Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Already Falling Behind

 Last time I said I wanted to blog more.  Here we are about 5 weeks later and I haven't blogged at all.  In fact I haven't even visited blogger much.  To be honest if it wasn't for some investigating, I might not even be blogging right now.  This past weekend the websiter had a free weekend (they have one every President's Day weekend and usually Mother's Day), and I wanted to remind a fellow blogger.  I went to tweet him on the Twitter machine and I couldn't find him.  Hmm, odd.  Maybe I typed it in wrong.... nope.  Well I only follow a couple hundred people, I'll find him that way.  HE'S GONE MISSING!  Welp, I'll go to his blog.  Turns out Jon recently blogged that he had left Twitter. Had I been blogging and reading more, I'd have noticed.  I understand the urge to leave social media, if it wasn't for one of my best friends and my sister, I would have left Facebook long ago.  I stay on Twitter despite the negativity and crap they push on me because I can still shoot out a quick thought without writing a blog.  Luckily I never got into Tik Tok, Instagram, or whatever else is out there.  In fact I haven't been as active on Youtube, which many use as social media.  Sometimes I tend to tweet or post something on Facebook just to let people know I'm still around and to fend off my accounts getting hacked.

So in the last 5 weeks what have I been up to?  Well, nothing really.  I've done much of the same I usually do, and that's been it.  I've had an urge to play some FIFA 20 on PS4, which I'm not even a big soccer fan.  However I found a part of the game I never discovered, and have been trying to get some of the accomplishments.  I've mostly completed them, so I'm not sure what I'll play next.  I've worked on some puzzles, most recently I'm working on a 2000 piece one, I believe the largest I've worked on.  I should have it done in the next few days.  I've been watching live cams on Youtube (nothing new), and found a new favorite- a live cam of a garbage dump.  People dumping their trash into a pit, then bulldozers pushing it off camera.  Why?  I guess because there is something soothing in it, and sometimes interesting stuff happens or just to see what people throw out.  They have regulars like a mattress company throwing out a truckload of mattresses.  A vendor tossing out hot tubs (usually 6 or so at a time).  The daily trash trucks, random people throwing out stuff.  Sometimes there are fires which they are quick to respond.  Anyways, this isn't about watching trash TV.  Let's move on.

As I mentioned this past weekend was a free weekend to  I've prepared for this an entire year, I was going to look up stuff all weekend.  Then.... I got bored, and ran out of stuff.  Last year I found a ton of stuff, and by the time this year rolled around, I didn't have much to look up. The big event I searched for this year was Phil The Gorilla, who had a few adventures at the St. Louis Zoo.  At some point I'll post what I found out.  Otherwise, it was just random stuff I searched for.  They added more newspapers this year so I could find stuff I couldn't last year, but no new local papers, so the stuff I really wanted couldn't be found.  I did search old Black Friday ads, wrestling events, and even some stuff on baseball card show and collecting.  I hope to have a blog about it at some point, but then again, I never did on last years stuff.

This is wordy, so let's get into pictures.  I'm not sure what to show, so let's take a look at a folder of stuff I haven't blogged yet (or have and just forgotten).

I watched the Chiefs win yet another Super Bowl.  I say that as if I'm tired of them winning, lol, I'm not.  I was very happy.  The Chiefs hosted playoff games at Arrowhead and as has been recent tradition, they've had musical guests perform at halftime.  The AFC Championship game they had Fat Joe perform.  I guess that's cool, but in the Divisional round, they had Lil Jon.  I found these pictures on Twitter, and I really want to make a custom card or two of them, and still might.  I've always like Lil Jon, and that would have been cool to see.

I decided once the Chiefs won the AFC Championship game, I'd make a display of Chiefs stuff to get in the mood for the Super Bowl.  The football in the front is signed by former Chief Tony Richardson (though the front side with the logo looks cooler).  I have two copies of Wolves Can't Fly written by KC Wolf himself, Dan Meers, and one is even autographed.  I've met Mr. Meers on a few occasions, and he is a very nice guy.  Almost all of these items I've had for many years, so maybe its time to find some newer stuff.  Something I would like to add is a box of cereal that Travis Kelce had called Kelce Krunch.  It was also sold by Hy-Vee like the Mahomes Crunch.

The game itself was something.  I can't tell you what it was though.  As I explained to one of my best friends who called me up on my birthday, I'm getting old.  I sat in the recliner and shortly after Harrison Butker missed a field goal I fell asleep.  I have a knack for falling asleep in a recliner whenever sports comes on.  I'm not too mad.  I woke up as confetti was raining down on Andy Reid, so I figured the Chiefs had won.  The good thing about the Super Bowl, is within a day most of the game is uploaded on Youtube.  I got to see the final 12 or so minutes of the game, so that was good enough.  I missed the halftime show, which again I found on Youtube.  I like Rihanna and a lot of her music, but I was very bored with that performance.  Some say she was limited because she was pregnant, which is fair.  I say if that is the case, have a surprise appear to help sing a song or two.  It won't be regarded as one of the worsts, but I wouldn't put it anywhere near the top.

