Saturday, July 2, 2016


An Unoriginal Title Pertaining to Coins

I had no idea what to title this, so I decided just to have a bit of fun.  The topic for today is Baseball and Wrestling Coins.  First I will show the wrestling coins, then onto the baseball ones.

The top row were all wrestlers from WCW, and the bottom were ones from WWE.  However, to be technical, Rob Van Dam was in ECW as well (same as Mysterio and Benoit).  Being even more technical, Rob Van Dam also competed in WCW a few times as well.  Also Batista spent a little bit of time at the WCW Power Plant. So what I'm saying I guess is all of these coins except for Trish Stratus have connections to WCW.  As for the coins themselves, I don't care for them too much, so that's why I don't have more.  I might have to look at the complete list though and see who else was included and maybe I might look for them on EBay.  These are 10 years or so old (no way WWE would make a set featuring Chris Benoit these days), so finding others could be hard to find.

They stopped making these and moved on to Dog Tags, which I actually liked a lot better.  Those were replaced by what were similar to Poker Chips which wasn't bad either, but I didn't like them as much.

Net is some baseball coins from the late 80's.  These were my dad's, and I'm a bit surprised they look so good.  I don't think they've ever been protected aside from being in a small box that checks came in for over the last decade or more.  I don't remember ever personally having any of these of my own, but for some reason I do remember the Terry Steinbach one for some reason.

Of course the Steinbach is the most weathered, so maybe I remember holding it more as a kid and taking it out of the box, so maybe that's why.  I remember all these players but I am a bit surprised there is a bigger name like Jose Canseco in my collection.  By the way, if for some reason Jose is reading this, Happy Birthday to you and Ozzie too.  I forgot if it's today or tomorrow, so just wanted to throw it out there.  I just read about it yesterday or else I wouldn't have known.

Let's go a bit farther back and head to the 70's.  In fact I think it is 1971 if I'm not mistaken.  Talk about heavy hitters, BILL MAZEROSKI!  Holy cow.  Now these, I can't say I remember ever seeing these before (aside from of course moving stuff around a while back while moving).  I now these are looking weathered, but I think they look okay for the age they are in.  I notice none of the coins I have now are Royals.  That's okay by me as I didn't plan to collect coins, but these are cool to have.

Here is the back of the coins, which actually have more information on it than some more modern day cardboard does, so that's good.  I don't think coins would reignite a collecting frenzy, but these could be a product to include in cereal boxes that could grab the attention of people who don't collect.

The back of the Kessinger has seen some better days but if rust is good for the American Pickers then.... well, maybe its not so good for collecting purposes.

This next one though has been though a lot.  I can't hardly make out who it is.

That is mostly rust.  I'm afraid to clean it off because I don't want to make it worse, but I do want to see what it looks like, so I might the next time I pull it out to look at.

So who is it exactly?  Well, I had to look at the back to figure it out.

Oh, its Tommy John.  I KNEW THAT!!!! Ok, so I didn't, but still.  At this point I don't know if it has any value at all, but I still like it and I have no plans of getting rid of it, so it stays in my collection.

So that's all I really have, but since my TV is messing up and I can't watch the NASCAR race, why not add a couple more pictures.

I think I showed this off a while back, but I thought I'd update it since I moved some stuff.  On the white box (which is my Royals cards) is a Kirk Herbstreit bobblehead, a Jose Reyes bobblehead (I showed it off a few weeks back), My Royals Mini-helmet I bought back in February, a pair of fluffy Royals dice, a Columbia Tribune ink pen (I showed off last month) and a Royal bear stuffed inside an A&P Coffee Mug from the 1970's showing Royals players.

On the shelf I have ice cream helmets of the Royals and Cardinals (I have more team, but no room to show them), cereal bobbleheads of Ichiro, Bernie Williams, and I think Luis Gonzalez, a Starting Lineup still sealed of Roberto Clemente, a gumball helmet of the Green Bay Packers (I'd like to get a Chiefs one, but don't have one), and a Schafer Stomper 4X4 (battery operated) that is missing a wheel.  I have more of the Stompers and might do a blog on it later, as my dad and uncle spent many weekends having stomper pulls and I loved it.  I'll do a blog on it one day.

I have one more picture to show as I just found it yesterday and reminded me of a trip I took a few years ago.

Once my sister Andrea was diagnosed with cancer, she tried to do as much with her two sons as possible as long as she could.  One day she decided to go on a road trip to Jacob's Cave.  Andrea and I have gone to the Cave before and thought it would be fun to do.  So my sister, my 2 nephews, my mom and I all went to the Lake.  We had a blast, and we actually went farther into the cave then I remember going the last time I was there.  When we got out, they had a gift shop.  I found this at the gift shop and decided to get it.  I chose it as a reminder of the trip, but the color of the blue is very similar to the color that is closely associated to cervical cancer, which is what my sister had.  After we went there, we headed to Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Camdenton, and looked at the burnt remains of a castle.  It was a very cool thing to see, and if you are ever near the Lake of The Ozarks, I highly recommend it.

It wasn't the last family trip she took her boys on, but it was one of the last I remember.  I remember going with her to the State Fair with the boys, but that's a short drive away, this was more of a day long event we did a lot of things that we hadn't done in a while.  As her cancer got worse, I cherished spending more time with her, even though it hurt me seeing her in pain.  I really don't know what else to say, but I did want to show off this piece as it holds a lot of memories with it.

So that will wrap it up for tonight, I want to thank you all for reading, my readership has spiked this week, I don't know if its a fluke or if its a sign of future stability in viewing, but I want to thank you all for taking the time to read it.  I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend and I hope to have a new post tomorrow or on the 4th.  It might not be cards, but I will get back to them very soon.  Have a great night.