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Mizzou Homecoming

I feel refreshed after last nights win by the Royals.  Since there is a night off from the World Series, I am stuck finding something to watch.  So its either Rehab Addict (I like home improvement shows), or Miami Hurricanes football.  I was a huge Canes fan in the late 90's and early 2000s.  Since then, I don't pay as much attention.

Anyways, in all the Royals excitement, I have neglected another team I avidly root for- Mizzou!  This weekend is Homecoming for the Missouri Tigers, and according to many, the University of Missouri started the Homecoming tradition.  I had been deciding if I wanted to sell programs at the game as I have the last few years, but I don't think I will.  I love selling programs, but I want to be ready for the Royals game and since I live 45 minutes from Columbia, there is no way I will make it back in time to see the game.  Luckily I have a friend who takes a lot of pictures so besides hearing the game (I don't get SEC Network where I'm at, but do have a DVR that can record the game at my mom's house), I will be able to see the atmosphere.

I thought today I would show off a few Mizzou related things I have.  While I have been a fan of the basketball team since around 1992 or 1993, its only been the last decade I've become a fan of the football team.  I must say though I have been in love with the school as long as I can remember.  I was born at the University Hospital.

My first experience of watching a game live was a birthday gift from my mom in 2002 to a basketball game.  I had been to a football game a few years earlier, but I actually worked it (I worked concession stand inside the basketball arena during the game, its a bit confusing).  As I mentioned I loved watching the basketball team, so I was so happy when I got to go.  I got to see Kareem Rush play among others and got to see a Tiger victory.

The bottom two tickets were to the Gymnastics team events.  I actually won these off the radio, and as you can see I didn't make it to the Cat Classic.  The match against Illinois was pretty fun, it was my first time actually watching Gymnastics at a level besides Olympics, and even then that was on TV.  I went with my sister, who was pretty reluctant to go at first, but afterwards she told me she really enjoyed it.  I can't remember if we won or not, but I think we did.

The only ticket in this batch I actually paid for was the top right one.  Even then, I might not have paid for it.  The spring scrimmage games are free with canned food donations, so I might have just gave food.  The spring games are always fun, this was the first one I went to, and I think I have only missed 1 or 2 since then.  I usually go with my best friend and the last few years we have even gone on the field after the game and meets some current and former players.  It is always fun and usually coincides with the team stores annual sale where if you get in fast enough you can get some cheap shirts and even old jerseys at a decent price.

These aren't all the games I've been to, but just a few.  Since I think 2011 I have have worked some games selling programs, so after I finish, usually around halftime, I can watch the rest of the game.  I usually walk around the stadium finding tickets and souvenirs and enjoy the fourth quarter.  Before then I would go to games my friend and I could find cheap tickets to (after a couple years of season tickets, my friend has gone back to this strategy which works out well).

2008 was the first year we went to games, and Nevada and Buffalo were 2 of the first games we went to.  What I remember about the Nevada game was their quarterback who I really liked and said I hoped he'd make it to the NFL.  The quarterback's name?  Colin Kaepernick.  Buffalo also had a player who made it to the NFL- James Starks.  Their coach was Turner Gill who a couple years later became the coach of Kansas, which didn't turn out so well.

The last two tickets are from Homecoming games.  The Texas game was fun because we spent the day in Columbia enjoying the parade and walking around the campus before the game.  The game was not so good as it was rainy and we got KILLED!  It was nice to see Blaine Gabbert and Colt McCoy face off though 41-7 I think was the final score.

The Iowa State game I actually worked.  It was a pretty good game, and I loved working it.  It was my first year, and made a good bonus that game.  It was nice talking to the fans and even the Cyclones fans too.  I must say most of the visiting team fans I have encountered have been very nice.

