Saturday, July 30, 2016

Big Bag O'Cards- Saturday Randomness

Earlier today I realized I unplugged my scanner earlier this week because I kept hearing a noise and tried to figure out what it was.  I've tried for over a year honestly, but it finally bugged me so much I looked for the source.  At first I read it could be the heat on the roof causing the noise which seemed legit because I don't notice it as much in the winter months, but one night I couldn't sleep because of it and it wasn't real hot and it also was rainy that day.  So my second guess was maybe bugs or something (maybe bees) were inside the wall.  It seemed plausible but I still didn't think that was it.  I always had an inkling it was the plug in itself, but I never did anything about it because my desktop and all the components as well as the scanner and something else was plugged in.  I finally had enough and realized I hadn't used the desktop in a few weeks and all that I used recently was the scanner, so I decided enough was enough and I unplugged everything from the outlet.  About 30 minutes later the noise subsided and since then I haven't heard it (I thought I did last night, but that could have been a tree limb about to fall that is close to the window).  So now I'm a bit cautious to use the outlet because I'm not sure if something will happen, but I might try it again in a couple weeks when I use my desktop again.  In the meantime, I'll find another outlet for the scanner, but I can do that tomorrow.  I might be over cautious but a few years ago I had an outlet at our old house catch fire at about 4 AM right as I was about to go to sleep.  I was the only one in the house and if it started 15 minutes later I would have likely slept through it and that scares the hell out of me because the outlet was 20 feet from me at most.  Luckily, I had the lights all out and noticed it was bright near the outlet and was able to unplug everything before it really did anything.  There were flames though, so I'm just glad I noticed it when I did.

At any rate, today is the last batch of scans I did before I unplugged the scanner, so it is mostly baseball cards, but a few others thrown in as well.  Once I finish this I might go ahead and scan more so I'll be ready for the week ahead.  For now, let's dig in and see what else came in the big bag.

I'll start with randomness. A couple football cards to begin with one of which is Bryan Cox.  I don't remember a lot about him but for some reason I liked him.  I remember him on the Bears though, but did remember he played for the Dolphins.  Next is a guy I never heard of, but its a Summit Edition Score card which I didn't really know what that meant as a kid because I had hardly any of them.  It was nice to pull a Michael Jordan card, even though I'm not his biggest fan.  Though I will admit I never collected a ton of basketball cards, I've never had a lot of Jordan cards.  In fact if I looked them up, I could only remember less then 25 ever, so seeing this one, while not real valuable is still pretty cool.

Next I'll go into the promo/sell/junk/whatever cards.  I guess I'm too late to enter the Worlds Most Valuable Card contest, but it is fun to see things like that.  Equally as fun is seeing the old Topps binder that you could buy.  In one way I wish I would have gotten something like that as a kid, but I never mailed in much of anything (except Kool Aid points, we were big on those), so I'm not sure if I missed out or not.  Today I do points things for Coke and the Missouri Lottery and Kellogg's but its a lot easier.  Just type in codes and earn points to get stuff.  No mailing in necessary, and that works better for me.  I also do the Savings Catcher through Walmart and about to get something from them, but not sure yet.  I was planning on saving up for a Roku, but not sure I really want it now.

Next is a couple checklists.  I've never been big on them, but back in the day, they were pretty vital since you didn't have online checklists.  Now they do seem obsolete, but in a way I'm glad they still make them (or do they, I don't remember the last one I got on a new set in a while).  However these cards do bug me a bit.  Why waste cardboard to put your logo on one side when you could just have a double sided checklist and save a couple cards per set.  If it was because it made the sheets uneven, the add an extra player into the set, or maybe the commissioner like some sets did.  It just seemed pointless to me.  Another thing that bugged me but at the same time I liked was listing the checklists by team.  Sure it helped if you was building team sets, but what about building an entire set?  What if you missed a checklist or two, how was you to know who you was missing?  This is where I give 1991 Fleer some credit (among other sets).  They listed all the team together so not only was it easier to know what cards your team was, but it also made the checklist in order.  I wouldn't mind a current set putting the teams together again like that.  I know for bigger brands like Topps who come out with two series (and an update) that might make it a little harder, but a 400 card set would be fine if they released them all at once.

Lastly is a Super Bowl ticket card from Pro Set (I forget if it was 90 or 91).  I had a few of these as a kid, but this might be only the second one I have now after restarting again.  I think a nice insert set for football cards would be a card with a ticket and a program from each Super Bowl on it.  It could be double sided or make it a 100 card set.  It would be something different (not entirely, but different in terms of the same inserts every year with the same guy 30 times).  This set only reached to about 23 or so, so an updated version of this would be nice.  As for this set, the only one's I'm looking for are the ones the Chiefs were in, Super Bowl I and IV.  I did have IV before I sold off my collection.  If they did make a new version of this, I would go after the Super Bowl Tampa was in and maybe a couple others.  Maybe a cool feature for a new version would have each card having a QR code which would allow you to scan it and pull up a recap of that season and the game itself.  Any chance to show off some history would be fun.  I would like other sports to do this too, NBA, NHL, MLB, even MLB and wrestling.  WWE could show a program from Wrestlemania and a ticket and with a QR code have a detailed recap of the show.  NASCAR could do one showing programs from Daytona 500 or I guess any race, even the final race of the year.  I think Daytona would work the best.  Maybe instead show a program/ticket of the best race of each year.

Nothing here to get me too excited.  I guess its cool to pull a Diamond King, even if it is Tommy Herr.  Somehow they made him look more real than Jack Clark does, so kudos to that (I think).  For whatever reason, as a kid I always liked Chris Bosio.  I never saw him pitch so I assume I had a lot of his cards and figured he was good so I liked him.  The same could almost be said for Ruben Sierra, but I didn't have as many cards of him, but knew he was an all star, so I liked him ok.

I really have nothing else to say about this batch.  1990 Donruss was okay, I liked it better than others, but none of these players made me too excited when I pulled them from the bag.

Another set that never raised my excitement level was 87 Topps.  I don't know from looking at this scan if some were Tiffanys or a newer batch or what but some look different.  As for the players themselves, the selection is a little better than Donruss at least.  I like the Jimmy Key and especially the Jack Morris, but could do without the rest.  Though the Dennis Lamp is tempting to keep.  I remember having a few of him growing up.  I have never heard of Ray Soff before.  Which is odd in itself, but more odd since he was a Cardinal.  I know I was collecting in 1987, but I loved reading baseball history and even after I got internet I would read up on rosters and history, and I don't remember ever seeing his name.  I guess I'll have something to look up when I'm bored next time instead of watching 90's boy band videos (yeah, I kind of did that last week, I wanted to see LFO's Summer Girls video and it resulted in watching a few hours of more cheesy videos and finally a few episodes of the S Club 7 TV show.  I don't regret it but could have used the time more wisely).

