Saturday, July 16, 2022

Building and Rebuilding

 I figured I'd give an update.  I'm still around, I'm still collecting, and I'm still not sure what to write about.  Thanks for reading and have a grea...... wait, I should post more than that.

The truth is the last couple of months haven't been too eventful in terms of card collecting.  I've won a card or two on Listia, and that's been it.  My focus hasn't been on cards at all.  In fact on Listia I'm starting to find other things to bid on, and even won a few auctions of books and movies.  Though the book is for my mom.  I just haven't had a desire to collect cards lately.  It also doesn't help when the fan on my computer is giving me fits so I haven't been on the computer as much.  I really think (and hope) I just need a new fan and its an easy fix, but until I get a little extra cash, I'll just have to tread lightly.

However it doesn't mean I haven't been busy.  For a while I've wanted to build a bookshelf.  Well, a movie shelf.  I knew I had some 2x4s in storage, and a month or two ago I decided to get them.  I figured I had maybe 4-6 good ones about 6 feet long.  I could build maybe 3 good sections from floor to almost ceiling.  Well, it didn't quite end up that way.  I got the boards and they were 8 feet long.  Not a big deal but still they barely fit in the car and the house.  I guess the apartment has 8 foot ceilings.  That wasn't an issue.  However I realized the boards I wanted to use as shelves just wasn't going to work.  I also had other issues.  I needed some screws first and foremost, ones that would got through a 2x4 and was strong.  Luckily my town had city wide garage sales and one of the places having a sale was an old hardware store.  The new owner wanted to clear everything out (the store had been closed a good 20 years).  I found some screws, probably 200 or so a couple boxes.  Original price 3 cents each, my price 3 bucks for all in addition to some other things.  I guess I should post that, anyways back to this story.  The other issue- I needed a drill.  I knew I had two in storage.  One was my dad's which had a frayed cord, but was fairly dependable.  The other was mine, a cordless one that has never held a charge for more then 5 minutes.  I never found my dad's, but I finally found the cordless one a week or two later after realizing I left the charger here.

So I decided without the shelves, I would run the boards long ways, and without a table saw (I usually use a hacksaw to cut, and I never cut even), I tried to think of ways to support the boards.  I remembered I had some old table legs for a coffee table, enough to use 3 of the four boards, and plenty of room for some of my movies.  So I built it, and then I set it up.  Then I found an issue- the boards weren't on straight and they were bowed.  So I had to redo it.  I'm not a good DIY-er, I joke that I should start a Youtube series called "The round-about way of DIY" where I build something but not perfect and way more complicated than it needs to be.  Anyways.  I thought of how to correct this problem.  I knew I needed some sort of backing board to keep it even and maybe give more support when screwing it into the wall.  As it turns out, I have an old science fair board that wasn't in great shape (older folks might remember science fair boards being wood and not the foamboard or whatever they use today, if they still use them).  So that fixed the one issue.  The other one I solved by using a different board for the top shelf.  It won't be perfect, but it never is.  When I finished 2 days later (I took a lot of breaks), and finally put it one the only wall that would have enough room for three 8 foot boards, I was happy with the finished product.  I also decided to move some furniture to make the area really pop.  In addition to using two shelves for movies, I used the top shelf to display various things.  I then modified a few things and was really happy with the finished product.  So now is time for some pictures.

Now the original idea was to use all three shelves to display movies, and the hope was if I used all four boards, I could put all my movies on the shelf.  Well, I have a lot of movies.  I have close to 1,000 blu ray and DVD's plus I forgot the count on the VHS.  There was no way to display them all, so the idea is to display all the VHS and then at one point organize the DVD's so I can either rotate them out, or just keep my favorites on display.  Holding the boards in addition toe the backing board and having it screwed into the wall, is three black shelves, two of which hold my CD collection.  I used to have much more, but had to downsize.  Luckily I gave them to a friend and if I ever need to borrow them I can.  My CD collection is mostly organized, with almost all of them cataloged on Discogs.  I also have a bookshelf with all of my books (though some are hidden).  It doesn't include my yearbooks and a few random other ones like Mizzou books, but all my actual books are here.  Having them on display I hope motivates me to read them.  Right now I'm actually reading a book, which I read maybe one book a year, so maybe this is a start.  I don't have the books organized.  Same can be said for my movies on the shelves.  I hope to organize the VHS ones soon, but haven't yet.

