Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A few more customs

I shared a few recent custom cards yesterday, and I thought I would today too just to clear my folder up a bit.  I won't post as many today, so don't worry.

Interesting article about Spring Training

I was looking around the web and stumbled across an article by Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News.  Spring Training is broken and needs to be fixed is an interesting read if you have the time.  He discusses ways to improve spring training from the standpoint that it should focus more on getting players prepared for the season.  WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

When I saw the headline my first thought was "its not broke, its just a bit long" which as a whole I think the season is too long as you may have heard me saw (hey, just cut off 20 games, that's all I'm saying).  He begins by saying from a fan standpoint it is very successful, but as "training" it is a bit ineffective.  He then discusses how its a tad long (maybe we're on to something), and ways to improve it.  I like articles that give ways to improve a product even if I don't agree with them.  His ideas are interesting, but they make sense- minor leaguers/non roster invites start the spring training 10 days before vets, and allow a 28 man roster in April (only 25 active per game), allowing a couple players some game time play and possibly saving pitchers early in the season.

Overall, going in I thought it doesn't need to be fixed, but after his argument, he is making a lot of sense.  As a matter of fact, these changes sound a lot better to me than recent changes MLB has implemented like the home plate collision rule.

I just thought I'd throw this out in case you didn't see it, I plan to post another blog later tonight.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Monday, March 30, 2015

More Custom Card Craziness

I went on a custom card spree recently and now have about 20 cards backlogged to show.  I won't show them all today, but I will show a variety.  Generally when something pops in my head I work on it then.

Here we go.  Let's start with some Royals.

I have no idea how this came about or why, but George Brett was on MLB Network and ate baby food.  I found the photo last year (early in the year I think), but never got around to making a card.  I finally finished it recently really just to test out the border.

I wanted a bigger picture, but it didn't look good when I stretched it.  As a result, I like how this turned out.  This past weekend, Sporting KC was at Yankee Stadium and re-enacted this scene.

I've been trying to find a good Butler card in a A's uniform for a while, and found this one.  I think I could have done better, but I still like the outcome.

I wanted a card for each of the outgoing Mizzou Basketball Seniors (there were only 2) and this was one of the better shots of Deuce Bello I could find.  I was happy with it when I designed it, but now I think I should have scrapped it.  White border with excessive gold (or yellow) border isn't a good mix.  The picture is a terrible choice, and the Missouri Basketball is way too small.  I'll do better next time.

Before I go on, let me say if you don't like a design let me know. I am only using MS Paint right now, but try to improve each time.  I'm not posting these in the order I made them, but if you see one you like or hate let me know, it will help me in the future.

Okay, I have a couple more Mizzou ones, but in other sports.

This is a recent photo, and I think with a few more changes this could be a great card.  I like how I used the Blue Jays font but I should have used some sort of background and made it smaller.

I would be lying if I said I followed Mizzou Wrestling more than highlights on the local news (when they show them).  Despite being a big pro wrestling fan (be lucky this post wasn't a rant on Wrestlemania), I just can't get into amateur wrestling.  However, All three of these men were ranked #1 in their weight classes when entering the NCAA Wrestling Championships a couple weeks ago.  J'Den Cox was the one who got all the hype.  In the end only Drake won a championship, and Mizzou who entered the Championships at #1 as a team finished I think 5th.

I'm not sure why I made this card,  I am not a fan of the Rams, or much of a fan of Foles, but I made it anyways.  I hope he does well in St. Louis, though who knows how long he stays there (will he last or better yet will the Rams last in St. Louis?)

I had fun with this one.  Adrienne Liesching was the lead singer of one of my favorite bands ever- The Benjamin Gate.  Their logo I used as a border for the card.  The band broke up in 2003 or 2004 once Adrienne got engaged.  She would later become a backup singer for her eventual husband, Jeremy Camp, and also has released a couple solo albums under the name Adie Camp.  I stumbled upon the photo will searching for the logo for the band (I wanted to make a card eventually, but not necessarily so soon) and saw this photo (as well as some hard to find mp3's of the band from the Purple Door Festival in 2003, so it appears to be one of their final shows.

