Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Taking It Easy

I'm might not post for a couple days and just wanted to give a heads up.  I'm not burnt out of blogging, but I'm working on other stuff.  In fact, I'm going to work on my Missouri Sports History page some and update it a bit, and I'm testing out designs for a new look for this blog.  I like to change the look of things often, but I've barely changed much in the two years I've been on here.  I think I have a design I like, so I'll be tweaking it some and debut it sometime in August.

The main reason I might not blog for a few days is because my grandma passed away on Monday.  Her visitation is on Thursday night, and the funeral on Friday, and I'm not sure I'm much in a mood to write a bunch of words on stuff I have.  I'll likely pick back up the weekend, and maybe even sooner, but I did want to give a reason for a possible hiatus so people don't think I've abandoned the blog.  This is the grandma I mentioned I would visit every Sunday and where we would play games, or watch football or NASCAR (or Charles Bronson movies).  She made the best beef and noodles I've ever had, and I enjoyed every weekend I went.  I think she's the one who taught my how to play Rummy, and also remember playing Yahtzee with her and dad.  When my grandpa was in the VA Hospital, my dad would take her every week to visit, and a lot of the time I'd tag along.  My grandpa would get to go with us and we'd find things to do in Columbia, usually going to Pete Kemper's auctions, or getting something to eat and going to Cosmo Park.  It was always fun to do.

I wasn't going to post a picture, but I've been going through some lately, and found this one of my grandma and grandpa as well as my sister Andrea and myself.  It is from our lake lot I think (which wasn't ON the lake, but close to it).  I thought I had another of us at Cosmo Park, but can't find it.

It's a bit sad to look at that photo and realize I'm the only one left.  I scanned this a few weeks ago, but need to find the actual photo again so I can make a board of pictures of grandma.

So at any rate I wanted to explain my possible absence from blogging, but know I'm not too far away.  I should be back soon.  Thanks for reading everyone, have a good night.


  1. Sorry about your loss - it's never easy. It sure sounds like she was an amazing person.

  2. I think somewhere in the "Grandma Manual" it must say all grandmothers should teach their grandchildren to play Rummy.
    My condolences to you and yours.