If you remember that nightstand type cabinet, its because that's the one I salvaged from the dumpster a few months ago.  I was using it for my album collection, but when I went to storage to look for the drills, I ended up finding more albums, so I ran out of room.  Turns out, I have another cart I am now housing them in and have room to expand if I ever decide to.  It also holds my stereo by my bed.  For now though, this cabinet is holding my cassettes and 8 tracks, and I actually forgot what else.  Maybe my NES games.  I hope to work on it more at a later date, but for now it works.  I'm glad most of my media can stay in the general area.  Since I took this picture though I moved the kitchen table in front of it, so most of the stuff below the top shelf of the CD shelves are hidden.  They are still accessible since the table is easy to move, but I still like having more room.  Plus I have plans to bring another item or two from storage so it will work out.  As for the items on display, let's take a closer look.

As I type this, I've already thought of rearranging a few things, and a lot of this display might change in a week or two.  However for now a few things you might notice is some McDonald's and other kids meal toys (I still think my favorite is the squirrel from Wendy's). A little side story- I worked at Wendy's for almost 10 years and in that time (we was inside a truckstop), for some reason we never got the right kid's meals toys.  It was always crap and never what the regular stores got.  The two that stand out are Maya and Miguel educational CD's, and a water bottle that looked like a tennis shoe (because who doesn't want to drink water from a shoe?).  Anyways there were only 2-3 times we got toys that were current and might be interesting for kids.  When the Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came out, we got toys promoting the movie.  When I was opening the box for the first time I started laughing like crazy.  One of the toys was a squirrel.  I never watched the movie so I don't know the relevance, but this toy was dumb, yet made me laugh.  It was a pull string toy.  You pull the nut and he vibrates.  I still laugh at such a silly toy, but for someone with a dirty mind at times, why that would make you laugh.  One of those went home with me that day, and I still laugh when I see it.  

In addition, I have some sports items, including a couple football Pinnacle Inside cans, which I vow to open one day, but not until I get a straight edge can opener (I mean out the doesn't give you jagged edges when cutting it open).  The Wheaties box is a mini Cal Ripken box. Also an old E.T. toy that still has the Speak & Spell in his hand (having that adds good value if I ever wanted to sell it, which I don't).  Some trophies my dad won, and also part of a shelf he built with his name on it.  In front of that is items reminding me of my dad.  He drove a school bus, loved 57 Chevy's and competed in Demolition Derbies.  The Taz is similar to one he had on the front of his garden tractor when he would compete in lawn mower pulls (I still call them lawn mowers, despite most calling them garden tractors).  The trophys are from his pulling days.  I decided to display the two Employee of the Month plaques I got while at Wendy's and cool to me at least, they have two versions of my name (one is my first name, the other my middle which is what I go by).  I also displayed a few name tags and pins I got from Wendys.  I guess I should display the Wendy's bowling medal too whenever I find it.  Not sure how I got that since I didn't bowl and had to watch the store.  Oh well.

