Saturday, December 1, 2018

Missed It By That Much

I didn't make a post last month.  It was the first month I missed which actually surprised me since I know I've gone longer than 30 days without posting.  I could have slapped something together last night if I wanted, but I didn't.  Today I'm in a mood to post so I will.  I still need to post the cards I got on my trip to Kansas City in October, but I'll do that on another day since I have a lot of scans.  Today will be a somewhat smaller post, but still a fun one.  It is showing on some great finds I got at my local second hand store and even some freebies which might have been even better.  Let's dig in!

Recently I've been more interested in a website and forum about Blu-Ray movies.  It all started a few months ago when I found some Blu-Ray movies for $1 at Dollar Tree.  So I stumbled on this site and found a good community where each month they have a movie challenge with a goal of watching 50 movies or more a month.  I've done two now and the first time I watched 35 movies, and last month hit 40.  I don't think I'll ever hit 50, but it takes a lot of time to watch the movies.  Anyways since joining the site I've been on the lookout for cheap Blu-Ray movies, and on this day I found one.  I've never seen D.O.A. but it was still sealed and a buck so I had to get it.  The funny part is a few months back my mom's DVD player stopped working so instead of buying her a new one, I just loaned her my Blu-Ray player and I just used my Xbox 360 to watch DVD's.  On this day I decided it was time to get a new Blu-Ray and let her keep my old one.  I'll show it off at another time, but just wanted to give some back story about why I've been away and why I got a movie I've never seen.  I will watch this eventually and maybe soon, but I couldn't pass it up being still sealed.

Since some reorganization, I've dedicated two shelves to stuff like tins to display.  Long before I got this, they were already filled.  I've had to rearrange a few things since then so I have maybe one shelf of space at the moment, but I have this one displayed along with other Christmas type ones.  This set me back a cool 10 cents, and it was really clean.  It even had some original stickers but I decided to take them off.

Next I hit the CD racks which were a lot nicer than the last time I went and it looks like someone bought a bunch, which is pretty good too.  Here's what I found this time though that I decided to get.

I always made fun of my dad for liking Bob Dylan because you couldn't understand him.  My dad would always say "You leave Bobby boy alone."  Little did my dad know that at the same time I was a huge fan of "Bobby boy's" son Jakob and his band The Wallflowers.  Jakob at times sounds a lot like Bob in the sense that its tough to decipher his lyrics, but there is still some magic to me about this band.  Maybe its because 90's rock is my go to genre and while others loved Nirvana, I was rocking The Wallflowers and Counting Crows.  This was an easy grab and get.

Speaking of 90's rock, I also stumbled upon this CD which I remember having as a cassette.  Sad to think kids today don't know what cassettes are, and in a few years younger kids might not know what CD's are.  I wore out this cassette though and if you ever listened to the entire album you might find "One of Us" isn't even the best track on it.  Songs like Lumina and Dracula Moon as well as Right Hand Man actually got more play on my player than her most famous track on this album, but I still listened to pretty much every song.  I even had it timed when to switch sides so I didn't have to fast forward or rewind too much.  My best friend in school was also a huge rock fan, but he never cared for female singers, but I loved them.  In addition to Joan Osbourne, I also liked Fiona Apple and even some Sarah McLachlin, also diving into some Sundays, Cranberries, and Cardigans as well.  My favorite though was Garbage.  OH MY GOODNESS did I love Garbage.  If you ever need a reason to watch the 90's version of Romeo and Juliet and don't care Leonardo DiCaprio is in it, you can always look forward to hearing #1 Crush from Garbage on it.  Anyways off track here, but if you've never listened to this entire Joan Osbourne album, check it out.

Switching gears for a second, you have to remember that I live in a small rural town, so country gets a lot of play.  So that means country was also big on my player as well.

In the 90's if I had to name my favorite country artist, John Michael Montgomery would easily be top 5, possibly as high as #1.  I liked him, Garth, Joe Diffie, and Tim McGraw, but JMM had so many songs I loved but oddly I never had one of his albums.  If I were to get one, this would be the one.  Life's A Dance would be my karaoke song if I ever decided to belt out a tune.  I Swear and later Sold (The Grundy County Auction) would also be high on my list.  At this point it would be tough for me to find another CD that I would be happier to find than this.


And then...

