Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Silliness Ensues

I will likely open a pack of any type of cards if given the chance.  Especially if they are music related.  I am a big music fan and will listen to almost anything (I've even given Jazz more of a chance in recent years).  I've had music related cards in the past of Yo MTV Raps, and the Procards ones in the early 90's.  I'm not against getting them again at some point, but they never did much for me besides winning a radio contest once because I had a Morrissey card handy.  My favorite radio station at the time (R.I.P. 98.3 The Buzz) would ask trivia questions each day during the lunch hour.  This was around the time the internet was catching on more and more, but I didn't have it on at the time (I think I still had dial up).  Anyways they asked a question about Morrissey and I just happened to have the card close by, and it had the answer on it.  I think it involved on of the albums.  I forgot what I won on that particular contest, as I used to win a lot of radio contests.  That would be a fun blog post to revisit at a future date.

As for now though, we are getting silly.  Silly CD's that is.

I have heard of these for quite a while but never had any.  It was fun to open once, but even though the base set is 33 cards, I have no intention of getting the complete set.  I was hoping to get Spitney Beers cards (which is of course the parody of Britney Spears), but no dice.  Instead, I did get some ok cards I guess.

I got more cards than the 5 the package indicated at least.  No Britney but I did get Pristina Eggulera.  I was never a fan to be honest, but seeing her getting egged did make me chuckle.  As you can see on the checklist cards, they had a mix of (then) current to older acts.  I will admit I like the R2/D2 one and my favorite might be the No Trout one.  I was a big fan of No Doubt, and the Tragic Kingdom album was their best.  I still have it somewhere, and know most of the words to most of the songs (even ones that never got airplay, which wasn't a lot).

The backs of the cards all looked the same only varying the card number and artist.  It would have been a bit more fun to see better back sides of the cards, maybe showing mock track listing or a biography of the artist, but oh well.

The other two cards (which were puzzle pieces) depicted Carless Suntana (which is kinda dumb), and Nixon Chicks (which was even worse).  I think they could have been a bit more creative.

Sorry I have no more scans, but I did think about if they decided to make a new set and who would be on the cards.  I didn't get very far, and after the names I came up with, I'm not as harsh on them now with their names.  Here is what I came up with.

ColdSore (Coldplay)
Taylor Swiffer (really?)
Wrong Direction (One Direction)

That's it.  Maybe some of you have better suggestions.  Overall, I like the novelty of these cards, but there wasn't much execution beyond coming up with silly names.  Bland backs that were all the same, and a pretty small base set really doesn't make it worth it to get.  I spent 2000 credits on this pack on Listia, which is more than I should have bid, but I don't regret it.  It was fun to open.  I only bid on it (I did a Get It Now) because it was during a contest Listia was running and I needed to win an auction.  It was the easiest way of doing it.  It did help me accomplish some goals at least so it helped in more ways then one.

Lately Listia credits have skyrocketed and it means less auction wins for me, which I'm okay with, but it does suck that some of the surveys I took before is worth 2x to 5x the credits now.  I'm sitting on around 40,000 credits which depending on when you read this is worth about $6.  I'm not complaining because it was mostly free points, but I think I might start selling stuff so I can get some more points and start winning stuff again.  For now, 1-2 wins a month is fine with me.

Thanks for reading today, and I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.  I should be posting some of my Christmas items soon, and have a few more things to talk about too so I should have a few posts coming.  I also plan to do another MLB Hall of Fame ballot this year since I had fun with it last year.  Have a great day!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

What Does The Turkey Say, Part Two

Oops, I forgot to post last night, sorry if I left you all hanging.  So here is part two of my COMC haul, this time mostly if not all baseball.

Let's start off with 2 cards I've searched for for about a year.  The 1992 Ultra cards were ones I've looked for since I got my big box of Royals cards last Christmas.  These were the only two needed to finish the team set, and they seemed tough to find.  Luckily I had my eye on these on COMC most of the year, but they were more than I wanted to spend, and also a seller I didn't want to buy from.  As I waited for this sale, I noticed these two cards pop up at a fair price (well, I paid 65 cents or so, a bit more than I wanted for common cards, but I was tired of waiting to finish the set).  So these might have made me the most excited to get.

