Friday, July 29, 2016

Big Bag O'Cards- Nineties Never Looked So Good

Continuing on through my big bag of cards, and I have to be honest, I still have a lot to scan so I might just wrap it up over the next 3-4 days and maybe revisit it at a later date.  I never intended to show all the cards, but a week into it almost and I'm barely a third way through.  Enough small talk, let's look at today's cards before I randomly fall asleep again, and maybe before Girl Meets World comes on which I hear might be good.

"Not everyone likes how baseball cards are super glossy.  Any suggestions for something outside the box?"
"How about making think cards that feel like sandpaper?"
-Fleer card company sometime in late 1995

To be fair, I really like the idea of these cards and how they weren't glossy.  I just think I wouldn't have made it my flagship set for a brand.  It was too much of a risk and if it would have taken off, they could have made it its own set or even transferred it to its flagship set.  If it flopped, then it could be forgotten.  It appears it flopped, as I don't think it returned the next year.

This wasn't a bad bunch of cards, and it really was a set I would work on at some point, but the only card that really interests me right now is the Brent Mayne card.  It may be a Mets card, but he was Once Royal and that is good enough for me.  I really didn't remember him being on the Mets, or any other team for that matter, so it was a little surprising to see.

Here is some more of the Fleer cards, and it wasn't until I pulled the first batch off the scanner that I noticed these were actually from the Update series, which I don't remember having any of them.  I did have quite a few of the regular set, but none of Update which might explain why I don't remember Mayne on the Mets.  Nothing else about these cards really are different from the main set.  Some more solid names here the biggest being Jimmy Key and Henry Rodriguez.  In fact I think the Key card is pretty solid.  I don't care much for blurred background, but combined with the rough feel of these cards it works.

Let's head to the early 90's and just look at these names.  Juan Gone? Nolan's Punching Bag? Bloody Sock? Gibby? Brunny (I guess someone might have called him that), and a guy named Belcher.  Such a solid group of guys.  I know for sure that I'm keeping the Schilling and the Gibson, but beyond that, I don't know.  I have nothing against any of these guys but as my collection expands with Royals and PC guys, its tougher to keep guys that don't make either list.  Juan Gonzalez is a fringe PC candidate so I might hold on to it, and the Smoltz card I kind of like, so I might hold on too.  The others are nice but I really need to thin it out some.  I just need to get started doing that and it should get easier.

While most people liked Stadium Club at this time, I preferred these cards more.  Maybe it was because they were cheaper or they were more readily available, but I just liked them more.  This batch also includes a Once Royal in Storm Davis, but the star power isn't near as good.  That isn't to say that Steve Finley, Rod Beck and Mike Bielecki weren't good, they were.  I would take those other guys above first though.

I've stated many times on here that 1994 had some of my favorite sets and besides the Score set, the Collector's Choice set was my favorite.  I liked the pinstripes on the border, the little logo on the corner, and the Collector's Choice logo itself wasn't too big itself.  The border itself wasn't too big either so a picture actually took up most of the front.  The only downside was I don't think it listed complete stats on the back, but I'm okay with that as it did have a blurb about them and they filled up the space.  This batch of cards had some good cards like another Mark Whiten (I might need to start a PC just based on this bag), Darren Daulton, Mitch Williams, and Dwight Gooden.  My favorite in this batch in years past might have been Mitch's card, but it seems most of his cards featured him post pitch so they are all the same.  I think now my favorite is the Whiten card as it shows disgust from likely being thrown out at second which isn't a photo you see too often on a card.

Another Royals card, but I'm positive I have this one, so it isn't a big deal, but still nice to get another Royals card in the batch.  Not a lot to say about this batch, but I do notice Tom Candiotti in a pregame batting practice which is different, and I forgot how much I liked the Pirates uniforms in the 90's.  Brian Hunter really matched those Nike's with his jersey which is cool.

The last scan of the nice is a big bunch of cards.  I just realized I had cards of Dr. Dirt AND Mr. Clean from the same set as I got Lenny Dykstra here.  I also got a Kenny Lofton on back to back days.  Overall not a bad bunch of cards.  I know I said earlier I need to thin my cards out, and I have no real desire for complete sets (besides team sets that is), but I could see myself going after this set at some point.  Maybe by the time I do I can buy a whole set for like a buck.

So that wraps it up for tonight, I had fun going through these, but it has depleted what I scanned so far, so that means I should be scanning tomorrow.  Like I said I will likely only do a couple more posts on this bag, but if I wanted I could probably stretch it another week or two.  I don't plan to as I have other stuff to show as well.  I hope the first week or two is heavy with posts as the middle part of August I might take a short break as I try to finish a redesign of the site.  August will be two years I've had a blog, and I feel a change is in order and it makes a good time to do it.   At this rate I have seemed to get back on track on surpassing my total posts from last year, so I hope I keep up.  I hope to be getting back to my theme of Royals cards soon as well, but I won't stop showing other cards as I still enjoy showing off other cards.  If I thought longer about a name for my blog I might not have pigeon-holed myself into focusing just on Royals, but I don't plan on changing it now.  It's not like there is a law stating that's all I need to show.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed these posts lately.  I hope to post a couple more posts this weekend, but if for some reason I don't, I hope everyone has a good one.

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