Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Winning Time!

Recently there was a contest on Collector's Crack.  I didn't win.  Well, I didn't win the grand prize, but if you are use to his contests, you know he has a runner up prize.  I did win that one however.  Before I show the winning's I'll show the note that came with the cards.

I love getting notes when I get cards.  It makes it so much more meaningful.

As for the cards, well one was promised for the winner no matter what, so let's show that first.

This is a very nice Chris Archer card.  I don't recall having many of his cards (I might not have had any before) but this is a nice centerpiece for a display shelf I'm working on right now.  I hope to finish it off soon and then I can show it.  This will likely be the centerpiece or at least included in the display.

I also got some other cards as well.  I was really happy with what I got.

Some shiny goodness.  The top Bowman cards were all firsts for my collection, and I didn't have the Hosmer or Davis Topps cards either.  I also think the Calixte was new to me as well and I need to check, I might have that team set close to complete.


I'm not much of a Gypsy Queen or Allen & Ginter guy so its safe to say these were new to me... well I think I had the Ventura, but I do admit its nice and it would be a nice card to try to get signed.  I was happy to get the Brandon Finnegan rookie card and while I stand by the decision to trade him, I miss him.  I hope he has a great career.

The bottom row were all new to me.  I never came close to getting the Bunt cards, which I don't think I've even seen on shelves, so these were all new, and I like them all.  The design isn't too bad to be honest, If I found a few packs I would maybe get some.  I'm not into digital cards, but these physical Bunt cards are pretty nice.

So there are some great cards, but those were just icing on the cake.  On top of that, I got an extra helping of dessert.  These next two are beyond amazing.

An autograph card of Orlando Calixte made me really excited.  Sure he may not be a household name, but I really was happy to see this card. 

The Melky Cabrera card is equally great.  I never got the concept of the mini encased inside a regular sized card, but with the black border it works pretty well.  Melky wasn't in KC too long, so it is cool to get a relic like this.

So thank you Collector's Crack for the amazing cards, and if you aren't checking out his blog, you are really missing out.

Since this isn't a super long post I'll show a card I also recently got from Listia.  I haven't been too active on there lately since my credits are depleted, but if I find good deals I bid.  I did on this one and nobody else bid, so I won.

I wasn't as caught up in the Stadium Club craze like many collectors were, but I do admit they are nice cards.  I have a small collection of Kolten Wong cards, so when I saw this I thought I'd bid.  At worst I'd lose, and at best I'd have a new card in my collection.  I won, and I can soon add it to the binder of players I collect.  My desk is getting piled up with cards I need to put in their correct places, but I don't like adding one or two cards to 15 different binders, so I let them pile up a bit.

So that wraps it up for tonight.  Thank you so much for reading, and I hope everyone has a great night.  I was happy with myself as I spent the afternoon cleaning my storage unit somewhat and now I have some room to move some more stuff in there.  I'm glad I did since with the holidays coming I'll probably need more room at the apartment.  So hopefully I can get a bit more done before it gets too cold.  Now that I'm done with that for the night, I can catch up on some Black Friday ads, most the big ones are out, but I'm hoping to catch the Menards ad soon.  I don't have much of a want list but I still like looking at the ads.


  1. Not a bad group of prizes for being runner up - that Archer is particularly nice!