Thursday, July 26, 2018

Savvy Shopping: Mix and Match

Yes I promised not to do these as much, but with my big project of sorting and filing all my excess cards, I haven't had time to scan or go through other cards much lately.  I haven't even really bought cards in a while anyways, but I do have some to show off.  At any rate I still go shopping at my local second hand store and usually take pictures when I get home of what I get.  Sometimes I wonder why I buy more junk I don't need.  But it just hit me- I'm always tempted to buy one of those monthly boxes that you get random stuff in for anywhere between 20-30 bucks.  What I do shopping second hand, while it doesn't give me brand new items, it does allow me to spend a lot less, get stuff I'm interested in, and have it in hand the moment I see it.  It also goes to a good cause.  So if I can get 10 or so items for under 10 bucks, I think I like this a lot better than those subscription boxes.  So with that, let's see what I got this time.  I was pretty happy with the results.

The top two books I got because my sister mentioned a while back about being on the lookout for Judy Blume books for my nieces.  I'm not sure if they are interested in either, but I needed to get 10 books anyways and we was a little short.  The third book looked semi interesting so I got it.  The last book I've seen there a few times and finally got it since I've been somewhat interested.  Ten books for a quarter is always hard to pass up, so when you find 5-6 you kind of just find some "almost want" books, and these were what these were.  My mom usually finds most the books, so I'm just glad she finds some books to read.

A couple years ago I hear rumblings that cassettes were making a comeback.  I haven't seen it yet, but for the past few months my local store has had a ton of old tapes and are 2 for a quarter.  I have no real need for them, but usually look.  I've been a long time fan of DeGarmo & Key and have always thought about getting these while looking, but never do.  I finally did this time and would have bought some others if I found them but it seems I'm not the only one to finally pull the trigger on 30 year old Amy Grant cassettes.  I might look again and buy a few more if for no other reason then just so they can clear these out soon.  It's taking up a lot of space, and its drowning out the CD's which I like finding interesting ones each time.

This time I found only one CD I wanted, but it was a good one.  It was a MONSTER!

The funny thing is, the night before I was bored and looking on eBay for these old Monster Ballads CD's hoping to find some cheap.  This CD has some really good songs, and even have bands I haven't heard about in 20 years.  Bands like Kix, White Lion, and Cinderella.  At 50 cents, as I usually say, finding one song on a CD is worth the price, but now that I stream more music its a little tougher to justify.  Having said that, I find no less than 10 songs on this CD I could listen to on a regular basis and not get tired of.  So I think this was a great deal.  Speaking of listening to music, I've started playing music on my computer of stuff I have while I sort cards and its fun to hear some lost gems.  I have over 3200 hours left on the playlist, and while I skip 2/3rds of the songs (not sure why I have Sam Hunt songs on my computer, but whatever) I still find some good stuff.

As I was wrapping up my visit I looked at the kids section as I usually do just to maybe find a hidden gem.  On this occasion I found 2.  One I don't think I'll show but its a beanie of a gorilla.  It's actually from Planet Hollywood and was only 50 cents.  While I didn't need it, it looked similar to this stuffed gorilla we found a couple years ago at the store that we were amazed to find.  The older one we found looked just like one my sister had when she was probably a teenager.  She named it Gary Gorilla and she had it for a long time.  It finally started to fall apart and she got rid of it.  However after she passed away we tried to find stuff that would remind us of her.  When we found this one, we were astounded, and immediately bought it.  Flash forward to today, and I found this small beanie version, which is by a different maker, but I noticed his eyes look exactly the same and face the same direction.  In my mind I thought "that could be Gary's son".  (Yeah I need to get out more).  After we got home I looked at the tab, and saw this one's name is George.  So Gary has a son now.  You know what, here's a photo.

George has really long arms.  Long enough to hold an old happy meal Miss Piggy I got a year or more ago which I mentioned on a previous blog and he can also hold a tiny Peppa my nieces gave me a couple Christmases ago after I let it slip I would sometimes watch the show (and found a Peppa piggy bank for a buck at Walmart which I bought).  Anyways, I think George looks just like Gary and I thought it was a good buy.

