Thursday, November 12, 2015

Football or Baseball, I got them both.

How about some scans?  I'm sure everyone would rather that then hearing about Mizzou from me more.  I might have to go to my happy place soon, but for now here's some packs I never showed before (I don't think I have at least).

I can't remember if I posted these, I didn't look back too far.  At any rate, I see a lot of ugly jerseys.  I'm still okay cutting my losses on the Bucs when I did.  I like Doug Martin, but those uniforms are hideous.  This coming from the same guy who wishes they brought back the creamsicle jerseys.  I'm also not too keen on the Dolphins new look, but not a lot has changed.  Maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't think teams need new uniforms all the time.  Maybe a throwback game once a year, maybe a variation jersey every couple years, but stick to tradition. Maybe that's why I don't watch as many college games anymore (don't get me started on Oregon with new unis every week).  Since I brought it up, Mizzou unveiled new uniforms this week for what was supposed to be their "white-out" game (totally serious).  It's an all white uniform and helmet.  Makes me glad I don't have SEC Network and don't have to watch it.

Stick to tradition, like the Cowboys, and Packers, and Lions.  I do wish the Bills would go back to the blue helmets though, I miss those.  Also, Pittsburgh, QUIT WITH THE PRISON UNIFORMS!

Speaking of helmets, I prefers the 90's Giants helmets too, but I'm okay with their current design. At least the Bears have tradition.

As for these cards, I'm on the fence if I need the Julio card, but I do like the Beckham card, it will look nice next to the autographed card I have of him.  I guess the pack was okay.  I needed a fix, so it worked.

This next pack I've wanted to show for a while but just now getting around to.  My sister bought me a pack of cards a few months ago and I never showed them off.  Now I finally get to.

These are some pretty solid names.  I got a good mix of AL Central players including FUTURE STAR Danny Santana.  I also got Dee Gordon and Nick Hundley to prevent the pack from being all American League.

Ahh, more National League. Also found it odd to pull two Kevin Gausman's in one pack, one being a gold card.  These four cards really made the pack for me.  While I harp on the Cardinals, I like that card and its going into my Cardinals binder.  I think I'm keeping the Kershaw card too.  Plus I believe this is my only series two First Pitch card, and its one I'm glad to have.  I need to finish both sets, and want to get the series two set for a friend, but this is a nice start.  Not to come up with more insane inserts, but maybe they could do a set featuring different performers of the National Anthem.  I'd like to see some of those.

That wraps it up for today, but something hit me the other day.  I haven't seen the design for the 2016 Topps set yet, but I'm excited.  I didn't think about it until watching a replay of the Royals celebration that next year the Royals will have extra cards in the set.  Since they won the World Series, they will be featured on those cards.  I just hope Topps finally decides to dedicate a card for each game instead of just the games the winning team won.

Thanks for reading and for bearing with me these last couple months of not a lot of posts.  Part of me just needed a break I think, so I hope to be writing more soon.  A lot of people have been talking about the Hall of Fame voting lately and I think I'm going to do a ballot again just like I did for this year.  I've already looked at who is nominated so it could be fun to do.  I also have a few other things to show off, so I look forward to writing more.  Have a great day.

Oops, I have another scan to show.  I forgot about it, it was another Dollar Tree pack I got and don't think I showed off.  Here it is.

What a pack!  I'm mad at myself for almost forgetting to show it.  This is one of the best packs I've pulled I think. Two great action shots of Royals defense, and a future Royals to boot.  I hope Ben Zobrist comes back to Kansas City, I like him.  That Moose card I've wanted for a while too, so I'm glad I have it.  Nice to get a Hot Streak insert as well, and a FUTURE STAR of Jose Fernandez.  Plus a Chris Heston.  I'm telling you, I can't beat this pack.

And to think, I almost forgot to show it off.  I really need to get back in the game.  I also almost posted this without a title.  I hope to shake the rest off soon.  Enjoy the day!

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