Monday, October 5, 2015


Two For... wait, its only Monday

I scanned quite a few things recently only to realize I still had stuff I never showed off yet.  So here's a couple packs of Dollar Tree repacks I got back in August.

There wasn't a huge selection to choose from, so that is the only justification for getting a pack with 1991 Fleer as the top card.  Plus I believe that is Joe Carter so that isn't bad either.   I'll start with that pack.

Indeed a Joe Carter card.  That is a good start.  Brian Williams I thought was funny because he has the same name as the NBC News anchor.  My humor has been out of whack lately, it needs a tune up.  I never heard of the minor leaguer, but I like that set and have a few other cards, so it was nice to pull.  Having 2-3 per pack doesn't bother me at all.   I'm not sure why I added the Chris Nabholz to the scan other than being an Expos card.

Bottom row is nice.  I'm happy to get a Dale Sveum card.  He is the hitting coach for the Royals.  Despite not talking about it much on here, I'm very excited about the Royals being back in the playoffs and not having to play in the wild card game.

Next is a checklist card.  It usually bums me out to get one in a pack, but on the pack it says 30 cards.  I've counted a few lately and all of them have more than 30, so I can't complain about it.  Next is a Tom Gordon card I already have, but pulling a card of your favorite team never gets old.  Finally is a John Smoltz card.  I like this design and if I ever decided to add other players to my Greg Maddux binder (yes its not a huge lot of cards, but he does have his own binder), this will look nice in it.  These 8 cards were worth the dollar to me, but I have another scan from the pack.

Okay, maybe not the most exciting group of guys, but still not bad.  I do like the Sterling Hitchcock card on the bottom.  I felt the 1995 Select set was underrated.  A double dose of Troy O'Leary but another nice set.  Throw in Chito Martinez and Bud Black and my childhood comes alive.  I prefer packs with the older cards because of this reason alone, as long as it has a couple bigger names making the pack worth a buck.  I'd say Joe Carter and John Smoltz covered it.

Okay pack number two was interesting.  I'll show why in a minute.  I really only bought these packs because I wanted something to write about.  Little did I know I wouldn't write much the last couple months.  I don't want to call it burnout, but I admit I haven't been in the mood much lately on top of having other things I've needed to do.  Hopefully I can balance it out better soon, but to be honest, the playoffs may put that on hold.  However it might possibly give me the boost I needed to start writing more, we'll see.

Okay, more scans and cards.

The top card was the one on top.  I was hoping it to be a bigger name, but oh well, its still a nice card.  Next is.... WAIT!  This is a baseball pack, not an all-sports pack.  At this point, most people would be mad, but this is my very first Tennis card (that isn't a Sports Illustrated for Kids card).  I've been wanting to get a few NetPro cards for a while, specifically Martina Hingis, so finding this in this pack made me excited.   I can't say I know Clarisa Fernandez but its still a nice pull nonetheless.

Follow it up with a Jim Eisenreich Royals card and this pack is already worth the dollar and I'm not even 5 cards in.  Again, I already had this card, but its my team!  Next is one of my favorite cards as a kid, the Jose Rijo 1994 Topps Super-Soaker card.  I still have a Super-Soaker or two I might need to find.  I guess it would be better to find in the summer, but oh well.  I have to find a bunch of stuff anyways.

Next is the big star of the pack.  To top it off its a Griffey card I don't have.  I haven't dedicated as much time to a Ken Griffey Jr. collection as I probably should, but I would like to have more of a focus on his Seattle career in the future.  I still have a few other players ahead of him I'd like to build up, but adding a few here and there isn't bad.

Finish this scan off with another Royals card, this one of Brian McRae, which I have, but this pack is worth a million bucks pulling two Royals.  Throw in future (at the time) Royal Gary Gaetti and everything is coming my way.   I once got an autograph of Gaetti (on a 1994 Score card) when I met him before a game but I sold it along with the rest of my cards in the early 2000's.  I'm not saying I regret it, but I would like to get his autograph again, especially on the same card.

Okay, last scan of the day, let's see how much better this pack gets.

3 ROYALS CARDS!  How did this even happen?  It's possible I might even need one or two of those, how is THAT possible?  This might be the best pack I ever got from these repacks.  Also got a woodgrain Bert Blyleven and a Paul O'Neil as a Red and this keeps getting better and better.  Throw in another minor league card just because as well.

Why I don't care for Roberto Alomar, who would be mad to get one of his cards in a pack like this?  Aside from the Griffey, Alomar is the second big name in this pack, so even my overhype of a Tennis card and a megaton of Royals cards, this pack was worth the buck for the two star players.

Finish up with a couple 80's cards, one of which is the brother of Greg Maddux and all in all I think I done great on these two packs.  If I didn't do so well on these packs, I'd likely stop buying packs from the local Dollar Tree unless I needed a fix.  I have bought a few more since then, but I'll save them for another day.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.  If your team is still in the baseball playoffs, good luck to them.  If they end up playing the Royals then I hope KC wins, but otherwise I hope your team does good. Except the Yankees, because well... you know.  Also made aware the Cardinals have been winning in off years, so if another NL team wants to stop them early, I wouldn't mind either.  Have a great day!


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Mike Matson
10/5/15, 5:07 PM delete

I wish I could get the repacks where I am again. All we have is Hockey, hockey and hockey

10/6/15, 1:29 PM delete

I wouldn't mind hockey occasionally but I don't watch it enough to buy them regularly. I would like to see packs of hockey and soccer though. Just like as a kid it would help me know the players better and maybe appreciate the sports more.