The final scan of the night is more 87 Topps.  I will say I was a bit surprised there wasn't more 80s stuff in this bag, but I'm not complaining one bit.  The card of the day has to be the R.J. Reynolds card.  His smile, the team hat, just everything about it makes it great.  I might even have to keep that one.  The Mark Bailey card I can add to my people from Missouri collection as he was born in Springfield and also went to college at Missouri State (then called SMSU- Southwest Missouri State University).  He is a current coach for one of the Astros Minor League teams as he has been for years.  One day I need to start working on that people from Missouri collection.  Maybe I'll work on it soon... or I could watch more 90's music videos.  Maybe I could compromise and do both.  I could sort Ryan Howard cards while I sing Spice Girls.  Now you know why its probably not a good idea I don't post Youtube videos about collecting because I could totally see myself doing that.

Anyways, another day, another Dwight Gooden card.  Not much to really say about the card other than he had some skinny legs.  Overall I'm sure he was skinny overall, but they look really small there.  At this point it seems I've run out of things to say about these cards, so it might be best if I wrap it up.  I'm hoping to see if Ichiro hits 3000 (unless I already missed it), maybe catch the Royals on the radio or find something else to do (no 90's music as I spent a good part of the day listening to a random mix of Rammstein, Joe Diffie, Whitney Houston, and anything in-between, though I can't thing of anything that wouldn't be in-between that aside from Caribbean pan flutes and I haven't seen my CD of that in years, seriously).

Thanks for reading and if I get stuff scanned tonight, I'll have blogs this week, if not, than maybe by Tuesday I'll have a new blog up.  If nothing else, just thoughts on the MLB trade deadline.  I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, and hope the new week is a good one too.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Big Bag O'Cards- Nineties Never Looked So Good

Continuing on through my big bag of cards, and I have to be honest, I still have a lot to scan so I might just wrap it up over the next 3-4 days and maybe revisit it at a later date.  I never intended to show all the cards, but a week into it almost and I'm barely a third way through.  Enough small talk, let's look at today's cards before I randomly fall asleep again, and maybe before Girl Meets World comes on which I hear might be good.

"Not everyone likes how baseball cards are super glossy.  Any suggestions for something outside the box?"
"How about making think cards that feel like sandpaper?"
-Fleer card company sometime in late 1995

To be fair, I really like the idea of these cards and how they weren't glossy.  I just think I wouldn't have made it my flagship set for a brand.  It was too much of a risk and if it would have taken off, they could have made it its own set or even transferred it to its flagship set.  If it flopped, then it could be forgotten.  It appears it flopped, as I don't think it returned the next year.

This wasn't a bad bunch of cards, and it really was a set I would work on at some point, but the only card that really interests me right now is the Brent Mayne card.  It may be a Mets card, but he was Once Royal and that is good enough for me.  I really didn't remember him being on the Mets, or any other team for that matter, so it was a little surprising to see.

Here is some more of the Fleer cards, and it wasn't until I pulled the first batch off the scanner that I noticed these were actually from the Update series, which I don't remember having any of them.  I did have quite a few of the regular set, but none of Update which might explain why I don't remember Mayne on the Mets.  Nothing else about these cards really are different from the main set.  Some more solid names here the biggest being Jimmy Key and Henry Rodriguez.  In fact I think the Key card is pretty solid.  I don't care much for blurred background, but combined with the rough feel of these cards it works.

Let's head to the early 90's and just look at these names.  Juan Gone? Nolan's Punching Bag? Bloody Sock? Gibby? Brunny (I guess someone might have called him that), and a guy named Belcher.  Such a solid group of guys.  I know for sure that I'm keeping the Schilling and the Gibson, but beyond that, I don't know.  I have nothing against any of these guys but as my collection expands with Royals and PC guys, its tougher to keep guys that don't make either list.  Juan Gonzalez is a fringe PC candidate so I might hold on to it, and the Smoltz card I kind of like, so I might hold on too.  The others are nice but I really need to thin it out some.  I just need to get started doing that and it should get easier.

While most people liked Stadium Club at this time, I preferred these cards more.  Maybe it was because they were cheaper or they were more readily available, but I just liked them more.  This batch also includes a Once Royal in Storm Davis, but the star power isn't near as good.  That isn't to say that Steve Finley, Rod Beck and Mike Bielecki weren't good, they were.  I would take those other guys above first though.

I've stated many times on here that 1994 had some of my favorite sets and besides the Score set, the Collector's Choice set was my favorite.  I liked the pinstripes on the border, the little logo on the corner, and the Collector's Choice logo itself wasn't too big itself.  The border itself wasn't too big either so a picture actually took up most of the front.  The only downside was I don't think it listed complete stats on the back, but I'm okay with that as it did have a blurb about them and they filled up the space.  This batch of cards had some good cards like another Mark Whiten (I might need to start a PC just based on this bag), Darren Daulton, Mitch Williams, and Dwight Gooden.  My favorite in this batch in years past might have been Mitch's card, but it seems most of his cards featured him post pitch so they are all the same.  I think now my favorite is the Whiten card as it shows disgust from likely being thrown out at second which isn't a photo you see too often on a card.

Another Royals card, but I'm positive I have this one, so it isn't a big deal, but still nice to get another Royals card in the batch.  Not a lot to say about this batch, but I do notice Tom Candiotti in a pregame batting practice which is different, and I forgot how much I liked the Pirates uniforms in the 90's.  Brian Hunter really matched those Nike's with his jersey which is cool.

The last scan of the nice is a big bunch of cards.  I just realized I had cards of Dr. Dirt AND Mr. Clean from the same set as I got Lenny Dykstra here.  I also got a Kenny Lofton on back to back days.  Overall not a bad bunch of cards.  I know I said earlier I need to thin my cards out, and I have no real desire for complete sets (besides team sets that is), but I could see myself going after this set at some point.  Maybe by the time I do I can buy a whole set for like a buck.