No package from COMC is complete without a card or two of Johnny Damon.  The two cards on the right side of the scan were new ones to me (I never seen them before), and they were cheap enough to grab.  The back of the bottom one has a look of a jersey.  It is also tri-folded, but it hasn't been opened yet so I didn't open it.

I got the Ventura card only because it was cheap. I like him, and want many more of his cards, but I didn't seek it out.  I get worried with newer cards since I haven't sorted many yet, so I'm glad it wasn't a double.  Final card of the scan is an Alex Gordon blue wrapper card.  I have been piecing it together throughout the year, and might be about half way through now.  I don't plan on getting every variation set, but this one matches well with Royals cards.  I somehow did get a double of another player so I have it listed on COMC.  I don't plan to sell on there really but sometimes I will resell stuff on there.  I've tried flipping a couple (including one you'll see below) but never sold them and had them shipped.  My name on COMC is Hosier by the way.

After Christmas last year, I found some wrapping paper that is very similar to this so I guess I'll have to use it at some point but haven't opened it yet.

The back is the same as the base set, but I scanned it already so here it is.  The Alex Gordon Sweepstakes is in full effect, but unlike a lot of my twitter friends, I'm not keeping up with all the hoopla.  I would like Gordon to come back to the Royals and be like George Brett and finish his career with one team, but if it doesn't happen, I wish him the best of luck.

Okay, more scans.

The John Dettmer card I had seen on Trading Card Database earlier this year, and wanted it but didn't want to pay much for it.  Dettmer is a former Mizzou player and I have most of his cards now, so this was a good one to grab.  I need to see how close I am to finishing up all his cards.

The Ozzie Smith card I tried to flip.  I bought in July or August dirt cheap.  I had no plans of selling it, but I looked at the common price around the big sale time and it was triple what I paid for it, so I gave it a few days to sell at double my buying price, and nobody bought it.  I'm actually glad in a way because I really like the card, and even though it is newer, I'd like to have more cards of the Wizard as a Padre.

Next is one that I never thought I'd see or consider buying.  I don't harbor hate against Trey Hillman like most Royals fans, but when I first heard the Royals hired him my reaction was "He coached a team called the Ham Fighters?"  My friend had to show me that it was a sponsorship deal and not an actual mascot, that would be bad ass.  I have very few Hillman cards (its not like he lasted long in KC) but when I saw this, a Japanese card, I knew I would get it at some point.  That point was sooner than later.

Final card of this scan is one that I only bought because it was cheap.  34 cents cheap.  I got my friend the entire series one set for his birthday, and I have a few too.  I planned on getting him all of series two, but the prices haven't dropped enough yet.  At some point I'd like to complete the set too.  As for Kevin Hart, I'm really not a fan.  I don't care for his style, and I don't think he's funny.  He will make me laugh on occasion, but I find a lot of other comedians funnier. 

This card was bought only to fill my quota of one card of every sports team from Missouri.  This card is of George Sisler, showing his time as a member of the St. Louis Browns.  I wish the stadium was still around, but it was torn down.  I know it doesn't make much sense these days, but I would like to see a wooden stadium.  Once things settle down I will update what teams I have represented and make a list of what I still need to seek out.

At this time let me mention, I haven't updated my want lists in a while.  I plan to do that soon as well.  When I do, I will make a note of it to let you know.  I haven't really looked at my keeper cards (Royals, Mizzou, whatever I plan to keep) much lately.  On Trading Card Database, I have been cutting back on cards I have that aren't part of my keeper cards.  I'm doing that to make it easier to see what I have and want in terms of the keeper cards.  I don't see a need to show 20,000 cards I have that I don't plan on keeping.  Once I trim that down, it should help making lists a whole lot better, though I still plan on using spreadsheets.

Let's get back to scans shall we.

There is the Sisler card again, and on the end next to him is Paul Lindblad.  I am pretty sure I have a Kansas City Athletics card, but to be sure I bought this one pretty cheap.  One day if I have a few extra bucks I make look for an old A's cap from their time in KC.  I think I'll go after a Monarchs cap first though.

Also in the middle is Carl Hubbell.  This is the second Hubbell card I've gotten this year, and I featured him on my other blog.  He is from Missouri, so he fits in my collection, but I also got it because I like the newspaper design on it.