I hope to make some more band cards in the future.  Especially when I come up with some ideas

Okay, I have two cards left, and I think these two you guys might like.  The first one is a NASCAR card from an event last year.

Carl Edwars is a local boy.  He won the early season Bristol race last year and got a cool sword!  I loved this photo when I first saw it so when I went to design a card of it I didn't think much about it.  This the checkered flag concept popped into my head.  After I did that, I made a little mistake and covered it with a gray border.  Then I thought it looked like asphalt, so I made yellow lines to make it look like a road and a track.  I know race tracks are usually more oval, but I still like how this turned out.  Though looking at it now the photo still seems a bit stretched.

Okay, final one.

I will be flat out honest.  I didn't care for this publicity stunt of Ferrell playing all nine positions in a day.  I know it raised awareness for a documentary about cancer or something, and I do champion many cancer foundations and awareness programs, but this didn't sit well with me.  First it seemed ill-timed.  If it was the first couple days of Spring Training, I might let it slide, but it was close to when managers started sending players back to the minors, and who knows the extra at bat they may have gained could have helped them (or defensive play).  Second, it was really coincidental that he just happened to be promoting a movie (which looks bad to boot) at the same time.  That was the big think for me.  If he was only doing this for the documentary, I could likely let it slide, but it was a publicity stunt for his current movie.  Plus while I used to be a big fan of his (especially SNL), his act has gotten old to me.

Though I know folks liked what he did, so I decided to make a card.  I messed with the design some and played around and in the end I like the end result.  It might even inspire me to make more like it.

Well that's it this time, thank you for reading, and have a great day!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Put Your Name On It- Phoenix Suns

When I was in school, there wasn't a NBA team within close range to where I lived so as a result, you would see jerseys from all kinds of different teams.  The Kings moved from Kansas City 3 years before I started school, and by 5th grade, they were a decade removed so nobody rooted for them.  Regional sports channels weren't as prevalent so the team we saw the most on TV was the Chicago Bulls (thanks WGN, I'm not sure where I'd be without you).  I had a replica (aka: Walmart cheap) practice jersey of Houston Rockets Hakeem Olajuwon which I still wear today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A President, a Monster, a Nitemare, and Maddux has me seeing blue

I planned on writing this sooner, but I was enthralled at the amount of money Broken Lizard has raised in under a day to finance their new Super Troopers movie.  The goal was $2 million in a month, they planned to do it through the site IndieGoGo.  Anyways, at last check, 11 hours in, they have raised over $1.3 MILLION!  It has me excited because I want to see a sequel, but also a bit confused on why people would plop down so much money just for a movie to be made.  I thought about starting a campaign for my blog so I could get an actual domain name and to promote it some, have some contests, and buy some products I normally couldn't to show off on the site.  Some days I want to do it, but other days think its a bit greedy to ask for a handout.  I have had the same thought of starting one to do a podcast as well.  A friend of mine used to have an internet radio show on BlogTalk Radio a few years back and I was the cohost.  We had fun doing it, and thought about doing it again.  We might start one up one day.  Until then, I'll just keep dreaming about being in radio, like I had wanted to do if I went to college.

Speaking of raising funds, I wanted to mention a campaign on the site Go Fund Me.  This past weekend, a superfan of the Kansas City Royals came home and walked in on a robbery.  He was shot, and his friends have started a campaign to help him with medical bills.  If you have a minute, I would ask if you could at the least check out the page.  #BounceBackJimmy is the hashtag you may have seen me tweet on twitter, and that is the reason.

