Thursday, December 24, 2015

What Does The Turkey Say, Part Two

Oops, I forgot to post last night, sorry if I left you all hanging.  So here is part two of my COMC haul, this time mostly if not all baseball.

Let's start off with 2 cards I've searched for for about a year.  The 1992 Ultra cards were ones I've looked for since I got my big box of Royals cards last Christmas.  These were the only two needed to finish the team set, and they seemed tough to find.  Luckily I had my eye on these on COMC most of the year, but they were more than I wanted to spend, and also a seller I didn't want to buy from.  As I waited for this sale, I noticed these two cards pop up at a fair price (well, I paid 65 cents or so, a bit more than I wanted for common cards, but I was tired of waiting to finish the set).  So these might have made me the most excited to get.

No package from COMC is complete without a card or two of Johnny Damon.  The two cards on the right side of the scan were new ones to me (I never seen them before), and they were cheap enough to grab.  The back of the bottom one has a look of a jersey.  It is also tri-folded, but it hasn't been opened yet so I didn't open it.

I got the Ventura card only because it was cheap. I like him, and want many more of his cards, but I didn't seek it out.  I get worried with newer cards since I haven't sorted many yet, so I'm glad it wasn't a double.  Final card of the scan is an Alex Gordon blue wrapper card.  I have been piecing it together throughout the year, and might be about half way through now.  I don't plan on getting every variation set, but this one matches well with Royals cards.  I somehow did get a double of another player so I have it listed on COMC.  I don't plan to sell on there really but sometimes I will resell stuff on there.  I've tried flipping a couple (including one you'll see below) but never sold them and had them shipped.  My name on COMC is Hosier by the way.

After Christmas last year, I found some wrapping paper that is very similar to this so I guess I'll have to use it at some point but haven't opened it yet.

The back is the same as the base set, but I scanned it already so here it is.  The Alex Gordon Sweepstakes is in full effect, but unlike a lot of my twitter friends, I'm not keeping up with all the hoopla.  I would like Gordon to come back to the Royals and be like George Brett and finish his career with one team, but if it doesn't happen, I wish him the best of luck.

Okay, more scans.

The John Dettmer card I had seen on Trading Card Database earlier this year, and wanted it but didn't want to pay much for it.  Dettmer is a former Mizzou player and I have most of his cards now, so this was a good one to grab.  I need to see how close I am to finishing up all his cards.

The Ozzie Smith card I tried to flip.  I bought in July or August dirt cheap.  I had no plans of selling it, but I looked at the common price around the big sale time and it was triple what I paid for it, so I gave it a few days to sell at double my buying price, and nobody bought it.  I'm actually glad in a way because I really like the card, and even though it is newer, I'd like to have more cards of the Wizard as a Padre.

Next is one that I never thought I'd see or consider buying.  I don't harbor hate against Trey Hillman like most Royals fans, but when I first heard the Royals hired him my reaction was "He coached a team called the Ham Fighters?"  My friend had to show me that it was a sponsorship deal and not an actual mascot, that would be bad ass.  I have very few Hillman cards (its not like he lasted long in KC) but when I saw this, a Japanese card, I knew I would get it at some point.  That point was sooner than later.

Final card of this scan is one that I only bought because it was cheap.  34 cents cheap.  I got my friend the entire series one set for his birthday, and I have a few too.  I planned on getting him all of series two, but the prices haven't dropped enough yet.  At some point I'd like to complete the set too.  As for Kevin Hart, I'm really not a fan.  I don't care for his style, and I don't think he's funny.  He will make me laugh on occasion, but I find a lot of other comedians funnier. 

This card was bought only to fill my quota of one card of every sports team from Missouri.  This card is of George Sisler, showing his time as a member of the St. Louis Browns.  I wish the stadium was still around, but it was torn down.  I know it doesn't make much sense these days, but I would like to see a wooden stadium.  Once things settle down I will update what teams I have represented and make a list of what I still need to seek out.

