Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 State of the Blog Address- Let's Be Realistic

 It's the end of the year and I wasn't really planning on writing a blog.  I haven't really read any in a while, and obviously I haven't wrote any in a while.  The only reason I thought of blogging was because the Trading Card Database has opened voting for their yearly awards.  I'll be honest, I'm on there almost daily, yet don't do much on there anymore.  Card collecting has taken a backseat in the last couple years, so its not too unexpected.  However I started voting the different categories and I got to the award for favorite or best blog.  The nominees are basically whatever is on their blogroll, which you just request to be added.  As I looked at a few of them, I wasn't too familiar with them, which is normal.  Then I saw some I did recognize.  Its been a while so I figured I'd check out my own blogroll and see which ones I have and choose from them.  Then I thought about a few I hadn't seen in a while and thought I'd check them out.  One hasn't posted since 2018, another 2015.  One officially called it quits earlier this year.  I decided to go through my entire list and any who have posted since at least the first half of last year I would take off my list.  It wasn't because I don't want the memories, its just easier to see which ones are somewhat active.  I haven't posted in about 3 months so I think if people started removing me, I'd understand.  I was a bit sad to see my blogroll was basically cut in half.  After I finished voting I figured it would be time to do a blog.  A State of the Union so to speak.

Let's be honest, I'm not winning any blog of the year awards, and for the last few years I never expected to.  When I was posting 200 times or more a year, I'd be honored for the nomination.  Today,  I'd rather the vote go to someone more active.

This cookie jar has been in my family for decades.  When I moved to the apartment, it had to go to storage.  In late 2021, was when it came home and proudly displayed on top of the refrigerator.


So what is the present and the future of this blog?  Well, that remains to be seen.  I'll never officially announce my retirement from blogging.  First because I've been blogging in some form for almost 20 years, the last 8 or so years in card collecting and before that  with various ideas ranging from music and movie reviews, to just using it as a journal.  I've used sites like Xanga, and Blogger and even others I've forgotten the names of.  Deep down, when I get the mood to write, I like to have a forum to do it.  Twitter, Facebook or any social media sites can't quench my thirst.  Social media in general has made me want to stay off the internet more anyways.  I've seriously considered dropping Facebook the last year or two, and Might start a new twitter and make it private just so I can see less toxic stuff (and getting suggestions for stuff I no longer have an interest in).  I'm glad I don't partake in Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram or any of that other stuff.  I still use Youtube, but I've yet to link it with card collecting or blogging.  I use it for other reasons, and unless I decide to create another channel for it, I don't see that happening.  To me writing is my outlet.  I'll just need to use it as an outlet more.

It was sad seeing in some aspects this blog has outlived so many that were the basis that made me want to start a card blog in the first place.  Recently Night Owl has been talking on Twitter about how many blogs are around since he started, and  its alarming that thinking to the ones that were around when I started are no longer around.  I understand most of the reasons many have left (among the ones explaining), some just faded away.  I hope if I every truly stop wanting to, I'll have some explanation.  Some decided to start using Twitter, some just left collecting, some got busy with life (families, jobs), and some even started to vlog instead.  Sadly I think some might have passed one, but I don't know for sure.  Some of the remaining ones don't exclusively blog about cards, and I usually don't much anymore.

I did a dumpster dive a few weeks back, and this piece is perfect for my PS4 and my records in the bottom. 


I think presently, I don't know how much more active I will be in 2022.  I would like to post at least once a month, even if I have nothing to write about.  As you can see, I can write novels about nothing, so it will still be wordy.  Cards will usually be my main focus, but aside from a few purchases in 2021, I haven't been getting too many cards as of late.  It hasn't even bothered me too much.  It seems everything I've done in my life has been a fad so to speak.  I will be totally into something and after a few years, I stop caring as much.  Cards have been a part of my life for 30 years now, and I'll never get rid of the itch.  However, at times it has taken a backseat, and heading into 2022, I see it doing much of the same.  Fortunately I have sorted my collection and its nearly up to date, so if nothing else, 2022 could see more posts of cards I have that I may have never shown, or ones I have but maybe my thoughts have changed on it.

While I don't spend as much time with cards, I have been focusing on other projects, so I still am occupying my time.  In 2022 and beyond, its possible I will post some of those projects.  Not all are related to sports, but I think if I balance the posts they would still be enjoyable.  I'm not trying to post goals for the next year and beyond, just thinking out loud.  Another thought is I would like to bring back some features I've had in the past.  I might do some more "found on Ebay" posts, or maybe bring back my "card hall of fame".  Once I have things sorted, I think I can bring back an old "Maddux Mania" post or two.  It appears my Savvy Loot Box posts may come to an end since they have changed their store around to a point where I'm not buying much.  

2022 and beyond doesn't look all doom and gloom when it comes to this blog, but realistically, card posts may continue to be few and far between.  However I really want to start writing some again.  Maybe I will write more long form pieces, such as my old "Joplin Tornado" post which is the best post I've wrote.  Missouri just celebrated its 200th anniversary and in 2023 my hometown is celebrating its 150th.  I would like to do some deep dives and write some about those topics and more.  I think the future will see me revisiting old ideas and creating new ones.  I just have to get motivated to do it.

Overall, I don't think I'll be going anywhere in the next year, I just hope I will be writing more.  I also hope to be reading more blogs in 2022.  The bright side of seeing so many blogs of yesteryear going dark is that there have been some newer ones I've never heard of that I can start to enjoy.  I think of blogging like a streaming service, when you get tired of one blog, start searching for a new one because there are so many to enjoy.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this update, and hope everyone has a Happy 2022.  I can say with certainty that I have a blog coming soon showing off a 2 year plus collection of cards I got over the holidays from COMC.  I might spread out some of the posts, like I did in the past to get back in the swing of things.  Hopefully I'll have that up in the first week or two of next year.  The pictures I included in this post were added just because I thought you'd like some pictures breaking up the long paragraphs of words.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!