So one other item I bought was one I was most excited for.  I never thought about getting one before, but when I saw it and the price, I knew I had to get it.

I was never a scout, so I never made a Pinewood Derby car.  When I saw this for 50 cents and in the box I took the chance.  I got home and opened it and it looks like its all there, so I'm really happy.  I hope after I get most of my collection filed I will work on this and then show off the results.  It is a little funny seeing the box on what the car could be then opening it up and just seeing a giant block of wood, but I can't wait to work on it.  I don't think I'll ever test it out, but it should test what little skills I have in building stuff so we'll see.

So before I go, I have two other things to show off.  On a recent trip to Walmart at the checkout line I was a little thirsty and thought I'd get a soda.  When I saw a bottle of Coke I figured I'd get it since the name on it has been on the lips of card collectors all year long.

So I can say I got another Bowman at Walmart this year, so that's impressive.  In the meantime the boxes while not as popular as they were a few months ago, are still sold out at my local store.  In fact they have nothing worth getting right now.  I'm hoping I find more clearance packs soon though.  One more note about this bottle, I love the fact that the name is actually a sticker now so you can stick it someplace if you want.  Maybe I can use this sticker on one of the boxes I sort so it will be easier to see whats in the box.

Finally as you may notice if you are a baseball fan, the Royals this year are bad.  I mean BAD!  They could have the worst record in professional baseball history unless the Orioles decide they want that title worse, which after a couple trade this week, its relieving the pressure on the Royals a bit.  Boy do I miss the 2014 and 2015 seasons.  So I had to find a way to still enjoy baseball this year and finally bought something I've wanted for a while.

I finally dropped some money on Ebay and got the 8 disc 2015 World Series DVD of the Royals winning it all.  I haven't watched much yet, but the first game of the DVD was pretty nice.  I chose to listen to the Royals radio announcers over the Joe Buck national broadcast, and while it was off at times, I thought it matched up pretty good.  I would have changed a few things on the DVD, like maybe adding bit of the pre and post shows, maybe show a few minutes of the post game press conferences but I'm not nit picking.  I get the entire game, that's all that matters.  Game One was the one where Fox had the major issue during the game and eventually had to use the MLB Network for a while.  Since I had the Royals announcers on the audio, it didn't really affect me much, aside from a random cut when the Mets manager came out of the dugout and suddenly they started playing again.  But since I remember what happened, it didn't affect me any.  I can't wait to check out the other discs and the bonus discs too which show the Royals winning the ALDS and ALCS as well as highlights from the season.  I kind of wish they would release 2 versions of these though as I'm sure Mets fans would want a copy of them making the World Series with the bonuses being centered around them.  I'd love a 2014 World Series collection that included the road the Royals took to get there.  But since they don't I'm not as inclined to order it.  If I found it cheap though I'd consider it.

Well, that wraps it up for today, I guess I better start going through cards again so I can finish it up sooner and start writing more blogs.  Thanks everyone for reading and have a great day.  I hope to enjoy this weather a bit the next few days, so sorting might have to wait.


  1. Lots of good stuff here. Looks like a great CD. Cinderella's Long Cold Winter is still one of my all-time favorite albums.

  2. I for one don't mind all the thrift store posts, I mean if I went out more often, I'd probably have considerably more posts of a similar nature on my blog. I love your idea of comparing thrift store purchases to one those loot crates, I will probably start doing the same (although if I mention it in a post, I'll certainly give you the credit for coming up with the concept).

    I really enjoyed the gorilla section of this post, it's kind of sad, but also kind of heartwarming. And I'm going to be looking forward to seeing how your derby car turns out.

  3. Cinderella wasn't a band I followed too much, I didn't get into "hair metal" until it was long over, but do listen to them sometimes.

    The funny thing about the loot crate comment was it hit me just as I was typing, but it really did give me more excuse to buy stuff I don't really need I guess. If you do it, you don't have to give me credit, but thanks. The gorilla and this one bear are two thing I remember my sister having most. I've tried looking for that bear online and haven't seen it in a long time. One day I hope to find and buy one, much to the rest of my family's chagrin. As for the derby car, it might take a while, but I will definitely post the results.