Sunday, July 17, 2016


Untitled Post (Good Thing I Can Edit)

I fell behind today as I didn't sleep last night and ended up sleeping in way too long today.  So without accomplishing much of anything, today's post will be a short one.  I found a couple scans from a recent pack of Opening Day, and that seems good enough.

Here we go.

You can never complain when you pull a Trout card.  This was a good pack on that fact alone, then pulling Hernandez and Dickey makes it better.  It's always good to at least pull one rookie a pack.  I'm not saying its future investments into being rich, but it gives some hope, and if the guy is a success, you can say you remember pulling their rookie from a pack.  I'm not hip on a lot of the current rookies so I'm not sure if Jon Gray will be a megastar, but it would be cool if he was.

I pulled another rookie in Gary Sanchez, and I wish him well too.  I like how his tattoo is showcased, which I bet wasn't exactly planned.  My favorite card of the pack was former Royal Johnny Giavotella.  I hear he's had some success with the Angels, and while I won't say we let him slip away, it is interesting to wonder if he could have done as good as or better job than Omar Infante at second and if we would have won a World Series with him.  If he had much more success than Omar did in KC, it also begs the question if we would have traded for Zobrist last year which really was a catalyst in our success in the Series.  So I'm glad he's doing well, and hope he keeps getting better.

If pulling the Trout card wasn't enough, pulling an insert of Bryce Harper is hype.  If I got this kind of pack when I was a kid, I'd be jumping up and down (well, back then we had more like 15-20 cards a pack or at the least 12, so I'd expect more cards in a pack).  People are split on Harper because of some of the stuff he does, but I think its just him adjusting to the popularity.  I like him, and at this point I need to start a PC for him.  I guess I should do the same for Trout.  I keep them aside for now, but haven't dedicated a spot for them.  I should get some more pages before I do that.  I'm a bit iffy anymore of starting PC's on some of the younger guys.  I started to get a few Oscar Tavares cards but then he passed.  More recently I started to PC Shelby Miller as I figured he'd be can't miss.  As of late the only thing he can do well is throwing pitches batters can hit well.  I hope he demotion to AAA is a wake up call and he'll settle down, but I'm not too sure right now.  Maybe this will take some of the pressure off him and he'll settle in.  I hope so at least.

So that will wrap it up tonight.  I plan to do some more scanning tomorrow and if I don't, I have some hockey cards I scanned recently and I can show them off.  I'm starting to scan binder pages, figuring they could be used as rainy day blogs.  I started with some hockey and wrestling and plan to scan more when I get time.  I have a big package of cards to show soon, so those will be scanned first.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.