The very top is what I like the most.  Also the items hidden because from a distance the light blocks it.  The malted milk can is one my mom has had for as long as I can remember.  The Saltine one is a recent purchase (last 3-4 years) but I have fond memories of that type of can growing up.  The most recent additions to the collection is the Pringles cans.  While the chips weren't that great, I was so happy to find them and actually have a couple more cans the might get displayed somewhere, but didn't have room and didn't want to be obsessive.  The Hershey's tin I've had for a long time, I'd say at least 15 years if not more, and I always try to display it.  The items I've never displayed before were the mini buckets.  We've had them for a long time, maybe since the events they commemorate, but I was quite surprised recently when I took a closer look at them.  We've always had one stuck inside the other, so the one that says Miller on it was always the outside one.  On the reverse side is commemorates Rocheport, Missouri, which had a town wide event (maybe Centennial) in the 70's.  I've always assumed the other one stuck inside was the same.  A couple months ago I pulled the other one out and to my surprise not only was it not Miller (it was of all things Falstaff beer), but it was for my town's 100 (+1) year anniversary in 1974.  It was rusted, but my mom was able to work magic on it, and they both look amazing now.  It is also timely as next year my town is hosting a 150 year celebration, which I am equal parts excited and concerned about (concerned because of how the townspeople are when it comes to organizing an event, and their lack of concern on things like Covid).  As far as I know, they want to make it a 4 day event in June, and if they pull it off, I will be surprised and very happy.

Flanking the shelf on the right is some of my action figure collection (Rick Rude didn't make the cut).  As well as some Peppa Pig lights.  Under it and on top of the movies is more McDonald's toys, some Mike & Ike Hand Sanitizer (and lip balm and Lucky Charms too), an autographed Miz card, and a deck of playing cards from the local casino.  My uncle worked there for a while (actually my mom and dad did for a very short time too).

On the left side is various items including a Smurfs Viewmaster, a couple Pez dispensers (Taz for my dad and Speedy for me which despite hating mice, really like Speedy).  Also more Peppa stuff as well a couple cups.  I'm not sure where I got the Coke/Sonic cup, but had it for a long time.  The Deja Vu cup might have been my sister's but I visited the comedy club a few times before it closed too, so I like to display it.  The top shelf has my George Brett nesting dolls my friend gave me which until I can find space I can't display them all, and a couple stadium giveaway megaphones.  One Mizzou and one Chiefs.  Neither were new when I got them, and I forgot how I got them.  The rest is a theme.  The gopher is of course from Caddyshack, and next to it is a golf ball from a place my sister worked (its on top of a plastic A&W mini mug).  Also nearby is Mickey Mouse who is swinging a golf club.  My late sister also was a big fan of Mickey Mouse.

I'm starting to get tired and my computer fan is annoying me so I'll speed it up.  More items on display is my sister's Mickey Mouse alarm clock (which annoyed me when it would go off), some of my dad's stomper collection (which I really want to display the rest, and the reason I might move stuff around), as well as some Muppet Babies.  Some Scooby Doo stuff as well as a space shuttle which I remember from my childhood and surprised I still have it.  The last thing I'll mention is the I Love You bear.  Forgive me if I told the story, but here it is again.  One year I was working at Wendy's on my birthday.  As I mentioned it was inside of a truck stop.  My birthday also happens to be on Valentine's Day.  Anyways it was close to the end of my shift, and I was either washing dishes or taking out the trash.  Anyways I was called to the front on the headset.  I worked the overnight shift (truckstop never closed so neither did we).  It was three of us, two workers and a boss.  My coworker called me to the counter, and when I got there she told me "some guy dropped this off and wanted to give this to you".  While that would normally seem odd, I knew right away who it was from. I didn't have my license, so my dad was usually the one who would pick me up.  He had already made his way to the car by the time I got to the counter.  My coworker had no idea it was my dad, and she thought it was creepy until I told her who it was.  He would sometimes park in front of the building and could see in, and I looked out and he was just smiling.  My dad didn't always do things like that (I mean he loved us kids, but doing something like that seemed a bit rare) so it always meant a lot to me.  I never have been able to display it much and usually only around my birthday, but as I get older I want to show it off more, so I'm glad I can display it.

I have more stuff to show, but the fan is really acting up, so I better quit for now.  I will show off a few other things next time and even a few recent purchases.  Maybe even a card or two.  Thanks everyone who continues to read my blog, and have a great weekend.