Tuesday, October 6, 2015


It started as a normal day...

A few weeks ago my mom and I had some errands to run, and once we finished up, we stopped by the Dollar Tree.  This was a few weeks after I bought those packs shown yesterday, I don't go there every day, I promise.

As a shopper I get annoyed very easy.  I used to love looking around stores but as I get older, I want to get in and get out, interacting with as few people as possible.  That didn't happen this day.  Kids old enough to know better playing tag or something like it as soon as we went in, I knew I just wanted to get home.  This isn't a big store, so anyone running around is enough to annoy you, but kids are worse, especially ones with no manners or even worse, parents with no manners either.  Anyways, they finally settled down and it got better.  I got the few things I went in for and even found something I'm too afraid to try yet.

I like trying new food, but I also know my limitations.  I'm saving this for a really good day.  So to move the story on, we get to the checkout and the line is long.  I never like standing in the checkout line, so I browsed the aisles again while mom waited in line.  All this time I'm wanting to hurry up and get home to catch the Mizzou game on the radio which starts in 25 minutes or so.

As I walk the aisles, a man notices the Mizzou jersey I'm wearing (a replica James Franklin that doesn't have his name on it).  Then the small talk begins like this....

"Cool jersey, you going to the game?"

My inner voice tells me to be nice so I respond- "No, not today, but planning on going to one later this year" instead of  "THE GAME IS IN HALF AN HOUR,  WHY WOULD I BE AT A DOLLAR TREE 30 MILES AWAY?"

The guy was pretty nice actually as it turns out and we talked about Mizzou quarterbacks (even where it all went wrong for Blaine Gabbert), then I mention the Chiefs game a couple days earlier (the Thursday Night game), and we talked a bit longer.  He knew I was getting antsy, so he let me go, and mom just finished checking out as I got to the front of the store.

We head home but before we get there, I stop at convenience store to grab a drink and some beef jerkey.  It also had a deli so mom got a salad.  As we was waiting I looked to see what else they had, and noticed a watermelon energy drink.  It sounded interesting, but I had to check the ingredients and it contained guarana.  I'm not sure the exact reason, but most energy drinks have it, but I get really bad headaches from it so I never drink energy drinks much.  As we checkout, the woman working the counter noticed my jersey and asked if we were going to the game.  Inner voice saves me again, and I reply, "no, not today, but we'll be cheering for them".  We get to the car and I told my mom if one more person asks me that, I'll stab them.  Luckily I have self-control and despite saying that often, I have never acted on it.   The game begins as soon as we get in the car.

We make it to town and by then Mizzou scored two points on a safety, thanks to Clarence Green and they will get the ball.  One more stop at a convenience store (this time for some ice) and I reiterated to my mom I'll stab someone if they asked me if I was going to the game....

So now I sit here in jail....

Just kidding, I get the ice, and I believe a pack of cards and check out.  The checkout woman who is pretty nice and always asks about Mizzou must knew I wasn't playing.

"Has Mizzou started playing yet?"

Inner voice gives a sigh of relief as I won't go to jail, and I reply "Yeah they are up 2-0".  I get to the car and the first words I hear is from Mike Kelly (the Mizzou announcer). "and the pass is intercepted"...

UGH MATY!  Plays like that will bench you... or as or current time, suspended indefinitely for some unknown reason.

We get home and unload and mom gives me some cards.  I got these in the checkout line.

"Cool, thanks, but I already bought some, but thats cool".  So in the end I got 4 packs at the Dollar Tree, and one pack at Casey's.  Then Mizzou won.

I know it was a long setup to show cards, but looking back I can laugh at it now but then I was getting angered and doubt I'll wear a Mizzou jersey in public again unless I'm actually going to the game.

Anyways, today I will show the packs my mom got me, next time the ones I got.

OVERSIZED BOWMAN!  BOO!  She said the pack felt kinda funny that's why she got it.  I explained about these Bowman cards and said I wasn't a fan, but still thankful she got these packs.  Otherwise, I did get a couple names in the pack like Alomar (again) and Sheffield.  A couple Cardinals cards too, so not a bad pack.  The Felix Jose card I like because he's a former Royal.  This Pinnacle set I don't remember much as a kid, but it has grown on me as an adult.

The rest of the pack had a nice amount of 1993 Score, which any amount to me is a nice amount, as I liked the set a lot as a kid and still today.  I was happy to get the Cecil Fielder card.  Also got another former Royal in Don Slaught as well as a Tim Wallach card from 1993.

Another card I was happy to get is the Lou Whitaker.  It is very odd being a Royals fan but most of my mini collections are of players from the Tigers.  I'm not serious yet in collecting Lou or Cecil, but my Kirk Gibson and Alan Trammell collections are coming along nicely.  All in all, despite the Bowmans, this was a nice, solid pack.  My mom usually finds good packs.

Pack two also had a Cardinals card in John Morris.  A double dose of current Royals pitching coach Dave Eiland, and former Royal Jose Lind and this pack starts off great!  A Sportflics card with three players, one is Tim Wallach, I forgot the other two, maybe one was Mike Schmidt.  Harold Reynolds and Ozzie Guillen are solid players to pull too, so a decent start to the pack.

YIPES!  This is a Barry Bonds I don't have! YES!  I have been trying to add to my Bonds collection as cheap as possible so this is good.  A couple Bazooka cards of more solid players, one of which is Indians first base coach Sandy Alomar, finishing up with another Tim Wallach, and this is definitely a great pack.  I can't say enough about the packs mom gets.  Her method is much simpler than mine. She grabs a couple and puts them in the cart.  Since these packs have clear covers, I admit, I search the packs.  I don't weight them or anything, just seeing the top and bottom cards are, maybe seeing the color of the cards on the inside.  There aren't a lot to choose from so its not like I spend hours doing it.

So it started as a normal day, then after much frustration, it turned out pretty good.  Next time I'll show the packs I got, and see if my packs were better.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.  Good luck to the Wild Card teams as the games takes place the next couple days, and now it gets fun.  I also want to hope for the best for CC Sabathia. Though I may not root for the Yankees, it takes a strong man to admit he has problems and want to enter alcohol rehab during his teams most important game of the year.  I pray things turn out great for him.


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Matthew Scott
10/6/15, 3:13 PM delete

I always liked Cecil Fielders swing. It reminds me of a slow pitch softball player swinging.

Hey are you going to the game...?

When I'm out I often wear a Pirates cap. A few years back when the Pirates started winning I had multiple people tell me "now you wear the cap." First, I didn't even know these people so that comment was weird enough, but just to assume I bought the cap right as they started winning was an asshole move.

10/6/15, 3:54 PM delete

Hey......... In a few months those chicken patties will be three years past the best by date. You'll have to let us know how scrumptious they are. Good luck to you.

10/6/15, 6:00 PM delete

I know how that is. Last year around here suddenly people were on the Royals bandwagon so someone on Facebook said "Suddenly everyone is a Royals fan" I had to remind them I was always a fan. Strangers though are dickish when they act like that.

10/6/15, 8:32 PM delete

I should say that isn't a scan of the one I bought, mine hasn't expired yet.

I hope, or else I might be out of action for a while.