The Mickey Mantle card is one I've eyed for months.  It actually fits into two collections, as I do collect Mantle cards (so far just the newer stuff).  If you notice his jersey and cap, he is wearing a Joplin Miners jersey.  Besides the fact it is really tough to find a Miners card, this card is awesome just because its the Mick.  I'm torn on which collection to put it in, as it will likely be the only Miners card I get and needs to represent the teams from Missouri set, but if I ever expand my Mantle collection, I have an urge to add it into that collection.  Since Mickey's collection is the only one I have semi organized right now, it will stay there for now.

Pay no attention to the Brett card, I'll discuss it later.  For now I want to show off the pair of Greg Maddux cards surrounding Mr. Brett.  The Maddux on the left is shaped and feels just like a credit card.  It is a really nice card, and when I first saw it, I saved it to buy later.  It went down in price and I jumped on it.  The Hands of Gold card on the right is another one I've had my eye on for a bit, actually a bit longer, but finally found the great time to get it.  Another list I need to update is the Maddux list.  I think I'm close to 150 or so now.

Okay, now the one that might have caught your attention.

I mentioned I won $5 contest on COMC's Facebook page, and after I did, I decided to splurge a bit.  Almost all the cards I buy on COMC is $1 or less, so having an extra few bucks, I splurged. I found this card pretty cheap just after I got the credits, so I sat on it for an hour and bought it.  Maybe it is an authentic game used bat, maybe it isn't, but just thinking it might be makes it more exciting.  While I never expected to get a bat piece of Brett, this is an amazing card.

Here is the back, and it says it was game used, so there's proof!  Or, maybe it isn't, I'll just believe it is.  The only thing that would be better is finding a photo of the bat in use, but hey, at least we have a picture of the bat.

So there it is, roughly 30 cards I got from COMC during their Thanksgiving sale.  Since I depleted most of my money on the site for the sale, it will likely be a while before I buy another package, but having said that, I did already buy another card.  That is my favorite part about COMC is it stores the card until you are ready to ship it.  It makes shipping easy, and if you find the right time shipping is sometimes free. You can't beat that!

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed the last few posts.  I hope to have another one up before the end of the year, and since it is Christmas Eve, I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone.  May your holiday season be very joyous, and you are blessed many times over.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What does the Turkey say? Part One

Last month like many others I participated in Black Friday sales on the site COMC.  For those new to my page or never heard of COMC, it is Check Out My Cards.  Its a site where you can buy cards usually at a good price.  This year I was lucky enough to win one of their Facebook contests and got $5 in credit, as well as doing some of their challenges getting more credit, so I had quite a bit more of a budget than I thought I would.  The best part of COMC is you can buy cards at any time, and then wait until special sales periods where the offer free shipping so I took part of that.  In total I got about 30 cards, and while that may not seem like a huge haul, it allowed me to find some cards I was looking for and find some I wasn't aware of.  Today I will show off a few of the cards I got, with the rest being shown at a future date.

Here we go.

A trio of former Mizzou football players.  All three made it to different levels in the NFL.  One made it to the preseason (Michael Sam), one is making his mark as a rookie (Shane Ray), and one is still trying to get his breakout spot (Chase Coffman).  I've never met Chase Coffman I don't think, but I have met Shane Ray and Michael Sam, and both were very nice.  I said Ray would be a bigger NFL star than Michael Sam even before most, but I don't think Sam really got to show what he is capable of.  If you agree or don't with his lifestyle, I think I'd like to see more of what he can do on the field before I would call him an NFL bust.  Plus hey, he was a 7th rounder its a bit hard to be a bust when drafted that low.  None of these cards were on my radar initially, but I liked them and so I got them.  I might have even gotten the Ray card already by the time this shipped, so next year I need to work better on seeing what I have and what I don't.

These were three more cards I didn't initially seek out, but when I saw them I decided to get them.  I'm not much of a fan of the Prizm cards, but the Danario Alexander card was really cheap (I think in the 30 cent range), and it was one I didn't have.  I've met him and got his autograph before and so it was a no-brainer.  I wish he wasn't so plagued with injuries or else he might have been a good weapon for the Rams.  As it is, I'd say his NFL days are over and its a shame, he's a really nice guy.  Maybe he could be a coach somewhere.

