Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Odds and Ends

Its been a few days, and I've been a bit busier than normal.  I had a family gathering on Sunday which was really fun, and I've been scouring the ads for Black Friday even though in reality I won't be getting anything aside from a couple items online if I'm fast enough.  I've also kept an eye on COMC as they've started their pre-Black Friday sale and have sales until Monday.  They couple it with free shipping on over 20 cards and its a great deal.  I've had 20 cards for a while I just want to grab a few more before shipping and I'll show them off when I get them.  But getting back into the swing of things on here, I have a few odds and ends to show and also a very nice package I got a couple days ago.

We'll start with that.

UPDATE!  In an earlier blog I mentioned a Most Wanted list.  Shortly after that broadcast a reader sent us valuable information and we were able to apprehend one of the members of that list.

If you read that in Robert Stack's voice, I don't feel as old now.  If you have no idea what that was a reference to or who Robert Stack is, I feel sad for you.  Search YouTube for Unsolved Mysteries, and then for good measure look for a show called Rescue 911! Also for future reference, you should know Robert Stack was also in Airplane!

Anyways, getting back to the card mentioned above, one of the replies I got was from Ketchupman.  He offered me one of the cards for nothing in return over on Trading Card Database.  At first I was reluctant since it wasn't my intention to seek out cards from collector's, but more as a reference for me to see what I didn't have and what I should try to find.  At any rate, I agreed and a few days later I got the card and a note.

It read, Dear Casey Kasem,... wait, nope, that was just another pop culture reference for us older members.  If you don't know Casey Kasem, go back to YouTube and look for his NSFW outtakes.  It involves Casey going crazy on not wanted to talk about dogs dying.  Its quite funny if you remember his radio show.

Okay, but here is the note.

First let's show the card that was on my most wanted list.  It was one I was very happy to add to my collection.

Nope, not just the 1994 Fleer card, it is the Sunoco card.  One day I could see myself working on that small set, but for now just the Maddux will do.  I think I can hit the 200 card mark for Maddux next year if I try.

Thanks again Ketchupman for the card.  But as stated above he threw in some extra cards just because, and I was happy he did.

I really like that Joe Randa card.  It looks so much better than I thought it would.  I'm glad I can cross it off my want list.  Same goes for the Wally Joyner.  I might focus more energy on the SE Royals cards next year since the mid 90s shouldn't be too hard to get cards of.  In fact I have a bunch of cards I might get from Just Commons soon that should fill in a good gap of cards.

The top card is a Herrera card from this years Topps set which I also didn't have and I'm glad I now do.  This gives me a reason to sort through my more recent Royals additions to my collection since its been a bit since I've done that.  Last week I did my binders so my desk is fairly clean again, and I'm happy about that.

So I want to thank Ketchupman36 for the great cards, but I do want to mention again, I'm not seeking out cards the list was more for me to see what cards I should seek out.  Having said that, if you spot any cheap online, I'm okay with you giving me a heads up.  With the Maddux Sunoco card out of the way, I don't know if I'll make it a Top 24 list or add another card.  With the holidays coming up and various sales and whatnot, I think I'll keep it at 24 until after the new year.

While this was going on, I was looking on Listia and came across a card nobody was bidding on.  Well someone did.  He bid 1 credit.  I didn't know off the top of my head if I had the card, but I figured I'd bid something like 85 credits and see what happens.  The current rate for credits on Listia is around 28,000 credits for a buck so if I won it would be less than a cent, more like a tenth of a cent.  That is if it was my max bid.  It wasn't.  I won the auction though.

This card sold for less than a penny.  In fact... well, I might have screwed this up since math isn't a strong suit, but if I did the calculations right (on google) it is 0.0071428571 of a cent, so if I did it right, I think that is 7 tenths of a cent?  My brain hurts.

Point is, I won the auction for TWO CREDITS!  2.  HE GOT TWO!  (Jingle All The Way reference).  So no matter if I needed it or not, I got it for a steal.  I don't get why sellers sell it so cheap with free shipping, but I'll take it.

So at the beginning I mentioned I had a family dinner this past weekend.  While I was there my sister gave me something she found recently.  She thought I'd like it.

Now before I continue let me say that the town I was in was actually called Prairie Home, which is an odd coincidence.  But this is A Prairie Home Companion double cassette from 1989.  I was very happy and I'll have to check it out the first chance I get.  I love listening to APHC, and Garrison Keillor.  I was sad when he decided to step aside earlier this year, but I understood.

I also got something else that day, but I don't have a picture uploaded yet, so I'll show it another day.

I did find something else though while trying to find pictures for that dinner though.  I thought it was cool so I scanned it.

I can't pinpoint a year on this postcard, but it had to be the 90's and I'm thinking early 90s at that.  It wasn't 1993 because its not flooded, and any later I think there would be some sort of construction on the left for the TWA (Edward Jones, now empty) Dome.  I like that it shows the Arch, and old Busch.  If you were to take this same shot today, almost nothing would be the same.  New Busch is where those buses are parked, and Old Busch is now Ballpark Village and whatever else.  The roads near is had to be redone as well.  There is also major renovations on and near the Arch which should wrap up next year I think.  I think you should also see park of the aforementioned empty Dome as well from this shot.  The Adam's Mark Hotel is now another Hotel (but I have stories about that place).  I believe another bridge would be visible as well as more roads on the Illinois side as well.  It's fun to see stuff like this.

St. Louis I read is working on trying to get an MLS team and have talked about a new Stadium for the team.  The location is nice, but the roads would need to be redone again, but luckily its near Union Station and close to Busch and the Savvis Center and would be fairly accessible.  I would like it if they got a team to be honest, as it would hopefully bring more money to the state.  I doubt I would go to any games though.

So with that I will wrap it up for today.  Overall it was a fun post to do and I went all over the place, but what would you expect from a post called Odds and Ends?  Thanks for reading and if I'm not back during this holiday weekend, I hope everyone enjoys it.  Eat some turkey for me, or if your vegan... well, eat something tasty for me.  Now I'm off to find Planes, Trains, and Automobiles in my movie collection as its one of the last few Thanksgiving movies to watch after I've seen Freebirds, Tower Heist, and the WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey episode.  Thanks for reading and goodnight.

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  1. I love the Unsolved Mysteries reference. That makes sending the card totally worth it