Friday, December 6, 2019

Sister Care Package

This time of year I'm sorting stuff a lot on my computer, mainly to find Christmas stuff.  Each year I try to make a mix CD of Christmas or Holiday songs and I have a lot of music on my hard drive.  The last couple years I haven't really looked forward to doing it, and I'm not even into the Christmas season much this year like normally.  However, I worked on making a CD for my friend the other night and actually am about half done and so far none of the songs repeat (its amazing).  I try to find new versions or make sure I didn't use the same song in a previous CD, but I can't remember anymore.  Now all that's left is finding about 12 or so more songs and then adding my mix I make at the beginning of the CD.  I find an instrumental beat (usually hip hop or rock in nature that is seasonal) and put soundbytes of Christmas movies and TV shows.  I have fun working on it, but this year I'm in a rut.  I found the beat, but having trouble with finding different soundbytes.  I'll figure it out.

Anyways, when I go searching around my hard drive I usually find stuff I forgot I have.  The last two years with my lack of blogging, I at least have taken scans or photos when I get new stuff, so  I can always circle back to it.  I stumbled upon a few photos I took of stuff my sister gave me some time in the summer.  I found a lot more too, including probably 10 or more Savvy Loot posts, but I'll hold off on them since they don't have cards.  So today here is stuff my sister found for me, most from some thrift stores in the St. Louis area, and even has some cards.

Ooh, even though I don't use binders anymore, I like this.  Its perfect if I wanted to showcase a few Royals cards or something else.  There were cards inside, and I'll show those in a bit.

I like how a couple stickers are in it, makes it more personalized.  I could use this to showcase some Greg Maddux cards since Cubs and Braves stickers are already in it.

My first thought when I opened this and saw cards two per page was "someone just used a photo album to put ball cards in".  I've seen it before, and probably did it when I was younger.  They were tight and tough to get out, so I didn't care for them in this.  However when I closed it...

I'll be dog gone, it IS a baseball album.  I'm not sure how to use this going forward.  However I still might use it for pictures.  I have a few pictures I took from some Royals games, they would fit nice in here, and then I could display them as well.  Its a too nice of a binder to not use or even toss, so for now it will be stored away until I make room and figure it out.

Before I show the cards I do have some media to show.  My sister found a CD a couple months prior that she wanted to give me, and finally brought it this time.  I was excited.

On the surface, it looks like a normal CD case, but nothing written on it.  I knew what it was already, and I honestly love how this looks.  I'm afraid to take the Goodwill price tag off because I don't want to rip the cover any.  It's a cardboard case.

If you aren't familiar, Missouri turned a large section of the MKT railroad into a trail, called the Katy Trail.  It spans from almost St. Louis to Kansas City, and there are plans for more.  In addition to adding more trail to the Kansas City area, they are also wanting to convert the Rock Island railroad which I hear is moving along nicely though funding is hampering it some.  When finished, the Rock Island Trail will intersect with the Katy Trail in two areas, and will be nice.  In the future I've seen where they want to possibly expand the trail from Kansas City to Omaha, and from St. Louis to possibly Chicago.  That would be awesome.  The Katy Trail runs through my small town, but to be honest we don't contribute much to it.  I hear its some of the roughest parts of the trail near us, making it a challenge for the riders.  I've walked about 6-8 miles of the trail and I like it, but I usually have to rest a couple days after.

The point of all that was in the next town over, they host a yearly event in conjunction with other locations such as Columbia and Rocheport, and the event is called Pedalers Jamboree.  They bike from Columbia to Boonville, and I think some even start in St. Charles at the trailhead.  At the end of the event, and usually along the way bands are set up to perform.  If you register and bike the event, you can get one of these CD's.  They might also sell them as well.  None of these bands are household names, but there are some good ones on here.  I should make a playlist of these bands on Youtube, but I probably won't.  I have a lot of playlists up right now and have a few more planned after the holidays, so I don't want to clog it with more.

So let's move into the cards.  What was in those albums?

80s and 90s cards! YES!  Honestly, I'd rather run across these then 2010's.  At least these bring back childhood memories and usually easier to complete sets if I ever decide to do so.  Some of these obviously stand out, and while I didn't photo every card or scan any, a lot of them are staying in my collection.  Even the Howard Johnson 1991 Donruss.

