Friday, November 18, 2016


Olympic Cards- REAL and Custom

Recently I won some cards on Listia.  They were some 1992 Olympic cards that were from the same set as one I showed a few months back.  It was cheap, so I bid and won.  I thought I would show them off today.  Also since there aren't that many scans I thought I'd show a couple more customs.  I haven't worked on them in a while, but might in a week or two just to finish them up.

So let's dig in.

I might have been happiest about getting the checklist and the Merchandise cards since they could be a little tougher to track down.  It's not a huge desire to track this set down, but I've made some progress on tracking down cards, so its not too far fetched.  My only complaint was they cards are bowed a bit and the seller was nice about packing it in a bubble mailer and had tracking but he also had them unwrapped and used a rubber band.  Since they were cheap and not a high priority I can look past it though.

About a third of these were ones I actually had already, but it still had a nice list of names.  I think I didn't have the Gwen Torrence so that was the big get for me.  I'm also a bit confused on the photo for Kristen Babb-Sprague, as it looks upside down.

Here are the rest.  Not too much but still good I added a few more to the collection.  The seller also included a Score card of the American Flag, which it doesn't matter how many I have, I still like having more.  I have the set flanked with them now even though they weren't for the set.  Impel made these Olympic cards, which I'm familiar with because they also made the WCW trading cards from 1991.  I thought these were basic but still good.  Maybe if the 2016 Topps cards get cheaper soon I might buy some.  I think Dave and Adam Cards has some on sale but still out of my price range.

So with that, I guess I'll show some more customs since I have time.  This first one is a header card which I only made because I was bored and frustrated one day.  If this was a real set it would likely have the checklist on the back, so there's that.

I'm still a perfectionist and even though I haven't looked at this card in a couple weeks, I already see things I should have spent more time on.  Oh well, screw it.

I like Tennis and I've rooted for Andy Murray off and on for a long time but I made a card for him only because I like this photo.  I thought I showed a lot about the games- the gold, the passion, and while it can't be depicted on the card, the determination the athletes have to be the best.

So these next cards are from another insert set I created.  The other one was called Upset Alert, which featured Upsets, obviously, and this one is also self-explanatory.

I really love the border.  It is possibly my favorite I've done.  This set will show teams or groups.  I have about half the set done, and hope to get the rest done soon.

Obviously I have some font issues to work out, but otherwise I'm very happy with how these turned out. I don't have much more to add so I'll leave it at that.

That should wrap it up for tonight.  I might not be on for a few days as I have a few things I have to do and to be honest with Thanksgiving coming up, I do look for online sales so most of my time will be spent on that.  I have nothing I really need, but there are a couple items I'm watching and a few gift cards I can use to get things, so its always fun.  So I might not be back for the next week so don't be alarmed.  There is also a chance I will post before then too if I'm really bored.  At any rate have a Happy Thanksgiving if I'm not back before then, and have a great weekend too.  Thanks for reading!


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The photo of the upside down woman looks to be in a pool... synchronized swimming perhaps? I have only one card from the set. I like your custom work!