Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Thrift & Sift

After a tough loss last night (I got a lot of grief from some of my friends), I hope for a better showing tonight.  I'm still disappointed that as the game began I turned on the radio and to my surprise, Royals broadcaster Denny Matthews wasn't on.  It seems unless you are in the actual city, you was stuck with ESPN broadcasting the game. 

Anyways, I had to do some grocery shopping today and just went to Walmart to get it done.  I didn't have a lot of money, so even though they finally got some Update cards in, and also the Valor cards, I passed on them.  I was at the magazines and music section trying to see if they had the new album from the Rhett Walker Band (I still prefer CD's), and they didn't.  A magazine caught my eye though.

It wasn't the Sports Illustrated I was looking for, but this is much better.  It will go good with a program when I finally buy one.  It has player bios, and a recap of each of the games of the ALCS.  I also thought it was cool to see a blurb about Ewing Kauffman.

After leaving Walmart, I went to Savvy Seconds, a second hand store that just opened in their new location.  I was just there a week ago so didn't expect too much, but got a few things.

Last week I bought some Highlights magazines.  This week I bought some more.  I've bought 16 for a whopping $4.  I remember reading these growing up, but the amazing thing is these are older than I am. These are from the 60's and 70's and in pretty great shape.  The covers are still intact, and just minor wear.  If I go back again soon, I may pick up the rest.  The ones still there are a little rougher, some have names written on them and covers coming apart, but still for a quarter a piece, its tough to pass up.

These set me back $1.  This will make my fourth helmet I've gotten, and two are of the Rangers (the other two are Cardinals but are different colors).  This is a little scratched up, so I'm thinking I might paint it blue and make it a Royals one, or maybe paint it black and make it a Mizzou helmet.  Even if I don't its still nice to keep as a Texas helmet.  The graduation cap reminded me of my H.S. graduation.  At the time (and even today) I thought it was a bit stupid to have the males in the class wear purple (though that is school colors).  We had to return them after the ceremony, so when I so this for 50 cents, I figured it was worth it, I can place it next to my diploma.

Each time I go, I usually see something I can place my cards in.  This was only $1, and I didn't have a good idea how to use it until I got home.  I think since it includes separators I will use it to organize what cards I want to send out to people. It doesn't lock like a similar one I have, but it will still work out great for me.

This is what cost me the most.  This was $3 and while it won't fit anybody I know, the idea is with all the magazines and newspapers I get in the mail for free each month, I can stuff it and make like a scarecrow or something out of it.  I like how it has a tail on the back too.  The #1 on the front reminds me of one of my favorite players, James Franklin.  Other players like Kip Edwards also wore the #1, so it could be anyone.

All in all I'm still bummed about the game, but today finding these deals was a great way of taking my mind off things and find some stuff I probably don't need but cool to have.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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Matthew Scott
10/23/14, 7:04 AM delete

Nice rebound game! We have the makings of a really good series.

Cool pickups! I'm always looking for unique ways to store my cards as well.