So that wraps it up for tonight, I had fun going through these, but it has depleted what I scanned so far, so that means I should be scanning tomorrow.  Like I said I will likely only do a couple more posts on this bag, but if I wanted I could probably stretch it another week or two.  I don't plan to as I have other stuff to show as well.  I hope the first week or two is heavy with posts as the middle part of August I might take a short break as I try to finish a redesign of the site.  August will be two years I've had a blog, and I feel a change is in order and it makes a good time to do it.   At this rate I have seemed to get back on track on surpassing my total posts from last year, so I hope I keep up.  I hope to be getting back to my theme of Royals cards soon as well, but I won't stop showing other cards as I still enjoy showing off other cards.  If I thought longer about a name for my blog I might not have pigeon-holed myself into focusing just on Royals, but I don't plan on changing it now.  It's not like there is a law stating that's all I need to show.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed these posts lately.  I hope to post a couple more posts this weekend, but if for some reason I don't, I hope everyone has a good one.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Big Bag O'Cards- Feeling A Bit Blue

Continuing one with my big bag of cards I got from my sister, today we begin with cards that aren't complete sets, and not all Cardinals.  The title might make it seem I'm a bit saddened by this, but don't fret- the theme for today is blue border cards.

What bag of cards would be complete without some late 80's goodness?  I never had a problem with 1988 Donruss, so seeing these wasn't a big issue for me.  Not to mention the names I pulled, while not Hall of Famers, were a who's who of players from the time.  I always liked Jamie Moyer and wish he got to pitch another year or two in the majors, but he lasted until 2012, and didn't officially retire until the end of 2013, so he isn't even considered for the hall of fame for another year or two.  I don't think he'll get in, but pitching for 25 years in the majors is nothing to scoff at.  According to Wikipedia (its later than I though and that's the source I'm using) he's one of 29 players to play in four different decades.  Not too shabby.

Also in this bunch is a couple more pitchers who I enjoyed, Jack McDowell (a rated rookie at that), and Todd Stottlemyre.  I guess from the looks of it, I was more of a fan of pitchers than batters.  It explains why I'm more of a 1-0 game than a 8-7 game (which you would think would be the case since I'm HomeRunPhil on Twitter).

Another good card to grab was the Gregg Jefferies.  He was once a Royal, but this predates that era.  Overall these were nice cards to look through.  I remember one year for Halloween I was given some of these cards at an event, but I forgot what it was.  I just remember getting the 88 Donruss cards, but only a couple.  I have no idea who they were, and to be honest it didn't have a huge impact on me, but it could be why I show a little bit of affection for these cards.

I was many years later that I first saw Leaf cards.  When I did I thought it was odd they had the same design as Donruss, but I was okay with it.  It wasn't until I turned the card around and noticed some of it written in French, that it made me like these cards more.  I'm not sure why seeing cards written in a foreign language makes me like the card more, but I guess its just like hearing someone speaking French that grabs my attention.

Speaking of grabbing my attention- the Lou Whitaker really caught my eye.  It may be a little worse for wear, but finding a Sweet Lou card not in my collection is a nice grab any day.  I have an unusual amount of Tigers players in my PC, but I have never liked the team, go figure.  Though I would be hard pressed to find a duo I liked more than Whitaker and Alan Trammel.  Sure A-Rod and Jeter make a great pair, but something about Lou and Alan that I liked.  This card was possibly be showcased in my Whitaker PC, unless I have an older one that is.

So with some older cards out of the way, how about some newer ones?  Well don't get too excited, we're only going ahead about 6 years.

When I saw a couple of these, I was really happy.  It isn't because I had a lot as a kid, its actually the opposite.  These are 1995 cards, and I believe 1994 was my peak year, and by 1995 I was starting to slide out of the game a bit.  Partly because I was getting older and busier, but also because by then I didn't have many friends on the playground to trade with (most had given up by then, I still had my share of friends).

Possibly my favorite card of the entire bag is the Jose Valentin card.  He's just lounging on a fence.  I presume it's more like an infield rake, but at any rate just the laid back attitude of Jose in the photo combined with an outside the box idea for a card equates to a solid card.  A close (but not real close) second favorite is the Craig Biggio.  I always liked Biggio, but I never was a big fan like a lot of people seemed to be.  The photo selection in this set was pretty interesting.  I wouldn't mind seeing more like these in future sets.  Maybe just make it an insert set since 18,545 inserts doesn't seem enough to card companies.

The Jeff Montgomery card is one I didn't have, at least I don't think I did, so it was nice to get a card for my collection.  Being in St. Louis, I really didn't expect any Royals cards.  I think the border matches well with the jerseys KC wore at the time.

The hard hittin' Mark Whiten.  I always liked him, so it was cool to find a card of his, especially as a Cardinal.  I believe I saw Rusty Greer play in his rookie year, so that is another card I was happy to see in this bunch.

You have to love the Doug Drebek card for no other reason than the headband.  I have no idea why, but for some reason I've been thinking about getting a headband recently.  Maybe I will check some out on ebay.  I'm not even sure what kind to get or if I want a plain one.  Maybe that's a future blog post.

Bottom row has a nice card of Mark Grace.  I don't know why, but I like the Cubs pinstripes more than the Yankees.  I even place it higher than the Mets.  Closing out this batch is another Cardinal, this time Bob Tewksbury.  I remember having a lot of his cards, but I can't remember every seeing him pitch.  I always liked getting his cards, so I should add this to my collection.

Here is some more cards from this blue bordered set, with some good names.  Lee Smith, Dennis Martinez, Will Clark, all names from my childhood.  More too like Steve Avery, Robin Ventura, Kenny Loften, and Ken Caminiti.  It's weird thinking back at how they were STARS at the time, but now it seems most of today's fan's wouldn't know most of them.  I think about that sometimes and think about current guys and how they'll be thought of 20 years from now.  I was just thinking about Matt Kemp and how he was such a big name, and not even 5 years later he more or less fell off the map.  Hopefully in 20 years, players on the Royals like Moose, Hosmer, Cain, and Salvy are remembered, but at times I'm curious if fans outside of Royals fans know who they are.  Thankfully most made the all star team the last couple years so that allowed their name to get out there.

Last scan of the day features a Royal!  David Cone is severely misrepresented in my collection and hopefully in the next year or two I correct that.  I have a good feeling I didn't have this card, so it will be easy to add to what I have now.  That reminds me I need to update my lists soon.  I haven't added a lot lately, but I don't want to fall too far behind.

More names from the 90's including John Franco, Trevor Hoffman, and Pedro Martinez (who will forever look out of place to me in any uniform other than the Red Sox, though I do remember him as an Expo).  Just imagine if the Expos kept Randy Johnson and also had Pedro?  The Expos could have been a serious threat.  Many thought they could have won the World Series in 1994.  It's a shame we never got to find out, and a bigger shame if they could have as it might have been enough for them to stay in Canada years later.

