Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Random Wednesday Scans

Throughout the year I put scans into a folder called BLOG.  Most of the time I name things simple like that.  It's about time I clean out the folder some.  Usually once I post stuff on here I delete the pictures off the hard drive.  Usually so I know if I already talked about it but also because if I need it again I can just find it on here again.

So here is some random scans and the reason why they are in my folder.

How about a non-wrestling card of Jesse Ventura?  I am an up and down fan of The Body or whatever name he calls himself (don't worry Mr. Ventura, I'm not calling you names, so don't sue me).  What I like about this card is that it is a perfect design for a wrestling card.  Nice photo on the front, name on the bottom, and a minimal bio on the back is all you need.  It's not like you need stats on a wrestling card.  HE LOST 8 FAKE FIGHTS!  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing fake about what they go through, I've said for years (long before it was cool to say) that wrestling is soap opera for men.  Getting back to the card, I scanned it for the TCDB and just moved it into the folder for no real reason.

Next is another card I scanned for the Trading Card Database.  This is possibly Ian Kinsler's first baseball card.  Since he is a product of Mizzou, I had to get it when I saw it cheap on COMC last year. I like minor league sets, and this one looks a lot better than most I have seen.  At some point I'd like to expand my minor league sets, but getting a few here and there is fine for now.

A while back I talked about athletes from Boonville, MO.  I mentioned Donovan Graves, and here is the only card I have of him.  Unlike Chuckie Jones who I also talked about, I don't think I ever met Graves, but know of him through friends.  Here is a nice card I got off of COMC, another minor league card (he never made it to the majors), in the Cardinals system.

Originally I had this card set aside for a Card Hall of Fame induction.  I'm not sure if or when I'll bring that back, and since adding it to the folder, this card has lost its appeal to me.  I was going to write something about "HEY I CAN PAT MY HEAD AND DRIBBLE AT THE SAME TIME."  Beyond that, I'm not sure what else I would write.  I remember very little about Devin Harris, but do remember him playing for the Mavericks.  Nice card design, but looking back, maybe not Card Hall worthy.

I don't know if I included this card by itself before, its one of the last SI For Kids cards of 2014 and one of the last ones with the old design.  It's always nice to see someone I like included in the cards of SI for Kids, but my subscription runs out soon, and can't find it for free, so I'll likely be done with them soon.

Here is a card I recently won on Listia that goes with the Dual-ing Die Cuts I was given last year.  I got it cheap, and at least I've heard of Mondesi, he is one of the top prospects of the Royals system,  Sorry I don't have anything else to add.

At this point, let me apologize if the design of this post is bad, sometimes I hate moving cards on here.  Anyways, back to more scans.

LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!  I might have posted a card or two of these before, but I had the pack scanned again for the TCDB and never deleted it.  I actually liked these cards, I might chase the entire set one day, but its not high on my list.


 UGH! I hate putting cards side by side, much easier to use paint and crop them into one.  Anyways, sorry for the eyesore, but I got these cards last year in a random binder, and like them.  If I collected team sets these would be perfect dividers for card pages.  I collect a few 49ers, so that's good.  I hope to get a Chiefs one one day and if I find it cheap enough, maybe a Buccaneers one.

James Franklin was one of my favorite Mizzou players ever.  Some of it could have been because I wasn't the biggest fan of Blaine Gabbert (I still think it was more the way he was coached, but still I saw flaws in his game before most others, injured or not).  Franklin is an all-around nice guy, and hope he lands somewhere, even if its in the Canadian Football League (which would give me a reason to buy CFL cards).  If I ever meet Frank the Tank again, I'll see if I can get this card signed.

I'll wrap it up with a fairly newly scanned card.  It has a weathered look because it is weathered.  I found it in the laundry room of my house last week while I was waiting for the gas to be turned back on (they were fixing pipes and had to shut the gas off).  My mom had it with some stuff, and she didn't mind if I took it.  Derrick was a Mizzou product, so it will go into my Mizzou binder along with other Tiger greats Doug Smith and Anthony Peeler, and Steve Stipanovich, and Jon Sundvold.

That will wrap it up today.  It feels good to clean up the folder, it's about half empty, but the other scans are for a few posts I might do soon.  I also have a blog planned for a contest I won earlier this week,  once I get the cards I will show them off.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.