The George Seals card I bought back in August I think.  I was going through Mizzou players who played in the NFL, and saw his name.  I searched to see if he had cards, and this one popped up at a pretty decent rate.  I grabbed it, and now I can mark another former player off the list of guys I have a card of.  While I doubt I get every card of every former Mizzou player, having at least one of each would be a nice goal.

i have a few Kellen Winslow cards, but when I saw this one, I knew I would get it sooner or later.  Sooner prevailed as it was within an acceptable range for me, so I nabbed it.  I'm a sucker for patriotic themed cards so seeing this made the decision even easier.

Upper Deck sometimes gets a lot of flack for their cards, and some they deserve, but when they hit, they hit it big.  I wish I knew about this card a lot sooner.  Let's take a look at the back.

Even the back is nice.  Sure they recycled the photo from the front, but I can't complain about it at all.  This is an all-around great card.

Here is the final batch of cards for today to show off.

Let's start with the John Brown card.  For a long time I've been looking for one of his cards, and finally I found one I liked enough and had the dough for it.  Brown played for Mizzou and is one of the greats I didn't have a card of.  As I said, I've been looking for a while, so when I saw this, I still sat on in for a bit.  I think one or two sold before I decided to buy it though.  I figured he wasn't a real big name and the price might go lower.  I don't think it ever did.

Next to John Brown is Stephen A. Smith... Wait I'm sorry, its Marv Roberts.  I think he bears a good resemblance to the ESPN personality (I refuse to call him a journalist anymore).  The reason I got the card wasn't for his looks though.  Despite not have a post on my other blog for months, I still would like to acquire at least one card of ever team that has called Missouri home.  This card represents the Spirits of St. Louis, the ABA team whose owners made out like bandits after the NBA merger.  I don't think I'll get anymore Spirits cards, so seeing this one cheap I went ahead and got it.  This isn't the only Missouri Sports team I got in this package, but you'll see more on that later.

Let's look at the Pressey card now.

I have one or two of Phil's cards already, but I didn't know he had any representing Mizzou. I like to get the players in Mizzou gear when possible, so when I spotted this I kept an eye on it.  I don't know if I like the giant lettering in the background, but otherwise, I like this Ultra offering.

I thought he was starting to show off some of his skills in Boston as a rookie, but it looks like he's bouncing around some now from team to team.  I felt he should have stayed his Senior season (as I usually do for most college players) but also felt he was ready for the NBA.  As I've admitted before, I don't follow the NBA as much as when I was younger, but I hope he's picked up somewhere and makes a name for himself.

DGB! DGB!  Here's a guy who I don't know where to put in my collection.  He will go in my Mizzou collection as he went to Mizzou, but he's also from Missouri, so he could go into people from Missouri collection.  A few years ago he could fit into my Titans collection (it was mostly filled with Steve McNair and Eddie George cards), but I've dismantled it.  I guess technically he's an Oklahoma Sooner, he never played a down there, so can they really claim him?

According to Topps I guess they can.  Still not a fan of minis, but this was a decent price.  Especially after his semi-decent rookie campaign.  I won't pretend to be his biggest fan, he is one player I never met while he was at Mizzou, but that doesn't take away from my perception of him.  I just never thought he lived up to the hype that was created for him out of high school.  Add to it his run-ins with the law at Mizzou and I just couldn't hail him as the greatest recruit Mizzou ever got under Pinkel.  Having said all that, I hope he has a long and great career in the NFL, but at the same time I hope he keeps his head screwed on right and matures as he gets older.  I think his maturity is his biggest problem right now.  He has the ability, no doubt.

Well, that will wrap up part one, stay tuned for part two which will feature baseball including the only card I spent over $2 on (well really the only card I spent over $1 on). Thanks for reading and have a great night.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Odds and Ends

Not a lot to post today, but I need to get back into posting, so its better than nothing.  Here is some stuff I recently found or won on Listia.  As I've said in previous posts, I haven't won much on Listia lately partly due to just not feeling like it, and partly because the points have skyrocketed.  In over the year I've been on there, the points to cash ratio has rose from around 1000 points for $1 to now 6500 points for a $1.  I've been working on building up credits as opposed to spending them in case I find something really worth getting.  I still bid on stuff, but not as much as I did.

Anyways, here are some scans.