The last two cards brought back a lot of memories.  I'm not a big Deion Sanders fan, I admit.  However it always seemed like when I'd mention baseball (or football) cards to my friends who weren't avid collectors (they kind that just have a few in a shoebox or something), they always had a Deion Sanders card.  One friend even had a rookie card of his he seemed proud of.  He wasn't even a big sports fan, but Deion being a multisport player did seem to transcend sports at the time so almost everyone knew him.  Seeing this card did bring back memories to that as well as thoughts of as a kid thinking "how could he be on a team like Dallas in football, but stuck on a team like the Reds in baseball?"  After he retired and became a commentator, I liked him a little more, but I still won't say I'm a huge fan of his.

The last card reminds me of another time talking baseball cards with a friend.  It is quite possible this is the same card (not the exact card, but the same year/brand) that I had as a kid that involves one of the worst decisions I ever made pertaining to cards.

I was hanging out with a friend and I had some cards.  I remember two of them in particular.  One was Alex Gonzalez, the other was Alex Rodriguez.  At the time I thought I knew a lot about every player in the majors, when in reality, I only knew what ESPN fed me and an occasional newspaper.  Anyways, I had two cards both of guys named Alex.  Being a nice guy, I decided I would give one of the cards to my friend and I would keep one.  I of course would keep the guy who would become a big star, and the other one which my friend got would probably make it to the majors and fizzle out within a couple years, but still, I'm the nice guy because I gave a card away.

Well, it turns out that I kept the guy who I remember telling my friend at the time has a lot of potential and will be the bigger star, but your guy I think will do okay too.  Yes, you know where this goes.  I kept the Alex Gonzalez and gave my friend a nice Alex Rodriguez card which I believe was a rookie card.  Looking back, I don't even get mad at what I did, I just laugh at my poor judgement.  By the time I sold my collection in the early 2000's, I had both cards, but it isn't until now that I got one of them back.  How fitting it was that the Alex Gonzalez would be the first one back in my hands.  Now I should look for the A-Rod.  I started a PC of him, I hear he's pretty good, but sometimes gets in trouble for taking medicine that isn't allowed, lol.

So that wraps it up for today.  I am finishing this up on Thursday, but a funny thing happened on Wednesday that prevented this from being posted as I originally planned.  I FELL ASLEEP!  That's right, I fell asleep in the middle of writing this post and when I woke up 6 hours later, it was still open on my laptop.  I could have finished it then, but I held off.   I really wanted to post it last night, but I'm not mad I got my best night's sleep in a long time.  I spent yesterday looking around the Midway Antique Mall, and should have a post or two on that next week and when I got home I was tired and hot, so I guess I just conked out.  At any rate, I'm better rested now, and hope to have posts each day for the rest of the month.  Thanks for reading, and OH, I also got a really cool card yesterday, which I will also show next week too.  I already posted it on twitter, but I'll talk about it next week.  Anyways, thanks for reading and have a great night.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Big Bag O'Cards- I Wanna Sets You Up

Running late with tonights post thanks to playing some Xbox 360, so let's dig into the Big Bag O'Cards and find some more cards I got, specifically a couple more complete sets.

At first glance I thought these were cards that came from the regular Topps set as they were mixed in with other cards that came from the set.  This wasn't my favorite design from Topps in recent memory, but hey, getting a near complete set is never a bad thing.  I was happy to get the Beltran and Freese cards, and can't really complain about the Carpenter and Schumaker cards either.

Another day, another Fredbird sighting.  Throw in a Wainwright and a Garcia and this is a real deal set.  I like the variety of the jerseys they picked for the photos.   Also happy Jaime didn't decide to carve up that throwback jersey.

So I counted 16 cards and figured it was most of the set.  So I went to Trading Card Database to see if I had them all and to my surprise I was only missing one card.  Card number 17 to be exact.  So what is card 17?

A nice card showing off Busch Stadium.  I will have to look for this card.  Aside from finishing the set, its a nice photo with a nice background shot of the St. Louis Arch.  I know I give the Cardinals a lot of crap, but what is surprising is that I live about 150 miles away from St. Louis and have never been to Busch Stadium.  Not the new one, or not even the old one.  When my sister had cancer treatment in St. Louis, we were about a mile or two from the Stadium, but we never went to a game.  She said she would have liked to but it took a lot out of her the treatments did.  She was a big Cardinals fan, so it would have been nice to have gone to at least one game.  Her treatments also coincided with their playoff run as well as the World Series run, so it was good to see how the local media covered the events and hearing the people in the hotel react to the games.

Here is the back of the card I don't have, thanks to TCDB for the scan.  Not much is different from the Topps base cards but it is numbered differently.  I might have to make a trek to St. Louis and watch a game.

This next set is a whole other sport.  I mean that literally.

I like black border cards, however I'm not a big fan of it being mixed with foil lettering because it doesn't show well.  The odd thing is that the base set didn't have black borders, so I don't know if this is a special set, or what. 

My mom is a big fan of the Packers, and I'm a bit surprised to see a full team set of a Wisconsin team in a bag of cards from St. Louis.  Especially when the Rams were still around and not too bad.  Then again, the Packers have fans everywhere so it shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Looking now and I guess I didn't get a complete team set.  Though I'm not too upset.  I did get Aaron Rodgers and A.J. Hawk so I can't complain too much.  I admit I didn't check to see who many was in the team set, but I still got a good amount of them.  This bag didn't have a ton of non-baseball cards, so them have a majority of them being one team not from Missouri is a surprise.

I did have more planned for tonight but I'm distracted a bit right now and no more sets that almost done and since I started late, I'll wrap it up for now.  Thanks for reading, and there is still plenty more to show from the Big Bag, so stay tuned for more.  Have a great night.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Big Bag O'Cards- Let's Talk About Sets Baby!

So today begins what will likely take a few days to sort through and post, and I'm still not finished scanning cards yet (more because of laziness on my part).  However, the cards I show today are parts of sets that I got from this big bag of cards my sister bought me a while back.  For a refresher, here is what the cards looked like before I dug in.

Not bad for 6 bucks.  So let's begin.  We start with a set that I don't see much, but when I do my interest is pretty high.  They may not be Royals cards, but when I find team sets like these of any team, I will spend time looking at them.

You can never go wrong with Kansas City Life sets.  Sure they may be oversize and thin card stock, but they remind me of being a kid again.  Oddly enough, I don't remember having any of these as a kid.  Anyways, I checked to see how many was in the set, and while there were quite a few doubles, there were some omissions.  I figured since these were somebodies collection they probably kept the good ones and got rid of the rest.

