Saturday, October 25, 2014


Gameday Post #1 Meet the Eagles

Today is Homecoming!  Besides Mizzou, another local University is celebrating today as well.  The Central Methodist Eagles play local rivals the Missori Valley Vikings.  I'm sure most of you have never heard of either team, but it has a bit of meaning to me.  I was two days away from starting college and then realized I was not prepared for it (mentally or financially) so I basically dropped out of college before I even began.  If I went to college the one I was going to was CMU.  Mizzou was my first choice, but I never had the grades for it, and CMU accepted me, so it was a easy decision.

What a stadium!

In a small town of Fayette, MO, CMU has always been a team I've tried to follow.  Most Fall weekends I would check out if they won or not, but due to the Royals, I have seemed to forget about them.  I did catch a game on the internet earlier this Fall, albeit only scoring updates.  Today I am lucky enough to hear the game on the radio.  Nothing like last minute warning.

Here is a schedule for future reference

Here is how the teams matchup: (the link has details on how to listen to the game)

Again, while most people may not care, in future posts I will get you a better understanding of them, and maybe you'll have a new team to root for.

With the game about to start, I will go, but thanks for reading one of possibly 3 posts today, enjoy your day.