Monday, November 7, 2016


Going Back To The Well

As you might have noticed on my blogs lately I've been on a music kick lately and it makes me enjoy writing blogs more.  Tonight's soundtrack includes Kasey Chambers, Alanis Morrissette, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Midnight Oil, and Thousand Foot Krutch among others.

A while back I mentioned I bought a repack box for 15 bucks at Walmart.  I was happy with the result, so I decided to get another box.  Let's take a look at that today.

These look familiar.

THE EXACT SAME PACKS AS THE LAST BOX!  I'm slightly disappointed to be honest.  I figured I would get a lot of the same, but was hoping at least one or two different packs.  However I also got something else in the box, which I guess is more common than I thought.

On the box I showed last time if you remember, it said look for special edition cards of Ben Simmons and Kris Bryant.  I was a bit surprised I actually got one, but I don't really think it would have much value.  However it was encased (mostly) by another card holder.  They never advertise the card holders on the box, so either I've gotten real lucky or these are in every box.  At any rate, I'm more happy with the holder than the card, but I will add this card to my collection nonetheless.

So let's see what was in the packs.

Same old stuff from the Triple Play, and some repeat cards I think.  The sticker with the ball with eyes was cool to pull, but when that's a highlight, that isn't saying much.

Okay, let's just move on.  Nothing to see here.

Not a lot better, but a Trout, a Tulo, and an A-Rod isn't bad.  I've become numb to this set since I opened so many packs.  Maybe if this pack was replaced with something else, I would be happier.

I just realized something.  I wonder if Topps got the unused packs back from the Walmart Pizza's and the New Era promotions and if so will they end up in repacks one day.  I wouldn't mind pulling a pack of those one day.

An A-Rod hot box, as its the third one I've pulled, which I'm fine with since I do collect him.  Nice to pull the Ripken and the Arrieta too.  Not a bad pack, and I still like the design so I can deal with it.  However I was slightly disappointed a couple of the cards have issues with lettering.  A-Rod being the worst, look closely and the lettering is blurred.  It doesn't bother me too much, but wish it wasn't like that.

Any day you pull a Lou Gehrig card its a good day, so I'm happy with these cards.  I use to put Gehrig's entire speech on my Facebook, but haven't in a while.  Sometimes on anniversary dates I have celebrated memorable speeches or other events, but as of late I don't post as much on there anymore and actually started deleting a bunch of older posts.  In a year or two I could see myself closing my account, but I still keep up with neighborhood news that way, so its the only reason I keep it.

I think a few of these are the same cards I pulled from the last box.  I would have liked some other cards, but that's the risk.  I did manage to put on of the cards to good use but I'll talk about that later down the road.

I pulled another Royal and one I've wanted a card of in Foster Griffin, and also got a Jorge Soler so not bad.  However the card that got me the most excited in the entire box is JOEY PANKAKE!  I never heard of him before but I now want to start a collection of his cards.  Yes, because his last name is Pankake.  Maybe I'll find some guys named Bacon and start a food collection.  Surely Kevin Bacon has a card in the Americana series.

So its time for one last pack, the hobby pack.  While I've been a bit disappointed so far, I have got to open a bunch of packs, so I can't complain too much.

Okay, I got a Lindor, so I guess I can live with that.  Its tough to be disappointed with this pack since you don't know if any will hit it big, so I could pull anyone and been okay with it.

Overall, I was less than impressed with the box, but again, I thought the value was there since I got to open 11 packs and got a card holder with a card that is limited edition.  Having said that, I will probably lay off getting another box for a while unless I really need a fix.  I haven't really bought a current year pack or box in a while and since I finally found the Update packs and boxes (sitting next to the Magic cards of all places), I might try them soon.

So that wraps it up for tonight.  As the election draws near in the U.S. I'm hoping to get a good nights sleep and might even skip posting tomorrow or do a light post or even an early one so I can catch as much of the coverage as I can.  I don't talk politics on here, but I think this is a very important election from top to bottom with my state of Missouri having many key battles as well, so I think I want to catch a lot of the returns.  I could tire of it quickly though and if so, I'll just find a movie to watch.  So thanks for reading and have a great night.  Maybe I should watch Brewster's Millions and vote NONE OF THE ABOVE!


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11/9/16, 1:57 PM delete

Not a bad group of packs.

There's a guy named Dwaine Bacon who got some cards in 2003, for your theoretical breakfast name collection.

11/9/16, 7:22 PM delete

Sweet, I'll have to check it out.

11/16/16, 6:33 AM delete

Bacon pancakes you say? :D

11/17/16, 3:54 AM delete

I have a few Bacon cards from 2003 Bowman. Never heard of this Pancake guy, but I'll have to check him out.