I would be wrong.  The biggest omission I saw was the Yadier Molina.  Out of I think 27 cards, I ended up with 23, and probably another 15 or so doubles, and even a couple triples.  My biggest surprise was seeing the Albert Pujols, as I am still a fan of his, and I can add it to my PC I have of his.  The question now is do I try to finish the set, or piece it out (i.e. move the Pujols to the PC).  I think I want to finish it, so that means the extra AP card might not go to my friend like I originally planned.  However, I do have a bonus Fredbird, so that will be his.

Among other big names were Tony LaRussa, Jim Edmonds, Jason Isringhausen, and Skip Schumaker (well, he was big at the time in St. Louis).  Also is Adam Wainwright, a name you might want to remember this week, as this is nowhere near the last we hear of him.  Lastly, while he might not have made it big, I was a big fan of So Taguchi, so I was happy to see a card of his.  I don't know what it was, but I always liked him.

Here is the rest of the cards, among them include Preston Wilson (who I forgot was a Cardinal), Adam Kennedy (who I always confuse with Josh Hancock), Aaron Miles (who I don't confuse with anybody, mainly because I only remember his name), Chris Duncan (who I remember because he doesn't have a girl's name like his brother Shelley), David Eckstein (who I remember as being like 4 foot tall), and the other guys who I don't remember or can't think of anything they did in a Cardinals uniform.  I do like the black cap that Anthony Reyes is sporting though.

Here is the remainder of the cards I have from the set and also the back of the LaRussa card showing the complete set.  I think the four I'm missing is Yadi, Kip Wells, Scott Rolen, and Braden Looper.  I really think if I searched hard enough I could find them.  This batch includes Chris Carpenter (not to be confused with former Cardinals pitcher Cris Carpenter), Mark Mulder (who to my knowledge never called a game with Vin Scully), Josh Hancock (who is the pitcher that was killed in 2007 after it was determined he was texting while drive and also under the influence and nearly double the legal limit of alcohol in his system, which was he second wreck in three days), Juan Encarnacion (who I liked just because I liked saying his name), and the rest.  I remember seeing Flores, Thompson, and Johnson pitching on TV with the Cards, but none of their appearances stand out.  I do seem to remember that a lot of Cards fans I knew weren't too fond of Flores though.

So one near complete set and an oddball at that, its possible I would have paid two or three bucks for them alone, so for a six buck bag, I'm almost halfway paid for and not even 10% of the way through yet.

After this set, I found another set, that after further inspection, WAS a complete set.

I loved the design of these Topps cards, but never had the World Series cards as shown.  When I first saw these I didn't expect a complete set, but once I put them in order, I saw what I had.  Of course just having the Pujols and David Freese cards were enough for me, but I'll take the whole set.  No doubles this time around, but still a good grab.  I remember the 2011 Series, and how much hate I got for it. At the time Ian Kinsler was a Texas Ranger and being a Mizzou alum, I fully supported him.  So I must have been about the only person in Mid Missouri rooting for the Rangers to win.  The bonus for me was having a plastic helmet that I bought at a Royals game in 1994 of the Rangers.  It was a full size one (but not like a authentic, more of a cheap version).  I bought it back then I think on a dare from a friend because the Royals played the Rangers that day.  Anyways nearly 20 years later I got to put the helmet to good use and wore it and even made it my profile pic on Facebook throughout the series.  I got a lot of crap for it when the Cardinals won, and while I really wanted Texas to win, I was just happy it was a good series.  It was during the height of my days of hating the Cardinals, since then, I've softened up quite a bit.

Here are some more cards, the highlight to me is the Jaime Garcia.  I've always been a fan of his, and while I don't have a PC started for him, I do have a few of his cards.  I remember some of my friends liking Fernando Salas quite a bit, and they loved Chris Carpenter.  They also grew to love Allen Craig too, though I bet not too many would card if he came back to the Cardinals now.  To this day, I still have trouble pronouncing Ryan Theriot's name, as I always want to make the "TH" sound to pronounce it and it throws me off.  Oh well, I shouldn't have to worry too much pronouncing it now, its not like I see his name everyday.

Here is the rest of the cards, including the actual World Series games themselves.  I must admit even though I rooted against them, I do like the last card quite a bit.  I also like the Schumaker on his knees making the throw.

Oops, I forgot these last three.  I remember during the Series even though I was Rangers all the way, I still would makes comments about how my relative was doing a great job in the Series.  It got to a point where some people even believed me.  David Freese is not my relative, as far as I know at least, as we spell our names different and my name is pronounced harder (mine rhymes with cease, not breeze).  I do know a few people around here that do have the same spelling as his name, so they could be related.  I really wished he would have made a bigger splash in the major's after this series, but I'm sure he was just happy being in the spotlight like he was for this Series.

So I'll stop there for tonight's post, one complete set, and another near complete set, I'm off to a great start.  When I say start, I haven't even scratched the surface of what is in the bag.  While these may bet some of the best of the best, I promise I still have some great cards to showcase.  Tomorrow will feature another near complete set, as well as another complete set, though this time it isn't the Cardinals.  It's not even baseball.  Think more along the lines of one of the biggest sports franchises in NFL history.  Beyond that, I'll have a few more scans to show, and then I'll need to scan more stuff.  I'm sure if I really wanted to, I could stretch this out two weeks, but I think one will be enough.  At the very least, I hope to have 5 straight days of posts, and might have 7.   By then I will have some other stuff to show off and I'll be looking at if I have a legitimate chance of surpassing last years post count.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this.  I know its weird seeing so many Cardinals cards on a Royals blog, but I expected as much since these came from St. Louis.  I do have a few Royals though, so I wasn't completely shut out.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

DTP- Dollar Tree Packs From My Sister

Yesterday I posted a blog showing a big bag of cards my sister got me, but also mentioned some Dollar Store packs.  Today I thought I would show them off.  Partly because it will be a simpler post, and partly is because I'm still scanning the big bag of cards.  So let's see the DTP- Dollar Tree Packs.

As I mentioned yesterday, my sister wanted to look at the cards first and hey, she bought them, so I'm more than okay with her going through them.   I think she actually enjoyed it, and while I don't think it will get her to become a collector, who knows, maybe her daughters might get an itch to start collecting and she'll know the thrill of opening the packs can be.  Also it would mean their uncle will be able to find some cards for them.

Anyways, lets look at some cards.

