Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Return of Maddux Mania

Today marks the return of Maddux Mania.  I have a crazy amount of points off Listia, which by the way, sorry for the links on all the pages, but I thought I'd give it a try and get more points to get more stuff.

One of my recent wins was 9 Greg Maddux cards.  I had some of them already but it was cheap enough that I couldn't pass them up.

The first card is a 1996 Score card that I never seen before.  A nice card, but I was never too fond of the '96 Score set, which is probably why I don't remember the card.

1996 Upper Deck is another set I don't remember, but I like the look of this one too.  I think from 1996 to 1998 I didn't collect too many cards, as they weren't easy for me to get.  I like getting some of these cards I never had, but not ones I'm begging for or going out of my way to snag up.

I have the 1990 Topps card, but I still like it.  The blue border works great with the jersey he's wearing.  One day I should try to copy the design and make versions of him on the other teams he played for.

Next is 1995 Pinnacle Zenith Edition.  I'm not sure what that means, but its a card I've seen, but don't believe I have.  A nice looking card, so one I'm happy to acquire.

I have this 1992 Upper Deck card, which has a nice picture on the back of Maddux as a base runner sliding into second base. So I will gladly take a second one of these cards.

I've had this next card, the 1993 Score Select card, on more than one occasion.  This time it is staying in my collection for good.  It could be a double, but I liked this design so its all good.

Next we have 2 cards that are the same.  They are Sportflix cards, which I have been adding with consistent results lately.  By the time I decided to bid on these, I hadn't even seen these cards yet. So these are icing on the cake. The design is a bit weird, but I still like it.  One I would have gotten cheap at some point, so it builds my collection even more.

This card was also included.  It is a tall card from Fleer from 1994 I think.  One I don't have, but a cool one to have.  I've never been a fan of oversized cards, but I will make an exception for this one.  It has a nice shot and works perfect for a jumbo card.

That will wrap it up for today.  I hope you enjoy the weekend, and thanks for reading.

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