Monday, October 28, 2019

They Really Like Me!

Blogging is a community, plain and simple.  The more active you are, the more people are involved with you and the more they communicate with you.  When you are less active, you have less interactions and after a while you wonder if that blogger moved away or got sick.

I haven't moved away, and I wasn't sick.  I was just, well, not in the mood.  In real life (not to say blogging isn't real), I'm a homebody and if I don't leave my house for a few days its not uncommon.  However when it comes to blogging, for a couple years it was my lifeblood.  It gave me a chance to reach out to people, gave me a platform to show stuff off and test the waters on creations I made.  At one point though I slowed down.  I think a lot can be attributed to 2017 when I made a goal of posting more posts than I did in 2016 which was regularly.  By the end of the year I reached my goal, but I was burnt out.  No matter how much I thought about writing, I just didn't care to.  For the last couple years I basically kept up appearances so my blog wouldn't go dark, and even though Google thought my ads weren't making them or me money (which I think I just reactivated so we''ll see), I still felt I should give at least monthly updates.

A few months ago I remembered a custom card set I worked on in 2016 or 2017, and I sat on because the big anniversary was in 2019.  I actually set on it for two years.  When 2019 came, and despite being in the doldrums of blogging, I had a bit of excitement, because I could finally show them off, IN TWO POSTS NO LESS! Well, the time came and I did the first post.  Then I never showed the rest.  I don't know why, I just didn't.  I will hopefully by the end of the year, but don't hold me to it.

Throughout all this though, I still have readers, and friends.  I get tagged on Twitter to read other blogs, and I'm grateful for it.  I'll mention I got great stuff for a future blog and it will be liked and retweeted, and even replied "can't wait".  I'll talk to my sister and mention something and she'll say "when you doing a new blog"?  I'll talk to my friend and mention I'm scanning stuff and he'll say "for your blog?"  Sometimes it is, sometimes its other stuff.  The point it, despite being away for the longest I've ever been on here, people still like my blogs.  They thought of writing a new one sounds fun, but at the same time, I don't want to do it just to do it.  So I was conflicted to post today.  I NEED TO, but I don't want to.  My dad sometimes had a saying "Crap or get off the pot".  I'm wasting the day on Ebay or looking up something I don't really care about, so why not do a blog?

Well, I talked myself into it.  Now, what to show off?  Hmm. I guess I could show my recent findings around the house and my local second hand store.  Let's see what I have.

Going through stuff of my dad's and came across this non winning Missouri Lottery ticket.  He collected non-winners I guess to enter contests, but he never sent them in.  Now you can just type in stuff.  I do it sometimes, but haven't in a while.  Anyways, From what I could tell this was around the mid to late 1990's when this came out, and I'm not sure why it wasn't with other non winners, but I think its fun to look at so it will stay in my sports collection.

I've had this sticker for 15 years or so and I've never peeled it.  I'm not sure why I kept it or why I scanned it, but here it is.  Maybe one day I'll peel it and stick it on something, but until then, I'll keep it in my bin where photos are.

Though its bigger than my scanner, I did the best I could.  My sister picks these magazines up from her local grocery store, and this one just happened to have the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback on the cover.  They have a decent mix of sports athletes on the cover, and its not a bad magazine with recipes and other stuff in it, so it will stay in my sports collection.

As I was browsing my local thrift shop a while back I spotted an old Beckett.  I really didn't need it, but I figured I might as well.  Maybe they didn't have it logged into the TCDB yet, so I could scan it.  If not, I can look at how much prices for cards were back then.  So it's a win either way.  In a future trip I found more price guides, but I'll save that for a future day.

I might have posted this in a Father's Day post a couple years ago, but here it is again. I made this for my dad at some point in elementary school, and its always been framed since.  However the glass cracked so I'm going to reframe it.  While I find a new frame it will go into pictures since there is a picture of me on it.  A funny thing is a I've always wanted to do an updated version of this, and a couple days after finding this again, I was looking at a magazine and they had Dolly Parton inside, and multiple pictures all about the same size as the one I cut out for this.  So I might get started on a new version for next Father's Day and might use Dolly Parton again.

When I was younger I loved going to concerts, and usually if I liked a band enough I would buy merch.  Throw Rag opened a show my friend won tickets for one day and I really liked them.  Afterwards I met the band, got a signed poster (poster was newspaper stock, and not sure if I still have it), as well as one or two of their CD's and this patch.  I don't know why I got the patch, but I still like it.  I can't remember much of the conversation, but I do remember talking to one of the members about the Kansas City Chiefs.