Doug Men... oops, I mean Maink... oops, let me try one more time, Mient... I give up.  He once played for the Royals, I believe he was teammates with Mark Grudzielank (hey, I think I spelled that one right) while they were both in KC.  Anywho, I can add Doug M. (that's easier) to my Once Royal collection.  I'll have to check to see if I have the Bill Pecota, but I'm pretty sure I do.  It's still an interesting card, but could have summed up many seasons for the Royals between 1986 and 2013.  Next is Batman's brother, Gary Wayne.  At least that's what my sources tell me, but they aren't reliable sources.  Following Mr. Wayne is Charlie Hough.  He looked like he was 90 about 8 years before he retired, but I always liked him though I don't remember him ever playing, I just remember him from my baseball cards.

Second row starts with Paul Konerko.  I didn't care for the font of the players name on the Ultra card, but overall I did like the card.  It was one I wouldn't mind getting more of.  Next is a Classic card of Cecil Espy.  I think this is from their game series of cards, but Classic seemed to have 600 sets so its anyone's guess.  At least Classic didn't have subsets and all that, so I didn't oppose it much, but I never had any aside from the minor league cards.

"Hey ladies, you ever hook up with a baseball player before?" That's the vibe I got from the Matt Young card.  I liked the 1987 Fleer set though, in fact I placed it a lot higher than a lot of their other sets.  Lastly in this batch is a Fleer Tradition of Mark Loretta.  I liked the Fleer Tradition cards a lot as they felt more cardboard than most other cards produced at the time.  Some may not be fans of the blank background, but at least its not a floating head, so there's that.

A trio of Cardinals starts the rest of the pack.  Pedro Guerrero was really the only one that I remember seeing play on the Cardinals.  I remember Milt Thompson being on the team, but don't really remember him playing.  Same with Curt Ford.  The 1991 Donruss set I liked better, but for a team like the Cardinals the red border of the 1990 cards work better. 

On the bottom is a card I don't remember. The Fleer Tradition Team Photo card of the Indians was really glossy, I don't know if I ever had a glossy Tradition card.  It was really weird, but I do like it.  I will have to find more of them.  It could be a nice little set of team photos to gather.  Next to it is a Bowman card of the Carlos Quentin.  The card is very unimpressive to me, but it isn't a terrible set.  Something I realized the other day though is this.  I notice not many people call the team the Diamondbacks anymore, most just call them D-Backs.  Not even online, but in general.  It's not like Tampa, who grew tired of being Devil Rays, and shortened it to Rays (which is a dumb name, but they should have realized Devil Rays probably wouldn't have stuck in the first place), they just say the D-Backs as its their official name.  It bugs me not because I like the name Diamondbacks, though I think its pretty cool.  I don't like the shortened name because it almost sounds like D-Bags, and that isn't a name I would like to associate to a professional sports team unless they truly deserved it.  I understand that its shorter to say, but they (like Tampa) should have realized when coming up with a name, that just like naming a child, it sticks around for the life of the team.  If they wanted something shorter, they should have thought of that in the naming process.  Also if the Rays wanted to shorten their name, why not drop the BAY from Tampa and be the Tampa Devil Rays?  That sounds a lot cooler than the Tampa Bay Rays.  Maybe instead of worrying about their team name they could find a way to fix their horrible looking field.

Okay, enough ranting, but anytime I get to take a jab at the field in Tampa, I'll take it.  As for this pack, it had some good cards, but lacked a bit on Star Power.  Still, it was 20 cards, so it was a good deal.  On to pack two.

I'm not sure where to begin on this pack.  I through the Wade Taylor card in to balance 4 cards to a row.  Jim Leyland looks odd without a tobacco product in his hand (I mean it was the 80's it was still allowed), but I do like the manager cards.  My favorite card of the pack is the Todd Worrell card.  It seems Fleer hit a home run in 1987 with their designs.  I'm not sure where the wheels fell off, but it was before 1991 I know that much.  The top row concludes with a Once Royal of Pat Sheridan.  I'm not a big fan of the wood grain set from Topps, so if I find another card of Sheridan I might swap it out, but for now it stays.

Bottom row isn't much better, but I do like Jose Oquendo, so that was a nice get.  I always thought he was underrated.  I don't know Tim Hummel, but getting a Chrome Prospect card of him was kinda cool.  Finally I was going to make a Robin Leach joke, but after I scanned it noticed it was Lerch, not Leach.  So much for champagne wishes and caviar dreams.  That last line will cement my blog legacy as if I'm just a pop culture nerd, or just old.  Anyone younger than me may not get it, but hopefully some will.  I guess I could have done an Addams Family connection in there with Lerch, but nothing rang in my head.  Oh well.

Pack one lacked Star Power.  Pack two delivers with a lethal combination of Reggie Jackson and Mike Schmidt. That is really a pack saving card right there.  I was pleasantly pleased with pulling this one.  Next to it is a Mark Langston card my sister liked.  She liked those types of cards.  I liked it too as I always liked Mark Langston.  That's a nice shot of his jersey representing the Identity Crisis Angels From The State Of California Situated In The Metropolitan Area Of Los Angeles.... or whatever they want to be called anymore.  It was much simpler when they were the California Angels and didn't need two city names in their title.  Plus we got a baseball movie out of it with Tony Danza, Danny Glover, and Christopher Lloyd.  Those were fun times.

Bottom row also shows a fun time with a team I wish was still around, the Montreal Expos.  I will say though, I like the Nationals in Washington, so maybe if Montreal gets a team again, it can be the Rays.  They seem to like changing their name, and wherever they decide to play in Canada surely will look better than the field they have in Tampa.  TWO REFERENCES TO THE CRAPPY FIELD IN TAMPA! I JUST SET A NEW PERSONAL BEST!  NOW I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOOT FOR!  Sorry, I like to humor myself a bit while I type this.  I have no pre-planned thoughts before writing these, so I usually just write what comes to mind.

Lastly is the backside of the Oquendo I showed in the previous scan.  If this was a 2016 card, this would be a rare short print 1/1 or something equally stupid.  That looks like a gum stain to me, and some genius at Topps thought they should replicate it on current cards.  For some foolish reason, some collector's ate it up and I have to really question their collecting goals if they desire such cards.  Sorry if I offended any of you, but that has to be one of the worst gimmicks in recent memory, aside from pulling tabs on cards to see if you win something.  So ruining perfectly fine cards to risk getting another card.  Man, this hobby sure has changed.

As for this pack.  On the Langston and the Reggie/Schmidt cards alone this pack was worth it, not to mention the Worrell and Oquendo cards.  This one was a great pack.