On the left are Tiger Tailgate passes which are handed out by the local radio stations.  They are free and given out a few days before the game.  Since we aren't big on tailgating, we opt to do this.  They serve food and drinks a couple hours before kickoff, so it saves us from buying food inside the stadium (unless of course we want Stadium food, I usually get a souvenir cup).  When I started program selling I didn't have time to do this, but earlier this year I went to a game and forgot how good it was.

The ticket on the right is a stub I found one day.  It was inside a book and what caught my eye was the date.  October 14th was my sister's birthday, she turned 23 back in 2000.  On the ticket is Justin Smith who has made quite a name for himself in the NFL, especially since joining the 49ers.

The only game I worked last year was the Homecoming game.  Again, I made good money, and even got to see the end of the game.  Sadly we lost on a missed field goal in overtime, but it was still a fun experience.  I'm just showing this to give you an idea of how they really love Homecoming.

This is a program from the only game I attended this year (so far).  I love buying programs because it gives you a snapshot of the game and a souvenir as well.  It was also one of the reasons I still enjoy selling them.  One day I will show you some of the inside contents including some of the ads (I like looking at ads too).

This is what the 2013 Spring Program looked like.  I couldn't find a program from this past spring's game, but they are nice to have.  They have bios of all the players and coaches and also the team history.  I'm not showing it tonight, but another good thing about having programs such as these and gameday ones are they are great for getting autographs.  I have a ton in this one, but I will show them off later in a new feature I will have on here.

Before I go I wanted to show a couple more pictures.  I screen printed these off Google Maps to give you more of a feel of the Stadium and the campus.  One day I will go to Columbia and take more pictures.

This is Hearnes Center which was home to the Basketball team for many years.  The ticket stub I posted earlier is from this Arena.  Today it is used for Wrestling, Gymnastics, and the court has been transformed into a Volleyball court.  Last year the basketball team celebrated the 1993-1994 team and played an exhibition game in the arena as well as had an autograph signing from former players.  This year due to upgrades at Mizzou Arena, one exhibition game will also be played at Hearnes again.  The cool thing is it will be coach Kim Anderson's first game as the new Mizzou coach.  He played on the very same court in the early 80's and was an assistant coach for many years under Norm Stewart at this very arena.

It is also used for other events such as the Show Me State Games and other special events.  It is also where the band prepares before football games, and where the event staff meet up before the game.  Those window on the right is where we head out each game two hours before the game starts.

Here is a shot of Faurot Field from Stadium Boulevard.  It has actually been modified since this screen shot, but is a good view.  In the very back is the top of Mizzou Arena.

This is one of my favorite events of a Mizzou football game.  It is called Tiger Walk and goes over Providence.  On the right side is where most of the practice facilities are and other Mizzou buildings.  Before each game, the players are bussed to this area on the right, and they walk across the bridge as they make their way to the Stadium and their locker rooms.  My friend and I try to go to this each time, and really is a fun event to see at least once.  When I go to the Kentucky game, I plan on going to Tiger Walk and take a lot of pictures (last time I was still learning the camera and didn't get any shots.

That will wrap it up for today, I'm sorry I wrote so much.  I tend to ramble on when given the chance, and since there was not a game tonight, I wasn't trying to post something quick.  Tomorrow will be back on the Royals, and Saturday will too.  I might throw in an extra Mizzou post on Saturday as well.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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10/23/14, 10:16 PM delete

Those 2008 tickets look cool. If done right those tickets that take multiple tickets to make a picture are my favorite. The only problem is if you don't have all the tickets it losses the effect.

Good looking collection of stuff. Can't wait to see more of it.

Matthew Scott
10/24/14, 6:43 AM delete

Thanks for sharing all the great Missouri items. I guess you get the best of both worlds working a game. Make some cash and watch the second half. Not a bad gig.

10/24/14, 12:10 PM delete

It works out really well. The only downside is we aren't supposed to sit on the bleachers so we have to walk around or sit on the hill. I don't have a problem with it. I record every game on TV so I can always watch the whole game.

I have more to show especially the autographs I've gotten over the years. I'll save those for after the World Series though.