Okay today I have a few things to show off that I recently won on Listia.  The prices lately have been higher than my liking, so I have been a bit more cautious bidding, but now I'm getting a little low on credits, so I might have to take a break soon.  That didn't stop me on getting these recently.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Maddux Mania, Wallet Card, Flea Market, and a box

As this weekend has started madness in terms of basketball, I have been enjoying a lot of games.  If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed.  I just watched Wichita State defeat Kansas and while I don't like the Jayhawks, it was a good game.  Not the closest by any means, but still a good game.  I have been tweeting and some may wonder my hashtags I've been using.  First I used #WatchForTheLoveOfTheGame which is really long, and has no relation to the Kevin Costner movie (which is worth watching).  A previous post mentioned a went bracketless again this year, and am watching the games as neutral as I can be.  The aforementioned Shockers game was the first I had more than a little bias.  It has allowed me to see great moments without feeling bad for teams I picked.  I realized that hashtag was a bit long so I shortened it to #W4TG.  Short and sweet, it means Watch For The Game.  Neither hashtag have been used much, so you should find my tweets.  I like them enough that I might use it for other events I watch like the NBA Playoffs, NHL Finals, or any other game I don't have a team competing (like most Sunday Night MLB games).  I've also used the motto, so it made sense to start a hashtag.

Anyways, its time for the post to begin.  Today I have a few things to show and mention so let's begin with my favorite non-Royals player ever- GREG MADDUX!  I have gotten a few cards of his off Listia recently so I decided yesterday to update my have list, and it added about 15 cards I didn't have listed before.  Here is one that I didn't have (and is scanned on my other computer so the pics are via COMC.

Cool oddball card I never saw before.  I was the only bidder (thank goodness for less activity during the week).  When I opened the package I was happy.  Then something caught my eye.  IS THAT A PULL OUT?  No mention of that, so I pulled it.

Holy cow this is cool?  It had never been pulled either as far as I could tell.  I like this card even more.  Here is the back.

I would like to see similar cards made today.  This could be a nice insert set for some set.

One of the better cards I've gotten in a while.  So let's move on.  I mentioned when it started I wasn't going to be showing my Wallet Card much, and to be honest, I've forgotten a bit, but it was a nice day so Kevin Appier took a trip.

A nice shot of the skyline of my hometown.  I think that is the car antenna, so a nice day as far as you can tell.  One day Ape might actually get out of the wallet.  Hopefully in a month or two I have some stuff planned and he'll see more light of day.

The day I took that picture I went to one of my favorite stores- Savvy Seconds.They no longer have 20 books for $1 (now 5 for $1), but I did find a couple things.  One was that book I recently showed.  Here is the other item I got.

The Mid-Missouri Mavericks were a short lived non-affiliated to the MLB minor league team based in Columbia, Missouri.  I am going to talk about them one day on here.  It will be part of a feature I hope to start soon.  The hat set me back a buck, and is in almost unused condition.  They had another but it wasn't in great shape.

Let's wrap up the day with a box.  I got it last night.

I had a couple extra bucks when I went to Walmart last night and this was only 10 bucks.  Not bad for 11 packs.

I don't get excited over Opening Day sets, but I like the design enough and it was cheaper than anything else.  I will show the results in a future post (I hope this week), and eh, it was good, I guess good enough that I might get another box in the future if I have a few extra bucks.

That will wrap it up for today, thank you for reading and have a great night.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Custom Card Craziness

How about some custom cards

Trying out a new border with the coaches of the Missouri Basketball teams.

Maddie Stock one of the players on the Women's team.  Too bad there weren't fans in the arena for the picture.

Morgan is a Senior on the team.  The Women's team made it to the WNIT tournament.  I hope they do well.

Thought I would do a current photo featuring of the A.D. Mack Rhodes.  Plus I like to include R. Bowen Loftin whenever I can, he's a nice guy.

Kearsten Peoples won the NCAA Women's Weight Throw Championship last weekend.  I thought it deserved a card.  Not sure if I'm sold on the design of this card yet, but I'll play around with it a bit more.

J'Den Cox is one of the best wrestlers in the nation.  Hopefully he can lead Mizzou to their first National Title (in any sport) since the 1950's.

Lastly, I made one quickly this afternoon after watching a couple NCAA games.

Not from today's game, but still a good picture.  I should have used a different font for the Georgia State. Maybe with another win on Saturday I might make another one.

I know these aren't as good as others you see on blogs, but I do it when I'm bored and only use Paint.  Once I get back into GIMP I'll try to make them better.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Random Tuesday post (now with pictures)!