The next pack was an all sports pack, it also had 30 cards instead of 20.  I usually strike out on them, but lately don't see them much so I never get them.  Let's see how these pan out.

Okay, this was a good pack.  Just for the Brett Favre card that I can add to my PC, it was worth it.  However, the Bob Johnson and Charlie Grimm cards also make this a better than great pack.  If it was only these 4 cards, it was worth the buck.  I'm not big on NBA but I do know of Cuttino Mobley and I like this design, so it holds its own against these other cards in this scan.

Aw man, here's where I could have used a Robin Leach reference, but I wasted it earlier.  Dangit!  Two hockey cards ins't bad for one of these packs, sometimes I don't even get one.  I'm fine with that since I don't really collect much hockey, but they were nice to see.  I like the Jerome Williams card, I think I saw a similar one on Trading Card Database not long ago as the card of the day.  It's not a bad design, but a bit too much white border on the left side.  I like the Hoops card of Hubert Davis though I don't remember much about him.  Marcus Kennedy I don't think I ever heard of before, so I'm not sure if its a great card to get or not.

Two cards I like are the Team MVP cards of James Worthy and Isiah Thomas.  I'll never come around to being a fan of Isiah, but the card is cool.  Isiah was a good player, I'll never deny that, but he couldn't talk, couldn't coach, couldn't be a GM, and couldn't announce.  Somehow, he managed to be able to do all those things at some point.  I think the one that upset me most was the genius who thought he should announce.  What was worse was he sounded like a dumber version of Madden.  Madden at least explained things, even though they were obvious or could be figured out. Isiah left viewers questioning their sanity.

"Isiah, what did you think of that game winning three pointer at the buzzer for the Bulls?"
"Well, I think they shot the ball from behind the three point line and it allowed them to win the game."

I pulled out my hair just imaging that probably really happened at some point.

As for James Worthy, I always liked him, so I have no complaints with him, and it is a nice card.  My favorite of the non baseball cards though is the Alonzo Mourning Stadium Club card.  It was because of him and Larry Johnson that I became a Charlotte Hornets fan back in the day.  Generally I didn't have a favorite team, but I did like them and Muggsy Bogues so it was as close to liking a team as I got.  When they split them up, I stopped cheering for the Hornets, but always rooted for them.  I was a Miami Heat fan for a bit when Zo played down there, so pulling this card was nice.  I don't think I ever had a non-baseball Stadium Club card, and this one is a lot nicer then the early 90's ones.  So that is nice.

As for baseball stars, I think this one delivered.  I consider Matt Williams and Joe Carter stars though some may not.  I definitely consider Frank Thomas a star, and I'm not sure I have this card of his.  I'm just happy Fleer rebounded so much between 1991 and 1992. The difference in design is night and day.  I was surprised to get an SSPC card, and one of an Expo to boot, and next to him is a Once Royal of John Habyan.

Bottom row aside from Joe Carter, has more stars like Darren Daulton and Doug Drabek.  I don't collect cards of Daulton, but I do have some, this one might be my earliest of him.  I did like him back in the day.  Speaking of liking, I really liked the Score Select design as shown here.  Add to it the very nice uniforms of the Pittsburgh Pirates and its a can't miss card.  It even gets bonus points for the sweet 'stashe that Doug is sporting.

Wrapping up the pack is a Mark Gubicza which I need to see if I have.  I'm actually leaning towards no, so it might be worth the buck for the pack just to get a Royal card I needed.  If not, its still a nice card to have, and possible one I could set aside for a TTM autograph if I ever decided to do some of those.

So without a doubt, that pack was worth a buck.  In total all the cards combined were worth three bucks, with the standouts being the Favre, Worrell, and possibly the Gubicza (if I need it) or the Mourning.

That will wrap it up for tonight, but in case you missed it yesterday (or this morning depending on the time I actually posted it and you read it) I got a big package of cards from my sister who bought them at a Saver's in St. Louis recently, and tomorrow I'll start posting them.

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a great week.

Olympic Size Return

I apologize on here a lot.  I do it for a couple of reasons, one is because I'm a fairly apologetic person.  The other bigger reason though is because I value my readers, and I know what its like to fall in and out of habits.  A habit of a blogger not writing a couple days, sometimes becomes a week, then two, then three, then suddenly its a couple posts every 5-6 months.  A habit of a reader of blogs is similar.  If you don't see a blogger write for a while you either figure they are cutting back, or have given up.  Sometimes they will mention they are busy, but still if you are out of habit of reading a blog for a while, you don't seem to miss them when new ones come along.

Having said all that, I don't know if the analytical data is corrupted on Blogger, but I'm averaging some of my highest readership ever.  This at a time where I haven't wrote in almost a week.  Maybe if I keep my mouth shut I can double the readers, lol.  In all seriousness though, I'm not calling it fake readers, but I know my true viewers and to you all, I owe you a new blog or two.

I am in the process of sorting a big package of cards I got recently, and have been meaning to scan them and post them.  However it seems my sleep pattern tells me the best time to sleep is about the time that I do my blogging.  By the time I wake up, its overnight, and I'm not in the mood to scan, and the process is repeated.  Luckily today, I have so far changed that habit.  I'm also writing this earlier than normal in case it happens again.  I don't like pre writing blogs unless I must, but I have wrote drafts a couple times, and waited to post them.  In those instances, its less than an hour before I post them, so I'm not writing a weeks worth at once.  It make me feel my blog is a bit organic, and gives me a chance to write things happening at the precise moment I am typing them.  That's why you'll see me writing about things like the wrestling draft the other night, or if the Royals win or hit a home run or something.  I have nothing against those who do pre write blogs, because I know people are busy, and its easier, but it just isn't for me.

So enough with my ramblings, lets get to the post, and some scans.

As I mentioned earlier this month, my grandma passed away.  I was asked to be a pallbearer and it was something I've never had been asked to do before.  I didn't mind doing it, but it isn't something you really want to do.  As with most funerals, it was a very somber day, but it was nice seeing so many faces I hadn't seen in a while, too bad it was for an occasion such as this.  After the funeral a couple people mentioned something about a gathering on what would be my grandma's 90th birthday next month, and I hope that happens.

My sister came down for the funeral, and once it ended we took a ride around town, and she mentioned something about going to Savvy Seconds.  She doesn't get to go too often, and I haven't been in a while, so we decided to go.  I wasn't expecting to find anything as my mom just went a couple days earlier and didn't see anything.

