Thursday, June 20, 2024

Life In The Slow Lane

 I really have to be motivated to do stuff anymore.  Not just this blog, but a couple months ago when I last posted I was started to move stuff around the apartment and figure out the best way to display stuff.  Since then I have moved the furniture, but I haven't been motivated to display the stuff I had to move.  I worry at times I'm too much of a homebody, but at the same time, I don't have much interest in doing stuff.  I easily blame it on the weather or something else, but the truth is long before Covid, I just didn't want to be around people.  Now I don't have much interest in things that I would do at home even.  Besides moving them a few times, I'm not sure the last time I handled my cards.  Well, not entirely true I did get a few packs off Listia a few months ago, which I probably should do a blog on.  My main card focus these days when I even think about them is non-sports cards.  The cards I got were the Hollywood ones from the 90s and county music.  If I do a blog on it I'll explain the reasons.  I probably have a hundred or so cards to show since the last fully dedicated blog on them.  I rarely go to the TCDB anymore either.  Even when I wasn't messing with cards much the last few years I still visited the site multiple times a day.  I don't know why I don't visit much, but I also don't fret over it.

All that being said, I do still have some interests and I have a few things to show today, which are things I have been doing.  So since today is the first day of summer.... eh, okay that's not the reason, I just was bored.... let's take a look.

I don't know if I showed an updated photo of my sock collection, but but this was a few weeks ago.  The Ramen and Cup of Noodles were a big hit last time, and I think I added my first double (which really in baseball terms would be considered a variation), of the Oscar Mayer hot dogs.  I like the yellow on slightly more.  Not related to the socks, but underneath the hot dog socks is a wrapper for Cherry Mash.  My mom and I have been looking for some for a few months and finally found some and I saved a wrapper.  I still like the idea of this being a food wall, so maybe more will be added later.  I made a comment to my mom and sister that about 4 more pair of socks and I'll have to add a third row.

A few days later my mom and sister went shopping and found a couple more for me.  I just realized I didn't take pictures of them.  That ruins the setup for the next pictures but oh well.  I had them setting ready to bag and display for a few days.  Then I went to Dollar Tree and told my mom if I bought more than two I'd have to make another row...

Even though I don't use it, Frank's Red Hot has been on a wishlist for a while.  I have looked up what I don't have (not really a list, but seeing what others have posted) and have wanted it for a while.  The Bagel Bites and Teddy Grahams were ones I forgot about, but glad I got them.  All was well, but now I have to start a third row.  So as my mom and I looked around Dollar Tree, I went around the front and noticed a display... UH OH!

What have I done?  I thought this would be a fun little collection, never did I imagine I'd have a wall dedicated to them.  To think the first two times I spotted them, I only got one or two pair and passed over many others.  I believe the Eggo was one I passed over.  This batch includes two more variations, the Cup Noodles and Kool-Aid, which I probably didn't need either, but still I'm glad I got them.  Though I did consider not getting all of them, I mean why do I need this many socks.  Now fearing making a third row, I pretty much filled up that row and very close to a fourth row which I don't know what I'll do if I need another.

Not easing my remorsefulness was when the checkout lady who is so nice and I've known for many years said "I've never seen somebody buy this many socks".  All in good fun I responded "I had to find something to collect since there hasn't been movies in a while".  We both loved seeing the new batch of movies come in, but it was the truth.  So now instead of going to Dollar Tree for movies, I go for socks and Hot Wheels.  Which if I'm honest, Hot Wheels are cheaper at Walmart.

As I stated above, I'm not motivated, so I haven't hung them up yet, but maybe I will this weekend.  I still need to bag them first to prevent dust on them.

Then after Dollar Tree we made a trek to our local second hand store.  We don't get too excited anymore, but sometimes a deal is to be had.  Was today one of those days?

A couple cheap puzzles is a nice way to start.  The Hometown Collection had a confusing price, but we decided to get it for 1.25, which is still cheaper than the $3 most of the puzzles are.  The most exciting one though was also the cheapest.  Long time readers may remember the Pretzel puzzle we have which is in a bag very similar to this Popcorn one.  I believe there is three kinds, pretzels, popcorn, and potato chips.  I've been looking for the popcorn and potato chips one for a long time, and so glad I finally found the popcorn one.  I'm not sure when we'll start on it since we are pretty far behind on puzzles right now (partly motivation and partly because the table was full with other stuff preventing puzzles to be worked on).  Right now we're working on a flag one (pic of the box in the next photo), and then we'll figure out what to do.

