Sunday, March 8, 2015

I finally bought some 2015 stuff, and see how to win some stuff

Before I begin my post I wanted to mention a couple contests.  First is Baseball Card Breakdown.  Even if you don't want to enter a contest, the post itself is a good one.  BCB was one of the first blogs I followed when I started my own blog, and its still one of my favorite reads.  Check out the link on how to enter and to read his post.

The other contest is one about to wrap up.  I admit, I just found the blog itself thanks to Trading Card Database within the last week, and its already been added to my blogroll.  It's called Addiction As Therapy and as of this point, it looks like only a couple people have entered (I'm one of them).  It is well worth checking out, and you can win a pack of 2015 Topps Heritage and some other cards.

Ok, let's get to my post.  Speaking of 2015 Topps Heritage, I will show some off today.  I didn't plan to buy any cards, but the last few times I went to Walmart, I tried using a gift card.  It declined it every time.  I would get home and see it had $20 on it.  So I figured it was because my stuff cost more than $20.  Tired of trying, I figured this time I would buy a couple packs of cards and see if it works.  It did!  So here are the cards I got.

3 packs came in at about $18.  Its a shame.  I could have gotten a blaster box, but wanted to try out each of these.  Let's look at the Heritage first.

 I was so focused on the Royals last year I didn't realize Rick Porcello went to Boston.  I'm not high on Tanaka like most people but I guess that's an insert.  The statue for Danny Santana is huge.  It takes up half the card.  The only one I might keep is Sandy Koufax.  I don't really collect him, but its a nice looking card.

 If I was a Johnny Cuerto fan, I'd be happy with this package.  Hey, great job Boston, 5th place ain't nothing to be sad about, you finished ahead of.... well... at least your Stadium and field is better looking the Tampa's.  Not a keeper from this bunch.  If I still collected Red Sox, I don't think I'd want a 5th place card anyways.

Here's the rest.  At least I got some Tigers card for a package I hope to send soon.  Trumbo is nice, but I don't collect him, so eh.  Maybe I shouldn't have bought some packs knowing I'm not a set builder and only looking for a few cards, but the thrill of opening cards seems to overpower that.  Besides the Koufax, I plan on keeping the Wacha card.  I do collect him, and thanks to my cable operator I'll get to see him more than the Royals this year.  ESPN I hope will cover the Royals more this year.

Alright I will go to wrestling next because, I'm sure many will be more interested in the baseball and this will cause you to read more of the post.

I knew going in I was going to like this set.  They have been using the same design as the baseball sets, so I was interested.  These cards already make up for the Heritage pack.  I like Seth Rollins, Christian, and Alicia Fox.  Plus a Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior to boot?  HECK YEAH!

I was a big Kofi Kingston fan for a while, but I've moved on, though I hope The New Day works out for him.  THE MIZ!  HE'S AWESOME!  I admit I really like him.  Sting!  THE MAN CALLED STING!  I was a big WCW fan, and admit I went down with the (mother)ship.  So getting a Stinger card is cool.  Kane is from St. Louis, and got his start there, so that's a nice Missouri collection addition if I decide to make that an actual collection.  Swagger I like too, so that's nice.

The Sting promo card is actually a coupon for $3 off a box of cards.  I might use that.  Paige was cool to get too.  The rest are insert cards.  Another Sting, and a Montreal Incident (? you mean the screwjob), which is cool.  Overall I was very pleased with this pack.  I might work on a set bit by bit.  Who knows if I buy a box, I could finish a set.

Okay, its time for the MAIN EVENT!  2015 TOPPS!

 I have a few other Yelich cards, so I might keep it.  The only Royals card in the packs were of Brandon Finnegan, the main one I was going after.  So that was nice.  Overall I like the design of the set.

I'm going to keep the Chisenhall card because I saw him play last year, and odds are I might this year too (its one of the games I might go to).  I like the Wilson Ramos card too, something about catchers in the gear I like on a card.

Brandon Crawford will be retained though it brings back memories of the World Series.  At least I've heard of most of the people in this pack.  Sorry Mike, but I don't know you.  I don't keep up with the Astros enough I guess.

HOLY JEETS!  There's my first 2015 Jeter of the year.  Though its a checklist card, I still like it.  The Kershaw is another nice card.

Overall, I can't complain besides the price.  I was only going to get a small pack of cards, but these were the smallest they had.  I think I got my fix, so no packs for me for a while.

That's it for today, thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Maybe it's just the cap but seeing the Alex Wood card immediately reminded me of Phil Niekro:

    1. Holy cow, I can totally see it in the face. That's a good catch.

  2. Hello! Is the Tanaka insert or any of the Dodger base cards for trade? Please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Email me if you wanna get a trade going.

    1. I'm behind on a few trades right now, but I will hold them back for you in case I get caught up.