Thursday, November 3, 2016


What Else Needs To Be Said

I heard some type of sporting event was last night.  I can't imagine what it was.  The biggest event in the world concluded at around 6 AM eastern time yesterday, so I have no idea what happened last night.

At 6 AM the World Series.... OF POKER wrapped up, ending a marathon event lasting about 9 hours or so.  I had no idea it was on but when I did I caught the last hour and a half.

I was tired all day since I was up at 3 AM, but I'm no dummy, I know last night was the final game of the 2016 baseball season.  I watched almost every minute of it.  I only missed the bottom of the ninth which wasn't by choice as my feed on my TV went out due to storms, but luckily it came back halfway through the rain delay.

I'm would have been happy for either team winning, but I was rooting for the Cubs.  With that being said, I don't have a lot to add, but I thought today would be a good day for my readers to check out other blogs.  I like to spread the word on blogs to check out, and while the majority of my readers know of these blogs, maybe one slipped through the cracks, or maybe a twitter or facebook reader may check it out and its a chance for them to see other blogs.

So with that in mind, here's a few blogs talking about the game and the Cubs that are well worth reading:

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The bottom ones are related to the game.  Indians Baseball Cards is a final edition which is sad though.  Collector's Crack is the results of his contest he holds yearly, and spoiler alert- I won a prize.

So I think that is plenty of reading, for one night.  Though I do have some cards to show off thanks to Trading Card Database.  Here is some 2016 cards of MVP Ben Zobrist who I fell in love with when he became a Royal last year.  I am so proud of him winning back to back titles.

So before I wrap it up, I thought I would post a video someone tweeted on twitter before the game last night.  It is a clip from the 1980's show Punky Brewster.  On the episode Punky and Henry go to a Chicago Cubs playoff game.  It was fun to watch and really got me in the mood for the game.

So thanks MLB, and all the teams that made the 2016 season great and memorable.  I hope for a repeat next year, but maybe with the Royals winning again.  Also thank you to all the great bloggers out there who add so much more to the sports and my enjoyment I get out of them.  I enjoy reading them and when I remember or lack of ideas I love spreading the good word.

Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great night!


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Tony Burbs
11/4/16, 8:28 AM delete

Hey, thanks for the shout out! I cannot believe how well the signing of Zobrist turned out - not that I didn't think he was a good fit, but I didn't predict World Series MVP!

11/4/16, 10:55 AM delete

I think I would have been mad if he signed with any other team, but I was happy for him. Kansas City fans were and still are behind him 100%. I didn't expect him to be the MVP, but I knew he would have made whatever team he was with better.