Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Not Laying It On The Line

I made a post yesterday about a timeline of events that has happened recently at Mizzou.  I planned to follow it up with my thoughts on it.

I deleted it.  For me its time to move on from it, opinions about the situation isn't going to fix anything, especially from people who aren't alums or currently work or live on campus.  Sure everyone has thoughts on it, but its time to start repairing what has been broken.  Mizzou has been broken pretty bad.

It's funny because I said on Saturday I believe on twitter if you want to start a fire, burn it to the ground.  In many ways I still believe that, but its time to stop.  It's time to start communicating and working on how to make it better again.

One of my opinions involved the football team, but to be honest my views have even changed on that since my initial reaction.

So if you were waiting to hear my thoughts, if you've seen my twitter and facebook, you probably have a pretty good idea where I stand.  However don't confuse my views as being born out of racism or hatred, I just think actions from all parties involved could have been handled differently.

With that, I will try to move on and hope to have some new posts up soon.  I mean I never really showed how excited I was about the Royals winning the World Series.  I almost went to the parade, that would have been fun.

It's time to have fun again.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.