I found this!  RADIO STATION CD!  I love CD's from local radio stations, and this one has been on my wish list for ages.  KBXR is the local AAA station in Mid-Missouri and if I ever listen to live radio, its usually the first one I listen to.  In fact as we speak they are doing a yearly playlist that starts around Thanksgiving and continues until they run out of songs.  Each year they have something called B to X and what they do is play their entire playlist in alphabetical order starting with the first B song and ending with the last X song.  In the early years it took a couple days, then a week, now it usually takes a couple weeks.  It used to start around 9 AM until about 8 PM, but now they start at 6 AM each day and end at midnight until its finished with the only interruptions being when they have syndicated programming.  So if 5 artists covered a Dave Matthews songs and all 5 are in their catalog then you will hear the same song 6 times in a row by 6 different artists.  It may seem annoying but it's actually pretty fun to listen along.

Anyways, the reason I wanted this album is because not only is it my favorite station, but this album has live studio versions of songs you can't find elsewhere.  Whenever a local artist would come into town, like say Ani DiFranco or Los Lonely Boys, and they would do an interview at the local station (being BXR), they would also perform 2-3 songs before heading down the road to the concert venue.  This is volume two of some of the best performances, and when these first went on sale, they sold out quickly.  I've been looking for both volumes since they came out, so it is amazing I found one.  Since I don't listen to live radio near as much, I'm not sure if they still do live studio songs, but I know they don't make the albums anymore.  At least since they were bought by a major radio corporation.  This is at least 8-10 years old, but its definitely a keeper.

So with all these additions I felt pretty happy when I checked out with these and a few other items I'm not going to show.  Needless to say it was a great trip.  As I walked out I looked at the "free" items in the shopping cart.  I was holding a couple brown bags so my hands were full, so I decided to put them in the car and then check out the free stuff.  I usually pass on it but something caught my eye.

This isn't what I saw but I'm glad I dug down deep to find it.  I still need to check out the other VHS tapes I've gotten recently, but this was a no brainer.  I wasn't a big Mizzou football fan at the time, but its good to find something like this for free.  So why wasn't this visible and what exactly caught my eye?

TRADING CARDS!  Hmm, wildlife cards and nature cards?  Sure, so I grabbed the page... then another.. then another... then a few more.  When all was said and done I think I grabbed about 15 pages which most were still intact.  I felt a bit greedy grabbing all of them, but I did it for two reasons, first they were free and likely going to be thrown out, and second its been a bit rainy and snowy lately so having these exposed for much longer would have destroyed them anyways, so might as well save them.  I did grab some doubles, but most were different pages.  I can't find much out about them but they came from a 90's kids magazine called Falcon.  I am going to scan them all one day and hope to add them to the Trading Card Database, but it might be a while.  In addition I found a couple Falcon magazines, and also some other kids magazines like National Geographic for Kids and even Guideposts for Kids.  All were from the mid-90's.

This was the only different page of cards I found that weren't from Falcon.  Overall I think I was more excited for the free stuff then what I bought.  Again I will scan these at a later date, but it was pretty cool to find.

So that wraps it up for today, thanks everyone for reading and I hope to post another time or two this month, maybe even just a post of some movies I watched or to show off my Blu-Ray collection.  One thing I've noticed about collecting movies, its just as addicting as collecting cards.  Let's just hope I don't get too carried away.  Anyways, have a great holiday season if I don't post again this year, and if I do, I guess its my gift to you!


  1. Nice post, makes up for going so long without posting. Argh! What key did I hit? In the middle of commenting I accidentally hit a key that sent me back to your blog's home and erased what I had written. OK so I'll try to recreate. I know the feeling of going long periods without posting. I like blogging and posting but there are many real life distractions and delays that keep me from doing it more often. It has been a long time since I've missed a month to post. it can be frustrating when you have a long gap between posts. I personally have a self-appointed posting quota that I stick to of publishing at least 1 post per month per blog (I have 3 blogs: A non-card blog, my general card blog, and my Washington Baseball Specific "Curly W Cards" blog). In checking my post history on my blogs my non-cards blog I have not missed a month since I started it Feb 2006. My regular card blog I missed posting Nov 2014 and on my Curly W card blog I missed Oct and Nov 2014. Not bad, not too good since my original posting quota on my non-card blog is/was 36 posts per year.

  2. I knew I wouldn't post as much this year, but really didn't think it would be this little. I do try to do at least one a month, but I didn't realize until last night I hadn't posted for November. No big deal, but it was a nice streak though. I'm not sure I could go on a almost 13 year streak though, that's really impressive.

  3. Their entire playlist, starting with B and ending with X? So what about songs which start with A, Y, or Z? I do love when stations do that, though.

  4. Its been awhile, but I think for a while they use to play A, Y, and Z songs as part of Christmas leftovers or something. The first few years they did it I always listened but the last few years I keep forgetting so I'm not sure if they do that anymore.