I'm not planning on getting every Otto Porter card, but this was a cheap sticker on Listia and I bid.  He is from Missouri and I believe I mentioned his high school team stomped our team one year at the state championships.  I think I was the only bidder so very much higher and I likely would have lost.

Not much to show, so here is the back of the sticker.

At least they put stuff on the back.  I always hated the stickers that had nothing on the back.  Sure if they are peeled, they are useless, but still have something on the back.

Since I still haven't finished all my sorting (I know its been a year now) of Royals cards, I am getting a little more cautious on what I bid on.  This one I was positive I didn't have so I bid.  I won it pretty cheap and it turns out I didn't have it.  I really don't have many Jermaine Dye cards as a Royal so I figured that was the case.

I really like the back of this card.  It reminds me of a newspaper and it includes stats, so I enjoy it.  I'm surprised with it being a S/N card it was so cheap.  I'll take it!

Last scan is multiple cards.

The Beltran card I also won cheap on Listia.  Sure he's not in a Royals uniform, but I have a semi-decent collection of Beltran cards, so one day I might go after more of his non-Royals stuff.  I don't have many Lineage cards (in fact this is only my second I think), so adding this was pretty easy.

The two Ryan Howard cards are ones I already had.  I was going through some cards and found them and kept them aside.  I flip a lot on if I want to make a full fledged collection of Ryan Howard cards, but these two are nice cards and since he went to Missouri State, he fits into my Bears collection.  The Bowman cards is a double sided card with another player on the back (I think Dominic Brown) and its a S/N card, so that made the decision easier.

That shall be all for this late night post.  I figured I would post since I already scanned them.  I hope to have another post or two before the year is up, if not, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.  Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Star Wars post (real creative huh?)

So I heard about this movie coming out called Star Wars or something.  I don't know.

In reality, I think I have admitted on here before that I've never seen the other Star Wars movies besides The Phantom Menace, so my excitement level isn't on par with a lot of other people.  I mean I understand the fandom and such, I just can't get into it.  In fact, there aren't a lot of movies on the horizon that I am too excited about (aside from Finding Dory or Super Troopers 2), and even then, they wouldn't cause me to jump out of my seat and go to the movie theater.

So why did I tease Star Wars in the title?  Simple- I bought some Star Wars cards, and now is a good time to show them off.  First I know you'll ask "If you're not a fan, why did you buy them?"  Answer- THEY ARE CARDS, DUH!  When I first saw them, I passed, but the second time, the force was strong.  In fact the force awakened me to buy a pack (see what I did there, because I can't say that I do).  I opened them and was pretty impressed with the design so I've bought a couple more packs afterwards.

Enough talk, cards I must show you.  (Yes I know a bit about the movies to make general jokes.  Plus I did watch 2/3rds of the Family Guy trilogy on it).

I think this was the first pack I bought, I got it at the Dollar Tree.  4 cards for a buck wasn't real risky, and at the time they had no good sports cards, so it made sense.  Since then, I've bought a couple 14 card packs from Casey's General Store, and had thoughts of piecing together a set, but not too sure I will.

I scanned these cards mostly for the Trading Card Database, and that reminds me I still need to submit a few more.  These are the base cards.

I like the design of the cards and it looks similar to the old ones they made.  I am usually a sucker for non sports cards to begin with, but if they have a vintage/retro style I will probably like it a bit more.

Aside from the design, I don't know whats going on in any of these scenes.  Maybe I will one day, but again, no real rush.

I was just happy with the base set designs, and according to the checklist, I am 16% or so complete.  Not a bad start, and so far no doubles.

I also pulled some inserts and parallels, so let's see them.

I'm not really digging the lime green ones to be honest.  The color seems a bit bright for me, and it doesn't mesh too well with the dark green on where the name and number is.

The silver ones, look a bit better, but I must admit they look a little bland.  I usually like silver (it looks grey to me), but it just doesn't work real well for me.  Maybe its just because I don't believe in all sorts of parallels.  Stick to the base set and on other color.  Maybe black...

PERFECT!  This works well, it looks like outer space.  I also like the blue in it as well.  Stick to this one and the base set.

I might as well give you an idea of the backs as well.  I mean I did scan them.

It may seem a bit wordy, but I really like this template.  It describes the scene, and it works.  I also like how the cards actually have titles on them, it makes it easier to add to the database instead of just writing the whole first sentence.

