Monday, November 28, 2016


Keep The Change

I noticed recently the interface on Blogger changed.  Its taking a while to adjust to it, and as of right now, I'm not a fan.  Its part of the reason I haven't posted lately.  I also have been a little busy so my mind wasn't on it.  I'm not a big fan of change but I usually adjust to it.  I think I'll be better in a few days and get the hang of it, but for now I'll have to get used to it.

As changes to blogger come, I've been thinking a bit about some changes on here.  I know I still need to finish my changes to my site since last August, and just never got around to it.  However, the last few weeks blogging consistently hasn't become a chore, but it has become a bit more challenging.  I don't have a lot of ideas, and the posts have been more about quantity than quality and I've never liked doing that.  I think next year I will cut back some.  I still plan on being active on here, but maybe I'll cut back to one or two posts a week at most.  Sometimes I'll have more, but if there is a spell I have nothing to write, I just won't.  As for now, I still want to surpass last years blog count so I will still be quite active this next month, but after that, the posts will cut back.

As I mentioned, I've been busy this weekend and part of it was partaking in some Black Friday sales.  I ended up getting 40 cards on which most I didn't plan on but I was a few short of the 40 mark which should get me a second scratch off card if I read it right, so its possible I could get some money added back to my account.  Most of the cards were ones I had in my account already, and the last few were ones that were cheap.  I'll show them off when I get them, which according to their email should be about a week before Christmas.

I also bought some items from, but they weren't related to card collecting.  I finally decided to get a Roku, and figured I'd test it out a bit.  It was one of the cheaper models, and I saved 15 bucks, which made it 25 bucks.  Once I ordered it, I got a lot of free trial offers, which I think should be about worth 80 bucks worth, so I think I did good.  I get to test out Sling, Showtime, Hulu, and a couple others too I think, so that should keep me busy for a while.  I also ordered a wireless keyboard/mouse combo.  I have a wireless mouse right now that I switch off between the laptop and the desktop and wanted another one so I wouldn't need to switch off all the time.  This combo was a few bucks more and it allows me to have less wires.  The best part is that it only uses one usb port, so that also saves me a usb port.

I've been eying a few things on Amazon, but most of them weren't Black Friday deals, so I figured I would hold off on them for now.  Nothing was too important, and a couple items I put in my cart a few times but took them out.  They've had sales on the ESPN 30 for 30 Series and have thought about them.  They are great deals, but I really need to thin out my dvd collection as it is and don't need to add more.  However, there are a lot of good documentaries I could watch often, since I do already when they are one TV.  I just wish there were a few more of the shorts were put on the DVD.  I still haven't seen the Sung Woo one, and I would love to have that and the Delaney short stories on DVD.  Maybe if they make a 10 year anniversary one, I might get it.  I hope they also include the SC Featured story on the Texas high school football game (It's called GOOD GOSH O'MIGHTY!)  I watch that every time.

I also looked at DaCardWorld and their sales, but again, nothing I really needed.  I have my eye on something, but its not a Black Friday sale, and I don't really need it.  However I did notice I could get it through Amazon so I might do that.  Aside from that, I added a couple things to my cart to see if it was worth my time.  Shipping is good on there, but unless I add a few things the deals don't seem too hot.  Maybe in a couple months I might get some stuff, but for now I'll focus on other stuff.

So now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is fast approaching.  I've already started watching a few Christmas movies, and started listening to some music as well, but I think a few movies are in storage so I need to find them.  A friend asked if I was going to make a Christmas CD this year, as I have in years past, so I might do that soon.  At this point there is so few songs to choose from, its hard to make new albums.  Last year I found a DJ app and tested it out and made a 45 minute mix of Christmas songs.  It's not that good but it was fun to do, so I might try it again this year.  Maybe I'll add it to Youtube so you can listen.

Since this is a long post I guess I'll wrap it up.  I guess this was sort of a rant, but it was also because I've been busy, I don't have stuff together so I don't have scans or pics to post.  However, I will find some real quick so it won't be all words.

Top photo is a Christmas Tree at Wendy's from the time I worked there.  I always liked decorating for Christmas there.

Middle is a photo of my old bedroom.  The past couple weeks they have started to take out the windows and removed siding on the garage as they prepare to tear it down.  It does seem a bit sad.

Bottom one is a meme I just made recalling the events of the Chiefs game last night, which had a really exciting finish.

Earlier this month I got excited because I was flipping through the radio dial and it stopped at 98.3.  The station has been off air since the first of October in 2001.  The Buzz was one of my all time favorite stations and I was said it went off air, but I knew the reason.  Anyways, I knew someone bought the 98.3 air and expected it to debut next year, but for now it came on and plays nothing but Christmas music.  Called K-Santa, I can't wait to see what is on air once it switches.  I hope an alternative or 90s rock station, but happy as long as it isn't country, talk, or classic rock, since we have plenty of them here.

This last picture I didn't take, but was one I always loved.  This photo is from 2005.  In the ring is Harley Race, Mick Foley, and on the apron Terry Funk.  They were at a WLW wrestling show together and I was there.  I met them and also met Trevor Murdoch right before he signed with WWE.  The proof I have that I was there is a photo with Funk I may have shown before and this photo which was on the WLW page for quite a while.  The reason this is proof, is because I am in the crowd.  That's my head next to the arm/hip of Funk.  Next t to me is one of my best friends who also went to the show.  It's hard to believe its been almost 12 years since this happened.  Maybe next year I can go to another WLW show and see a Legend or maybe a future star.

So with that, dinner is ready and I have to get comfy before Scorpion comes on.  So thanks for reading and have a great night!


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P-town Tom
11/28/16, 9:23 PM delete

I think you'll like the Roku. We have two and usually take one along on vacation so we can watch what we want during our down time.
I'm not sure I like the changes on Blogger either, but I'll adjust in due time.

11/29/16, 12:04 AM delete

I'm not a fan of the Blogger changes. I liked the previous dashboard that showed all your blogs (if you have more than one) and showed a quick comparison of number of posts, last date updated and the drop-down for checking stats or comments was more accessible. Showing the comparison helped me know which blog I needed to update next, or had neglected during the month. OH well, that previous version I didn't like at first either. It takes me a while to adjust to new formats when the previous one didn't have any problems.