Friday, July 8, 2016

Riding The Storm Out

The other day, there was a threat of server weather.  Once it passed I started hearing reports of the damage and seen footage someone took about 40 miles away of a tornado.  Later in the day, I went out and took some photos.  I've been wanting a reason to take pictures so this was a great opportunity.  My mom wanted to go to the cemetery where she usually goes each day, so she called me and told me a big tree fell, so I grabbed my camera and we went to look.  We were worried that it might have damaged the headstones of my sister and dad, but luckily they were okay.  Some of the stuff surrounding them did blow away some, but besides a pinwheel, I was able to put everything back.

So today, I thought I would show the photos.  These are photos I already posted on Facebook, but might add a couple more on here.

These were around town.  The storms came around 8 AM or so, and I was taking these pictures around 4 PM or so, so I'd imagine a lot of other brush was already cleaned up.  I didn't see much more though.

Here are the photos from the cemetery, it seems like most the damage was there.

I might go back tomorrow and see if they removed the big limbs.  When I was there the grounds crew was already picking up some of the brush.

I was going to write more, but it took close to 2 hours to upload all those photos, so I'm going to end it there. Thanks for reading, and I hope to have a card related post tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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  1. Sorry to see so much damage at your cemetery. It looks like some of those trees got hit by lightning while some of the others look like wind damage. Scary. Glad your family's memorials were not damaged.