This calendar is another cool item I found for a quarter.  I've always liked the idea of these, but never found one for a price I like.  Sure the blocks are chipped, but a quarter is a good price.  Perfect time for it for Flag Day and Independence Day coming up.  Maybe I can find the right color to match and cover up the chips on the blocks.  The Flag puzzle is the one we are currently working on.  We've had it for a bit but figured now was the time to do it.  It is a bunch of different stamps.  It should be nice when finished.

I was pleasantly surprised to find books were 4 for a buck.  A lot better than 50 cents each.  I don't know why but I've been really into cookbooks lately, so I added a few more to the collection.  That reminds me I need to update my collection on the librarythings site (I forgot if that's the actual name its been so long).  The Southern Living one reminds me of the Ideals books/magazines and I like getting more Christmas themed ones to display during the holidays.  The only "real" books I got was the Fast NASCAR History, which is a quick read and I'm half way done reading, and Bear's Boys which I haven't got to yet (I can't read more than one book at a time).  I don't know when I'll get to it, my reading has dipped this year plus I have others I want to read first.  My mom found a couple books too, so overall we were happy.

Now normally I don't do this next part, but I was curious.  In the front of the store they had a bunch of stuff.  Some on the left side was marked I think free.  On the right side looked like junk but no prices.  When I put our shopping cart back I asked home much some of the stuff on the right side was.  The clerk when outside to look.  She looked for a price on the boxes, then said "you know what?  Just take them, one less thing I'll have to drag back in at 4 (closing time)".  That works for me, I just wanted a couple things but I'll take them all.

So I added to another collection for free, so it made up for the overbuying of socks.  What did I get?

Now make no mistake, all the cases were WELL WORN, however after going through them at home, none of the tapes themselves looked bad or had mold on them.  In fact one or two may have never been watched.  Some of them came from video stores, others looked like store bought.  Out of all the videos, only two (Field of Dreams and The 6th Day) were ones I already had.  I only slightly noticed the Terminator box set when I asked.  I was only going to get that and after looking maybe Commando and Young Guns 2 but so glad I got them all.  Again, most of these aren't ones I would watch, but it is nice to build the collection.  That doesn't mean I would never watch these, and even if I didn't get them some I actually do like.  Demolition Man I've watched 2-3 times on streaming this year alone, and I loved the first Ace Ventura even if some of the material doesn't hold up these days.  Sudden Death and Hollow Man are a couple I've wanted to rewatch for a while as well.  I think I once had Big Daddy on VHS so that can be added to my... once had on VHS mini collection.  The two that stand out are Hoosiers and Spawn.  Spawn included a special insert card thing that looked really cool.  I will likely display it (maybe only around Halloween, but still).  Hoosiers was the oddest one though.  It wasn't the original version it was from one of those Family companies that edit the movie so the whole family can watch.  I admit I have a DVD or two from similar companies, but I also believe movies (or music) should be edited, and while I admit I've never watched Hoosiers in one sitting, I don't know what would specifically need to be edited.  I just found it very odd that it was included in a box of movies which included many movies with much worse violence, cursing, and whatever else.  That said, I may have to watch it just to see what the modified.  I haven't used my VCR in a while, so until I dig it back out, it may be a while.  That isn't exactly a motivation thing, I'm trying to find a VCR that I can use to put tapes onto DVD (mainly grabbing commercials from the 80s and 90s).  Until then I'll probably keep the VCR in the closet.  I have enough stuff I need to hook up to the TV anyways.

Overall I think I made out pretty well on the trip, and was glad I was motivated enough to get out.  Also glad I was motivated to write this blog.  Maybe it will inspire me to finish organizing or at least figure out how to organize.  With the heat picking up (warm enough to turn on the AC) I will have to find something to do indoors.

Thanks everyone for reading and hope the weather is nice where you are, or at least can stay safe from storms or heat.  For the first time in 3 years we've moved out of drought conditions with recent storms, but some have been more severe than I've wanted.  Now hitting the mid to upper 90s in June isn't giving me high hopes for a cool summer.  At least I have stuff to do inside... if I can get motivated.  Have a great weekend.


  1. I like the socks and the calendar too. Good reads there as well.

  2. Your sock collection is AWESOME! It's so unique. I've been on a VHS/DVD/Bluray kick lately. There's just something cool about owning a physical copy of your favorite movie. Some of those freebies you grabbed are personal favorites: Braveheart, Gladiator, Forrest Gump, and Young Guns II.