Thursday, November 3, 2022

Forgotten From 2022: Mac Tonight And Movies And More

 This year hasn't been a big year in terms of cards.  Most of my additions have been other things I collect or enjoy like movies, puzzles, music, and even books and things to display.  Even then I haven't posted a lot however I have usually tried to take pictures of what I've gotten.  Since I haven't blogged much, a lot of stuff fell through the cracks.  I figured I'd do a few posts showing off some stuff for no other reason so I can take them off my computer, thus proving I've already shown or talked about them.  So I won't have cards to show today, but probably a couple sports related things and some other stuff you might like.  At some point I will have cards to show, but it might be a couple posts away.  Let's dig in.

Now that's how you start a blog post!  I found this at Dollar Tree, and I believe it was before their prices went up to $1.25.  The funny thing about it is its not even in my music collection.  My mom likes blues music more than I do, and she found a few good songs on here.  I don't think any of these are major stars, but it was still a good deal.  I also believe this would be my first Blind Pig album, so there's that.

I can't remember if I posted these, so I can do it now and then delete the photos from my computer.  This was from earlier this year on a trip to my local second hand store.  I shouldn't have got the Tori Amos album because I haven't listened to it and only like a few of her songs.  The couple on this I like are live versions and I'm not big on live versions.

I always liked Fiona Apple, especially in the 90s but never had any of her albums.  This isn't her best one, but 2nd or 3rd best, and I'm glad I found it.

I was even happier to find the Rhett Walker Band album.  I saw them in concert about 8 or so years ago and really liked their sound.  If I had to describe it, its like a Christian Country, but not blatantly Christian.  I've wanted this album cheap since then and finally found it.  When Mercy Found Me is the standout track, but I remember that concert they did a cover of Simple Man, and its possibly one of the best covers I've heard of the song.  I wish I could find that on Youtube (specifically that concert), I would actually make a mix CD if I found that and Colbie Calliat's cover of Go Your Own Way which I heard her do around 2009 opening for Sheryl Crow.  Now I want to make a mix CD.

Speaking of mix CD's, its around that time of year where I actually make a mix CD.  Each year for a friend I try to find new Christmas music and make a CD for him (last couple years I just put it on a folder on a flash drive, but the idea is the same).  I usually try to make an exclusive track which is an instrumental Christmassy song and through in Christmas themed movie and TV quotes.  Its fun to work on, but I lost a few of them do to losing all my music on a hard drive early this year, so I might have to work harder to make the CD this year.  I have to remember if I've used a song before.  I might start that soon.  If Youtube wouldn't flag my account I'd add it on there, but maybe I'll find another site if I do create one.

Anyways, let's move on.

I found these at Dollar Tree earlier in the year and liked the idea of them.  However they never fit on the masks right.  At this point I don't wear my mask much (unless I am around a lot of people or just feel uneasy), and usually forget to bring this along.  For a buck it wasn't a waste, and cool to see an AS SEEN ON TV item actually cost a buck.  Reminds me of those yellow keyed keyboards for desktops a few years back I also found at Dollar Tree.

I thought I posted these, because I complained about the photos being sideways.  Oh well, not going to fix it now, sorry.  I found these Mac Tonight at Savvy Seconds, and they were 25 cents each.  In the end I took all of them out of the bag because they already had holes in them, and they display better.  I could have got the whole set, but others were priced at 3 bucks.  Their pricing is random.  The Hardee's car is from Days of Thunder, and one I've been chasing for a few years (after I got the Mello Yello car).  That same day I was on Listia and found the entire set, but it ended up skyrocketing in price right before the end.  I also missed the deadline, and still would have bid to finish the set, oh well.  Glad I found this for a quarter.

I think my sister got me this book.  It's missing the slipcover, but what do I care?  I always liked Sporting News magazine (even more than Sports Illustrated).  Again, sorry for sideways photos, but who could resist showing off a couple of pages of the likes of George Sisler and Pud Galvin.

Since I'm not sure what I've shown, here is some puzzles completed in 2022.  I did a lot more (about to photograph a couple more once my phone charges).  The bottom two I don't think I've done yet, but plan on it soon.  I have a feeling if I had more space and money I'd be the type of person who would frame a lot of puzzles after completing (so far I've just done one).  From this batch, the cardinals and the dogs would likely be framed.  Maybe the Coca-Cola more because I like the brand more than the puzzle itself.

In the next few months I think 3-4 puzzles are 1500 or more pieces, so it should be a busy few months.

Thought I'd show a few new movies added to my collection.  All except Trouble With The Curve and the Hunter's Education I got at Dollar Tree.  Those two I picked up for 50 cents each at Savvy.  Drillbit Taylor is an upgrade from DVD, the rest (except Trouble) were blind buys.  The Hunter's Education I bought because I like oddball stuff likely not on Blu-ray and maybe could upload to Youtube.  Also there is a slim chance it has a video I remember from watching some in middle school.

I also added a lot of VHS this year, but that will be a later post.  It looks like since most of the photos are sideways and to save for a future post, I'll stop there.  While no cards were featured, I think it was a good mix of stuff.  Actually I found another photo of a puzzle...

Another puzzle I'd frame if it wasn't missing a piece or two.  Oh well.  The other photo is the inside of the Tori Amos album.

Next time I'll have another puzzle or two to show, some VHS tapes, some more books, and even a few odds and ends.  This will clear out some space, which I might use for the aforementioned Christmas album.  Anyways, thanks for reading and have a great day.


  1. Those turtles are interesting. If I found them at my local Dollar Tree, I'd give them a shot. I don't wear a mask unless I'm around a ton of people. But since I teach a bunch of middle school students... and they're always up in my personal space... I typically wear them in the classroom.

    1. If I found a perfect fitting mask I would use them often. The most surprising was that there were multiples in the pack, so plenty for me.

  2. Fun post. Lakers-Celtics for the win. That one is good. Great puzzle too. Wish I had the skills and patience do those.

    1. I'm not too skilled either, but it has helped with my patience. I think doing online sudoku has helped me with that too.

  3. A. I've never seen CD's at the Dollar Tree
    B. I know that a lot of people hated Moon Man, but that line of toys is one of the most nostalgic for me -- at least as far as McDonald's premiums go.
    C. The Sporting News is a thousand times better than SI.
    D. I loathe people who give away puzzles that are missing pieces... a lot!

    1. There aren't a lot of CD's and most aren't worth getting, but still fun to look at. I never hated the Moon Man, but was mostly indifferent. We never went to McDonald's around that time, so I never had anything with him.
      Sporting News was just awesome, I loved the best sports cities list. As for the puzzles, I don't mind if they let you know and its like one piece. One puzzle had like 15 missing pieces, that was frustrating.