfoot, The Lonely Island, Bowling For Soup, and Paramore.  I've also listened to Jackyl a lot lately too.  Last FM profile

I don't do Itunes or anything so when I listen to music its either FM radio, my hard drive, or through Youtube.  It works fine for me.  On rare occasions I'll listen online through Iheartradio or Tune In, but not often.

So with my recent trip to My Happy Place, I do feel better.  Since its getting later than I though, I better wrap this up because I have a World Series to watch, my second of the day if you count watching the last two hours of the World Series of Poker this morning, and I still need to eat.  So thanks for reading, and once I get all my files back in order, I'll have a few cool posts to show.  Have a great evening and whichever team you root for in the World Series, I hope they win... unless its the Indians, then well, I'll still like you but I might need to do another Happy Place post sooner than I wanted. :)


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Josh D.
11/2/16, 6:54 PM delete

Thanks for the heads-up on "Lord and Lady." That was right up my alley, but I hadn't heard of them.

11/3/16, 5:45 PM delete

No problem, I enjoy all types of music and that hit me at just the right time.