I know I promised some cool stuff this week, and I still plan to deliver, but I am on two different computers this week, so my scans are scattered (I don't trust my external hard drive enough, or I'm lazy, take a pick).  Today I am showing off a few things I've seen or acquired recently, none really worth their own post.

I found this in the paper the other day.  Sometimes it has interesting stuff.  It had a story I thought I'd share.

I like when stories focus on the younger players.  These guys are the future for better or for worse (not a negative, just stating they could be the next Griffey's, or the next Brien Taylor's).  The reason I posted this is because a couple Royals made the list.

The future is bright in Kansas City!  Brandon Finnegan isn't even listed, as well as others.  Overall, I have heard of all of these guys with exception to Christian Vazquez.  I'm sure if he didn't pass away last year, Oscar Tavarez would have made the list.  I was also reminded that Shelby Miller is no longer with the Cardinals.  I hope he does well in Atlanta, but it just means I'll see him play less.

My best friend gave these to me the other day.  Sure with the internet age pocket schedules are a little obsolete, but I like having them as a reminder of the hopes the team had for the year and to see their promotions.

The Wilt stamp goes well with the Ted Williams one I posted a few months back.  I'm not a stamp collector, but he didn't want it so he gave it to me (as it turned out just a few days before the anniversary of Wilt's 100 point game).  My mom saw it and already has made a claim for it. 

Next is a book I remember reading growing up.

I remember reading it, but not the plot at all.  I found it at Savvy Seconds, who no longer had the 20 books for $1, but no big deal, I'll pay 25 cents to read it again.  I just with the library sticker wasn't on it.

To close it up today, I wanted to show you a book I wrote.  Yes, I wrote a book.

Titled "Adventures I've Had", it is a tale of.... adventures I've had, duh!  It's a picture book that I made thanks to Shutterfly.  It is a 8x8 hardcover book that is 20 pages long.  I included pictures and details of concerts, wrestling shows, baseball games, and many Mizzou games I've gone to.  I got a free book offer and with a few other offers I took advantage.  I also got a 16x20 photo shown on the cover of the book I plan to frame.  I got a few other things and paid only for the shipping which was a nice deal.

After completing it and ordering it, they sent a code for another free book, so I have until the end of next month to find more pictures to include.  I have a link that let's you see the book I'll post in a future post.  I have a couple events planned in the next month or two so if I go to them I can include them in the next book.

Well, that will wrap it up today, I hope everyone has a great day, and thank you for reading.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A couple created cards and some commentary

With the weekend wrapping up, I figured I would write a new blog.  This is the time of year I get a little excited.  The college basketball tournaments begin (I don't want to get sued for calling it a certain name), Spring Training is in full effect, so is NASCAR, and the weather is getting warmer.

I'm going to begin with a bit of commentary. For the second straight year I won't be filling out a bracket.  Part of it is because I never win I admit, but there is a bigger reason (and no, its not because Mizzou isn't sniffing any postseason tournaments, not even the NIT, CBA, CIT, MIC-KEY, or any other tournament not called NCAA).  A lot of people fill out brackets, and a lot of them have no clue what they are doing.  People like my mom would fill it out based on their team nicknames or school colors, I'll take STONEY BROOK over Kentucky, thats a cool name).  Some are casual fans but focus only on their own team(s), MAN, NO WAY DAYTON WON'T MAKE IT TO THE FINAL FOUR!  Some are fans like me, that follow a lot of basketball, but play favorites but do look at numbers, just not every number- Iowa State everyday over the Jayhawks, because I hate the Jayhawks, but also because they've beat them twice this year.  Finally is the stats guys who suck the fun out of everything- Arizona is 12-0 leading by four at halftime on the road in games since December 4th (I just made that up to show a point)!

