Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Who's Your Team?

As I am moving stuff and finding more stuff I don't need and just stuff I need to get rid of, I find more cards.  I am going to keep this fairly short today because I'm busy multi-tasking like crazy and getting ready for the World Series.

The question is simple- who do you collect?  I know I can figure it out just by going to your page, but I am sorting a large bulk of my collection and I want to make a spreadsheet to figure it out.  Something I wanted to do from day one.  At any rate, if you could leave a comment on your team and other players you collect that would give me some help.  I have a couple things planned the next couple weeks, but when I have time I hope to sort more cards by team and start putting packages together, again something I should have done from day one.  Though with not a lot of room at my current location and my need to clean our old house up I am falling behind.

So if you could do that for me, and if you know others who collect certain teams you could mention them too.  I'm sure once I get less busy I can figure it out, but this would be a big help.  I know a lot of teams a lot of you collect, but are there any Tampa Bay Rays collectors or Marlins?  Diamondbacks or Nationals?  I also seem to be under the weather a lot lately so my mind isn't functioning fully, but are there Mets collectors out there?  I seem to have a lot of cards.

Once I sort a good amount I hope to start sending a few packages out.  I will start with the ones who have sent me cards first.  I hope you don't mind, but in order to clear space I will likely send a lot of cards you already have, but I just need the room.  I won't get ahead of myself just yet, but I do want to get a few sent out before postage rates rise yet again in January.

Thanks for helping me out, and have a great day.


  1. I know all about space and time that is space and cards or rather tons of cards and no space for them. I need to get off my rear and spread some "Random Acts of Cardness" My homie team is the Nationals I also collect the O's but I know there are a bunch of other O's (and Cal Ripken) collectors around. AS to specific players I am more about older players, so I won't bother listing any here

    I hope the Royals beat the heck out of the Mets. The Mets don't really "deserve" to be in the WS this year, BUT they were HOT at the right time and never cooled off. Would have loved for the Cubs to have beaten them.

  2. As a starting point: Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, Ty Cobb, Al Kaline, Mickey Cochrane, Miguel Cabrera, James McCann, Jose Iglesias, Buster Posey. John Miller of Johnny's Trading Spot loves his Braves. I'm not sure who else has sent cards to you. It really only takes a minute to check out someone's page as they may not see your post. Take care and enjoy the Series! I'm hoping for seven games because the season is over.

  3. Reds, Bengals, hockey, and wrestling cards are always welcome with me. I know I haven't sent you cards before but I can remedy that.

    1. I will be get in touch with you soon. I have tons of stuff I can send your way. :)

  4. You know me, I'm all in with the Pirates. Also, will take any WVU alums like Kevin White, Steve Slaton, Pat White, Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey.

    I also dabble in Penguins and Steelers....

  5. If you're dealing with football, I collect the Browns.

  6. Rockies! And shiny stuff. And green cards.

    Daniel at http://betterthanbeckett.blogspot.com/ collects the Diamondbacks. And Keith at http://thehomerunapple.blogspot.com/ would make a good home for your Mets cards.

    1. I have lots of Rockies I've never managed to move. Will be in touch.

  7. Oh lordie, this is gonna take a minute, even though I'm not listing even close to all the Single Page collections, and no basketball, hockey, soccer, or misc. sports or non-sports at all. Just remember, you asked for this. :P

    Main Cubs- Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Sammy Sosa, Addison Russell, Jorge Soler, Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro, Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, Aramis Ramirez, Kosuke Fukudome, Ryne Sandberg
    Single Page Cubs- Albert Almora, CJ Edwards, Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Kyle Scwarber, Ron Santo, Kerry Wood, Mark Grace, Luis Valbuena, Rick Wilkins

    Main Non-Cubs- Frank Robinson, Nomar Garciaparra, Vlad Guerrero, Ichiro, Jose Abreu, Yu Darvish, Frank Thomas
    Single Page Non-Cubs- Dick Allen, Robbie Cano, Jackie Robinson, Josh Harrison, Andrew McCutchen, Michael Brantley, Manny Ramirez, Roberto Clemente, Ray Durham, Jermaine Dye, Dave Winfield, Jim Thome

    Main Bears- Gale Sayers, Walter Payton, Kyle Orton, Thomas Jones, Devin Hester, Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery,
    Single Page Bears- Curtis Conway, Bobby Engram, Johnny Knox, Marty Booker, Marcus Robinson, Brian Urlacher, Dick Butkus, Richard Dent

    Main Non-Bears- Warrick Dunn, Jamaal Charles, Randy Moss, LaDainian Tomlinson
    Single Page Non-Bears- Marques Colston, Jamal Anderson, Jerry Rice, Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett, Barry Sanders, Richard Sherman

    Pro Wrestling- Booker T, AJ Lee, Eve Torres, Sarita/Dark Angel Sarah Stock, Daniel Bryan (passively)
    Single Page- NXT Four Horsewomen (Charlotte/Becky/Sasha/Bayley), Road Warrior Animal, British Bulldog, Cesaro

    I also like sketch cards!