But alas, something was there to be found.  Besides a Kerig coffee pod rack (holds the coffee) I found for my mom for 3 bucks (she now has two which are both filled), I found a page of trading cards.  This set me back an additional quarter.  Well, actually my sister spotted me since I didn't have change and didn't want change back.

Here are some Impel Olympic Trading Cards.  I remember Impel from making the 1991 WCW trading cards, and they also made cards for TV shows, but they also made these cards for the 1992 Summer Olympics.  I have seen them before, but never had any.  A quarter was a good price, but to be honest, if I didn't see Jim Courier or Shannon Miller I would have passed.  It's nothing personal against the rest, but I don't remember them.  Well, except for Michael Johnson, him, it was personal, I just never liked him.  I always liked Donovan Bailey more.  I always hated the hype that Johnson got, so whenever he lost I was happy.  I was also happy when Usain Bolt was dubbed the World's Fastest Man because Michael couldn't claim that title any longer.

Here are a few more that were included, and I even got a double of Denise Parker.  I wasn't sure how many cards were in the set, so once I got home I was hopeful I was well on my way of building a set.  Those dreams were dashed when I saw it was like 200 or more cards in the entire set.  That's fine because I didn't really need another set of cards I don't care too much about.  One day I would like to get some more Olympic cards, but just the ones I remember and like.  Each of the Dream Team players got cards, so I might search for them too.  If I see a pack of the 2016 Olympic cards, I might buy one, but I don't expect to, and even then it depends on the price.

The Olympics are about 2 weeks away, and unlike most years, I'm not as excited about it.  I do plan to watch some of it, but if I happen to miss some of it, I won't be too worried.  The only things I'm really interested in are Usain Bolt running (he's not 100% and I hear he's retiring next year), and Mizzou wrestler J'Den Cox.  He won't wrestle until the final days, so I have time to prepare for it.

If those cards weren't enough, there were a few other cards in the page that weren't Olympic.  In fact, they were football.  Again, unless it was someone I collected, I probably would have passed, but these cards alone were worth a quarter I thought, so it made the decision easier.

Now granted, I don't collect many Cowboys cards, but I don't have hardly any Troy Aikman cards, and I might not have ANY Michael Irvin cards, so those were all nice additions.  It's even more surprising in Irvin's case since I used to have a big binder full of Miami Hurricanes players.  The other card is of Steve Bono.  Sure he isn't the most memorable 49er's QB, but he will go into my collection solely on the fact he was also once a Kansas City Chief.

So I think a quarter was a nice deal.  I don't expect to find cards at Savvy Seconds so any time I do find some, I consider getting them.  I just visited again yesterday, and didn't see anything new.  However I was disappointed as I passed on a John Anderson CD and it was gone this time.  I did run into a friend who told me the Midway Antique Mall expanded and the new section is already full of booths.  It's been a while since I've gone, but knew it was open or about to open.  I plan on going there sometime in the next month, so if I do, expect some pictures.

When my sister visited the night before (she also attended my grandma's visitation), she had some stuff she's been holding for me for a while too.  I'll show a bit now, but go in depth in the next few posts.

Shortly after Roddy Piper passed away last year, my sister saw this at a checkout lane at a store. An item I don't collect is lighters, but this was pretty cool.  She's been meaning to bring it for a year now, but finally brought it down.  I CAME HERE TO CHEW BUBBLEGUM AND FLICK MY BIC.... AND I'M ALL OUT OF BUBBLEGUM!  I recently watched on of his final movies, one called The Masked Saint.  He had a small role as a wrestling promoter, and he did a good job.  He didn't really perform as Roddy Piper though, he was a little more subdued, but it worked for his character.  As for the movie, it was a nice clean film that was a religious themed movie about a wrestler who became a pastor.  It was based on a true story, but I read later that unlike the movie, he wasn't a pastor WHILE he was wrestling, he only started after he retired from the ring.  Overall, it was a nice movie, but I think I would have changed a few things in it myself.

In addition to the lighter, she also had some packs of the Dollar Store cards.  She was curious what was inside the packs, so she told me she opened them, but she did wrap them back up, so I will post them tomorrow.

Another package of cards she opened was one that had me excited.  She actually bought two packages, but she admitted she looked at them and combined them.  I was fine with that.

She was in St. Louis recently, and she asked if she should look out for anything.  I couldn't think of anything, so I teased her and said "discount Rams stuff".  She went to two or three stores and struck out on them, but she finally ended up at Savers and found these.  I've heard stories on finding good card deals at Saver's  but honestly forgot there was one in St. Louis.  I've never been, but always wanted to go.

I didn't hear from her until later that evening, and she called and said she found a couple packages of cards, and it was about 5 or 6 bucks total. Again she was curious, so she opened them.  She asked how she should repack them and I told her they could stay in the ziplocks as long as they don't get shuffled around or are rubber banded.  She named a lot of them off and was pretty excited about her findings.  Since this post is a bit long, and I'm still scanning these cards, I'll scatter the results over a few posts.  Let me say this, I'm not surprised at the amount of Cardinals that were included (since it was from St. Louis), but was surprised at what kind of Cardinals cards there were.  The majority is of the junk wax era, but there is some gems in here.  I thought I'd post it to motivate me to finish scanning and to give you a taste of what the next few posts could bring.

That will wrap it up for today, if you're reading this around midnight or later and it was just posted, it means I fell asleep again, but if its around 7 PM Central, it means I stayed awake.  Hopefully I've scanned more cards by then.  I'm tired as it is, but I have the air conditioner blasting since its 100 outside with a heat index of like 112 so I'm keeping cool.  If there is a heat wave in your parts, I hope you stay cool.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Picture Pages- Wrestling Edition

In some sort of revival of a series I started long ago, I'm bringing back picture pages.  Its a feature of showing pages of cards I have.  Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I did ever debut it or not, but I liked the name, so here we start.

Today's post will be short as I'm typing this as I watch Smackdown and the WWE Draft, so why not show some wrestling cards?

These are a few cards from one of my favorite wrestling sets.  I think it came out in 2012.  I liked everything about the set,  and one day I'll try to get more.

Sure they could have used more action shots, but I am okay with the photos they used.  Especially the Kaitlyn, I always liked her.

Even the stickers and the portrait cards turned out nice.  Overall I can't really find one complaint about the set.

Sorry this post is so weak, but I got sidetracked, and didn't want to put off another day of posting so here it is.  I hope to make it up by the end of the week.  I do have some interesting stuff, and I did also scan all these pages so it isn't that much of a wasted post.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.

DANGIT, Raw just drafted Rusev, I wanted him to go to Smackdown, but The Miz is going to Smackdown, and that's AWESOME!