Why is that a bad thing?  Well, for those that aren't big fans that fill out brackets, its not really.  For the rest of them though, they spend too much time rooting for who they picked instead of watching good games.  I watched a bit of the VCU and Dayton game today.  I didn't care who won, but if I had to pick a team it would be Dayton.  However, For the last ten minutes of the first half, I watched an exciting game.  I turned it afterwards so I don't know who won, but come Thursday, I'll be glued to every game I can (aka all those NOT on Tru TV).  Last night I didn't watch Iowa State and Kansas play for the Big 12 title.  Two reasons, I wasn't in the mood, but also because I really can't stand Kansas.  Not to a point where I go crazy like some Mizzou fans I know (I've heard plenty of time "we should go and burn Low-rents to the ground again!"), but I'm not a fan.  The reason I bring it up is because Iowa State was down by 17... and came back and won!  Had that been a a week later in the big tournament, that would be amazing, but people would have been bummed because they didn't pick State to win.

My point in all of this, is just like any other sport I watch- ENJOY THE GAMES!  Watch the action because of the action, not because of teams you pick.  The only exception is if your team is still in, then ROOT AWAY!  I have the same feelings with fantasy sports.  Watch for the games themselves not because you have something besides fan-dom riding on it.  Before you ask, yes I have done fantasy football before but I wasn't too excited about it.  Same goes for fantasy baseball, in which oddly enough, I won a regular season title in (just a congrats, but still I can say I'm a fantasy baseball champion if I wanted to throw it out there).

This seems like it turned into a gripe session, so to make up for it, I created a couple cards this week and I'll show them off.

It's not as good as I hoped, but I wanted to make a quick one of Maclin going to the Chiefs.  I plan to make one of Sean Weatherspoon signing with the Cardinals too, and maybe Foles with the Rams.  The border was inspired by an American Gladiators card.  I wanted to do more to it, but got tired of messing around with it.  Hopefully I can get better photos and improve my skills a bit before I make more like this.

On the other hand, I am very proud of this one.

The white border looks better then it shows, but I was real happy with the results.  Based on the 1961 Topps design, I modified it a bit and found the a similar (or actual) Hawks font on dafont.  The picture is good except the woman on her phone, and the car in the background.  Otherwise a great card.

I even made a back for it.  A bit out there but here it is.

Since I didn't want to include stats so I decided to add another picture.  This is also the first time I included the teams logo on a card.  It was a bit big, but if smaller this could also be a good front of a card.  The card design was inspired from a Back To The Future card.

I think that will be good enough for one night, I do have some better posts planned for this week, and might lay low next weekend, I have a lot of exciting basketball to watch.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hear my gush about a site I won a contest on

A week or two ago I nearly missed a contest.  I follow the site in question on twitter, but somehow missed their posts about this contest.  The website is known as Kings of Kauffman and I have been following them on twitter for quite a while (I think since I decided to use twitter for more than just news, so about 3-4 years ago at least).  This is how I found out about this contest.

I'm glad I was reminded because I didn't know anything about it.  So I clicked the link and found this.

Well I found the contest link, it has the prize on it so I'll save it a bit.  The contest was simple I had to like their Facebook page and share the contest.  This post specifically.  Which talks about favorite pieces of Royals memorabilia you own.  I might post mine at a future date.  I liked the page and the next day I saw this on twitter.

COOL! MOOSE IS A BREAKOUT CANDIDATE!  Wait, below that.  I WON!  So headed over to Facebook for all the info and to set it up.

So with all that I got the cards in the mail yesterday.  Before I show them off, let me talk about the site itself.  Kings of Kaufmann is part of the Fansided series of sites.  It is one of the most informational Royals sites around.  You really should take the time to check it out.  You can read all about the hot talk about the Royals today.  Salvy will catch everyday until the end of time, Royals won't face Chris Sale on Opening Day, BEES!, and more.  At the least if you are a Royals fan or even a baseball fan, you should follow their twitter and/or Facebook pages to keep up on the latest news.

So now its time to show what I won.  As described above, it was TWO Mike Sweeney cards.

Mike Sweeney was just announced to be inducted into the Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame, and so these two beauties were given away.  I was going to scan a pic myself, but since they posted them, there is no need to.  A piece of bat AND an autograph!  That is so cool.  I was a big fan of his and now I have his signature. It's nice to see the signed card is one of him as a catcher too.  There are a lot more catcher cards of him than I originally thought.