Music has always been a big part of my life, as I write this I'm listening to music (Young The Giant is on the radio).  I got this Vinyl album of Korn at Hot Topic one day for some reason.  I think because I had my mom and dad's old stereo I wanted to use, and just needed the needle.  However before I could a leak kind of destroyed it.  Anyways, I never listened to this I guess 7" record, and since I don't have a player and no plan to get one, I'm giving it to a friend who has a nice collection.  He also has a massive CD collection and loves music as much as I do.  It's how we bonded.

Another vinyl I bought at Hot Topic when I had more money to waste, but the thing is, I can't find this album online, on vinyl or otherwise.  I'm not sure if its rare, but I do like Panic At The Disco, so I'll have to see if I have the songs on here.

Speaking of music, I hope to work on some playlists on Youtube soon and when I do I'll link on here.  One thing I've worked on lately is creating playlists on Youtube, and always wanted to do a music one or two.  For now I have a playlist of mostly made for TV movies, and some live camera videos.  One is all animals, the other is street or city cams.  I'm fascinated by them.  If you have any you think I should check out, let me know on here or twitter.  I update often.  Another playlist is all Christmas boat parades.  I hope to have more holiday ones up soon also.  So as you can see I'm actually doing stuff when not blogging, but one day I hope to combine the two.

Anyways back to more stuff.

My thrift shop finds also included some VHS.  I saw this and really wanted to get it, so 5 for 50 cents, I went ahead and got it.  I've tried finding it on Youtube but can't so hopefully I can convert it to dvd or onto my computer.  Then I'll see about uploading it myself.  It seems a lot of what I find are on Youtube, and that is probably another playlist to come.

I usually skip real movies on VHS unless I think they are hard to find.  I like more of the oddball stuff.  These are certainly out there.  Neither of these are on Youtube either, and will probably be much easier to upload.  I'm excited about the baseball one a little more.

Despite searching for oddball stuff, sometimes I just can't.  So I look for stuff I never heard of.  I never heard of Sammy the Seal, and figured older Disney might be harder to find.  Little did I know that Disney+ will have this when their streaming service begins.

On the flip side, for whatever reason I've never owned A Time To Kill, and always wanted it, so for now at least I have it on VHS.  I hope to get a blu ray version one day.

Sometimes I get lucky finding DVD's as well.  They are a buck (despite the $3 price on the cover).  I'm a sucker for baseball stuff, so I grabbed this still sealed.  Luckily you can watch this whole thing on Youtube.  I haven't watched it all yet, but did see their top 10 moments.  Can't wait to see the rest, and even happier I don't have to open this up.  It will fit on the shelf next to a Royals DVD and the 2015 World Series.

The Reggie Miller book I got because books are 10 for a quarter, and my mom usually is 1-2 books short so I usually grab something I might like or read.  Reggie Miller drew me in on this one.

I was really excited when my mom spotted this book.  I've met Dan Meers a few times and he's so nice.  a few years ago, my youngest nephew met him and got to try on the wolf costume.  The pictures are pretty cool.  My friend has read this book and liked it.  Inside are pictures from his career with the Chiefs and his time spent as Truman the Tiger at Mizzou.  I hope to read this soon, but then again me and reading are about the same as me and doing new blogs.

Now this book I've had for a long time.  The problem is I can't remember if I got it or my friend got it for me.  I have 3 Mick Foley books, and sure I bought one myself, and he gave me the other two.  At any rate, I haven't read it yet, and one day I hope to.  I like that it still has the WWF logo on the front, showing its nearly 20 years old now.

Lastly is a book I bought I think from Barnes and Noble or another bookstore.  It's a book about the September 11th attacks, and has a DVD of CBS footage of the day of the attacks.  It's not something you like to revisit, but for historical purposes I do like to look at it every few years on 9/11 just because its the biggest historical event of my lifetime.  This past year I searched Youtube for coverage of the other channels.  The only thing I won't watch is conspiracy theories and when the planes actually hit.  I remember seeing the second plane hit live when it happened and I never want to see it again.  Sometimes I will see it as it catches me off guard, but I try to avoid it.  I'm not big on history, but I knew I should get this when I saw it.

So that wraps it up for today, and if you still read this, thank you for caring enough to read.  I won't promise I'll write soon, but I do know I have plenty of scans and stuff to show, so I'm not lacking for content.  If you are on twitter and write a new post, feel free to tag me.  I haven't been reading as many lately, but if you tag me I will for sure.  I've been loving the flea market/thrift store ones lately.

Hope everyone has a great week.