Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So much sadness

You ever just wake up and think, "Life"?  Like there is so much sadness in the world and you just want things to get better?  That's how its been lately, with the events surrounding Mizzou, Gary Pinkel retiring, then on a much grander scale, the horrible events in Paris and the war on ISIS.  Every day it seems I just hate looking at the news in fear of something else happening.  So I figured I would at some point this week do a post about my happy place again.  I seem to use that often, but I need something to make me smile.  I do have the Mizzou game this weekend to look forward to, I hope to go to it (last minute sickness made me miss their last home game).  A tradition at Mizzou is for the Seniors after the game to go to the hill (they are carried) and grab a rock from the giant rock M on the hill.  As it turns out, I will be on the hill if I do go, so I hope to get some good pics.  If I can stand the cold.  It seems I've been freezing a lot lately so I need to bundle up nice if I do go.

My happy place will be next time though.  I was on twitter a bit ago and saw Doug Flutie was trending.  Being a fan of his, I clicked to see what was going on.  I found his official twitter page which directed me to his facebook page and this is what he wrote:

What a horrible thing to go through.  I've lost many people in my life, but I could never imagine losing the two most important people in my life on the same day.  Prayers go out to Doug and his entire family for such a terrible loss.

After I read that, I decided to read his biography on wikipedia and I learned something.  I knew Doug played in the USFL, CFL, and NFL, and also played at Boston College, but I never knew his brother Darren played in the CFL.  As a matter of fact both Doug and Darren are in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame as well as named 2 of the top 50 players all-time in the CFL.  So as I was reading this I thought I would show some cards off since I like showing pictures.  A big thanks to Trading Card Database for most of the scans.

This was the only card of Darren I found, but then again I didn't search for many.

Doug and Darren were teammates for a short while in the CFL.

Of course, before he was in the CFL, Doug played in the USFL.  I wish the USFL or a similar league was still around to compete with the NFL.  Shoot, I'd even settle for the XFL.

I think I remember and liked Doug because I remember having this card growing up.  This was also before his CFL stint.

I like this card, but I think I could have designed it.  Maybe I should try to replicate it.  This was in his final years in the CFL before returning to the NFL.

I believe if you suited up as a quarterback for the Bills in the 90's I rooted for you.  Jim Kelly, Frank Reich, Doug Flutie, even Todd Collins were ones I liked.  I think I like more of them than I do current NFL quarterbacks to be honest.

Being a college legend thanks to "The Pass" I had to include a card of him from his Boston College days.  Even though this was from a couple years ago.  There are even some cards of him in this years sets, which is pretty cool.

I also found out he announces Notre Dame games now.  Something I would never know because I don't like Notre Dame so I never watch.

Of course all these cards pale in comparison to why a lot of non sports fans may know him from.

If you have a cereal named after you, you must have done something right.

So, thoughts and prayers are with the Flutie family.

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope that the news starts getting better.  Maybe a trip to my happy place will cheer everyone up.  Should post a new one soon.

Have a great night.

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  1. Oh good - no Flutie cards as a Bear. Nothing against Doug - that was just a really bad few years around the time he was there.