So far in 2015, I have really been blessed by the cards I've gotten.  I've gotten more autograph cards than I ever thought.  At some point I will focus more on getting more of them, but I will still be happy when I can win or find some cheap.

Well, that's enough gushing for one day, but before I go, I want to mention a contest you can enter.  Red Cardboard is running a "mini-contest" that you should check out.  He has a nice mix of cards to give away, a lot of Reds cards with names like Joe Morgan and brands like Topps, Bowman, Kellogg's, Hostess and such.  Even if you aren't a Reds fan, he has some other cards included too.  Names like Lou Brock, Roger Clemens, and quite a few more.  Check out the link for more info.  I'm not entering the contest (I think I'll let someone else try to win), but I do like to promote contests when I can.  Furthermore, if you've never checked out the blog, you should follow it.  I admit I'm not a big Reds fan, but the posts are really good.

Okay, I hear music so that must mean I need to wrap it up.  Thanks for reading, check out Kings of Kauffman, and follow them on their various platforms across the interwebs, and thank you for reading.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You win some, you lose some, and you forget some

I'm not going to complain, but I've had an odd week on the blog.  I've seen a ton of traffic, which I'm not complaining but it is a bit odd.  At first I thought it was because I mentioned a couple contests, but I'm not sure anymore.  Anyways, thanks to everyone who has been reading.

My last post I showed off some 2015 cards.  I forgot to show a few of the cards.  The cards I forgot to show are from 2015 Topps.  Here they are.

Overall some nice inserts.  Not a fan of the Jackson card (not sure what the insert is of), but the rest are ok.  I'm still hoping to get the Royals First Pitch insert, likely will get it soon. 

So, with that out of the way, let me show you a few other cards.  First is one I really like.

I used paint to paint in the red part.  I did it to show it was cut around.  I really like E.J. Gaines and hope I get a chance to see him play in the pros one day (that is if the Rams are still in St. Louis long enough for me to catch a game).  Since I'm not a big Rams fan, I'm not sure with all the stuff they've done the last couple days will help or hurt them, but as long as Gaines gets playing time, I hope people start to take notice.  I won this on Listia some time last month.

Here are a few other cards I won recently too, and also my high school's spring sports schedule.  I might make one of their games just to do something.

I was happy to win the David Cone card.  I mean I'm happy when I win most of my auctions, but I was in a drought and had been getting outbid a lot, so I cut down on a lot of the auctions and focused on this one.  I forgot how many credits I spent, but I got it at a pretty rate.

The Russ Washington I was worried about.  I won right before I went away from the internet for a week.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pay for it in time, but when I did, it got delivered and now I'm happy.  Russ was a Missouri Tiger and this is his first card.  It's one of the oldest NFL cards I have now.

Next is a Joe Randa Gold Medallion card.  Though not finished sorting through all my Royals cards, I knew I needed this one.  It was really cheap too, so I jumped on it.  Having another Randa card is always a plus anyways.

Finally I'll show a lot of cards I won a couple months ago that I never showed off.

I paid under 1000 credits for these cards, and I'm not sure if I needed any of them, but I do believe I needed a couple at least.  The Aoki Chrome on is one I think I needed, and I think the Moustakas one too.  As for the rest, I'll find out soon.  I don't remember seeing an Adcock card, so even if I only needed 3 of them, I'm ok with what I paid for them.  Besides the Gordon card, they are all nice looking cards, so I can't complain.

With that I think I'll wrap it up for tonight.  I have more cards to show off, and hope to have something cool to show off this week, well a couple things, I'm just waiting for them to arrive.  So thank you for reading and have a great night.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I finally bought some 2015 stuff, and see how to win some stuff

Before I begin my post I wanted to mention a couple contests.  First is Baseball Card Breakdown.  Even if you don't want to enter a contest, the post itself is a good one.  BCB was one of the first blogs I followed when I started my own blog, and its still one of my favorite reads.  Check out the link on how to enter and to read his post.