Living within 100 miles of Kansas City, I was happy to get to see their victory parade a few days later.  Which let's be honest, unless you go there and see in person (like a couple of friends of mine did), it is rather boring.  At least I got to hear Tech N9ne sing a song or two so it wasn't a total loss.  

As for my display, I'll keep it up for another week or so because a friend might stop by soon, and I think he'll enjoy it it more in person than the picture.  I don't know what I'll put there afterwards anyways so no big rush to take it down.

I'll give a quick update on an idea I had last blog.  I mentioned about making a headboard for my mom's bed.  Well I've worked on it some, but its not finished.  It's a one day job, more likely a few hours, but I just haven't been in the mood to do it. I'm pretty sure I'll get it done in the next month or two.

I guess its time to show some stuff I've recently acquired.  Most of this I think I got in November, but haven't blogged yet so new-ish.

Finished this puzzle a couple months ago, a pretty quick one, but still fun.

Another fun puzzle.  I like ones of photos more than paintings and drawings, so this one I liked a little more.

Around Black Friday, my local second hand store (if you want to call it that now, since they've focused more on boutique and Amazon pallet stuff now) Savvy Seconds had a sale.  All items were like half off or something, at least the used items.  I think it was even steeper than that, maybe 75% off.  Anyways, we stocked up on puzzles.  These were a few, I think we even bought more.  We are well stocked on puzzles right now because of this and the fact we worked on a 12 puzzles in one (12 puzzles in one box ranging from 300-1000 pieces).  It took a while, so we fell behind.  We also want to work on some of the larger puzzles we've been neglecting, so some 1500 and 2000 piece ones.  I can't wait to get to these especially the St. Louis one which I had my eye on for a couple months hoping the price would drop.

Movies were like 8 for a buck and they even included blu ray movies.  Out of these, only Robin Hood Men In Tights was one I wanted as it was an upgrade from a DVD (which I may have never watched).  However I got the others because not only did some include the DVD, some even still had the digital codes for them.  A nice way to build up my Blu Ray collection, around 170 or so, now I need to watch them.  I'm working on that.  I found other movies too that day.

Pretty sure I got these the same day.  I know I got Burn Notice.  It was the last season I didn't have, and now with the exception of the Sam Axe movie, I have the entire collection.  I really did love that show.  I got the Jeff Foxworthy the same day I got the Redneck Dictionary which I showed last time.  Maybe the same day, but not entirely sure.  The rest of these I got around the same time, maybe not the day of this sale.  A couple my sister got for me.

I need to make a spreadsheet for my VHS tapes (actually I did this recently) as I'm starting to get doubles.  I think that is the second copy of Angels In The Outfield.  Oh well.  Home Alone 2 finishes the trilogy of Home Alone on VHS, I doubt 4 or 5 was put out on VHS.  Die Hard 2 finishes out that trilogy (again, doubt 4 was on VHS much less 5 which nobody would want anyways).  At Christmas my friend actually gave me a sealed copy of Die Hard 2.  I thought I didn't have it, but still, not mad having a sealed copy.  For The Love of the Game and The Cowboy Way I got for the odd occasion that I never owned either on DVD and wanted a copy.  If I had either on DVD or Blu Ray, I might have passed on them.  Next time I get the VCR out, I can't wait to watch the KRCG Floodwatch '93.  I want as much info of the 1993 Flood as it relates to Mid Missouri as I can, so this was a great find.  Its why I hope next year adds more local papers.

I even bought some books as well.  I haven't read these yet, because you know me.  However Jon, and many others will be happy to know I've read I think 4 books already this year, which is probably more than I've read in the last 2 years.  Maybe my next post will be on the books I've read.  I think having my bookshelf on display is a huge factor in reading more.  Books are no longer hidden, so it is easier to grab one.  Not all books are winners though and one we got has already been shipped out.  I sent a few books home with my sister so she can put in one of the little free libraries (which I still need to check out ours in our town).  Here is a book we sent her way.

Stupid sideways photos.  Anyways, this was terrible book that mixed food for no real reason.  Never would I pay 3 bucks, much less the 12.95 list price.  

However there are more books, that I haven't read and I plan on keeping.

The first two books my mom got.  The St. Louis one is pretty interesting, like a This Day In History, but specific to St. Louis.  It has 4-5 events, some short, some long.  It is where I heard about Phil The Gorilla. I wish there was one for Kansas City, and maybe more midwestern cities.  I'm not sure when I'll get reading the Pistol Pete book because I have a lot of others I'd rather read first, but I think I'll like it.  The Chris Burke book I bought specifically because it was signed, and my sister Andrea loved watching the show Life Goes On.  I'm not sure when I'll get to reading it, but it build my collection of autographed books.

At this point, I think I'll stop.  I have a few things I have to do, and I've wrote more than I thought.  I don't know when my next post on cards will be, because I've gotten very few lately.  However my sister stopped by last weekend and gave me a birthday gift.  I wish she didn't spend so much on me, but was grateful.  She bought me a Chromebook, and after I set it up and use it some I will likely scan some stuff including cards, so I might have a post or two coming up.

Thanks everyone for reading, and leaving comments, it means a lot.  I usually try to reply to comments but sometimes I forget, sorry if I don't reply to your comment.  Hope everyone has a great week.