Thursday, October 1, 2015


I've Fallen and I Can't Catch Up!

It's amazing the Life Alert commercial still airs, but if you ever see The Price is Right, you'll see it on there.  I had it on the other day and a woman was $33 off on her Showcase Showdown so she won both prizes.  That is crazy close.  I remember a long time ago a contestant was $12 off and won both.  Once I also remember both were within $100 dollars so the one closer won both.  It sucked for the other one.

Anyway's I'm not writing today because of that.  I need to start catching up.  I've been sick then better, then sick, then busy, then better.... So now with a bit of time I have a couple scans to show.  First up is a recent Listia win.

I haven't bid a lot on Listia lately.  In fact this was my first win in over a month.  I've still been accumulating points, but saving them for something special or cheap.  The points have really skyrocketed lately, so I just don't bid on a lot.

This one though started I think at 99 credits.  I ended up winning it for 112 credits.  I was pretty happy with the results on that one.  The card is a lot nicer in hand then the scan is showing and the card has some clear qualities thus why it looks like its bleeding through.  I think Listia won't be my primary source of scans in the near future due to rising credit costs, but that's fine.  I have a bunch of stuff to sort though and also have a house my mom is looking at selling so I have to get my stuff out of there soon, so I'll have plenty of things to showcase in the meantime.

The other scan for today is a pack of WWE cards I got a few weeks ago.  For some reason I mistook these for another set WWE put out, so when I opened them and realized they were the Road To Wrestlemania series, I wasn't too happy, but my fault.  IT SAID SO ON THE PACKAGE!

I can't really complain with what I got.  I like the Rusev card and the Mr. Wonderful card is cool too.  I like Dean Ambrose some, same with Kidd and Cesaro, so none of these cards are bad cards to get.  I'm just not a fan of the design of the set itself.  I think part of me just wanted to pull a really cool card to jump start me back into watching wrestling.  I've been keeping up, but don't watch very much these days.  I've thought about getting the WWE Network again in a month or two to catch up on the PPV's and watch some old Nitro episodes, but otherwise I just haven't been watching.  My only shows I get to watch anyways are Raw and ROH so I'm a bit limited.  If I got more options I would watch them, but I just don't care for streaming on the computer (though I didn't mind it for the WWE Network).  I hope the Network puts more WCW stuff on there soon though as I was a big fan of them.  I'd LOVE to see the old WCW Saturday Night shows, those were my favorite.

Anyways' that will wrap it up for tonight.  If you are wondering, yes I'm still watching the Royals, Chiefs, and Mizzou, and hope to write about them more in the near future.  Until then, thanks for reading and have a great night.

Oh, and if you have ESPN 2, I heard they have a special about the Royals tonight, specifically about Sung Woo.  I'd watch, but my cable took off the deuce in favor of ESPNews.  Not sure why, but hope you guys enjoy.