The other contest is one about to wrap up.  I admit, I just found the blog itself thanks to Trading Card Database within the last week, and its already been added to my blogroll.  It's called Addiction As Therapy and as of this point, it looks like only a couple people have entered (I'm one of them).  It is well worth checking out, and you can win a pack of 2015 Topps Heritage and some other cards.

Ok, let's get to my post.  Speaking of 2015 Topps Heritage, I will show some off today.  I didn't plan to buy any cards, but the last few times I went to Walmart, I tried using a gift card.  It declined it every time.  I would get home and see it had $20 on it.  So I figured it was because my stuff cost more than $20.  Tired of trying, I figured this time I would buy a couple packs of cards and see if it works.  It did!  So here are the cards I got.

3 packs came in at about $18.  Its a shame.  I could have gotten a blaster box, but wanted to try out each of these.  Let's look at the Heritage first.

 I was so focused on the Royals last year I didn't realize Rick Porcello went to Boston.  I'm not high on Tanaka like most people but I guess that's an insert.  The statue for Danny Santana is huge.  It takes up half the card.  The only one I might keep is Sandy Koufax.  I don't really collect him, but its a nice looking card.

 If I was a Johnny Cuerto fan, I'd be happy with this package.  Hey, great job Boston, 5th place ain't nothing to be sad about, you finished ahead of.... well... at least your Stadium and field is better looking the Tampa's.  Not a keeper from this bunch.  If I still collected Red Sox, I don't think I'd want a 5th place card anyways.

Here's the rest.  At least I got some Tigers card for a package I hope to send soon.  Trumbo is nice, but I don't collect him, so eh.  Maybe I shouldn't have bought some packs knowing I'm not a set builder and only looking for a few cards, but the thrill of opening cards seems to overpower that.  Besides the Koufax, I plan on keeping the Wacha card.  I do collect him, and thanks to my cable operator I'll get to see him more than the Royals this year.  ESPN I hope will cover the Royals more this year.

Alright I will go to wrestling next because, I'm sure many will be more interested in the baseball and this will cause you to read more of the post.

I knew going in I was going to like this set.  They have been using the same design as the baseball sets, so I was interested.  These cards already make up for the Heritage pack.  I like Seth Rollins, Christian, and Alicia Fox.  Plus a Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior to boot?  HECK YEAH!

I was a big Kofi Kingston fan for a while, but I've moved on, though I hope The New Day works out for him.  THE MIZ!  HE'S AWESOME!  I admit I really like him.  Sting!  THE MAN CALLED STING!  I was a big WCW fan, and admit I went down with the (mother)ship.  So getting a Stinger card is cool.  Kane is from St. Louis, and got his start there, so that's a nice Missouri collection addition if I decide to make that an actual collection.  Swagger I like too, so that's nice.

The Sting promo card is actually a coupon for $3 off a box of cards.  I might use that.  Paige was cool to get too.  The rest are insert cards.  Another Sting, and a Montreal Incident (? you mean the screwjob), which is cool.  Overall I was very pleased with this pack.  I might work on a set bit by bit.  Who knows if I buy a box, I could finish a set.

Okay, its time for the MAIN EVENT!  2015 TOPPS!

 I have a few other Yelich cards, so I might keep it.  The only Royals card in the packs were of Brandon Finnegan, the main one I was going after.  So that was nice.  Overall I like the design of the set.

I'm going to keep the Chisenhall card because I saw him play last year, and odds are I might this year too (its one of the games I might go to).  I like the Wilson Ramos card too, something about catchers in the gear I like on a card.

Brandon Crawford will be retained though it brings back memories of the World Series.  At least I've heard of most of the people in this pack.  Sorry Mike, but I don't know you.  I don't keep up with the Astros enough I guess.

HOLY JEETS!  There's my first 2015 Jeter of the year.  Though its a checklist card, I still like it.  The Kershaw is another nice card.

Overall, I can't complain besides the price.  I was only going to get a small pack of cards, but these were the smallest they had.  I think I got my fix, so no packs for me for a while.

That's it for today, thanks for reading and have a great day!