Not all cards get this back, as some have pictures on them.  Connect the cards for a big picture, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, its not exactly new to non-sports cards.

Yeah, like that.

So with all those out of the way, how about the inserts?  I got a few, I thought I did well.

At first I thought this was a sticker, but it isn't.  I can't say I'm in love with the insert set itself or the card design, but again, the black background helps it immensely.  The back leaves a lot to be desired though.

Um, ok.  Thanks for the bit of information... not!

This was pretty cool when I pulled it.  Its a foil card and I liked it a lot.  Looking at it again, I'm not as excited about it, but it was still fun to pull.  At least the back was a little better than the last card.

Not much, but it is slightly better.  I also just noticed the cards don't show Disney on it.  If you didn't catch it on the bottom part of the package, you might have forgotten they now own the franchise (unless you are like my friend who has stock in Disney, then you are very aware).

I pulled another foil card in the second pack I got from Casey's.  At this rate, I might get a couple more packs just to see if I could pull the others.  I think its best to not push my luck though.

Already uploaded it, so here is the back of this one too.

So I must say, while I have little interest in the movie, this wouldn't be a bad set to finish one day.  By finish I mean just the base set, and maybe one or two insert sets.

If you are a big Star Wars fan, I'm happy for you, and I hope the movie is everything you hoped it could be.  As for me, I'm happy with the cards.  Thanks for reading and have a great night, and weekend, and my the force... I better stop I might screw the line up.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gotta Have It... aka Did I show this off yet.

In a quest to clean up stuff on my computer and also start posting again, I have a few scans to show.  The first is something that caught my eye while house cleaning a couple months ago.  And yes, house cleaning is part of the reason I haven't posted a lot lately.  My house isn't that cluttered, its just that I am trying to go through stuff to sell our house (well my mom's house, but all my stuff is there) and have been sidetracked a lot.

Who cares, lets see pictures.

Am I the only one who remembers this?  I showed a friend and he had no clue what this was.  Basically it was a discount card type thing found inside cases of Pepsi.  If you had this card, you could get discounts at different places on stuff.  I had quite a few of these, and it seemed so cool, almost like I had a credit card.  The thing is that I never used it, it was just cool to have.  I mean you GOTTA HAVE IT!

I looked online after I found this at what all you could use it for, and I don't think I would have used it at any rate.  You could get a discount at Blockbuster Video, but we didn't have one.  Our movie store was Aardvark Video (which later became a Movie Gallery), and our local grocery store had some movies as well.  In fact I think I've only been inside a blockbuster once, maybe twice.  I also never owned a pair of Reebok's that I'm aware of.  My shoes always came from Walmart, and I'm not ashamed of that.  My shoes today still come from Walmart.  As for the MTV, I don't know what the deal was with them, but I didn't get MTV until almost 2000, and today I don't have it either.  I don't think I'm missing too much.

How about some oversized cards?  I have a few, and found these while cleaning.  It was cool to find the St. Louis Cardinals cards with Smokey The Bear on it.  I could tell a Mitch Hedburg joke here, but I'll let you youtube him yourself so you can experience his greatness, may he rest in peace.

I don't know if I have others, but I wish I could find them if I did.  The shocking moment came when I found the Dan Quisenberry oversized card.  I know these were part of my dad's collection, but I don't remember seeing it before.  Out of all the cards of a Royal, I am happiest to have this one.  Maybe I might search for others online one day.  Likely once I finish cleaning.  I don't have time or really the room right now.

One the bottom is some randomness.  There is a Tyler Reks coin thing (I think Topps called them Chipz) which is kinda cool.  I liked T-Reks, so since it doesn't take up much space it will be a keeper.  An old Royals patch that was my dads is next to it.  I don't know the exact time frame but it is early 80s I believe.  The logo has stayed mostly the same throughout their existence, but a few subtle changes makes it a little easy to pinpoint it some.

Finally are some beer coasters.  Now on the surface, let me say I don't drink.  However, I've always been attracted to beer related stuff, and I went to Cargo Largo a few years back and they had like 100-250 count packs of coasters for either a buck or 50 cents.  I bought one of each of these designs, and still have most of them.  Maybe one day I'll use some of them.