Out of all the cards in the binders, I might have been most excited about this worthless piece of cardboard.  I don't know Anthony Collins, though I did see indoor football a few times with a player by that name, he was nicknamed "The Cowboy".  I don't know THIS Anthony Collins, but I had this same exact card with my name on it when I was a kid.  Same card and same year.  Most surprisingly, they spelled my name right.  I have it somewhere, but its in rough shape.  I was happy to see this one in better condition.  I even used my card for a school campaign once.  I was running for office of some sort in middle school and it was on my campaign poster.  I ended up splitting the vote with a classmate and we both lost to a girl in the grade below us.  Oh well.  MEMORIES!

I GOT A MADDUX!  Well, a Mike Maddux, but at this point I'm happy to pull his cards too.  Maybe I should start making a collection of his cards.  It will be like when other bloggers get Bipped.  Actually I did get a Greg Maddux card too, its on the top row next to the hologram sticker.  It's one I already have, but its an oddball because he's batting and prepared to lay down a bunt.  It's still a keeper.

There's the Maddux, Also got a Barry Bonds I may or may not had.  This photo though is for the hologram of the Royals sticker.  I had that one, but a corner peeled so I had to cut part of it off to save the rest of it.  I'm glad I got another one.  I got a stack of other teams also, some doubles, but still nice to have.  Maybe I'll work on getting the rest.  I like them better than those Action stickers Fleer put out.

I like these minor league cards.  I got real excited at first seeing this Todd Haney card, but didn't realize until I did more sorting of cards the other day that I realized I confused him with Chris Haney.  Oh well, minor league cards are still cool to have, so adding a handful more is nice.

Post cards!  I really want to build these sets and will get to it one day.  Even if I don't Trammell will slide into my PC for him, and I can find a place for Jefferies too.  Sabo won't be left out, I still keep all Post and other cereal and oddball cards.  Its amazing as many cards as I have that so many of these I don't have.

Speaking of oddball- TAYSTEE! Now, speaking of not having many of these, what would the odds be that I already had the Pat Tabler?  I had three cards already, but getting the Bo was a huge get and I was excited.  I seriously doubt I'll ever finish that set, but man finding one every few years would be nice.  Even if I get doubles or triples, I'm sure a few Royals collectors would be interested in some.

Another PC is Ken Griffey Jr.  These are both new additions for me, and I'm quite happy.  I spent the earlier part of the week sorting cards and working on adding cards like these to my lists, and I'm happy to be getting somewhat caught up.  Maybe I'll do more this weekend or next while I watch some Christmas movies.

In addition to baseball, I even got a few football cards too.  I was happy to find them even though I've thinned out my collection quite a bit in the last year or two.

Rod Woodson is a nice one to get.  Despite not seeking football cards, 1990 Score would be a set I'd like to revisit, and in the last year or two I've actually worked on quite a bit of the set.  Maybe when I clear some more card space and have a few extra bucks I might work on it more.

It seems this kid had the same tastes in collecting as I did as a kid.  My sister noted a lack of Cardinals cards in his collection, and really no team was represented more than another.  It was an interesting point, but I countered that maybe the kid didn't always live in St. Louis. He might have moved while growing up, or as an adult picked up stuff from his parents house elsewhere, and just donated the cards.  I didn't see any hockey, basketball, or non sports so that part is interesting to me.  When I was growing up, I collected anything.  Then again my collection was more than just a couple binders.  This might not have been his "good stuff".

So I want to thank my sister for buying these and bringing me all these cards and the CD.  I was glad to finally feature it on here and even do a post without being about what finds I found that weren't card related.  I found more cards I haven't shown as well while going through my hard drive, so maybe I'll show some of that at a later date.  In the meantime, thanks everyone for reading and have a great weekend.

By the way if you are in the holiday mood and have nothing to check out I have some Christmas themed playlist on my Youtube account.  I have lists of old commercials, parades, Christmas specials, and even sporting events that were from Christmas past.  Even if you aren't in the mood, you might find something you might like.  I have other playlists too, including live cameras.  To find them just search "jupiterhill".  Last month I didn't even realize that I've been on there 13 years.  I have a video about to turn 12 years old.  Its a terrible video but I still keep it on there.  It's had over 11,000 views.

If you like you can subscribe.  I plan to make more playlists, and next year might even post more videos.  I doubt I mix cards and videos, but you never know.