At this time let me mention, I haven't updated my want lists in a while.  I plan to do that soon as well.  When I do, I will make a note of it to let you know.  I haven't really looked at my keeper cards (Royals, Mizzou, whatever I plan to keep) much lately.  On Trading Card Database, I have been cutting back on cards I have that aren't part of my keeper cards.  I'm doing that to make it easier to see what I have and want in terms of the keeper cards.  I don't see a need to show 20,000 cards I have that I don't plan on keeping.  Once I trim that down, it should help making lists a whole lot better, though I still plan on using spreadsheets.

Let's get back to scans shall we.

There is the Sisler card again, and on the end next to him is Paul Lindblad.  I am pretty sure I have a Kansas City Athletics card, but to be sure I bought this one pretty cheap.  One day if I have a few extra bucks I make look for an old A's cap from their time in KC.  I think I'll go after a Monarchs cap first though.

Also in the middle is Carl Hubbell.  This is the second Hubbell card I've gotten this year, and I featured him on my other blog.  He is from Missouri, so he fits in my collection, but I also got it because I like the newspaper design on it.

The Mickey Mantle card is one I've eyed for months.  It actually fits into two collections, as I do collect Mantle cards (so far just the newer stuff).  If you notice his jersey and cap, he is wearing a Joplin Miners jersey.  Besides the fact it is really tough to find a Miners card, this card is awesome just because its the Mick.  I'm torn on which collection to put it in, as it will likely be the only Miners card I get and needs to represent the teams from Missouri set, but if I ever expand my Mantle collection, I have an urge to add it into that collection.  Since Mickey's collection is the only one I have semi organized right now, it will stay there for now.

Pay no attention to the Brett card, I'll discuss it later.  For now I want to show off the pair of Greg Maddux cards surrounding Mr. Brett.  The Maddux on the left is shaped and feels just like a credit card.  It is a really nice card, and when I first saw it, I saved it to buy later.  It went down in price and I jumped on it.  The Hands of Gold card on the right is another one I've had my eye on for a bit, actually a bit longer, but finally found the great time to get it.  Another list I need to update is the Maddux list.  I think I'm close to 150 or so now.

Okay, now the one that might have caught your attention.

I mentioned I won $5 contest on COMC's Facebook page, and after I did, I decided to splurge a bit.  Almost all the cards I buy on COMC is $1 or less, so having an extra few bucks, I splurged. I found this card pretty cheap just after I got the credits, so I sat on it for an hour and bought it.  Maybe it is an authentic game used bat, maybe it isn't, but just thinking it might be makes it more exciting.  While I never expected to get a bat piece of Brett, this is an amazing card.

Here is the back, and it says it was game used, so there's proof!  Or, maybe it isn't, I'll just believe it is.  The only thing that would be better is finding a photo of the bat in use, but hey, at least we have a picture of the bat.

So there it is, roughly 30 cards I got from COMC during their Thanksgiving sale.  Since I depleted most of my money on the site for the sale, it will likely be a while before I buy another package, but having said that, I did already buy another card.  That is my favorite part about COMC is it stores the card until you are ready to ship it.  It makes shipping easy, and if you find the right time shipping is sometimes free. You can't beat that!

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed the last few posts.  I hope to have another one up before the end of the year, and since it is Christmas Eve, I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone.  May your holiday season be very joyous, and you are blessed many times over.


  1. I too thought the team name was the Ham Fighters and was equally disappointed when I figured out how that actually worked. I'm glad I'm not the only one who fell for that!

  2. Great stuff! The Ozzie Smith card reminds me of that thing they say... "Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make".

    I used to wonder if "Ham Fighters" meant something different in Japanese... Maybe it was something like the "Shogun Warriors" toys they had at one time. Finally the light went on... Oh, they're the "Fighters" and they're owned by Nippon Ham. Got it.

  3. Add me to the list that thought Ham Fighters may have been the best name in sports.