Finally is some cards I won a few months back on Listia.  I still go there at least once a day, but I don't bid on much these days.  Thanks to some goals they've had, I have managed to increase my credits by a lot lately, so I can bid on stuff when I feel like it.

I don't know if I showed these off yet, so here they are.  The Rios I'm not even sure I won on Listia, but oh well.  I know I won the Sportflics card of Maddux on there.  I need to update my Maddux list and see what I've gotten this year.  Another Harry Gant card to add to my collection, and to be honest, I think I have enough of his cards now.  I don't plan on getting every card he ever had, but a few is nice to have.

The bottom row has a Minions card.  I got it for my mom, who likes those guys.  I just can't get into it, even though I did see the first Despicable Me in the theaters.  Maybe even in 3-D (which in my opinion is a rip off, but so is going to the movies in the first place).  Finally is a Royals sticker card.  It's possible I had this already, but I don't think I did.  It was like 50 credits I think so I didn't spend much on it.  I found some other stickers of Royals lately I didn't know I had, so I still have a long way to go to finish sorting cards.

That wraps it up today, thanks if your still reading, and I really hope to be writing more soon, I have a few things to talk about, but its finding time and space (one day my desk was filled sky high with CD's to rip), once things settle down, I hope to be back more often.  Have a great night.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So much sadness

You ever just wake up and think, "Life"?  Like there is so much sadness in the world and you just want things to get better?  That's how its been lately, with the events surrounding Mizzou, Gary Pinkel retiring, then on a much grander scale, the horrible events in Paris and the war on ISIS.  Every day it seems I just hate looking at the news in fear of something else happening.  So I figured I would at some point this week do a post about my happy place again.  I seem to use that often, but I need something to make me smile.  I do have the Mizzou game this weekend to look forward to, I hope to go to it (last minute sickness made me miss their last home game).  A tradition at Mizzou is for the Seniors after the game to go to the hill (they are carried) and grab a rock from the giant rock M on the hill.  As it turns out, I will be on the hill if I do go, so I hope to get some good pics.  If I can stand the cold.  It seems I've been freezing a lot lately so I need to bundle up nice if I do go.

My happy place will be next time though.  I was on twitter a bit ago and saw Doug Flutie was trending.  Being a fan of his, I clicked to see what was going on.  I found his official twitter page which directed me to his facebook page and this is what he wrote:

What a horrible thing to go through.  I've lost many people in my life, but I could never imagine losing the two most important people in my life on the same day.  Prayers go out to Doug and his entire family for such a terrible loss.

After I read that, I decided to read his biography on wikipedia and I learned something.  I knew Doug played in the USFL, CFL, and NFL, and also played at Boston College, but I never knew his brother Darren played in the CFL.  As a matter of fact both Doug and Darren are in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame as well as named 2 of the top 50 players all-time in the CFL.  So as I was reading this I thought I would show some cards off since I like showing pictures.  A big thanks to Trading Card Database for most of the scans.

This was the only card of Darren I found, but then again I didn't search for many.

Doug and Darren were teammates for a short while in the CFL.

Of course, before he was in the CFL, Doug played in the USFL.  I wish the USFL or a similar league was still around to compete with the NFL.  Shoot, I'd even settle for the XFL.

I think I remember and liked Doug because I remember having this card growing up.  This was also before his CFL stint.

I like this card, but I think I could have designed it.  Maybe I should try to replicate it.  This was in his final years in the CFL before returning to the NFL.

I believe if you suited up as a quarterback for the Bills in the 90's I rooted for you.  Jim Kelly, Frank Reich, Doug Flutie, even Todd Collins were ones I liked.  I think I like more of them than I do current NFL quarterbacks to be honest.

Being a college legend thanks to "The Pass" I had to include a card of him from his Boston College days.  Even though this was from a couple years ago.  There are even some cards of him in this years sets, which is pretty cool.

I also found out he announces Notre Dame games now.  Something I would never know because I don't like Notre Dame so I never watch.

Of course all these cards pale in comparison to why a lot of non sports fans may know him from.

If you have a cereal named after you, you must have done something right.

So, thoughts and prayers are with the Flutie family.

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope that the news starts getting better.  Maybe a trip to my happy place will cheer everyone up.  Should post a new one soon.

Have a great night.